“You dare to talk back to Laozi,Scenery is still small,Forget it if he doesn’t understand,But you don’t understand?”Liu Neng said angrily。

Speaking of here,Liu Neng felt that the anger in his heart was a little bigger for no reason.,So he raised his hand and wanted to beat Wang Dahua again。
Wang Dahua was scared by Liu Neng,Hurriedly shrank and stepped back。
See Wang Dahua,Liu Neng just put down his hand angrily,Now that it has happened,Even if I kill Wang Dahua now,,That doesn’t help。
“Correct.Sorry!”Wang Dahua can only apologize desperately。
“Humph!Do you know,Just because of what you just said,That stinky girl Liu Chunlan almost blasted us away,do you know?”Liu Neng said angrily。
“she was.Where does she have the courage!”Wang Dahua said unconvinced。
“She doesn’t have the guts?Wang Dahua,Did your brain kick the donkey,I don’t know what I brought you to,If she doesn’t have that heart,How could she let her trash son-in-law come and beat us??”Liu Neng is really getting more angry now。
Just don’t know what he said,His wife,That is, can Wang Dahua understand。
“Old man,Is what you said true?she was,Chunlan’s stinky girl movie,Does she really have the guts??”When Wang Dahua asked these words,,It can be said that I have completely believed what Liu Neng said.。
The reason why I still ask such a sentence now,I just want to be sure again。
“Do you think I look like you??It’s just a pig’s brain,That smelly girl in Chunlan,She is too capable of doing such a thing。”Liu Neng said。
Wang Dahua nodded,After Liu Neng glanced at Wang Dahua angrily,I looked at Liu Guangguang again,Liu Neng’s complexion at this time immediately changed and improved exceptionally。
“Good grandson,From now on, Lin Yuner from the Lin family,You provoke her less,If we want to get Lin’s investment,Lin Yoona is the most important,you need to know,She is now the chairman of the Lin Group!”Liu Neng patiently persuaded。
“Humph!What if she is Lin’s chairman?,No matter how tall she is,,Isn’t that also about listening to my parents??”Liu Guangguang said disdainfully。
“My dear grandson,You can see it this time,Your aunt and uncle,That’s just a decoration,This is the master,That’s that stinky girl Lin Yoona。”Liu Neng said。
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Eight stir up trouble