what,Why don’t you hurt??

Not only pain,Still very comfortable!
Water fog,Stepping of these days of trauma injury in an instant,He is a fool, and the husband is looking to the sate.,Before being seen in front of you,Until my thoughts,I went down to take it next.。
confused,Unbearable,This question is too difficult。
Another year of water mist,Nameless in vivo toxins,Mobilize the freeway,Doubtful:“What is the meaning?,Why do you want to poison first?,Then give me detoxification?”
Involving toxin,Unknown and restored the mentality with the world,Seeing that good illness is not malicious,Habitism is indifferent,End tea cup……
I put it back.。
This is a salted fish who lost his dreams.,Let you be astonished,He is all fearless,Because he doesn’t plan to go to the sea。
Unrestrained,It is a martial arts mythology,It is thoroughly。
Good thoughts,Waving a good sword,A sword,The electro-optic stone fire is killed.。
Unknown and refer to the sword,Easy to block the sword,Swords like him, he immediately reacted,Good to make the Sword Law。
Although the heart is puzzled,But there is no name too too lazy,Pick up two Hura:“You have no murderous,No nameless,If you just learn the sword,I have returned to the rivers and lakes for many years.,Do you still go to someone else?。”
Stepping,It is a martial arts myth who is sitting in front of it.,The idea of the teacher is more urgent,Brow,How can I think that there is a heartless?。
One said one,The unknown wastewood model is surprised by the clouds.,And not to say,Even if you can,He has a harmonious means that he can’t make a salted fish.。
The mentality of people has invincible。
“I have already taught the masters of the world.,Stay the martial arts mythology in the end。”Good illiterate slowly,People don’t,There are few words.。
Stepping brow,Telling when the good thoughts are open,The monster of the other party is not just binocular,There is also a full-scale tip。
Good martial arts,When did Wulin have a strong meaning of this eyebrow?,How did he have not received a message??
Besides,What is the black sword?,Why is there a kind of inexplicable familiarity?
You will talk,Then you explain it.,Why should poison and scare me??
Is it very interesting??
Three people don’t have many people gathered together,White plumbits,Good illiteracy is too lazy and salted fish,Step to the unknown,Little cold is close to,Thunder sweep。
Holy Spirit?Sword。
Unknown drowsy eyes, explosion, strong swordsman,And refer to the sword to stand hard to the Jian Fengmang,Along with a golden iron,The inside of the hospital swept away,The wind is light, but there is no more。
名 剑 法?Universal。
“The twenty-second style of the Holy Spirit,The Jian Shenglian is passing you.……”
No nameless sigh,Bumble:“I thought that Jian Sheng has also disappeared.,It turned out to be successful,You have a gentleness of the Holy Spirit, and you have made the fire.,If it is closed,I thought it was the sword.……Successful clothes,I want to come to Jiuquan.。”
You think too much,He must have the first three after each day in Dongpu、Seven on the top eight,I don’t know how fun.!
What is good to explain?,Slight smile:“It’s not nameless,The handsome, I went out the sword of the peerless sword.,The natural swords are really famous。”

“Which expert is hosting a banquet here and waiting for the exhibition?Draw this city,Show someone flattered。”Zhan An opened his mouth and said to the city of ink in the painting。

The voice reverberates in the painting city,No one answered,On the long street facing Zhan’an,Suddenly a black shadow appeared,This shadow is burly and tall,Approaching the tower while standing,The wide road looks a bit crowded and narrow at its feet!
Step by step, the shadow of the black mania,The ink painting city is shaking,When it reaches the cross road ahead,Those vendors、pedestrian、The officers and soldiers have all disappeared,The whole street was cleared,Only Zhan An and this giant ink beast are left!
The dark thing wore armor,The hair of the whole body is swaying with the wind like a flame,Although it is completely drawn in black ink,But because of the difference in ink density,It still gives people a powerful aura of red fire possession!
“Fire Linlong?”
Zhan An recognized this creature。
And it’s Mo Cheng’s Fire Linlong,Do not know why,When it steps on to itself,Just like the real fire dragon standing in front,Its majesty and sacredness are undiminished!
Zhan An is very clear,This is definitely not an illusion。
The painting city I’m in is real,The ink painting of the fire lin dragon in front of me is even more real,As a mortal,He can’t be deceived by the little folk art of fantasy。
Draw Red Lotus City here,And waiting for him to join the artist,Must be a peerless master……
But is there such a strong in Zulong City??
Zhan’an can’t remember anyone who can reach this state,Take painting as reality,Even the drawn dragon,It’s not inferior to the fire dragon!
“Since you want to kill me,Why don’t you see it,Are the gods and mortals of the Zulong City State,I’m your senior anyway。”Zhanan faces the approach of the fire dragon,But didn’t take a step back。
Still only my own voice reverberates,The painter, the mortal, didn’t mean to show up。
Zhan An frowned。
Is it a strong Gentile??
Li Ying wanted to kill herself,Don’t hesitate to be shy to ask the Gentile Gods?!

Xia Jian wouldn’t be surprised if someone said this,But after Gao Qiaoli said,Xia Jian felt,He turned out to be such a person in the eyes of others。

Xia Jian smiled helplessly,He didn’t speak anymore。Because of such a thing,Can’t tell。He suddenly felt a little regret,Bai Xiaoru took the initiative to be like that just now,But he is still pretending to be a gentleman。Doesn’t he want to,But not dare,This is the truth。
“how?Seeing you mean wronged you?people like you,Even if there is no such thing,Others will think so too,So don’t wrong yourself,Live a little when it’s time to be free and easy,Life is just a few decades,You are too old to move when you figure it out”Gao Qiaoli keeps getting stronger,It seems that she also has her own perspective on life。
Xia Jian suddenly felt that he was out of date,His mind is worse than a taxi driver。Gao Qiaoli, a man who drives a taxi and seeks a living outside every day,More cheerful than he thought。
Xia Jian shook his head helplessly,Speak softly:“Send me to the employee apartment of the Venture Group,You should be busy too”
“how?Did I say something wrong,Also upset you?But what I said is all true,Look at the slightly capable people outside,That’s not what I did?Honestly,Those of us who are all running for life“Gao Qiaoli is a bit one-sided,But very correct。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Maybe you are right,Thank you for pointing me the way,You should run for your life“Xia Jian smiled,Quickly shifted the topic。
“It’s past three o’clock,Still running around。I usually rest after two o’clock,Because of this point,Everyone is sleeping,How many people can run around outside“Gao Qiaoli said,Can’t help but frown。Because she saw the gauze sticking out of Xia Jian’s cuffs。
Xia Jian took a look at Gao Qiaoli,Happily concealed:“nothing much,I accidentally scratched my arm,The doctor must make a fuss,I can’t help it“Xia Jian said,Enduring the pain and waved his left arm twice。
“okay,As soon as I got in the car, I knew you must have something tonight,as expected,Forget it,Since you don’t say,I won’t ask。Let’s go!“Gao Qiaoli started the car as she spoke。
Empty road,Occasionally a car passes by。Xia Jian was sitting in Gao Qiaoli’s taxi,Keep looking out the window,He doesn’t know what he is looking for。What Gao Qiaoli said just now,Made him feel very surprised,I was not married,It turned out to be such an image in the eyes of others。
When the car is parked in front of the staff apartment,A sleeping bewildered Baobao ran out,When he saw that the person getting off the car turned out to be Xia Jianshi,The iron gate he opened immediately。
Gao Qiaoli turned the car around,Then shouted at Xiajian:“Let’s sit down when we have time,Everyone hasn’t been together for a long time“
“OK!You come in series,Then I will treat“Xia Jian responded loudly。Gao Qiaoli stretched out her hand and hitOKGesture,The car swished and disappeared。


Chapter 5 I’ll just say,We are a family
“beauty,Did you make a mistake?”
Broad daylight,A beauty for nothing,Grabbing myself suddenly,Ye Xuan。
Such a thing,Just think about it,Not a good thing。
“No,Where is so much nonsense,Do a favor later,Impersonating my boyfriend。”
Gao Hong looks at Ye Xuan,A little embarrassed。
If not for a round,I found that only Ye Xuan was handsome,She wouldn’t choose Ye Xuan。
But what about Ye Xuan,It’s very indifferent。
“Oh,Got it。”
Why are you impersonating??
As long as the beauty is in need,Ye Xuan can be a beautiful boyfriend anytime, anywhere。
“Well,I’ll all rely on you later,If you behave well……”
Gao Hong glanced at Ye Xuan,The following words,Did not continue。
But Ye Xuan,Still don’t understand?
As long as Ye Xuan performs well,Can be transferred at any time?
“So you are here,My boss has been looking for you for a long time。”

This person is naturally Zhang Zhiqiang,At this time he is leading people hurriedly‘Cemetery’Rush,He was looking for Li Tianchou in the late night and early morning,I guessed that the other party would go‘Cemetery’make trouble,But I never expected that Li Tianchou would show up again in Chadok,Blasting,And I didn’t expect that Campas, who has never been impulsive, would bring people here in person。

Zhang Zhiqiang immediately had a hunch,Trying to persuade Campas to return‘Cemetery’,Helpless this person is extremely stubborn,He had to bring some people back first,I heard the swaying explosion on the way。
His face turned very scary in an instant,Stop and think,Divide the people into two parts,Part of it followed me back to base,Detour to the other part‘Cemetery’Ambush and containment。
Such a speculative arrangement,Zhang Zhiqiang is a little involuntary,But subconsciously it feels like this,This Li Tianchou seems to be a nemesis sent from heaven,Make troubles frequently in the country、damage,A huge underground industrial chain was almost completely wiped out by this person,of course,And Geng Laowu。
Will he be the same Li Tianchou??Inadvertently,The past twenty years ago are emerging one by one,The scar on Zhang Zhiqiang’s forehead was suddenly red and eye-catching,Whether you are a human or a ghost,I must not let you run out of this mountain forest today。
and also,You have to pay for it!
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Four Find a test product
Zhang Zhiqiang’s guess is completely correct,Li Tianchou found Hu Dehai and the white coat and left the base in the chaos,Chose the opposite direction on the road,The target is covered by that old demon vine‘Cemetery’。
Objectively speaking,That trail is a hundred times harder than the road to Suri,Have to climb the cliff。But there is no way,Can’t be blocked by Zhang Zhiqiang halfway, right?,And from the mouth of the white coat,He has two companions‘Cemetery’Responsible for monitoring the released test products。I went to find and rescue。
I don’t know if the experiment is Yuan Hua or someone else,In short, Guo Yaowu may really be killed,But live to meet people,Die to see the corpse,The companions who come out must take them home。
This white coat is also a baby,Although the bad old man called the doctor ran away,But this person also knows a lot of inside information,Ensuring the safety of this guy on the way to escape is also a top priority。
Because of Hu Dehai’s injury,In addition, the white coat was frightened and the legs were soft,So the two of them travel very slowly,Li Tianchou wanders around and is responsible for guarding,Finally had to change the plan,Decided to send the two up to the cliff first,Go back and look for the test product。
Knowing from the mouth of the white coat that the extremely cruel predator is the third-generation mutant product,Has been killed by Li Tianchou,But the fourth generation,That is, the monster in the big glass tank he saw in Chadok laboratory will mature in three days。
These monsters will be shipped to‘Cemetery’Carry out further experiments and breeding,So there won’t be any scary guys on this road,But the ambush and the ones that were used as another kind of experiment‘Destroyer’But it must be guarded。
‘Destroyer’More bloodthirsty and brutal,Based on physical fitness、Living human samples with outstanding brain vitality,Biochemical transformation from body to blood,in a certain sense,‘Destroyer’Once mature,He is not a real human being,Mutated creature。
“Son of a bitch!”Hu Dehai punched the white coat with a tumble,The anger in my heart is beyond words。so,The only surviving experiment,Whether it’s Yuan Hua or anyone else,Even if it is saved, it is a terrible freak?
He can hardly imagine,What would happen if the brothers who lived and died together became like that??The furious Hu Dehai threw on his white coat like a mad, punching and kicking,If it wasn’t for Li Tianchou,,Hu Dehai will kill him even with his mouth。
Li Tianchou was also sad,Not to mention Guo Yaowu,Yuan Hua alone has a lot of fate with him,He is Wu Fang’s most trusted brother,Helped a lot in Fukuyama regardless of return,Born to death together in Yunshan,All kinds of past events just happened before our eyes。
But anyway,What kind of freak Yuan Hua has become,People must be brought back,I hope he is just a guinea pig,There is hope of treatment。Thus,The white coat in front of you is even more expensive,He at least knows some processes of biochemical transformation,Although the reversibility of the process is very slim,But also a hope。

Too quiet,Makes Tie Li feel bad,Could this meeting have ended?Tie Li gently pushed open the door of the meeting room,The scene inside surprised her。

First0889chapter Mysterious woman
Morning sun,All over the city。
Wang Youdao pulled up the curtains as soon as he went to work,Opened a gap in the glass window,Let the fresh air from the windows flow into his office。He took a bit of greed。
sometimes,Long time in the office,There is an urge to go out for a walk。But now he is very different from before,He is the head of a city in Pingdu,Some things can’t be done just what he wants。
Dong dong dong!With the knock on the door,Ouyang Hong walked in。Wang Youfa raised his head and glanced at her,Asked with a slight smile:“I heard that Xia Jian ran away,Are his projects in Pingdu City affected??”
“What is a runaway?He’s just not in Pingdu for the time being”Ouyang Hong heard that Wang Youdao asked her,She couldn’t help but burst into anger。
Wang Youdao knows he has failed,Busy with a smile and said:“You say this guy,Beautiful women around,He still has such a relationship with Song Fang in the village。Fortunately, it did not affect both families,Otherwise he really can’t do this”
“Humph!He is our investor in Pingdu,So we also need to protect his safety in Pingcheng。This incident seems to be caused by his own romance,But actually someone wanted to frame him。The police have stepped in,I believe there will be results soon”Ouyang Hong said with a cold snort。
Wang Youdao coughed a little awkwardly:“Should do”
“Hey!Mayor Wang。President Xia’s romantic case,It seems that your brother has also posted it!”Ouyang Honghua’s first turn,Deliberately said to Wang Youdao。
Wang Youdao smiled and said:“I also heard,But my brother,Just a coward。Don’t think he is the head of a factory,Actually nothing is said。Unexpectedly this time, Song Fang was dragged into the water again,Really shame our old Wang family”
When Ouyang Hong saw Wang Youdao talking like this,She couldn’t help sighing:“People are doing,The sky is watching。Clear oneself,Not two words can wash everything”
“All right!I didn’t ask you to talk about this。There is a business woman named Hu Huiru,She is the general manager of Dongsheng Group,I want to come to our investment,You can think about it in advance,See what other projects can be developed”Wang Youdao changed the topic,Talked to Ouyang Hong about this。
obviously,Ouyang Hong’s two sentences just hit his pain point。Wang Youdao has long been dissatisfied with Ouyang Hong,But his roots are still shallow,Can’t move her temporarily。Although this woman is a deputy mayor in charge of agriculture,But some things are too long to get started,For example, Xia Jian’s romantic case。
Ouyang Hong was a little upset seeing Wang Youdao,So she smiled and said:“I know,I will consider this matter”
Where did Ouyang Hong come from Wang Youdao,I always feel something is wrong。Pingdu is so small,And mainly agriculture,There are already a lot of investors here。As the mayor of a city,Shouldn’t tell her this,This will be handled by others。Doesn’t he know the organization discipline?
Ouyang Hong thought for a while,Went back to the office,Explained a few words to the secretary,Went out and walked outside the city hall。She, the mayor, has personality,Other mayors just leave,Must be followed by a bus,But Ouyang Hong has always played Die by herself,Unless there is no way to go to the countryside。
Guo Meili, who was busy processing data, saw Ouyang Hong when he looked up,She smiled and said:“Why is Mayor Ouyang free today??”

Li Tianchou sneered,“How long is it temporarily?”

“Uh,This is not easy to say,It’s forever。”Although Hua Tianchang’s tone is extremely polite,But semantically it’s not like that at all,in contrast,It feels tough and there is no room for maneuver。
If it’s not for Huayun’s father,,Li Tianchou will yell at him immediately,It took a long time to suppress the anger,“Hua Lao insists on doing this,I have no way。Can’t say,I will visit the imperial capital in person。”
“welcome,welcome。”Hua Tianchang laughed,It seems that Li Tianchou’s threat is not taken seriously,“I’ll let Xiaoyun take you everywhere。”
Li Tianchou hung up the phone viciously,Unspeakable anger in my heart,But it just happened。If it’s not something at home,He immediately wanted to run to the old man to have a theory。
Actually, Shen Mingfang and Wildcat have no meaning to Li Tianchou.,Since both parties cooperate,Shouldn’t be so true,But Liu Hao’s whereabouts affect everyone’s nerves,If not handled well,Will cause trouble。And he dislikes what Old Man Hua did,Not discuss,Didn’t treat him as a collaborator at all,A tall look,Annoying。
Hua Yun may have left Fukuyama,After all, I couldn’t see the last side。Li Tianchou shook his head,This pair of fathers and women are completely different,Give people a feeling of indescribable。So he suddenly remembered the so-called guest house where he stayed the day before yesterday,Must be from the army,This can’t be wrong,But in the ravine,No cell phone signal,Like a secret base。It was too dark,Can’t see anything clearly,But he feels heavily guarded,If it weren’t for Wu Fang’s guidance,,I’m not sure I will cause trouble。
Wu Fang, this kid is quite familiar in it,The same goes for Yuan Hua,What comrades in arms,Is clearly a cover。So what does Old Man Hua have to do with this guest house??Why did Wu Fang call this old man a trafficker?Thought of here,Li Tianchou feels a headache,It’s too messy。
By now,I can only wait for Wu Fang’s call,I hope Liu Hao is fine,Otherwise, whether you are an old man or a fairy,I want you to look good。Li Tianchou simply stopped lying on the chair,Entering the house and You Shilong blew a few words and left the courtyard。
After bypassing half a small street, I came to the main road where the restaurant is located,It only takes three or two minutes to walk to the entrance of the restaurant on foot。This dormitory was not only won in time,And extremely convenient,It saves everyone’s time and energy to travel back and forth,And able to respond quickly to emergencies。Nima’s,This is probably the only good thing Yuan Hua has done since the cooperation,Ok,Maybe it was also the instruction of Old Man Hua,Li Tianchou shook his head,Why do you think of this old man again?
The day to meet with all kinds of people is finally set in the afternoon three days later,Weihao Hotel in Chengdong,Arranged by Zhu Lei。Boss surname Xu,Is also a Taoist。Sophisticated、Sleek,Belong to the old rivers and lakes。I used to follow Shen Ming,Except for the hotel,There is also a small private entertainment club,Because of making friends,Accumulated some contacts,So in Chengdong’s gangster circle, he is also the number one person。
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Five Take it all
Free in the afternoon,Li Tianchou simply stayed in the office on the second floor and analyzed with Zhu Lei.,Such as who these people have been with before,Which ones are accessible,And can cooperate,Eventually become friends;What needs to be kept away,But we can live together peacefully in the future,A typical monkey like Xue;What can’t cooperate,It’s impossible to accept the three principles,I’m afraid Wang Fan falls into this category。
Under this subdivision,Li Tianchou has a spectrum in his heart,I also thought of some specific countermeasures one by one in my mind。The big idea is to break,Neither refuses friends,Do not welcome hostiles,In short, you can’t let these people unite and regard Yuxing as a thorn in the eye。
Peng Weihua’s attitude has changed,Although Zhu Lei tried to persuade,He will not apologize to his apprentice,But I can take the initiative to nod in greeting,This is already a bowed head。
Li Tianchou feels that the energy of his group is still too strong,Except Xiao Song、Fu De and Zhu Lei were so busy,Others can at most act as security guards,This is not a good thing。Even if the restaurant’s income can support so many people,,Can’t let this phenomenon last too long。
So finding new deals is a must,The entities under Yuxing Company cannot always have only one restaurant,It is imperative for these energetic people to show their strengths。In fact, there are still a lot of business to do,First choice is the car dealer,You can open another restaurant,It depends on where everyone is interested,As long as it doesn’t violate Geng Shuding’s principle,Can do it。Li Tianchou thought of this,Suddenly excited a little itchy,Unconsciously began to sort out the characteristics of each person in my mind。
Spent so long with everyone,And have lived and died several times,Li Tianchou is confident that he has a certain depth of understanding of everyone。Except for Xiao Liu、Xiaohuo is relatively young,Others can be said to be old oil。Not only has enough brain,And rich experience,Anyone can be alone,It depends on where they put their minds in the future。
Zhu Lei has talents,Not only can the house be managed in order,Can fight and fight externally,And no one can match the experience,Strong comprehensive ability。Fu Erde specializes in company operations,The only cultural man,The future development of Yuxing is indispensable for his advice and pulse。These two people are Li Tianchou’s current right-hand man。

“Luo Yi is right,You live in my house!Wait until your affairs are done, then leave。Nothing bad”Grandma Luo came over again。

Didn’t this old man say to go to rest??She was eavesdropping on Luo Yi and Xia Jian。Xia Jian glanced at Luo Yi,Hold back a laugh,Helped Grandma Luo sit on the sofa。
Luo Yi glanced at Xia Jian and said:“No one of us dare not listen to the words of the Queen Mother,You figure it out”
“All the way!I’ll disturb you for a while,But I can do things like turning the floor and cutting flowers”Xia Jian said with a smile。He just doesn’t want to eat idle meals。
Luo Yi glared at Xia Jian and said:“Why are you like this?You do,Is robbing them,These workers will look for you desperately”
Luo Yi’s words made grandma amused too,The atmosphere in the house gradually improved。Grandma Luo likes listening to Xia Jian。She asked,Let Xia Jian talk about his family situation。
Xia Jian is not stupid,What to say,He doesn’t mention anything that shouldn’t be said。Where are Grandma Luo and Luo Yi sitting?,Like listening to a story。
Unconsciously,Ali’s lunch is ready。Everyone is eating,Chatting,Grandma Luo didn’t choke again this time。Because Luo Yi was eating,Very friendly to Xia Jian,I even gave Xia Jian some food。
Grandma Luo saw this scene,Extremely happy。Had lunch,Luo returned to the group as soon as he found an excuse。Only Xia Jian and Grandma Luo are left in the living room chatting。
Finally caught a chance,Xia Jian changed the topic,Asked quietly:“Grandma Luo!Why don’t you agree with Luo Dongxian??”
“Hi!It’s not that i disagree,It’s just that I don’t like this woman Wu Qian”Grandma Luo shook her head and said。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“grandmother!I think you just leave it alone,As long as Luo Dong likes,Luo Yi has no opinion.。Something like this,Usually my daughter doesn’t like it,not yet…”Xia Jian talked but stopped。
Grandma Luo saw Xia Jian and said:“Silly boy!The mother doesn’t want her child to be well?I just think Wu Qian is not suitable for being a wife,Because she looks a bit demon。I am worried that one day in the future,My son has suffered from her”
“Ha ha!Grandma Luo,I think you are too worried。I saw Luo Dong,He is not a person who can easily suffer。Are you here??Luo Yi Duo Jing,How powerful,You know this better than me。So you’ve raised it up”Xia Jian be careful,Whispered to Grandma Luo。
Grandma Luo glanced at Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“Luo Yi convinced you to convince me?”
“Nor is it,I think Luo Yi is a little bothered about this,So i want to help her。Isn’t there a saying that says that?“Home and Wanshixing”Moreover,Luo Dong is also very old,It’s time to find someone to take care of him”Xia Jian said,Secretly glanced at Grandma Luo。
I saw that Grandma Luo was not angry,She took a breath and said:“You are right,It seems I have to think about it”

Wang Teng thought for a while,Driving his Rolls-Royce Phantom Collector’s Edition,Just rushed over。

Xia Yuzhu is very happy,I looked at the little sisters around me。
“Haha,Rest assured,My boyfriend,Coming soon。”
With Xia Yuzhu’s words finished,Those little sisters around,I look curious。
Because they have never heard Xia Yuzhu mention it,Her boyfriend,Who the hell is。
But Xia Yuzhu is beautiful,She is a school girl。
So for something like this,Actually from now on,This thing makes them feel,I’ll see it later。
“Actually Yuzhu,How sacred is your boyfriend?,Why is it so mysterious every time。”
“That’s right,I really want to see,Is there anyone more handsome than Mr. Fang。”
“in my opinion,Shao Fang is actually a very powerful person,Who can be better than him。”
Those around,You have said a word to me,Don’t forget to say here。
obviously,The more I look at this,Make people feel more and more,All this is quite tricky。
And looking here,at this time,Xia Yuzhu smiled slightly。

“Staring at him,Catch the current at night,So he can tell the truth easily。And let’s catch,Don’t let others know,It’s good for everyone,After all, the old winter melon has nothing to do with this matter.。”Li Tianchou considers well。

Keep the old winter melon secret,Just take care of your own face,Yan Defa naturally nodded repeatedly。Secretly praise Li Tianchou for careful thought,So old。
“and also,The key figure is Li Desheng,When did he come to the construction site?”What did Li Tianchou suddenly think of,I regret my carelessness,Obviously underestimate this person,
“Since the last boss has followed me,Have been here。He and I are also fellows,It’s just not a village。I didn’t expect this bastard to be so vicious,Why do you think he is?”This is Yan Defa angrily,This is the second time he can’t figure it out。
Li Tianchou heard,Feel something is wrong,I thought that according to Li Desheng’s character and popularity,Should not have much to do with the people here,It makes sense to slip away after doing bad things。But I didn’t expect that he was also an old and strict fellow,In this way, it is different from my original idea。He was thinking about,Could not help shouting,“Ah Yo,wrong。”
Yan Defa was taken aback,“What’s wrong?”
“We can’t do that tonight。”Li Tianchou frowned,I can’t make up my mind。
“What is it?Come on,Isn’t this anxious?”
“Uncle Defa,I think we have to take a risk。Let the old winter melon run away first,Don’t stop him,I feel that Li Desheng will come back again。”Li Tianchou’s tone of hesitation,Not too sure,Yan Defa is even more confused。
“what does this mean?”Strictly pondering for a long time but still to no avail。
“I thought so,First of all, old winter melon is unlikely to be poisoned,He himself is a cook,Can you do something that is obviously suspected??And step back ten thousand steps,Whether the old winter melon is poisoned or not,If he ran away overnight,Leave an impression on everyone?Guilty conscience,This is called absconding。
“Is Lao Donggua really that stupid??But he just chooses to run,This shows that someone must have heard something,Scared。”Li Tianchou is quite sure of this,And the analysis is clearer,Old Yan nodded repeatedly。
“If the old winter melon really runs away,Who is good for?Must be the real poisoner,And only this person will scare the old winter melon,This is equivalent to finding someone to give him a top bag。If this person is Li Desheng,Then it’s basically right。”
“What’s up?Don’t understand。”Yan Defa shook his head like a rattle。
“When we come back this afternoon,Do you remember the two seasoning jars are missing?”Li Tianchou’s tip。
Yan Defa nodded,“This thing is a little weird。”
“There are two possibilities,First, the dumb girl threw the jar away with a guilty conscience;The second possibility is that the real poisoning person has discovered that I have been to the kitchen。So I stole the jar while everyone was watching。I think the latter kind of possibility is great。”Li Tianchou suddenly got a little excited。
“The intention of this trick is obvious,Just to scare the old winter melon,You can even tell the old winter melon site that someone has started investigating him。After the accident,You tied him up without saying anything,Besides, I suddenly came to him in the afternoon,And also repeatedly told him not to tell others about our conversation。If you are old winter melon,What would you think?”