Li Tianchou sneered,“How long is it temporarily?”

“Uh,This is not easy to say,It’s forever。”Although Hua Tianchang’s tone is extremely polite,But semantically it’s not like that at all,in contrast,It feels tough and there is no room for maneuver。
If it’s not for Huayun’s father,,Li Tianchou will yell at him immediately,It took a long time to suppress the anger,“Hua Lao insists on doing this,I have no way。Can’t say,I will visit the imperial capital in person。”
“welcome,welcome。”Hua Tianchang laughed,It seems that Li Tianchou’s threat is not taken seriously,“I’ll let Xiaoyun take you everywhere。”
Li Tianchou hung up the phone viciously,Unspeakable anger in my heart,But it just happened。If it’s not something at home,He immediately wanted to run to the old man to have a theory。
Actually, Shen Mingfang and Wildcat have no meaning to Li Tianchou.,Since both parties cooperate,Shouldn’t be so true,But Liu Hao’s whereabouts affect everyone’s nerves,If not handled well,Will cause trouble。And he dislikes what Old Man Hua did,Not discuss,Didn’t treat him as a collaborator at all,A tall look,Annoying。
Hua Yun may have left Fukuyama,After all, I couldn’t see the last side。Li Tianchou shook his head,This pair of fathers and women are completely different,Give people a feeling of indescribable。So he suddenly remembered the so-called guest house where he stayed the day before yesterday,Must be from the army,This can’t be wrong,But in the ravine,No cell phone signal,Like a secret base。It was too dark,Can’t see anything clearly,But he feels heavily guarded,If it weren’t for Wu Fang’s guidance,,I’m not sure I will cause trouble。
Wu Fang, this kid is quite familiar in it,The same goes for Yuan Hua,What comrades in arms,Is clearly a cover。So what does Old Man Hua have to do with this guest house??Why did Wu Fang call this old man a trafficker?Thought of here,Li Tianchou feels a headache,It’s too messy。
By now,I can only wait for Wu Fang’s call,I hope Liu Hao is fine,Otherwise, whether you are an old man or a fairy,I want you to look good。Li Tianchou simply stopped lying on the chair,Entering the house and You Shilong blew a few words and left the courtyard。
After bypassing half a small street, I came to the main road where the restaurant is located,It only takes three or two minutes to walk to the entrance of the restaurant on foot。This dormitory was not only won in time,And extremely convenient,It saves everyone’s time and energy to travel back and forth,And able to respond quickly to emergencies。Nima’s,This is probably the only good thing Yuan Hua has done since the cooperation,Ok,Maybe it was also the instruction of Old Man Hua,Li Tianchou shook his head,Why do you think of this old man again?
The day to meet with all kinds of people is finally set in the afternoon three days later,Weihao Hotel in Chengdong,Arranged by Zhu Lei。Boss surname Xu,Is also a Taoist。Sophisticated、Sleek,Belong to the old rivers and lakes。I used to follow Shen Ming,Except for the hotel,There is also a small private entertainment club,Because of making friends,Accumulated some contacts,So in Chengdong’s gangster circle, he is also the number one person。
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Five Take it all
Free in the afternoon,Li Tianchou simply stayed in the office on the second floor and analyzed with Zhu Lei.,Such as who these people have been with before,Which ones are accessible,And can cooperate,Eventually become friends;What needs to be kept away,But we can live together peacefully in the future,A typical monkey like Xue;What can’t cooperate,It’s impossible to accept the three principles,I’m afraid Wang Fan falls into this category。
Under this subdivision,Li Tianchou has a spectrum in his heart,I also thought of some specific countermeasures one by one in my mind。The big idea is to break,Neither refuses friends,Do not welcome hostiles,In short, you can’t let these people unite and regard Yuxing as a thorn in the eye。
Peng Weihua’s attitude has changed,Although Zhu Lei tried to persuade,He will not apologize to his apprentice,But I can take the initiative to nod in greeting,This is already a bowed head。
Li Tianchou feels that the energy of his group is still too strong,Except Xiao Song、Fu De and Zhu Lei were so busy,Others can at most act as security guards,This is not a good thing。Even if the restaurant’s income can support so many people,,Can’t let this phenomenon last too long。
So finding new deals is a must,The entities under Yuxing Company cannot always have only one restaurant,It is imperative for these energetic people to show their strengths。In fact, there are still a lot of business to do,First choice is the car dealer,You can open another restaurant,It depends on where everyone is interested,As long as it doesn’t violate Geng Shuding’s principle,Can do it。Li Tianchou thought of this,Suddenly excited a little itchy,Unconsciously began to sort out the characteristics of each person in my mind。
Spent so long with everyone,And have lived and died several times,Li Tianchou is confident that he has a certain depth of understanding of everyone。Except for Xiao Liu、Xiaohuo is relatively young,Others can be said to be old oil。Not only has enough brain,And rich experience,Anyone can be alone,It depends on where they put their minds in the future。
Zhu Lei has talents,Not only can the house be managed in order,Can fight and fight externally,And no one can match the experience,Strong comprehensive ability。Fu Erde specializes in company operations,The only cultural man,The future development of Yuxing is indispensable for his advice and pulse。These two people are Li Tianchou’s current right-hand man。

How deep is the abyss Gan Yifan has no specific concept,But he knew that the action team leaders who had entered the abyss space had spent five days back and forth,I didn’t reach the bottom。And Wu Heng goes down,It took nearly four days to reach the fault。

The fault is still not the bottom of the abyss。
He is not sure that the tripod that the monster said is at the depth of the fault,Still have to go down to the bottom of the abyss under the fault?
And the time is only three or four days。
Still time to go back and forth。
How dare he delay,Washed out by the rapids,Fell into the hole,He got up and ran wildly on the trail,Even when I saw a sandworm protruding out of the cave,He didn’t stop,Away from the fire burning in the scimitar,Rush over,Chop,Cut off the mouth of the sandworm,Rush over。
Across the trail,Rush to the platform,Still non-stop,Jump up,Jump directly into the water from the blasted entrance,Afterwards, use the fastest speed to ascend,Cross the underground river,Rush out of the water along the water column that has recovered,Continue to swim in the direction of the camp。
Actually now,Over the lake,There are two helicopters hovering,Gan Yifan was anxious and didn’t notice,But the officer on the helicopter noticed him。

First181chapter:Stupid way
At this moment, nearly two hours have passed since the underground river poured into the abyss,About the first twenty minutes,The lake flows back into a huge whirlpool,Just over ten minutes,The water level of the lake drops rapidly,The area of the Great Lake is shrinking rapidly,It was a visual disaster。
Have a short time,That is the time when the abyssal current stopped sharply,The lake suddenly stopped flowing back,Then the vortex of the lake became chaotic,Look around,The entire lake is like a typhoon,Whirlpool everywhere,spray,And undercurrent。
then,The water column in the center of the lake reappeared,The water level rises,The lake also expanded。
Incredible scene,Will give people the illusion of going back in time,Only those large tracts of exposed wet beaches prove that this scene has actually happened。
Camp[Tick ]mountain peak,Except for those machine guns and a small number of left-behind soldiers,Most of the soldiers have rushed everywhere,Search a hundred miles around the lake,Search for anyone who walks on two legs。
Cao Qin,Deputy Director of Superpower Equipment Center, General Administration of Special Affairs,His name is Rudaoren Shishu,Used to be a soldier led by Ning Bei Zhi。As a soldier who grew up in Zhongnanshan Taoist Temple,At the same time, it is also responsible for the affairs of liaison。
Now,Leaders of various city action teams led teams to search everywhere,He is in charge of the affairs of the camp here temporarily。

Chapter 117 How could be lost

End of a meal,Liao Wenjie handed the information from three maintenance workers to Zhou Xingxing,Let him help check it。
Within two months,These three have no abnormal movement,For example, what is the bigger?,or,They have recently been in contact with any strange things。
Maintenance workers suspect,Cleaning staff also,This investigation is 80%.。
Liao Wenjie is really no,Too few clues,He can only do its best,Can’t,Passive point,After the scene behind the scene, you will show your own.。
This situation is very likely。
Do not throw a black stone without reason,Put in the elevator,The behind-the-scenes black hand is certainly another purpose,Maybe you will come back to harvest a few days.‘Victory fruit’NS。
Think of this,Liao Wenjie went to a white grocery shop next day.,Let it restore the suburbs,Directly move to Jia Ding Garden,Live in six。
Have an heart,Abnormal,Both people teamed up to deal with it in time。
House,Liao Wenjie makes the clock without worrying,He pays for a rent,No need to send white。
And Zhou Xingxing is more energetic who eats,Entertainment between pure friends,He is happy,Zhou Xingxing is also happy。
This time,He won’t be a rental money。
Clock did not refuse,I immediately closed grocery shop,Take a taxi with Liao Wenjie to return to Jia Ding Garden。
Coincidentally,There is a house in the second floor of the six buildings.,Contact rental company,Money,I finished all procedures on the same day.。
Get these,Liao Wenjie let Zhong Zhen live in the city,Don’t pay attention to grocery business,Live too much,Every time I find someone to waste two or three hours.。
If you can make a big money, you will work.,For those bottles of soda,Not worth。
Clock, white nodes agreed,first,Liao Wenjie sincerely,He is willing to break the fingers of grocery;Two,Demon to raise a ghost disaster,He can’t sit still。
afternoon,Liao Wenjie belongs to the mall,First buy Tai Gear for him first,Follow it again。
The clock is too conspicuous,Easy to pay attention,Ordinary point。
People’s mouth short,Hand’s hand,Rent、Big brother、clothing,Three,Clock is ashamed,Indicates that the elevator is assured to him,Day and night。
There is a white word,Liao Wenjie is relieved,Vague,Intuitive telling him,Blackstone is not so simple。
Not good,Other places in Hong Kong Island,Also throw a few by the behind-the-scenes。
Close time,Liao Wenjie rushed back to the company,Another rose is placed in front of Cheng Wenjing。
same with yesterday,嘘 cold and warm,Pat in the ass,Little, no hesitation。
Cheng Wenjing:“……”
She doesn’t know what Liao Wenjie is thinking.,If you are afraid to eat, watch the movie is rejected……
Don’t try how to know?
Although she is certainly disagree,But at least try,I agree with her ghosts when I am.!
Liao Wenjie,In addition to planning to place Cheng Wenjing for a while,More mainly reason,It’s really too full.,I can’t take excess effort。
Equally,He invited Cao Dada andada Wang I have dinner,The meal is over andsandywatch movie。
Two days,I have been waiting for two days.,Take the wayhappy。
Dinner table,Liao Wenjie briefly said the plan to open the company,ada Wang is very agreed,Young people should sway more,It doesn’t matter if you lose it.,Young is capital,There is also a chance in the future。
Cao Dada’s face,Grasping Ghost Company is a few meanings?
Although he believes in Feng Shui,Also believe in some gods ghost,But he doesn’t think Liao Wenjie is suitable for this.。
“Ager,You consider clear,Today’s work is stable,Earn a lot,No need to take a big risk。”
“The boss does not accept my resignation,The position is always,Don’t go to work, there are salary。”
Cao Dada’s ear,I thought I didn’t listen clearly.,After confirming again,Big anger:“Ager,How do I teach you?,Men’s Han husband,Top the world,What is wrong?,Scholar family eats soft rice!”

Lin Wei busy said:“I will do this,Do you want me to accompany you back,I would love to see your three babies”

“No way,Work is important。Go back this time,I will take a few more pictures with my phone,Then you will be the first to watch”
“OK!”Lin Wei Daxi,Then turned and left。
Xia Jian stood on the river embankment facing the cold wind and imagined how the river beautification project will be carried out in the future,He also called the relevant engineering staff,Made a preliminary understanding。
About an hour later,Which Bao Shijie Guan Tingna drove back。Xia Jian glanced at his watch,So I said hello to Guan Tingna,Then drove his car back to Xiping Village。
It takes more than 20 minutes to drive from Pingdu to Xiping Village,Due to heavy snow recently,The reason why the road is not easy,So when he arrives at Xiping Village,Basically, it took nearly forty minutes,This is twice as long as usual。
When he just parked the car at the entrance of Xiping Village,Chen Erniu passing by the breeding factory saw him。This guy hasn’t seen Xia Jian for a long time,So I look a little happy。
He ran to the Xia Jian parking place,I called Ma Yan and Xia Sanhu。When Xia Jian got off the car, he saw Chen Erniu running over,The two laughed,Punch each other。
“busy person!Hearing Ma Yan said that you are so busy now that you almost forgot about home?I have to criticize you,No matter how busy I am, I have time to come back and visit,Besides, your wife and children are in Xiping Village”
Chen Erniu said,Ben haha laughed。
Xia Jian snorted coldly:“See what you guy said,It’s as if I’m a man who married a wife and forgot my parents”
“This does not,I can prove to you。But you have a job,People who forgot home,I can prove it to you”
With sound,Ma Yan and Xia Sanhu came over together。Ma Yan has recovered quite well after giving birth,Her figure is almost the same as before。
Xia Jian did not expect Ma Yan and Xia Sanhu to appear at the entrance of the village,Does he know that this is a call from Chen Erniu to them。A few people had fun all at once,Then they helped Xia Jian carry the things in the car,Back to Xia Jian’s house together。
When entering the courtyard,Sun Yuejuan is holding her grandson and talking in the yard,She saw Xia Jian came back,He hugged the child without saying anything:“Hug your son!See how heavy。When you go to work this time,Bring Dabao。He is good now,Just drink milk every day”
Sun Yuejuan’s two serious sentences,Amused everyone。You said that Xia Jian could do something else,But he’s still a layman with children。
as expected,Dabao reached him for less than a minute,The child burst into tears,And crying very fiercely。Xia Jian exhausted all his energy in the yard,But there is no way to keep the child from crying。
Ma Yan took it,Haven’t moved,The child stopped crying immediately。Xia Jian couldn’t help but said with a smile:“This kid is so bad at such a young age,Deliberately made me foolish in front of you”

“At that time, I selected a site for an ideal landing point,Unexpectedly,Found that weird aircraft,Very dazzling,Blood red,I met Lao Zhao,It’s a pity that the camera didn’t take it,The effect of washing out is very poor,Fuzzy。”

“Do you see the shape clearly?”
“Long,Not the common flying saucer shape in imagination,Spear shape,Such a strange aircraft,Can actually stay in the air for a long time,The reason why I call it a flying machine,It’s because this thing has obvious startup speed and acceleration,Zhao and I saw it for days in a row,I made a report to the higher level,Ready to stay and observe。”
“So why did you go abroad again?”
“Hit the jackpot。”Inadvertent brilliance flashed in the eyes of the old man,Sounds very humorous,Actually has an unspeakable and dangerous experience,“In other words, it’s lost。The aircraft disappeared two days later and reappeared,Circle the sky several times,And landed in a col in front of us,Zhao Zhao and I can’t wait to support,Lack of corresponding equipment,Must rush over。
“The car was given to the comrade who reported,We are on foot,Look close,Looking at the mountain,We walked for a long time and finally reached the mountain,Seeing there are still a few miles,Take a big bend along the mountain and enter the mountain col,But Zhao is sensitive,He found something wrong in that area,All wasteland,But the color of the ground is obviously different,Closer to the mountain,The darker the color,And he is dizzy,Reminded by him,I was a little dizzy,Still flustered,So we discussed,Pause。
“Running out all year round,Is in this business again,Experience tells me and Zhao,The mountain not far away is likely to have a strong magnetic field,Let’s observe it first。”
Chapter nine hundred and sixty nine Wilderness Adventure
Ouyang Tianpeng tells an extremely legendary adventure story,Things are getting weird,The red flying machine appeared again soon,Soon after flying out, it fell back to the mountain col,Its trajectory seems to have a certain pattern,Flying out and falling back in opposite directions。
such as,The aircraft flew out from true north,It was due south when it fell back,Fly out from northwest,Then I showed up to the southeast when I came back,Why is that?Old man Ouyang and his companions have no way of studying,Can only guess based on known conditions,For example, the time between each appearance of the aircraft,There is also the length of the interval from appearing to flying back again,Unfortunately, there are no rules。
There is another possibility,The aircraft is spinning rapidly around the earth,Seems to be determining the direction,It seems to be about the circumference of the earth、Dimension、Comprehensive survey of landforms,But this speed is too fast?No more than an hour back and forth,This is a speed that human aircraft cannot reach anyway!30Maher?50Above Mach?
Or the key to finding the answer lies in that col?
After all, I can’t resist the temptation,The two decided to continue to march towards Shan Col,Because the support team will take a long time,But this aircraft may disappear at any time,Ouyang and his companions finally set foot in the depths of the black wasteland。
Go further,Windy sand is smaller,But the temperature is dropping,The weeds on the ground like flakes are also sparse,Soon it turned into bare rocks and mud,The sky above has the kind of blue that I have never seen before,It’s like a distorted color,The feeling of dizziness between the two suddenly increased,Walk to the foot of the mountain,Like drunk,Know there is a big problem,But going back is a waste of all previous efforts,I can only clenched my teeth,Fortunately, the destination is right in front of you。
There is a circle in the col.,Tall black rock,The short ones are several feet tall,Up to tens of feet high,If you look down on the earth,These rocks are like gunpoints shot from the center of the earth,Very spectacular,There is a small flat land in the middle,In the center of the flat ground is a very strange stone platform。
Ouyang and his companions looked at Shitai and were surprised,The whole black quadrangular pyramid stone table is cut like the finest cutting machine,Smooth line、Smooth surface,Angular,Only computers and tool rulers can draw such geometric patterns,Not a natural creation,The diameter of the stone platform exceeds 20 meters,How does such a big guy polish and cut?

Although theoretical knowledge,Jingpu is invincible,But after all, you have to do it first。

By the way,Jingpu is going to eat something,I crossed over this morning,Just ate a few buns,until now,It’s getting dark,Grumble hungry。
Go eat some food first!
After Jingpu smeared and went out,So I asked the Divine Sword Sect where to eat。
After finding the place everyone said,Jingpu is stupid……There is no one here!!
After I found someone and asked,Jingpu wanted to jump directly from this mountain,Fell to death。
Cultivator……Don’t eat!!!
Break fast once in half a month!!
This horse……Half a month……Everyone stinks, okay!!
(Ask for collection,Request collection,Ask for a recommendation ticket,Ask for a recommendation ticket~)
chapter Ten Longevity
Jingpu people are stupid,I was thinking about this just now,Thinking about that,Still wondering what kind of respectable alchemy boss to become,In this case,Think about it!
Up to three days,I have to starve to death here,Ling Tiannan and Ling An’an give themselves two more incense at most。
No way……Qinghe Town,Jingpu is now in a mess,I have to solve my own eating problem first。
This cultivation of immortals is really not human,Xiuxian does not eat,You say who can stand it?

Fang Yu replied。

Suo Mu is a bit busy,So there is no time to pick up Fang Yu。
Even go,The driver will pick you up。
After hanging up。
Suo Mu sent the address。
Fang Yu checked the time,Think it’s too early。
So I don’t rush over。
Now the ointment is on the agenda,Then the investment has paid off。Everything about Fang Yu,Looks very smooth……
Only Fang Yu’s realm,I’m really stuck now!
“Hey,Maybe the master is right。Cultivation still has to be gradual……Accumulate!”
Fang Yu practiced for a while。
Sighed lightly!
Ten years,Has really broken through the shackles。
Become an easy entry level。
Later practice,Isn’t it simple!
“Are you here??”
Fang Yu stopped practicing,I received a call from Suo Mu again。

To know,Ye Xuan was transferred to other departments,Then their hope is gone。

Ye Xuan handed out thousands of dollars to the people around him:“Go out and relax at night,If the money is not enough,How bad,Tell me。”
What else do the people around you want to say,But now,But nodded。
“Congratulations on your successful consumption of four thousand five hundred yuan,Health increased by 20。”
Has it increased by twenty??
In other words,Ye Xuan’s health now,Became one hundred and eighty?
If it looks like this,Ye Xuan, would you like to exchange it for Tianshan Zhuangmei?
But after the exchange is complete,Only 30 left。
Like this,Really tangled。
But finally I thought about it,Ye Xuan feels,Forget it,Don’t redeem it for now。
“All right,Actually want me to say,Actually there is no time to manage these things now。”
“Now words,Let’s deal with these people first!”
Ye Xuan thought secretly,While looking in front of you。
really,Heads of other departments,All here。
Actually, what is their purpose here?,How could Ye Xuan not know?
But the more so,Actually now,Ye Xuan has become a sweet potato instead。

“remember,Don’t mess with me,Otherwise, I won’t step on your face next time,But just stom on your neck!”

Just finished,Rayleigh disappeared instantly。
Green Bull was knocked out a long time ago,Leo was shaking all over。
The bones of his arm were almost torn off by himself,But he has no feeling at all。
Leo was full of anger,He didn’t want to provoke Rayleigh at all,Even has a similar goal with Raleigh,Deal with the Dragon。
Even to prevent Rayleigh from being recognized,He also risked killing the dog leg of the Draco。
And Raleigh actually treated him this way。
Leo is shaking all over,But he keeps breathing,Calm down。
“You are better than me,But you won’t be better than me forever,I will find you,Not only your life,And your long-awaited ideal,I will crush it all!You wait for me!”
First118chapter Leo’s fierceness
Sleepless night,Rao is him Leo,It’s difficult to completely eliminate the anger。
No one can accept this kind of shame。
“Too weak,I am too weak!”Leo gritted his teeth tightly,I don’t even pay attention to the bloody arm。

“I have one last question left,Is also my biggest concern,What will happen in the world offshore financial market during this time,Why are so many bigwigs gathered in the British Virgin Islands??”

“What Comrade Chubais just said‘Hunting’,What’s going on again?”
“Haha,Mr. Joe,To say this time‘Hunting’,Really has a direct relationship with you,we can even say,‘Hunting’It’s all from you!”Colonel Pavlov laughed。
“with.Directly related to me?Thanks me?”Qiao Tianyu was even more confused after hearing this。
By the way, this is Qiao Tianyu’s first visit to the British Virgin Islands since his rebirth.,And it’s a temporary intention,“Hunting”Why is it directly related to him?,Why did you worship him again??
Seeing Qiao Tianyu’s face full of confusion,Colonel Pavlov no longer babbles,Speak directly,“Mr. Joe,Do you remember the yen short war that you personally traded three days ago??”
“remember,But the Yen short war with‘Hunting’What does it matter?”Qiao Tianyu asked without knowing it。
“Mr. Joe,You have a good memory,In that short yen war,How did you settle the world in one fell swoop at the last moment,That put the Bank of Japan to a dead end?”Colonel Pavlov reminded again。
“At that time, I used a trick to change offense and defense,Unite the five major investment banks on Wall Street and the International Hedge Fund Alliance,In the international foreign exchange market, use the world currencies to buy Japanese yen,Successfully triggered market panic,Attracted a huge amount of international hot money to participate in the war。”
“In the end, the Bank of Japan could not withstand the international hot money attack,To maintain the stability of the yen exchange rate and the yen’s international currency status,The Bank of Japan had to surrender,Forced to accept all our conditions。”
“International hot money attack?”Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu suddenly realized what,Exclaimed immediately。
“Mr. Colonel,You mean,Those international hot money who participated in the war were tricky?”Qiao Tianyu asked in surprise。
“Hahaha,Mr. Joe,You really are a financial wizard,I didn’t expect to find the problem so quickly,I really admire!admire!”Colonel Pavlov clasped his fists and said。
“Your analysis is correct,Indeed, those international hot money who participated in the war were tricky,And the trickiness is not small,It can be said that the tricky has completely angered the offshore financial market of the whole world!”
First0361chapter Ingenious calculation