Luzhou Three Worldbrows,He is like a fake package to be seen through,this person……Really Kirlard Earl??

Chapter 417 Tactical
Luzhou III and Feng did not suddenly,Process is not ideal,The result is still mixed,A threaded left hand of Liao Jie,A hugged his right leg。
Kiss and Kyle are not as much as you think about the maid and Maori Xiaogutang will so amazing.,Good opportunity to be near eyes,Say anything else,Jump on the long table,Quickly rush。
“Have a good time。”
Liao Jie,Pick the left hand hard,Never want to,Little left, gentle,Since the greement, the dead is dead,He struggled to arches a few times,I can’t take it out.。
But that’s okay,Small right is still very straightforward。
Liao Jie grabs the long table cloth in front of,Instantaneous moments in Kys and Kyle fly,Slaid backward。
Here, refer to the scenarius of watermelon skin,Kiss and Kyle are replaced by inertia,Falling on the dining table of the cup,Haven’t started to be handsome yet.。
“That’s it?”
Liao Jie blocked:“Kius、Kyle,Too disappointed,You have also been a fight master with a ten,Unfortunately, I was empty by a woman.,Therefore, it becomes a soft shrimp station that stands instably stable.。”
Kiss and Kyle struggled to stand up,Just ready to say something,Thanks to Liao Jie, I went down the tablecloth.,Fall again on the table。
beside,Voluntary one stops standing,See the true identity of the maid and Maori Xiaogiro,Tightly frown。
As an international criminal police organization, Luzhou specialist search officer,He came to Visbania to arrest Luzhou III,No qualified handle royal society。
Can be used as a policeman,He doesn’t like Killard Earl of the sister for the top.,So you can’t intervene,There is no stopping from Luzhou III and the peak。
Also is bystanders,Maori is not much,Accurately, the body is fast than the brain,See the father, Maori Xiaoguti, was forced to shine under the foot by the evil count.,Improve the anger,Absorbing Kes and Kyle’s lessons,Stepping on the side of the chair,Yue to the half-low waist line,Make a very difficult rotation kick。
Liao Jie brows,Forgiveness, he can’t understand,Why is one of the two like air homework?,I don’t know if it fly, the more you fall, is it too miserable??
Besides,Maori Lan is like a school uniform.!
So big action,Don’t say sniper,Cooking class has a clear。
Liao Jie:one`′
Leg strike,His tactics,Maori did not let him down,Pure girl’s clothes,Not like the peak, no two sons, some flowers are whistle。
Round kick,Maori people are in the air,Yu Guang gave the evil count to take a meal knife,Suddenly the face has become a white。
Think more,The knife is not prepared for her.,Don’t say anything else,Single is the heart of the bodhisattva that does not forget the welfare,This knife is not enough to fall on her.。
At the time of Gregory,Conan regulating foot power,Press the belt to release plastic football,Power full,One foot straight out。
I can see the Amazing of Killard,The body is not a general strong,Conan this foot,Deformed football spiral protrusion,Broken cannon slam-like straight。
Liao Jie is not panicked, not busy avoiding cyclone kicking,Pushing knife,Football hitting moment,A silver mangle,Light and easy to divide them into two。
Sustile nerve reaction,This guy should not even have a bullet.?
Conan is dark,Mao Lilan is no longer attached to the air homework,Continuous welfare,Pooh,Running side kicking,Both Liao Jie flashes easily。
As a strike, you will be striped back.,His mouth hook,Low body seized the collar of Luzhou III,Sending his head in the way to return to the kick。
“Oops,so cute”
Luzhou III is commendation,Pumped by a foot,Mask distortion,Five officials wrinkled into buns。
I will kick my father.,Maori is a breather,Retreat,The edge of the pavilion failed to control the balance,Ah, I fell into the shallow pool.。

“We are all from Hongzhai Village,This hot spring is under our Hongzhai Village,So the ownership of this hot spring belongs to our Hongzhai Village,But you didn’t get our consent,It seems a bit wrong to develop it privately!”Who is saying the best,Feels like it is real。

Wang Yihua said coldly:“Then your village is still on the territory of Qingshan County,Do you understand what i mean?”
“do not understand!We don’t want to understand,Just want to know,You develop this hot spring,How much benefit can it give our village,Otherwise you guys try it out”suddenly,Came out of these people in their forties,A big bearded man,His tone is terrible。
Wang Yihua smiled and said:“It doesn’t seem to count as if you said it”
What big guy laughed and said:“I don’t count,Don’t you say it,I think he has the final say。Everyone snatched me the drawing in his hand”This guy said,Pointed to Xia Jian who was standing aside。
Xia Jian couldn’t help being taken aback,These people are so savage!Don’t they have any idea of the legal system??Between his stupefaction,Four or five villagers have pounced on him。
In this case, it seems impossible to do nothing,Can face such people,Xia Jian still can’t bear to make a move。at this time,Just listen to He Jing yelling:“Get out of me”With sound,He Jing’s body flashed,He stood in front of Xia Jian。
These villagers may think He Jing is a woman,So carelessly,Have not come and shot,He Jing fell to the ground in twos。
The beard was immediately trapped,He probably never thought,Four or five big guys in the blink of an eye,Just fell to the ground by a woman。Look at Xia Jian with his hands behind him,A calm look。This person may be even more amazing if he makes a move。This guy is really right this time,Xia Jian’s skill is indeed better than He Jing。
“go!It’s going to rain soon,Stop fighting with them,Anyway, at the door of home,We have an opportunity”Big beard shouted,Who led him ran away without a trace in a blink of an eye。
“Is it really going to rain?”In order to break the silence,Xia Jian deliberately asked such a sentence。
Guo Meili snorted coldly:“Nonsense!Or say that,They can’t get off the stage。The forest is big and there are all kinds of birds,They also come to us”
“Don’t be angry, Mr. Guo,I will report this to the above as soon as I go back,In the future, it is enough to guarantee that this will not happen again”Wang Yihua said,I looked at Xia Jian with embarrassment。I don’t really blame her for this,Something like this happened,Xia Jian thinks it’s reasonable。
at this time,A cool breeze。The original black clouds in the sky dispersed in an instant。Xia Jian lives in the countryside,I know there is a saying in the mountains that sees the cloud is the rain,It seems that who didn’t lie just now。

Li Tianzhen’s heart is depressed and unspeakable,This second general is also a wonderful work in the gods,A business trip is like a dragonfly,I didn’t do anything and went back,Actually still thinking of warming up a pot of wine?I wasted my energy。

Ah yo,not good!Li Tianzhen suddenly noticed that Zhang Zhiqiang’s breath had become very weak,I don’t have time to worry about two avatars,Quickly release divine sense to investigate,Surprised to find that Zhang Zhiqiang left his perception in a blink of an eye,Could it be more than ten miles away?This guy’s escape ability is getting better and better。
“northeast,It’s about twenty miles away from us。”‘Big earthworm’Suddenly chip in to remind。
“So fast?”
“Magic escape,Evacuation,It is already the pinnacle of the fifth heaven,Can be activated three times in a row,Excellent means to save life,But after launching,I’m afraid the magic will be exhausted。”
Li Tianzhi surprised,To chase,But suddenly his complexion changed,He heard an unusual sound,A rumbling sound like thunder came from a distance,From far to near,Very fast,And come from different directions。
Then there was another voice coming,Buzzing intermittently,This time Li Tianzhen heard it,Should be the sound of the engine,Not a little bit,But a group,Deep in the mountains in the middle of the night,Many vehicles came?This is by no means unusual,Only a narrow mountain road,Very steep,So hurrying?
Although this sound is still more than ten miles away,But the sound of thunder in front came too fast,Li Tianzhen finally figured out that it was the helicopter engine,The huge roar echoed in this silent mountain extremely shocking。
Looking back at most of the dead walking corpses in the village,Li Tianzhi seems to understand Zhang Zhiqiang’s intention,This guy should have slaughtered the villagers and reported the crime by phone soon,It is predicted that he will catch up to Funouping soon,Very malicious intention,To blame all the blame on him。
After escaping from that small town,During the few days he and Zhang Zhiqiang were fighting in the mountains,Don’t know the situation outside the mountain,But you can also imagine,The police searching for the two may have already overwhelmed,Consecutive big cases,So many innocent lives,No one can sit still,Can’t catch anymore,I’m afraid the military will dispatch troops。
This time,A key clue of Zhang Zhiqiang will immediately call for a large-scale round up,The police will use all kinds of modern methods to search for mountains,police dog、Drone、Bionic robot、Electronic flies and so on,Li Tianzhen saw more than these tricks during the special training in the Imperial Capital,So much that you have nowhere to hide。
Think of here,Li Tianzhen’s scalp tingling,Run away,I can no longer care about the walking corpses in this village,Flew away in the direction of Zhang Ziqiang,Even if you are surrounded, you have to kill this bastard first。
Chapter seven hundred and ten Delivered
The helicopter is coming faster than expected,Li Tianzhen has just climbed halfway up the northeast mountains,Was swept by a huge beam of light,That’s the headlight of the night helicopter,The rumbling voice whizzed over his head,The propeller rolled up a strong whirlwind,The vegetation that can be covered around has also been blown around。
Not sure if it was found,Li Tianzhen knows that he can’t stop for a moment,Run with all your strength,He didn’t even bother to take a look at the helicopter model,Guess it should be a police investigation type,If it’s the Air Force or Army Aviation combat helicopter,That’s terrible。
Fortunately, after turning the mountainside,The forest in front is denser,Li Tianzhen has already infused his legs with vitality,At this moment, stepping straight to the mountain forest like a wind wheel,But in these wild mountains, it’s still slow like an ant,Can’t help but feel frustrated,Zhang Zhiqiang has the skill to escape,Why is there no escape in my memory fragments、The Way of Escape?

He heard that Li Hui Hui gave Xu Tian to interrupt the wrist.,This big night, Li Hui is really thinking about something.,He is really called every day.,Currently。

“Big white,Call your small partner,Get him,If he dares to run,I will kill him directly.,Of course, it is best to die.。”
Dahuai heard Li Hui Feng this,The binding is also the exciting light.。
Directly jumping on the wall。
“Ignite” After the big white is called,It is directly to look at Han Shanshan in the yard.。
At this time, Han Shanshan has dressed in the clothes.,But because of the hurry,I haven’t come to wipe my body at all.,So under the moonlight,The feeling of belts is even more charming。
Qin Ya is also ran out early.,Seeing Han Shanshan is scared,Han Shanshan homes。
After all, she has experienced a group of people who assassinate.,And Wu Lu’s voice is also very familiar.,I heard it again.。
“Shanshan,Advanced house,The little wind outside is solved.。”
Li Hui Feng also saw Han Shanshan’s appearance,Especially the moisture,Like a scene in a lot of love pieces。
Coupled with the stars of the sky,Han Shan Sishan is a beautiful woman belonging to the school.,At this time, even if Li Hui Feng can’t help but read a few eyes.。
And Li Hui’s own eyes are also very natural by Han Shanshan.。
“呜呜 小 雅 姐,I am watching the bad guy.。”
Li Hui Feng saw Han Shanshan’s eyes to see him,Jump directly to the wall,For the eyes of Wu Lu, it is a punch.。
“Say,Are you stolen in the wall??”
This punch,Directly 揍 头 金 金 金,The eyes are blurred。
He wants to see,But I haven’t waited for it, I’m directly scared by the big white wolf.。
Li Hui’s natural also knows Wu Lai should have not seen it.,But he saw it.,This time is naturally transferred。
Do he want to bear Han Shanshan’s anger,After all, I am going to school.,Han Shanshan gave a name in the school,Boys who are staring at Han Shanshan seems to have no good end。
“No,I just got on my me.” Wu came this, there is no explanation.,Another eye is a truthful, Wu Lai, a punch.。
“You all have,Did you say no?
My classmates have seen it in it, saying that you are looking at it.,How do you still explain??”
Li Hui’s voice naturally listened to Han Shanshan and Qin Sui Ya’s ear。
Han Shanshan listened to his heart,Qin Su Ya is also a bit confused。
“Lee,You let me explain it., I didn’t see it.,I really didn’t see it.。”
“it is good,Then let’s explain,Why come tonight?”
Just finished this,Not far away is also a sound of a sound of a sound。
I heard these wolves,Wu Lu’s face changed to the pale,Although Li Hui Feng is clear about the attention of ordinary people at night.,But he still didn’t see it.。
Until a group of wolves put Wu Said in the middle of the big white,Li Hui Feng slowly went in from the main entrance。
Wu came to see a group of wolves around himself.,I am scared on the spot.。
Shouting with a crying chamber。

Xia Jian glanced at Ma Yan,It’s a bit hard to see her follow,So he stretched out his hand naturally。Ma Yan has a look,Busily grabbed Xia Jian’s generous palm。

Xia Jian gave a light grip,She found that Ma Yan’s hands were as smooth as jade,It’s not like Xiping at all。that’s it,Xia Jian took Ma Yan and walked towards the exit,I don’t understand, people still think they are couples who come out,
Just came out of the ticket gate,A long hair shawl,Wearing big sunglasses on face,A beautiful woman in a long skirt greeted us,She smiled and said:“Yo!President Xia!This is a girlfriend!Really young and beautiful”
“Mr. Lin!What girlfriend,The cadres of college students in our village,Take her out this time,Afraid of losing,So I held hands,Don’t get me wrong,She is only in her twenties”Xia Jian said and smiled,I stretched my hand over。
Lin Ling and Xia Jian shook hands and said:“No need to explain it so clearly!I’m married anyway,I won’t be jealous of whoever you are together”Lin Ling said,Burst into laughter。
Ma Yan is really a smart girl,She stepped forward,Smiled and said to Lin Ling:“Mr. Lin!I’m Ma Yan, our assistant to the head of Xia,This time to you Chenguang Animal Husbandry,Please take care”
“Ha ha!Ma Yan!You look the same as your name,Dazzling,No wonder Mr. Xia brought you out”Lin Ling laughed,And Ma Yan shook hands。
First1289chapter Tracked
Chenguang Group’s big money,Lin Ling who is also the prime minister,The shot is naturally generous。
She personally took Xia Jian and Ma Yan in a carJNFive Star Hotels in City,Three people sat down in the sightseeing restaurant on the roof,Lin Ling started ordering,The dishes she ordered are naturally high-end dishes。
“Live here tonight,But I don’t know how many of you came here,So this room is not easy to arrange”Lin Ling ordering dishes,Said with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Such a luxurious place,We can’t afford to live,Let’s find a hotel after dinner!”Xia Jian’s words sound like a joke,Actually what he said is the truth,Because he is no longer the boss of the startup group,His identity is just the head of Xiping Village。

Peng Weihua,But still not convinced,“This is the problem of insufficient construction funds,Special,Neither Xie Dabao nor Mi Fang counts。”

“Nothing at all,But got something inexplicable,Do you think it makes sense logically??”
Lao Peng stopped talking,A trace of anxiety finally appeared in the stubborn eyes。
Li Tianzhen looks at Peng Weihua,Sigh,“I tell you a story,Real thing。That was two years ago,I went to southern Yunnan。”
Next,As a tourist, Li Tianzhen told about the secret biochemical base established by Zhang Zhiqiang and foreign terrorist forces in Myanmar,Including the cemetery、Shocking mutant creatures and a laboratory hidden in a cave,It saves a lot of sensitive and inconvenient secrets to be known to the outside world。
“I was lucky enough to see,Escaped again,But such a heinous thing,Do you want to happen around?”
“Pull it away?Sounds like a fantasy。”Peng Weihua dodgy,Try to avoid Li Tianzhi’s aggressive gaze。
“So you think Xie Dabao and An Yongxiang don’t care about giving back,Why did you put money at Yuxing??Don’t tell me that I am optimistic about Yuxing’s development。”
“Didn’t you say it before,For money laundering。”
“Just one side,not all,Otherwise I won’t get another Aihua,Do you think you are good at management,Still know biomedicine?Why did they choose you as chairman?”
Several questions made Peng Weihua’s face red and white,He doesn’t know the truth,But at that time,The purpose of deceiving each other,Only for later investment。Lao Peng thought about the future,Find a way to get the money as soon as it arrives,Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so anxious to knock Zhu Lei down。
As long as these two things are right,He will find a way to clean up、Ann two bastards,As long as you control Yuxing,All the assets are what he says,In case the plan is unsuccessful,You can also take the money and fly away,Proper double insurance。
But who knows that these two uneasy guys are hiding such a big conspiracy?Now I fell into a big hole,I can’t climb out。Fortunately, I kept my mind,Holding important evidence,But will it come back?,Or can I wash myself out??

He is looking for someone to investigate,The result is still not moving,That time period,In addition to the ambiguous or super strong,Otherwise, it will not be disappeared in the camera.。

Just when Li Huiqi wants to Qin Ya Ya,One private hospital in the Magic,Xiao Chenzhu is also bloody。
“I want to kill the little child.,I have been killed enough to die.。”
The first thousand one hundred and nine chapters I dig my own
“Xiao Gongzi,Don’t be angry at this time.,And you can’t go to the appearance,After all, your ears are related to the face.。”
The assistant next to the side is nothing to say.,One said that this Xiao Chenpong is more angry and shaking.。
I am like this.,Do you still have any image??
Is it so a little??”
Seeing Xiao Chen’s appearance of anger,The assistant to the side is laughing.。
“Hey-hey,Of course, you can’t let Xiao Gongzi suffer,I feel this thing, you need to contact the big jealous behind you.,Have him,That young man is then playing,I am afraid that I am not enough to press a finger.。”
Xiao Chen becomes like this, the eyes are also bright.。
But immediately then dull。
After all, this thing he didn’t want to talk about the person after the past.,But think of your current situation,I didn’t talk about it.。
Especially the last time he was boycotted all net,The end result is still to make the people behind it.。
“Not so good?
The last thing has just been treated,This time, because this,What if I really give me a blocked me??”
“Hey-hey,Will not,Take me to see the boss behind you.,These chicken figs,He is afraid that he will not shoot,But just find someone to send the other party to send it.。”
“become,Then you have to give me the movement of the boy.,By the way, I have the opportunity to give me the kid.。”
I heard Xiao Chenzhu’s spicy voice.,The assistant is also in the body,But still led。
Just after the assistant just left,Xiao Chenpong called a call after giving someone behind him.。
“uncle,I”There is no export,Easy to open a magnetic sound。
“Have a man,Then I was cut by people.,Right?
Which hospital is now??
I will give you medical expenses.。”
Xiao Chenpi feels that the other party has no idea to make the meaning of him.,His heart is not a bit sad。
“no need,I have money,I just call you to determine your safety.。”
“Hahaha, is my security still use it??
If I am not safe,I am afraid you are not safe.。”
“As for the child,I will find a way to teach you.。”
What is Xiao Chen beat?,But there is a hang up on the phone.。
This makes him also a frustration。
Especially those who have encountered before.,He feels that this pro has been using him.。

“nonsense!Where can we two old people go without home?“Xia Zecheng said,I walked to the yard and sat on a stone bench。Xia Jian took a breath,So he sat opposite Xia Zecheng。

Sun Yuejuan took a deep breath and said:“Those who cost a thousand dollars,Said you were kidnapped,It made me sleep well these days,Luckily you are here“
“All nonsense,Why did they tie me up?“Xia Jian smiled as he spoke。
Xia Zecheng glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I heard you have a lot of money,Who wouldn’t he tie you??Or you are like Wang Youcai,Buy us a flat in Pingdu。In this case,The person who tied you knows that you bought the house with your money,No one will make your idea anymore“
“You old stuff,What do you think about all day long。I can’t live in such a good house,What building did you live in the city??“Sun Yuejuan couldn’t help but curse。
Xia Zecheng smiled and said:“I just said casually,Because Wang Degui has bought a building since his son,Talking harder in the village,So what I mean is that our family cannot be different from his family“
“I think you are crazy,If Wang Youcai’s family buys a house, let your son buy you a house,If they buy a rocket,,Do you want your son to buy you rockets??“Sun Yuejuan gets more and more scolded。
Xia Jian saw the two old people quarrel,So he smiled and asked:“Wang Youcai bought a house in the city?What area?“Xia Jian is looking for words without words,He wants to divert the topic of the two old people。
“Damn!There is still no wicked thing that makes the girl’s belly bigger,To get married,Maybe it was the girl’s proposal to buy a house,So I bought a building!“Sun Yuejuan said angrily。
Xia Zecheng said unconvincingly:“Not right!“
“What’s wrong?You buy a house before your son,See how i clean up you,I’m so tired of life,Think about all these messy things。Wang Youcai bought a house,Wang Degui went to live for a few days?You just tell me“Sun Yuejuan didn’t cook the rice at all,Standing in the yard and arguing with Xia Zecheng。
Xia Zecheng thought for a while,A little embarrassed:“You are right,Wang Degui really didn’t live there,He always plays his house in the village,But he has been in Xiping Village“

“boom!”Two Yuanshen Taoists and 30 Vientiane real people were thrown to the ground at the same time,At the same time, when the black wind swept through, they blocked their vitality.。

No vitality,The body of Yasha disappears naturally。
This is the second strongest of Saito after the ancestors,The strength of the Cangxian with the strength of 500,000 years of dispersal!
“That’s it,This set of Taoist soldiers,In terms of value, it can be compared to a magic weapon of the middle and lower grades of the immortal rank. It must be created by a great god who is good at refining weapons.,In the hands of Yingyue fairy,Then left in this small world!I didn’t expect to be acquired by a native of your small world,Really violent。”
“It is indeed the small world where the Yingyue fairy used to hide from the enemy。”
Cangxian with joy,Don’t talk about Yuanshen Taoist from his eyes,Even if it is an ordinary fairy, using this big array may have some improvement effects。
“Leopard,Such a magic weapon is enough to see how precious the legacy of the Immortal Yingyue is!”The Cangxian showed unconcealed greed。
“correct。。。Almost forgot!”Sen Leng’s gaze turned to the Master of Exterminating Demons—You little bugs keep harassing me,Don’t let me Saito get those treasures!”
“Indigenous is indigenous,Ignorance,Even if you become a Yuanshen Taoist!”
“To die!”
Black wind swept,Then quickly condensed into a dense black cloud,A black light shakes my mind,Stabbed directly at the Master of Exterminator。
At this moment, although the Lord of Exterminating Demons is glaring at him,But there is no resistance at all。
“Die!”There was a weird smile on the corner of Cangxianren’s mouth,The black light changed direction halfway,Stab to the other side。
Like a hammer hitting a bronze bell,That metal trembling sound reminds me。
Li Ming’s deity appeared in this Cangxian’s present。

“These ones,Nothing more?”

When Wang Teng raised his head and swept in front of him,While watching,Wang Teng was very indifferent。
But here,In front of Wang Teng,These people in front of you,But the more I look at it, the more difficult it becomes。
“Wang Teng,I didn’t expect you to really dare to attack us。”
“Since this is the case,So what are we talking about so much nonsense here??”
“What you want me to say,Let’s go ahead,Don’t care about that much。”
It’s here,With the people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
obviously,Such a problem,How to solve it。
Let’s not talk about other things for now,But the more so,Actually from the current point of view,Such a problem,It’s still necessary to deal with it.。
slowly,Looking at these。
at this time,Wang Teng didn’t think there were any problems at all。
“All right,The matter is almost resolved。”
“Since you are still so obsessed,,Then next,But don’t blame me for being rude to you。”
Wang Teng finished,these people,Still eager to try。
After all, now,It can only be the。
otherwise,If you continue to consume like this,No one knows,Next,What will it become。