Li Tianchou sneered,“How long is it temporarily?”

“Uh,This is not easy to say,It’s forever。”Although Hua Tianchang’s tone is extremely polite,But semantically it’s not like that at all,in contrast,It feels tough and there is no room for maneuver。
If it’s not for Huayun’s father,,Li Tianchou will yell at him immediately,It took a long time to suppress the anger,“Hua Lao insists on doing this,I have no way。Can’t say,I will visit the imperial capital in person。”
“welcome,welcome。”Hua Tianchang laughed,It seems that Li Tianchou’s threat is not taken seriously,“I’ll let Xiaoyun take you everywhere。”
Li Tianchou hung up the phone viciously,Unspeakable anger in my heart,But it just happened。If it’s not something at home,He immediately wanted to run to the old man to have a theory。
Actually, Shen Mingfang and Wildcat have no meaning to Li Tianchou.,Since both parties cooperate,Shouldn’t be so true,But Liu Hao’s whereabouts affect everyone’s nerves,If not handled well,Will cause trouble。And he dislikes what Old Man Hua did,Not discuss,Didn’t treat him as a collaborator at all,A tall look,Annoying。
Hua Yun may have left Fukuyama,After all, I couldn’t see the last side。Li Tianchou shook his head,This pair of fathers and women are completely different,Give people a feeling of indescribable。So he suddenly remembered the so-called guest house where he stayed the day before yesterday,Must be from the army,This can’t be wrong,But in the ravine,No cell phone signal,Like a secret base。It was too dark,Can’t see anything clearly,But he feels heavily guarded,If it weren’t for Wu Fang’s guidance,,I’m not sure I will cause trouble。
Wu Fang, this kid is quite familiar in it,The same goes for Yuan Hua,What comrades in arms,Is clearly a cover。So what does Old Man Hua have to do with this guest house??Why did Wu Fang call this old man a trafficker?Thought of here,Li Tianchou feels a headache,It’s too messy。
By now,I can only wait for Wu Fang’s call,I hope Liu Hao is fine,Otherwise, whether you are an old man or a fairy,I want you to look good。Li Tianchou simply stopped lying on the chair,Entering the house and You Shilong blew a few words and left the courtyard。
After bypassing half a small street, I came to the main road where the restaurant is located,It only takes three or two minutes to walk to the entrance of the restaurant on foot。This dormitory was not only won in time,And extremely convenient,It saves everyone’s time and energy to travel back and forth,And able to respond quickly to emergencies。Nima’s,This is probably the only good thing Yuan Hua has done since the cooperation,Ok,Maybe it was also the instruction of Old Man Hua,Li Tianchou shook his head,Why do you think of this old man again?
The day to meet with all kinds of people is finally set in the afternoon three days later,Weihao Hotel in Chengdong,Arranged by Zhu Lei。Boss surname Xu,Is also a Taoist。Sophisticated、Sleek,Belong to the old rivers and lakes。I used to follow Shen Ming,Except for the hotel,There is also a small private entertainment club,Because of making friends,Accumulated some contacts,So in Chengdong’s gangster circle, he is also the number one person。
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Five Take it all
Free in the afternoon,Li Tianchou simply stayed in the office on the second floor and analyzed with Zhu Lei.,Such as who these people have been with before,Which ones are accessible,And can cooperate,Eventually become friends;What needs to be kept away,But we can live together peacefully in the future,A typical monkey like Xue;What can’t cooperate,It’s impossible to accept the three principles,I’m afraid Wang Fan falls into this category。
Under this subdivision,Li Tianchou has a spectrum in his heart,I also thought of some specific countermeasures one by one in my mind。The big idea is to break,Neither refuses friends,Do not welcome hostiles,In short, you can’t let these people unite and regard Yuxing as a thorn in the eye。
Peng Weihua’s attitude has changed,Although Zhu Lei tried to persuade,He will not apologize to his apprentice,But I can take the initiative to nod in greeting,This is already a bowed head。
Li Tianchou feels that the energy of his group is still too strong,Except Xiao Song、Fu De and Zhu Lei were so busy,Others can at most act as security guards,This is not a good thing。Even if the restaurant’s income can support so many people,,Can’t let this phenomenon last too long。
So finding new deals is a must,The entities under Yuxing Company cannot always have only one restaurant,It is imperative for these energetic people to show their strengths。In fact, there are still a lot of business to do,First choice is the car dealer,You can open another restaurant,It depends on where everyone is interested,As long as it doesn’t violate Geng Shuding’s principle,Can do it。Li Tianchou thought of this,Suddenly excited a little itchy,Unconsciously began to sort out the characteristics of each person in my mind。
Spent so long with everyone,And have lived and died several times,Li Tianchou is confident that he has a certain depth of understanding of everyone。Except for Xiao Liu、Xiaohuo is relatively young,Others can be said to be old oil。Not only has enough brain,And rich experience,Anyone can be alone,It depends on where they put their minds in the future。
Zhu Lei has talents,Not only can the house be managed in order,Can fight and fight externally,And no one can match the experience,Strong comprehensive ability。Fu Erde specializes in company operations,The only cultural man,The future development of Yuxing is indispensable for his advice and pulse。These two people are Li Tianchou’s current right-hand man。