“I have one last question left,Is also my biggest concern,What will happen in the world offshore financial market during this time,Why are so many bigwigs gathered in the British Virgin Islands??”

“What Comrade Chubais just said‘Hunting’,What’s going on again?”
“Haha,Mr. Joe,To say this time‘Hunting’,Really has a direct relationship with you,we can even say,‘Hunting’It’s all from you!”Colonel Pavlov laughed。
“with.Directly related to me?Thanks me?”Qiao Tianyu was even more confused after hearing this。
By the way, this is Qiao Tianyu’s first visit to the British Virgin Islands since his rebirth.,And it’s a temporary intention,“Hunting”Why is it directly related to him?,Why did you worship him again??
Seeing Qiao Tianyu’s face full of confusion,Colonel Pavlov no longer babbles,Speak directly,“Mr. Joe,Do you remember the yen short war that you personally traded three days ago??”
“remember,But the Yen short war with‘Hunting’What does it matter?”Qiao Tianyu asked without knowing it。
“Mr. Joe,You have a good memory,In that short yen war,How did you settle the world in one fell swoop at the last moment,That put the Bank of Japan to a dead end?”Colonel Pavlov reminded again。
“At that time, I used a trick to change offense and defense,Unite the five major investment banks on Wall Street and the International Hedge Fund Alliance,In the international foreign exchange market, use the world currencies to buy Japanese yen,Successfully triggered market panic,Attracted a huge amount of international hot money to participate in the war。”
“In the end, the Bank of Japan could not withstand the international hot money attack,To maintain the stability of the yen exchange rate and the yen’s international currency status,The Bank of Japan had to surrender,Forced to accept all our conditions。”
“International hot money attack?”Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu suddenly realized what,Exclaimed immediately。
“Mr. Colonel,You mean,Those international hot money who participated in the war were tricky?”Qiao Tianyu asked in surprise。
“Hahaha,Mr. Joe,You really are a financial wizard,I didn’t expect to find the problem so quickly,I really admire!admire!”Colonel Pavlov clasped his fists and said。
“Your analysis is correct,Indeed, those international hot money who participated in the war were tricky,And the trickiness is not small,It can be said that the tricky has completely angered the offshore financial market of the whole world!”
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