How deep is the abyss Gan Yifan has no specific concept,But he knew that the action team leaders who had entered the abyss space had spent five days back and forth,I didn’t reach the bottom。And Wu Heng goes down,It took nearly four days to reach the fault。

The fault is still not the bottom of the abyss。
He is not sure that the tripod that the monster said is at the depth of the fault,Still have to go down to the bottom of the abyss under the fault?
And the time is only three or four days。
Still time to go back and forth。
How dare he delay,Washed out by the rapids,Fell into the hole,He got up and ran wildly on the trail,Even when I saw a sandworm protruding out of the cave,He didn’t stop,Away from the fire burning in the scimitar,Rush over,Chop,Cut off the mouth of the sandworm,Rush over。
Across the trail,Rush to the platform,Still non-stop,Jump up,Jump directly into the water from the blasted entrance,Afterwards, use the fastest speed to ascend,Cross the underground river,Rush out of the water along the water column that has recovered,Continue to swim in the direction of the camp。
Actually now,Over the lake,There are two helicopters hovering,Gan Yifan was anxious and didn’t notice,But the officer on the helicopter noticed him。

First181chapter:Stupid way
At this moment, nearly two hours have passed since the underground river poured into the abyss,About the first twenty minutes,The lake flows back into a huge whirlpool,Just over ten minutes,The water level of the lake drops rapidly,The area of the Great Lake is shrinking rapidly,It was a visual disaster。
Have a short time,That is the time when the abyssal current stopped sharply,The lake suddenly stopped flowing back,Then the vortex of the lake became chaotic,Look around,The entire lake is like a typhoon,Whirlpool everywhere,spray,And undercurrent。
then,The water column in the center of the lake reappeared,The water level rises,The lake also expanded。
Incredible scene,Will give people the illusion of going back in time,Only those large tracts of exposed wet beaches prove that this scene has actually happened。
Camp[Tick ]mountain peak,Except for those machine guns and a small number of left-behind soldiers,Most of the soldiers have rushed everywhere,Search a hundred miles around the lake,Search for anyone who walks on two legs。
Cao Qin,Deputy Director of Superpower Equipment Center, General Administration of Special Affairs,His name is Rudaoren Shishu,Used to be a soldier led by Ning Bei Zhi。As a soldier who grew up in Zhongnanshan Taoist Temple,At the same time, it is also responsible for the affairs of liaison。
Now,Leaders of various city action teams led teams to search everywhere,He is in charge of the affairs of the camp here temporarily。