“Luo Yi is right,You live in my house!Wait until your affairs are done, then leave。Nothing bad”Grandma Luo came over again。

Didn’t this old man say to go to rest??She was eavesdropping on Luo Yi and Xia Jian。Xia Jian glanced at Luo Yi,Hold back a laugh,Helped Grandma Luo sit on the sofa。
Luo Yi glanced at Xia Jian and said:“No one of us dare not listen to the words of the Queen Mother,You figure it out”
“All the way!I’ll disturb you for a while,But I can do things like turning the floor and cutting flowers”Xia Jian said with a smile。He just doesn’t want to eat idle meals。
Luo Yi glared at Xia Jian and said:“Why are you like this?You do,Is robbing them,These workers will look for you desperately”
Luo Yi’s words made grandma amused too,The atmosphere in the house gradually improved。Grandma Luo likes listening to Xia Jian。She asked,Let Xia Jian talk about his family situation。
Xia Jian is not stupid,What to say,He doesn’t mention anything that shouldn’t be said。Where are Grandma Luo and Luo Yi sitting?,Like listening to a story。
Unconsciously,Ali’s lunch is ready。Everyone is eating,Chatting,Grandma Luo didn’t choke again this time。Because Luo Yi was eating,Very friendly to Xia Jian,I even gave Xia Jian some food。
Grandma Luo saw this scene,Extremely happy。Had lunch,Luo returned to the group as soon as he found an excuse。Only Xia Jian and Grandma Luo are left in the living room chatting。
Finally caught a chance,Xia Jian changed the topic,Asked quietly:“Grandma Luo!Why don’t you agree with Luo Dongxian??”
“Hi!It’s not that i disagree,It’s just that I don’t like this woman Wu Qian”Grandma Luo shook her head and said。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“grandmother!I think you just leave it alone,As long as Luo Dong likes,Luo Yi has no opinion.。Something like this,Usually my daughter doesn’t like it,not yet…”Xia Jian talked but stopped。
Grandma Luo saw Xia Jian and said:“Silly boy!The mother doesn’t want her child to be well?I just think Wu Qian is not suitable for being a wife,Because she looks a bit demon。I am worried that one day in the future,My son has suffered from her”
“Ha ha!Grandma Luo,I think you are too worried。I saw Luo Dong,He is not a person who can easily suffer。Are you here??Luo Yi Duo Jing,How powerful,You know this better than me。So you’ve raised it up”Xia Jian be careful,Whispered to Grandma Luo。
Grandma Luo glanced at Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“Luo Yi convinced you to convince me?”
“Nor is it,I think Luo Yi is a little bothered about this,So i want to help her。Isn’t there a saying that says that?“Home and Wanshixing”Moreover,Luo Dong is also very old,It’s time to find someone to take care of him”Xia Jian said,Secretly glanced at Grandma Luo。
I saw that Grandma Luo was not angry,She took a breath and said:“You are right,It seems I have to think about it”

Who is Wu Lusheng?,Well-informed in business,Nothing seen,Immediately looked around,Remote location here,If Ye Boping wants to beat people,,She can’t run away。

After speaking, he turned around and ran away,fortunately,There are still pedestrians everywhere in the park,Ye Boping gave up the idea of catching up with Wu Lusheng。
Wu Lusheng quickly ran back to the villa,Ye Boping whispered viciously behind her,“Just let you live a few more days!”After talking, I went around alone in the park,Calm down slowly。
in fact,Ye Boping is not the only person interested in Wu Lusheng,Wang San and Ermao have been following for several days,It’s just that these two people don’t want to kill,I’m thinking of how to deal with it。
and so,Everything in the park today,Both of them saw it。
Fang Na wants to control Fangmei Company,Zhang Siwei is her stumbling block,and so,At first he was going to let Wang San and Ermao find a suitable opportunity to attack Zhang Siwei。
Helpless,The feedback message is,Zhang Siwei is a villa except his company,Basically not appearing elsewhere,Children are,Never leave the community,So there is no chance to start。
Thought for a while,The only weak link is Wu Lusheng,She is the only one who often acts alone outside,Plus older,Slower reaction,Easier to start。
and so,Fang Na forced Wang San to find a way,Let Wu Lu live and die,As long as something happens to Wu Lusheng,Zhang Siwei has no intention of operating Fangmei Company,Even her own company may not be able to manage it well,At that time,Arrange Jinfangmei’s finances to work。
“This drunkard is also interested in the old lady。”Wang San said to Er Mao。
“He won’t want this old lady’s life like us。”Ermao tilted his head。
“Hard to say,”Wang San looked at Ermao,“go,We put him down,Look what’s in his bag,Everything is clear。”
“The two of us?”
“What are you afraid of,We are two,Besides, just look at what’s in his bag,Not murder。”
Wang San strode up,Behind Ye Boping,Suddenly gave him two heavy punches on the head。
Ye Boping’s mind is still immersed in the emotion that he was about to kill Wu Lusheng just now,Nervous again、Afraid、Hate again,Walk slowly,I just want to calm myself down。
I didn’t even notice two big men appearing behind me,I was knocked down by Wang San unexpectedly,I haven’t realized what happened,Ermao snatched his bag。
The two are not entangled,Split up and ran forward,Ran for a while,Turn around to see Ye Boping hasn’t caught up,Ermao quickly opened the bag to see,There is nothing but two pig knives inside,He threw the bag on the ground and ran out of the park。
Ye Boping is no better than others,He grew up in the countryside,How much more strength than the princes in the city,And he is also big,If Wang San didn’t attack,,I’m afraid I may not beat him。

“Si Wei,are you busy,I want to discuss something with you。”Xia Shuyue looked at Zhang Siwei。

“what’s up,Speak,I think you always have something to say。”
“Haha,You can see this too?”Xia Shuyue is a little embarrassed,“Is such that,Si Wei,Didn’t you ask Yu Ge to take a set of photos for me that day?,He just told me,The photo was taken by a cosmetics company,Let me sell them fifty thousand,Do you say yes?I do not understand,Want to ask your opinion。”
“fifty thousand,Good thing,do not hesitate,sold,Haven’t you been short of money,Sell quickly。”
Xia Shuyue’s eyes shined,“Si Wei,Do you really think it can be sold?”
“I know you are in that small advertising company,Low income,If you rely on me for advertising,You get some commission,Not long,I can’t give your company advertising fees every month,Right?”Zhang Siwei tells the truth。
Xia Shuyue nodded,Although she doesn’t want to admit,But it is true,It is Zhang Siwei who has been paying the company advertising,I can still get some commission,Otherwise, I will lose my job。
Zhang Siwei went on to say,“Think about it,With fifty thousand yuan,Enough for you to live for a long time,Can do other things,Have money,I’m planning to do other things,right。”
“Ok,it is good,Then I will listen to you。”With Zhang Siwei’s encouragement,Xia Shuyue decided to sell the photos,Call Yu Ge immediately,Agree to the cosmetic company’s proposal。
Yu Ge answered,“it is good,I will contact them when I’m done,You wait for my news。”
Yu Ge is very efficient,Call Xia Shuyue at noon,“I have communicated with each other,I made an appointment to meet at two in the afternoon,Bring your ID,I’ll accompany you to sign the agreement。”
“Will there be pits?”Xia Shuyue is a little nervous。
“What are you afraid of,Look carefully at the contract twice,No problem sign again,I want to accompany you,Help you reference。”
091 You recommended me?
“I really don’t know how to thank you。”
“okay,See you at two in the afternoon。”
Xia Shuyue bounced back home,Xia Qiuping complained,“I told you not to come back at noon,You can go to work normally,I don’t want to affect your work。”

“What to talk about?Made so mysterious”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。

Hu Huiru stood up,Took a breath and said:“What’s your hurry,Talk about it later!Get up!Let’s find a place,Talk while eating”
Since Hu Huiru said so,He can only follow,Anyway, it’s late.,Rice is always eaten。When they go downstairs,The sky is completely dark。Lights everywhere,Put a layer of mystery on Pingdu。
The sound of the singing and dancing hall in the distance,It sounds exciting。Xia Jian couldn’t help but think of the past,Which nights did he spend in Bucheon before?。
Hu Huiru waved,A car came in the dark。When I approached Xia Jian, I could see clearly,It turned out to be a car driven by Hu Huiru’s full-time driver,It seems that he has been waiting in the car。
“Go to Dongwan Xiangwei”Hu Huiru said softly to the driver。The driver responded,The car started walking quickly。
Xia Jian looked out the window as soon as he got in the car,He felt that the little flat city was quietly changing。Some old buildings on the street are missing,Instead of these buildings, some buildings are big in summer 。
and also,He suddenly found,Women in this flat city have become more fashionable。Not only wearing fashion but also bold and avant-garde。This may be a change。
“What’s on your mind?”Hu Huiru sitting next to Xia Jian,Suddenly asked Xia Jian。
Xia Jian turned around,Took a breath and said:“I seem to find out overnight,Our little flat city has changed a lot”
“Not only not small,Can be said to be a huge change。When I first came to the city,It feels like you are in the country,But now it’s different。The municipal supporting facilities are almost the same as in big cities。And his mental outlook,Are all brand new”
“It seems!You go out less,I didn’t observe carefully when I came out。I dare to speak,The development of Pingcheng in the future,Sure to catch up with Bucheon,Even beyond”When Hu Huiru said these things,I feel like I specialize in these things。
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but ask:“impossible!How can Pingdu City compare with Bucheon City。This is weird”
“It seems that you really don’t care about policy matters。Take Bucheon City,The current development has become saturated,Whatever,Or north and south,The point is that there is no place。Pingdu is different,The vacant area is larger than the occupied area,Has a lot of room for development”


Li Ming’s body shape changes,Appeared almost abruptly in front of these four kings,The heavy treasure gun falls。
An instant,Li Ming stabbed 33 shots in a row,The terrifying energy contained in the treasure can easily destroy the divine bodies of these kings。
Five shots,Kill the Scarlet King!
Four shots,Kill King Youwu!
Eight thousand,Kill the Dark Armor King!
However, the next sixteen shots,But he has failed to kill the Holy Feather King,After all, it is the limit,There is also a pair of winged treasures。This winged treasure,It also has the function of resistance and defense。
Even Li Ming,Can’t kill him in a very short time。
Although after sixteen shots, his divine body aura has dropped significantly,But still desperately escaped into the heavy treasure spacecraft。
“very good,you are very good!”Nine heads and eighteen eyes staring at Li Ming,Indifferent and cold anger overflows。
“Die!”Nine Kings,Burning divine power for the first time!
Chapter Twenty Eight Come
Nine Kings,You are crazy?!”
Li Ming soul transmission。
He didn’t even think why the nine kings attacked so madly。
Obviously show【Ku Rong Chunqiu】Rear,In fact, his own strength is slightly stronger than the nine kings。

“I can’t even save my life,How dare you talk about it?”Li Tianzhen poked the big gun to the ground,A long scream,The black dragon showed its head again,Look at the devil’s head with a big mouth,Looks different from before,Bang,A tuft of fiery red dragon’s breath went straight to the face of the devil made by the great Shura god。

“Vertical,You are bold!”Devil furious,Suddenly stretched out a big hand covered with black hair and grabbed the dragon’s breath,With a puff, I hold it in my palm,Black Dragon was shocked,Li Tianzhen stretched out his right hand and wanted to sacrifice the last life-saving method Ye Dao。
Unexpectedly the next moment,The devil roared,Its palm starts to melt,First a few fingers fell,Immediately afterwards, the whole palm was also incomplete,Like a burnt utensil,Puff and drop all kinds of tissues,I burned my wrists while I was breathing。
The devil roars wildly,Extend another big hand,Palm edge like a knife,Cut off the melted wrist all together,The whole world of Shura shakes the earth,Obviously this demon has a tendency to go crazy,And the black dragon suddenly flashed and fell into the big black spear,Disappear,Like a urchin who accidentally got into trouble,If you cause trouble, you just know to run away、hide。
Li Tianzhen can’t laugh or cry,Right hand flip,Buzz,A very dazzling green brilliance,He is worried that the Great Asura God will fight for life at any time,Plan to hit the opponent with a leaf knife first,Re-examine the situation,Fight with‘Jade’。
Unexpectedly, the demon was quiet,The figure and the exaggerated head faded slowly,Outside the Red Fire Palace, the wind and the light have recovered again,Green scene,An unbelievable voice came from the nervous Li Tianzhen,“Kid,Don’t care about you this time,Go back and tell your master,The old man visits soon!”
Li Tianzhu’s mind is a little confused,After a moment of contemplation, I suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed,“Could it be that Xanadu here is the body of the Great Asura God??”
Sound rippling,But didn’t get any response,Li Tianzhen found that his body was moving fast,So hurriedly collected a lot of puppets,Always on alert,But didn’t resist,Look at the regressive scenery,Seems to follow the path all the way out。
“You don’t even know who my master is,How to visit?”
“Tell Yuwen to be the same as the old thief,Let you go today,Don’t think the old man is afraid of anything,Really want‘Jade’,The old man will definitely pull your stuff,Instead of the old man。”
Great Shura God shouted out,Very gloomy tone,Li Tianzhen knows that the fire is almost there,I didn’t suffer a big loss,Mostly by fluke,If you sneer again,If you can’t make it right, you will really cause a big disaster,There is no right and evil in the Shura clan,Can’t find the master of nihility and Yuwen seek the same,It’s very bad if the Great Asura God takes others out。
“Today, if the god king doesn’t force each other,Xiao Ke will not be rude,Since the Great Asura God promises not to violate Fan Shengqiu,Xiao Ke would also like to hand in this item to the Great Asura for research,How to regain the vitality of congenital soil。”Li Tianzhu’s finger,The little porcelain bottle flew out of my hand,It turned into a light blue arc and flew towards Shura Red Fire Palace。
“It is what your master meant,The old man reluctantly,Don’t blame the old man,Young people’s temper and temper must be changed……”
“Xiao Ke will visit again soon。”
Li Tianzhen’s figure has flown out of the Asura secret realm,Turn around and look back,Surprisingly, I found the misty mountains behind me,Hard to find a way,There was a sharp whistle in the mist,A black spot went straight to Li Tianzhi’s front door,Coming very fast。
Insight Now,That thing seems to be a pale yellow bead,No danger,Li Tianzhen stretched out his hand to take it,Take a closer look,There is a beating flame in the translucent beads,It’s actually a summoning orb with imprints of magical powers,If he comes again next time,Crush this bead,Then someone from the Shura tribe will lead him into the secret realm of Shura。
It seems that the previous guesses have been fulfilled one by one,The entire Asura Secret Realm should be transformed by the body of the Great Asura God,Offensive and defensive,You can also block the search of the great supernatural powers,Explain that the claim that the Great Asura God was seriously injured is not false,And even though this old god and demon has great magical powers,But extremely conservative and selfish,Extremely jealous,Destined not to be a co-worker,But as long as it doesn’t become the opposite,Even if it’s worth it,And there must be something for this old thing,Maybe it can solve the problem of inactivation of congenital soil,There must be a deal to do at that time。
Chapter Ninety Ten trouble

Prelude-newborn Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen FlowersVSElite(three)

Feng Xichuan watched Shunzi being trapped in the water polo“Shark Guard”Split in half,I wanted to avenge Shunzi,But helplessly vomited green blood,A green heart icon appeared next to the character……
“Is it the blood attack??”Erma Pingchuan suddenly convulsed and fell to the ground。
Announcement from the system:“Shark Guard‘Kill’FP.Shunzi;Shuren Jianwei‘Poison’FP.Ermapingchuan!”
Feng Xichuan saw his last remaining38pointHPCleared instantly,I didn’t understand that this one would use deadly weapons.“Shuren Jianwei”Poisoning mechanism……
“Wow——”The fact that two companions died in an instant scared Zhao Ping,He shouted:
“How to do?!What should I do?!Melee Murloc’s Lin Armor is extremely hard,Simply invulnerable!Not only that,Will also cast‘Dungeon’,Once tied up is immobile!The remote murloc is even more insidious,Always hide in the corner and keep shooting cold arrows,It’s deadly……”
After Lu Yi heard,Squeezed a word out of my mouth。
“what?escape?!”Zhao Ping reacted,Turn around and run,Let the poisonous arrows and giant bubbles drift by behind,Escaped from the murloc lair without looking back。
at this time,Guo Yinzhe raised his sniper rifle to1star,He saw Lu Yi running towards the lair,Farther and farther from yourself……
“Master Lu?what should I do?!”Guo Yinzhe asked。
“believe in yourself!”Lu Yi’s meaning is very clear,He has demonstrated the technical movements to Guo Yinzhe,I believe he understands the principle。
How to play the game,Of course Guo Yinzhe understands,but,His sniper rifle is not good,No confidence in marksmanship……
Don’t wait for Guo Yinzhe’s reaction,The sniper in the distance started shooting again。

“it is good,it is good,it is good。I’ll talk about it after paying the salary。”Er Kun nodded vigorously,Suddenly looked at Li Tianchou mysteriously,“Not drinking?I hide half a bottle of old burning。”

“drink,But this is not money。”Li Tianchou smiled happily。
The next morning, the construction site informed everyone that they don’t have to go to work,Rest for another half day,Cheers inside and outside the shed。The workers who observed in the hospital also came back one after another,But the comrades were surprised to find that there was no breakfast,Lao Donggua and his wife disappeared together with the three cauldrons on the stove。
My day,What’s the situation?The big bear just came back、Second Artillery、Monkey and others are looking for the old winter melon,This is not bad,Didn’t even have breakfast,Naturally it is very popular。The paralyzed old immortal short winter melon buys fake and inferior food and sends everyone to the hospital.,He dare to strike out,It’s not the opposite?
Everyone is yelling,The inside and outside of the shed were cheering just now,It immediately became a Caishikou curse street,Someone is going to tear down the house,Comrade Lao Yan had to come forward to explain、appease。
of course,Must make up some grand-sounding routines,Such as an emergency in the old winter melon home,So I went home overnight,I haven’t had time to inform everyone,Please forgive me。I am afraid that the food for these two days will need to be solved by the revolutionary workers.,Believe that the difficulty is temporary,My old Yan must find a way as soon as possible。
Lao Yan said he looked at Li Tianchou at the periphery of Rendui with his eyes,I’m afraid this young man can’t help but reveal his stuff,The results of the observation made him much more at ease。At this time, Li Tianchou is working with Er Kun on a small stove,I didn’t even bother to listen to Yan Defa’s speech。
But Lao Yan has only been at ease for less than half a second,I was immediately sprayed by everyone’s foaming stars。The problem of the workers is very acute:The old winter melon won’t leave early,Stay late,Why did something happen at home when I put everyone down??Guilty conscience?How much money does the old winter melon greedy everyone?Have you been buying low-priced fake and shoddy food?……Others asked questions that Yan Defa would never want to hear,Was the old winter melon poisoned deliberately??
I can’t stand it anymore,Comrade Lao Yan left in a panic,Before leaving, he gave Li Tianchou a complicated look,He himself couldn’t figure out why he gave this young man such a look。I hate him for being like a god?Still dissatisfied that he brought himself into the vortex of right and wrong,But think carefully,It’s all unreasonable。
What made Lao Yan even more surprised was that Li Desheng came back at noon,Carrying a few snacks,Boasting like a dog, I went to see friends in the city yesterday。Everything is as Li Tianchou expected last night,Comrade Yan Defa was once again in entanglement。
In the evening,Hua Yun received a call from an acquaintance in the city,The test results of the three samples she sent yesterday came out。There is no problem with the things in both paper bags,The liquid in the cola bottle contains a certain concentration of nitrite,If you drink directly, it will be poisonous,But not fatal。
Hua Yun took a breath,It seems that Li Tianchou’s judgment is very accurate,Someone poisoned the migrant workers’ diet,This despicable method made her realize the madness of her opponent。She can’t figure it out,As an established state-owned enterprise, Merrill Lynch will do such a heinous thing?
Is your judgment wrong?Hua Yun sitting in the office and thinking repeatedly,Screening over and over again in PantechSZCompetitor,Even the supplier、Partners, etc. She has figured it out like a movie。Suddenly a forgotten name appeared in my mind——Tianlu Engineering Company。
This company is also a local company,It’s just unknown in the industry,Qualifications,But when it comes to the projects that have been done, the boast is very big。And the head of the company is very young,A Playboy Style,The look in people is evil,Rogue smell,Many professional problems are not good。With Huayun’s experience in the industry,It can be almost 100% judged that this company is the so-called master rat in the circle,Rely on relationships to do subcontracting business。
This is what Hua Yun dislikes and firmly opposes,After being explicitly refused to cooperate,This person has come to pester a few times,The last time I was so embarrassed,Also put down the cruel words。What is this person’s name?……Thought of here,Hua Yun flipped through her business card on the desk,Finally found,Liang Shaotian。She was surprised that she was in a bad mood that day,I didn’t throw this business card away。

Which woman ran downstairs to get dressed。The police asked Xia Jiandao:“Did you move your hands just now??”

“Ok!I am sleeping,The woman knocked on the door and ran in,Then they want to take this woman away,I don’t think these three people are good things,So I didn’t agree,This little flat head started to do it to me”Xia Jian roughly talked about the situation,As for how he cleaned up this strong brother,He didn’t elaborate,There is no need。
The police nodded and said:“See you passing by,I advise you to leave here now,This Wang Dongqiang is a local ruffian,He has a lot of minions,I’m afraid it will be bad for you at dawn”
Xia Jian nodded,Went back to the room to pack up,This person is unlucky,I can’t sleep well even after sleeping。Or listen to the police uncle,Evacuate early!
When Xia Jian came down and checked out,It’s exactly four o’clock,The waiter at the front desk was sleepy,Even this part of the inspection room is eliminated,I directly refunded Xia Jian’s deposit。
Got in the car,Xia Jian yawned long,Started the car。Road at this time,Empty,Occasionally there will be early vehicles passing by,Xia Jian became one of the early wakers,But he is not used to it。
Because there are few vehicles,Xia Jian quickly got on the highway,Once entering the toll booth,He increased his horsepower,Ran quickly。Running high speed at this time,Naturally very cool,Xia Jian stared at the front,Keep booming the throttle,The speed of the car is over ten or twenty miles per hour。
With the lessons from last night,Xia Jian lay in the car to sleep when he was tired,He just won’t go to the hotel or something。Stop and go this way,It probably took less than two days,When Gu Yue finds out,Xia Jian is already standing in her office。
“what!When did you come back?Look at your tired look,Didn’t you sleep well??“Gu Yue said in surprise,Hurriedly got up from his seat。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Just got downstairs,Really lack of sleep,I’ll check in,Just want to go back to sleep“Xia Jian said,Yawned a long time。
Gu Yue hurriedly pulled him onto the sofa,Then grabbed his hands and looked,Shook his head and said:”You have no problem with this hand,Otherwise I will regret it forever“
“What regrets?What’s your situation here?“Xia Jian hurriedly changed the subject and asked。

if possible,I hope to replace·For CanadaPW100series,PreferablyPW125orPW126series,The maximum take-off power of these two series of turboprop engines is comparable to that of WrightR-3350almost,But the weight is too light,The key is,This way,We can use U.S. military aviation fuel。

As for the engine,No need to buy new ones,You know,My company has aircraft dismantling and second-hand aviation parts recycling and refurbishment businesses,We can buy second-hand ones from the marketPW125orPW126Replace it with the engine……The planes are old ones,No need to use a new engine。”
Elliott·Richardson can’t help nodding。
If not giveA-1Change engine,Of course it can save a lot of money in the initial stage,But like Chen Geng said,on the one hand,WrightR-3350The engine has been discontinued for so many years,The production lines have been dismantled for almost half a century,Where to find accessories?;
on the other hand,Even considering the convenience of logistical supplies,It should also be replaced with a turboprop engine,To ensure that it can communicate with the U.S. military,Reduce pressure on logistics supplies。
As for the engine,Like what Chen Geng said,The plane itself is some already sealed20The plane is so old for many years,Is it necessary to buy a new engine?Just buy a batch of second-hand engines directly from the market,Cheap,save money,The most important thing is still in stock!
As for whether we can recruit suitable pilots,Elliott·Richardson and Chen Geng are not worried,There are too many people in the United States who want to serve as soldiers and eat food,Even if the U.S. can’t find it,The various republics of the disintegrated Soviet Union also have such talents.,Price is cheap。
As for whether these former Soviet pilots can flyA-1The problem,That’s a joke,A group of pilots who can fly the most advanced jet supersonic fighter jets today,Can’t drive slowly、The fastest speed does not exceed600Kilometers per hour propeller aircraft?!
Elliott·Richardson thought for a while,Tao:“I will help you ask,Shouldn’t be a big problem,If we want a large amount,Maybe the price can be lower,But this is a replacement engine,Who are you going to do?In terms of cost, can we afford it?”
Chen Geng smiled:“Elliott,Did you forgetA-1The attack aircraft is a product of Douglas?”
Elliott·Richardson slapped his head:I’m really fainted!Douglas,Has become part of the current McDonnell Douglas Group,Fernandez·Chen’s relationship with Jr. Macdonald,At least don’t worry about being smashed by McDonnell。
Chen Geng continued:“inA-1In the later modification of the attack aircraft,Douglas once had a modification with a turboprop engine,But on the one hand,Jets were booming at the time,on the other hand,The price of turboprop engines is still very expensive,So the Navy did not adopt this modification plan,However, the relevant tests and technical data are retained,For McDonnell Douglas,Without us,Those materials are just a pile of waste paper,Now with us,They can sell some money for their information。”
“I remember,There is such a thing,”Elliott·Richardson nodded:“Then you can ask little Macdonald,Are they willing to do us this favor,If he wants,I tried to get a batch for our companyA-1。”
“Mike,I remember you told me,You sealed up a batch of materials,Among them is the U.S. NavyA-1Information on the modification of turboprop engine by carrier-based attack aircraft,right?”Farewell to Elliott·Richardson,Chen Geng asked little MacDonald on the phone。
“Yes,Is there such a thing,But why are you asking this?”Regarding Chen Geng’s question,Little Macdonald is weird。
“I have a job here,Ready for batch……Ok,approximately12frameA-1Attack aircraft·For CanadaPW125orPW126Series turboprop engine,”Chen Geng said:“Need your information,If you can,It’s best if your people help me make this modification,how about it?Would you like to do me this favor?”