Luzhou Three Worldbrows,He is like a fake package to be seen through,this person……Really Kirlard Earl??

Chapter 417 Tactical
Luzhou III and Feng did not suddenly,Process is not ideal,The result is still mixed,A threaded left hand of Liao Jie,A hugged his right leg。
Kiss and Kyle are not as much as you think about the maid and Maori Xiaogutang will so amazing.,Good opportunity to be near eyes,Say anything else,Jump on the long table,Quickly rush。
“Have a good time。”
Liao Jie,Pick the left hand hard,Never want to,Little left, gentle,Since the greement, the dead is dead,He struggled to arches a few times,I can’t take it out.。
But that’s okay,Small right is still very straightforward。
Liao Jie grabs the long table cloth in front of,Instantaneous moments in Kys and Kyle fly,Slaid backward。
Here, refer to the scenarius of watermelon skin,Kiss and Kyle are replaced by inertia,Falling on the dining table of the cup,Haven’t started to be handsome yet.。
“That’s it?”
Liao Jie blocked:“Kius、Kyle,Too disappointed,You have also been a fight master with a ten,Unfortunately, I was empty by a woman.,Therefore, it becomes a soft shrimp station that stands instably stable.。”
Kiss and Kyle struggled to stand up,Just ready to say something,Thanks to Liao Jie, I went down the tablecloth.,Fall again on the table。
beside,Voluntary one stops standing,See the true identity of the maid and Maori Xiaogiro,Tightly frown。
As an international criminal police organization, Luzhou specialist search officer,He came to Visbania to arrest Luzhou III,No qualified handle royal society。
Can be used as a policeman,He doesn’t like Killard Earl of the sister for the top.,So you can’t intervene,There is no stopping from Luzhou III and the peak。
Also is bystanders,Maori is not much,Accurately, the body is fast than the brain,See the father, Maori Xiaoguti, was forced to shine under the foot by the evil count.,Improve the anger,Absorbing Kes and Kyle’s lessons,Stepping on the side of the chair,Yue to the half-low waist line,Make a very difficult rotation kick。
Liao Jie brows,Forgiveness, he can’t understand,Why is one of the two like air homework?,I don’t know if it fly, the more you fall, is it too miserable??
Besides,Maori Lan is like a school uniform.!
So big action,Don’t say sniper,Cooking class has a clear。
Liao Jie:one`′
Leg strike,His tactics,Maori did not let him down,Pure girl’s clothes,Not like the peak, no two sons, some flowers are whistle。
Round kick,Maori people are in the air,Yu Guang gave the evil count to take a meal knife,Suddenly the face has become a white。
Think more,The knife is not prepared for her.,Don’t say anything else,Single is the heart of the bodhisattva that does not forget the welfare,This knife is not enough to fall on her.。
At the time of Gregory,Conan regulating foot power,Press the belt to release plastic football,Power full,One foot straight out。
I can see the Amazing of Killard,The body is not a general strong,Conan this foot,Deformed football spiral protrusion,Broken cannon slam-like straight。
Liao Jie is not panicked, not busy avoiding cyclone kicking,Pushing knife,Football hitting moment,A silver mangle,Light and easy to divide them into two。
Sustile nerve reaction,This guy should not even have a bullet.?
Conan is dark,Mao Lilan is no longer attached to the air homework,Continuous welfare,Pooh,Running side kicking,Both Liao Jie flashes easily。
As a strike, you will be striped back.,His mouth hook,Low body seized the collar of Luzhou III,Sending his head in the way to return to the kick。
“Oops,so cute”
Luzhou III is commendation,Pumped by a foot,Mask distortion,Five officials wrinkled into buns。
I will kick my father.,Maori is a breather,Retreat,The edge of the pavilion failed to control the balance,Ah, I fell into the shallow pool.。

I have long said that the kid, even the village son interrupted the wrist.,You still dare to provoke,This matter I must have a good time to say it tonight.。”

Said that she took the flashlight, I have to go out.,Just, I haven’t waited for the door, I was returned.。
“Don’t go,Not Lao Li’s child,Yes, I met the ghost.。”
“啥 啥?
Are you scared??
Let’s have heard a wild wolf.,There are monkeys in the mountains.,But I have never heard of a haunted ghost.。”
Looking at your mother’s wife。
Wu Lu looked at a cup of cool water on the table not far away and drunk.,Calculate a trace of calm。
“I did not lie to you,I have a flashlight.,No arms,No hand,There is no head in your head.,So that is floating in the sky,He also wants me to stay with him.,I don’t dare me.,I ran back.。”
“This is true,Then how do they??
They are with you.?”
Wu Lu, I remembered that I followed those with him.,But he also can’t take care of it.。
“They should be fine,I have encountered that thing, I’m going to run.,Who dares to stay in it?,I still don’t look good at the future.,How much does it?,It’s really tooTMScary。”
Just when Wu came at home.,Several people are not so good,It is a little amazed to go back home.,Even calling Wu to ask what situation,But Wu came to the root,This is even more than enough.。
Li Hui also didn’t expect him to scare each other.,Run for convenience,Actually, there is no courage to look forward.。
I saw a group of people brought by Wu.,He is not intended to continue to investigate,After all, these people have not given him a big loss.。
And the seedlings are intact,Did not destroy。
Have a tree seedling that everyone pulled out, he has a drop。
Then remove the sackings every saplio from the space.,With the fall of Xianquan,Li Hui Sudi suddenly found a serious problem。
That is, it is more than growing fruit.,Even the grass is growing with growing。
Fortunately, his skills can absorb the essence of grass.,Otherwise, he really doesn’t know how to deal with hundreds of argue.。
Looking at the fruit in crazy growth,Bud,flowering。
Feel the crazy growth of those desertes on hundreds acres,Li Hui is also directly driven knee and sits starting to operate, absorb these grassroots。
Just when Li Hui Feng has just launched a good time to absorb a variety of grass.,The waves not far away are suddenly coming.。
Let Li Hui have some unexpectedly to take the lead or that silver wolf,However, this time the other party’s hair is actually changing.,But it is also a lot of older than before.。
嗷 那 白 风 风 风 风 风,Following Li Hui, looked at the opponent’s slow from the mouth.。
See this matter,Li Hui is also a shock。
Chapter 88, Wang Jing’s misunderstanding
How did Li speaks from the wind? I didn’t think that this white wolf will actually spit a ginseng.。
And according to the inside of Shennong inheritance,Such a ginseng is also a hundred years of ginseng.。
He also suddenly understood why this wild wolf losses so many life essence without dead, just a little older reason.。
I am afraid it is all the credits of this centian ginseng.。
Oh, I looked at the wild wolf to ginseng at my feet.,Then look at yourself with the eyes of poor Baba,Li Hui said that there is some understanding of each other.。
“You want to use this person to participate?”
Li Hui said this,That wolf king actually really understanded that it was carelessly close to him.。
Seems to be uniform,Then I took a nod to expose a small poor look like him.,Let Li speak with the wind feel that this wolf king is not general。
“hehe,Row,Then I will give you a cup of Xianquan.,How do you bring your brothers to help me watch the orchard??”

And soon after,A mysterious emperor attacked the Three Realms Palace,Although it was blocked by Li Ming,,But the emperor did not perform any iconic moves,Li Ming didn’t even see which emperor was。

Since then,Li Ming left an eye on it,Dedicated some time,Refined a batch of formations,Dedicated to the powers of the Three Realms。
The power of these formations,All at once,Barely reached the threshold of the Lord of the Holy City。
It may be difficult for these treasures to kill the peak Taoist or ordinary emperor,But enough to help them escape。
as expected,The emperors of Feixue Holy City,And a group of Taoists actually directly acted on the practitioners of the Three Realms。
fortunately,Many powerful strengths in the Three Realms have made rapid progress,So Tathagata used the array disk,Escape from the hands of Emperor Yequan。
“I wanted to wait for the inheritance of the masters to be completely digested,You can deal with these demons after stepping into the Four-Way Path—Since you have started with my practitioners in the Three Realms in advance,That just gives me this excuse,Let me see you off。”
Although furious,But Li Ming’s heart still remains calm。
His realm is the third step of the ultimate formation,Mysterious level reaches a limit of the pinnacle Daoist,At the same time, combining his spear skills and Pauline’s claws in close combat appeared,His fingering is also the threshold level of the Lord of the Holy City。
The key is,Li Ming recently combined the three forces into one《Heart formation》Dharma deduction to the highest level,Once the three forces are in one,Although it is very expensive,But the same power has exploded to an incredible degree。
On strength,Even the three masters are not afraid,Even in a short period of time, he is sure to suppress the weaker Pluto rule or the wind and rain rule.。
of course,He also understands,Feixue Holy City wants to deal with him,You must be prepared to deal with the Three Realms Palace,At least it can and can’t be underestimated。
after all,It’s not easy for the master to kill the Scarlet City Lord。
“But facing the master,Those holy city masters will instinctively pay attention to escape。”Killing in Li Ming’s eyes boiled,“But face me,City Master Scarlett and the Emperor Blood Cloud will certainly not be so vigilant,maybe,Can kill a holy city lord。”

Even while seeing here,Such a thing,In fact, it is totally necessary to deal with it quickly。

“All right,Actually, I won’t talk about that much for now。”
“Such a problem,What should I do,Just these,Actually it’s not a simple thing anymore!”
When Wang Teng looked at all this,For these,In fact, deep in Wang Teng’s heart,It is quite clear。
And watching these things in front of me a little bit,Wang Teng at this time,I think it’s very exciting。
“All right,Actually, there is nothing left to toss,Anyway, this thing has already planned to do。”
“As for where you want to start,These ones,It’s entirely your own business!”
When Wang Teng subconsciously looked in front of him,I don’t forget to speak directly here。
After all these things,How should we prepare for this,at this point,Really good。
“All right,Stop talking so much nonsense,Almost ready,Come directly!”
Chapter 173 Killing Zhang Yunlong
“Actually originally,I didn’t plan to do this。”

Fortunately, the bodyguard next to him is quick and fast,Caught the teacup。

but,Tea still spilled all over the floor。
Fang Yu nodded。
Confirmed Mingzuo’s conjecture!
Mingzun is a little ashamed,He has such a trace of doubt。
And Fang Yu,Is the true style of ancient medicine。
Neither overbearing nor overbearing!
“can,How do you feel this through your pulse?”
Mingzun Curious Road。
He knew it was a nerve problem in the brain。
But evenCT,What is intracranial hemorrhage?。
Fang Yu’s eyes,Is it difficult or notXLight?
“Speed of blood flow……Slightly abnormal!My first stitch,Just to test the problem……”Fang Yu explained。

“Oh!Boss Wang!Sorry。Bad mood recently,Memory also diminished,As soon as you came in,I haven’t recognized”Wang Lan quickly stood up,She pulled the cheongsam unnaturally。

This woman herself has a charming look,She put on this cheongsam again,Is more charming。Wang Youcai came in since,Although he is talking to Wang Guilan,But the eyes are always floating on Wang Lan’s body。
“Ah!Since you all know,I don’t need to introduce anymore。You guys talk first,I got two cold noodle dishes back,You can’t drink boss Wang!”Wang Guilan said,Turned around and went to the kitchen。
Wang Lan glanced at Wang Youcai,Lowered his voice and asked:“How do you know my cousin?”There is another meaning hidden in Wang Lan’s eyes。
“Oh!Didn’t she open a business before??I often buy from her,I’m familiar with it”Wang Youcai said,He twisted his ass and sat on the sofa。
Wang Lan came over,Sitting gently beside Wang Youcai,Then lowered his voice and asked:“Don’t you just know each other!My cousin’s husband is no good,Such a beautiful flower,Can’t be withered!”
“What do you think?But I just heard your cousin say,You seem to be withered now?Do you want me to water it for you?!”This is what Wang Youcai looks like。Besides being thick-skinned, he is bold。
Unexpectedly, Wang Lan was not only not angry,Instead he smiled and said:“Not urgent!You should water my cousin’s flower first.”
“Nothing,Pour two flowers together”Wang Youcai said,Haha laughed。He deliberately exaggerated and patted Wang Lan’s thigh gently。Wang Lan didn’t mean to dodge,This gave Wang Youcai another idea in his heart。
he knows。Woman like this,Rich life experience,Especially knowing men’s minds very well。So he can’t worry,Otherwise haste is not。He has to use slow fire,Take your time。
The two of them boasted indiscriminately。Just ask,Wang Lan’s small restaurant has been closed long ago。She is not much different from Wang Guilan now,Stay at home almost every day。But she is like a woman,Gave birth to an appearance that provokes a man,So her husband quarreled with her almost every day。
After understanding Wang Lan’s situation,,Wang Youcai had an idea in his heart。He laughed and said:“Your husband looks like a vulgar person,I don’t know how to pity and cherish jade。And he is not confident”
“He is confident,What did he take to believe?No money,Two does not look,The key is…”Wang Lan consciously loses her mouth,Hesitating。
Wang Youcai in front of a woman,Really bad。He lowered his voice and said:“Are you saying that your husband is not good at all?!I see!You ask too much”
“go away!Nonsense”Wang Lan was a little embarrassed by Wang Youcai。She jumped over,I reached out and grabbed Wang Youcai’s mouth。Wang Youcai will let her succeed。He took this opportunity,He took Wang Lan’s advantage without making a move。

“There are a total of nine rulers who have come to my heart’s holy sect this time。”Castle Lord Wakagi smiled,As for the rest,Waved his hand,Direct breath,Fall on the spot。

But the nine rulers including Li Ming didn’t say anything,In order to pursue this opportunity,It is nothing to bet on life。Second come,The theory that the Six Sacred Peaks universe is also reincarnated,In the eyes of many powerful people, death is just the beginning of another life。
“starting today,The nine of you are in this century,The newest disciple of My Heart Saint Sect。My heart saint,It is one of the most powerful nine forces in the entire Six Sacred Peaks continent。What you may not even know is,And only ours,And the head of the three major families‘Saint’Name。”
“from now on,You will get the best teaching and the most abundant spiritual resources in the whole continent。。It’s easy to become a true god,What you do,Is to increase the background as much as possible,Become a stronger true god。”
“of course,Can finally reach the true god of the void、Even the realm of the eternal true god,It all depends on you。Sects will give you the best training,But there are some people who cannot finally break through the master state of the law。”Ruomu City Lord warned,Of course what he didn’t say was,That was a master who tried to follow the path of divine power to reach the second level.。
“Sister blood lotus,I beg you to take these new disciples to the sect。”
A bloody hair and eyes,A woman full of endless charm appeared。
The beauty of this woman,Even Li Ming couldn’t help holding his breath。
But this woman didn’t care about their nine rulers,Just a glance,Will swept through,Make three of them slightly weaker will lie on the ground。
“Junior sister!”Ruomu City Lord smiled bitterly。
“Brother Fang Xinba!”The true god of blood lotus shows a smile to his sweetheart:“I will treat these little guys safely to the sect。”
Wave of hand,A blood-red boat appeared。
“you guys,Not on board yet!”I just scolded Li Ming and other nine people。
Li Ming and other rulers,Naturally did not dare to confront this woman who was obviously the Void True God,Got on the boat obediently。
chapter Ten Elder Yu
Along the way,Li Ming and others have no communication with the True God Blood Lotus,But they are communicating with each other。

Fang Na with Erlang’s legs upright,“Why ask me,Tell yourself what’s going on。”

The row of people standing behind Fang Na,Not talking,Staring at Wang San and Er Mao,Make them both froze,Wang San is also wronged,“Sister Na,We really don’t know what happened。”
“They forgot,You help them think about it。”Fang Na uses her index finger to swipe from back to front,Three or four people rushed up at the same time,Punched and kicked Wang San and Er Mao。
Two big men were beaten to the floor、Call father and mother,Fang Na turned her head and didn’t want to look。
Er Mao screamed,Shout loudly,“Sister Na,Please remind me,We really don’t know where we are wrong!”
“Damn,Look,These two people do have a bad memory,What are you hiding from me,I don’t know?”Fang Na asked with a smile,Then raise the index finger just now to draw。
Ermao screamed,“stop fighting,Sister Na,I remember。”
Fang Na’s slumped mouth,“how,I lost my memory just now,Now restored?”
Er Mao nodded,“Sister Na,When we followed Ye Boping,I accidentally discovered that Xia Shuyue was still alive。”
Fang Na snorted from her nose,Turn around to see Wang San,“How about you,Do you have anything to add?”
“When Ermao and I followed the drunkard,I found out that Xia Shuyue was still alive,Seeing Ye Boping intentionally hit her,Took a picture,Sent to Zhang Siwei,The purpose is also to make them conflict。”Wang San said。
“Oh?Took a picture?Then why don’t you give me one?”Fang Na raised her chin and asked。
“You said,I don’t need to take pictures for you,Directly to Zhang Siwei,We did not send。”Er Mao went on to say。
Fang Na threw the photo to the ground fiercely,“Explain to me clearly,Why she is still alive!”
Wang San’s eyes widened,“We don’t know,We also want to know why,She was obviously thrown into the river to feed the fish,Why live again,We want to figure it out before we report to you。”
“Oh?You guys figure it out now?”Fang Na lowered her brows,The two people who were lying crookedly on the ground asked。
“No。”Wang San shook his head。
Er Mao also shook his head。

what,Why don’t you hurt??

Not only pain,Still very comfortable!
Water fog,Stepping of these days of trauma injury in an instant,He is a fool, and the husband is looking to the sate.,Before being seen in front of you,Until my thoughts,I went down to take it next.。
confused,Unbearable,This question is too difficult。
Another year of water mist,Nameless in vivo toxins,Mobilize the freeway,Doubtful:“What is the meaning?,Why do you want to poison first?,Then give me detoxification?”
Involving toxin,Unknown and restored the mentality with the world,Seeing that good illness is not malicious,Habitism is indifferent,End tea cup……
I put it back.。
This is a salted fish who lost his dreams.,Let you be astonished,He is all fearless,Because he doesn’t plan to go to the sea。
Unrestrained,It is a martial arts mythology,It is thoroughly。
Good thoughts,Waving a good sword,A sword,The electro-optic stone fire is killed.。
Unknown and refer to the sword,Easy to block the sword,Swords like him, he immediately reacted,Good to make the Sword Law。
Although the heart is puzzled,But there is no name too too lazy,Pick up two Hura:“You have no murderous,No nameless,If you just learn the sword,I have returned to the rivers and lakes for many years.,Do you still go to someone else?。”
Stepping,It is a martial arts myth who is sitting in front of it.,The idea of the teacher is more urgent,Brow,How can I think that there is a heartless?。
One said one,The unknown wastewood model is surprised by the clouds.,And not to say,Even if you can,He has a harmonious means that he can’t make a salted fish.。
The mentality of people has invincible。
“I have already taught the masters of the world.,Stay the martial arts mythology in the end。”Good illiterate slowly,People don’t,There are few words.。
Stepping brow,Telling when the good thoughts are open,The monster of the other party is not just binocular,There is also a full-scale tip。
Good martial arts,When did Wulin have a strong meaning of this eyebrow?,How did he have not received a message??
Besides,What is the black sword?,Why is there a kind of inexplicable familiarity?
You will talk,Then you explain it.,Why should poison and scare me??
Is it very interesting??
Three people don’t have many people gathered together,White plumbits,Good illiteracy is too lazy and salted fish,Step to the unknown,Little cold is close to,Thunder sweep。
Holy Spirit?Sword。
Unknown drowsy eyes, explosion, strong swordsman,And refer to the sword to stand hard to the Jian Fengmang,Along with a golden iron,The inside of the hospital swept away,The wind is light, but there is no more。
名 剑 法?Universal。
“The twenty-second style of the Holy Spirit,The Jian Shenglian is passing you.……”
No nameless sigh,Bumble:“I thought that Jian Sheng has also disappeared.,It turned out to be successful,You have a gentleness of the Holy Spirit, and you have made the fire.,If it is closed,I thought it was the sword.……Successful clothes,I want to come to Jiuquan.。”
You think too much,He must have the first three after each day in Dongpu、Seven on the top eight,I don’t know how fun.!
What is good to explain?,Slight smile:“It’s not nameless,The handsome, I went out the sword of the peerless sword.,The natural swords are really famous。”


Chapter 5 I’ll just say,We are a family
“beauty,Did you make a mistake?”
Broad daylight,A beauty for nothing,Grabbing myself suddenly,Ye Xuan。
Such a thing,Just think about it,Not a good thing。
“No,Where is so much nonsense,Do a favor later,Impersonating my boyfriend。”
Gao Hong looks at Ye Xuan,A little embarrassed。
If not for a round,I found that only Ye Xuan was handsome,She wouldn’t choose Ye Xuan。
But what about Ye Xuan,It’s very indifferent。
“Oh,Got it。”
Why are you impersonating??
As long as the beauty is in need,Ye Xuan can be a beautiful boyfriend anytime, anywhere。
“Well,I’ll all rely on you later,If you behave well……”
Gao Hong glanced at Ye Xuan,The following words,Did not continue。
But Ye Xuan,Still don’t understand?
As long as Ye Xuan performs well,Can be transferred at any time?
“So you are here,My boss has been looking for you for a long time。”