China Torch High-tech (600872): Delicious fresh starter headquarter is expected to affect overall performance

China Torch High-tech (600872): Delicious fresh starter headquarter is expected to affect overall performance

Event: The company announced a quarterly report and achieved operating income12.

31 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.

72%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

89 ppm, an increase of 11 years.


Among them, the delicious fresh company achieved operating income11.

67 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.

31%; realized net profit2.

07 million yuan, an increase of 33 in ten years.


The delicious fresh record was a good start, and the small category achieved a high growth rate. In terms of products, the company’s oyster sauce and cooking 杭州夜网论坛 wine had the highest growth rates in the first quarter, reaching 66.

45%, 90.

24%, the growth of small categories was significant.

The growth rates of soy sauce, chicken powder, and edible oil also exceeded the growth rate of last year’s level, which were 10 respectively.

03%, 25.

14%, 16.


In 2019, the company’s double hundred goals for the condiment business: to achieve revenue of more than 10 billion yuan and an annual output of more than one million tons in 2019-2023.

The growth rate of the condiment business will pick up, maintaining an average annual growth rate of 15%, and there will be mergers and acquisitions of condiment related businesses to further expand the overall revenue scale.

In the first quarter, the number of dealers increased by 44, and the cumulative number of dealers reached 907, 苏州夜网论坛 steadily moving towards the goal of 1,000 dealers in 19 years.

The relatively weak dealerships in the Midwest and North have the largest net increase, and are optimistic about the company’s future development in these two regions.

In the future, the company is expected to reorganize 20% of the equity of the Kitchen State subsidiary, and the net profit increase to its mother will increase by about 10%. Due to the uncertainty of this matter, the neutral forecast profit will increase by 5%.

The gross profit margin increased steadily, and the expense ratio decreased significantly during the period.

The company’s gross profit margin was 39 in the first quarter.

38%, which is increased by 0 every year last year.


Company period expenses19.

82%, a decrease of nearly 1% compared with last year, of which selling expenses fell 0%.

44%, management expenses fell by 0%.


This section aims at breakthroughs on the impact of growth.

As the company’s real estate business is greatly affected by local policies, there are conflicting changes in the progress of property sales. The real estate business is mainly composed of the headquarters and Zhonghui Hechuang.

In 18 years, the company’s real estate business realized a total of operating income1.

2.7 billion, a growth rate of 155.


In 19, it is expected that the company’s headquarters revenue will be less than 40 million yuan.

Head office 84.

The first phase of a 6-acre commercial and residential project is about 1.8 All residential buildings will open in the first half of 2019, which will also contribute to the carry-over operating income in the next 2-3 years.

Profit forecast: EPS is expected to be 0 in 2018-2020.

89, 1.


4 yuan, corresponding to PE is 38, 31, 24 times, maintaining the “buy” level.

Risk Warning: Changes in the price of raw materials; sales are less than expected

There are ways to stop sneezing

There are ways to stop sneezing

Sneezing is a type of nerve reflex caused by various stimuli. Sneezing can reflect personality. Sneezing can also be a cause of certain diseases. Sometimes sneezing is difficult to suppress. We need to use scientific methods to help suppress it.


hzh{display:none;}  打喷嚏与咳嗽、流眼泪一样,是一种生理现象,确切地说是由多种多样的刺激引起的一种神经反射。  Therefore, experts define sneezing as an “involuntary, sudden, violent, audible audible airflow through the nose and mouth”.

At the moment, we have the following information: · Sudden increase in secretions in the nose before sneezing, and it is difficult to stop itching.

  · When you sneeze, people always keep their eyes closed, and their hands and feet are not loud.

  · Sneeze can produce huge explosive force, the speed of spray droplets is up to 30 meters per second, and the longest distance can reach 1.

6 meters.

  · Sneezing is good and bad. It helps to expel the foreign objects that sneak into the nose, such as dust, bacteria and viruses, to protect the human body from colds and many infectious diseases. The disadvantage is to spray the virus into the surrounding air.Transmission to others is essentially “detoxification.”

  Sneezing shows personality. You may not know that the way a person sneezes can reveal certain aspects of his inner world.

An American body language expert named Wood observed and analyzed 550 people for 3 months, and found that most people have specific sneezing patterns and are closely related to personality characteristics.

He acutely summarized the character types of fatal sneezing: 1, “enthusiastic sneezing”.

Typical is sneezing sound, powerful, often put forward innovative ideas, strong insight, can inspire and inspire people’s fighting spirit, aware of interpersonal relationships, enthusiastic about new people and new possibilities, and optimistic, independent, eloquenceWell, good at expressing and like to communicate with others.

  2. “Elegant sneeze”.

The typical way is to sneeze politely, elegantly, and with a moderate voice, often covering your mouth with a tissue or handkerchief. These people are accessible, friendly, unrestrained, avoid conflicts, be kind, loyal, calm, trustworthy, and will listen carefully to the personality of othersAnd helpful.

  3. “Caution Sneeze”.

The characteristic is that the sneezing sound is very low, and even the feeling is choked back so as not to disturb others.

Dirt from the tip or loud sound.

Such people are attentive and responsible, like reading and thinking, and always think twice about what they do.

  4. “Direct sneeze”.

It is characterized by loud sneezing sounds and several sneezing.

Such people are decisive, resolute, capable, simple, do not want to rely on anyone, strong personality, high efficiency, clear love and hate.

  The mystery of sneezing and closing eyes was just said that when people sneeze, they will close their eyes. What is the mystery?

At the distal end, sneezing requires a lot of force to expel the gas. There is a lot of pressure in the lungs, oral cavity, and nasal cavity. Not only the respiratory muscles such as the diaphragm and intercostal muscles must suddenly contract.The muscles are all tense. At this time, the orbicularis muscle, which dominates the closed eyes, also contracts, because it is dominated by the facial nerves along with the facial muscles, so it will close the eyes involuntarily.

At the same time, the nervous system should be highly concentrated when sneezing, and closing the eyes can reduce external interference.

  Sneezing should be beneficial to avoid harm Sneezing may also be a predisposing factor for certain diseases.

For example, it can cause sudden increase in head, neck, neck, and venous blood pressure. If it occurs in some patients with potentially dangerous diseases, it can easily cause blood vessel rupture and cause serious consequences such as nosebleeds, mediastinal hematomas, and intracranial bleeding.

Sometimes it can also cause tympanic membrane rupture due to increased pressure in the airways and ears; even lumbar muscle damage or lumbar disc herniation due to strongly reflective lumbar muscle contraction.

  The strategy of taking advantage and avoiding harm is: when you feel you want to sneeze, choose a good posture to insert the pressure change in the chest and abdomen cavity, and at the same time make your head muscles or waist muscles in a contracted state, so that the body has some kind of resistance, copingThe impact of sneezing can greatly reduce these risks.

  Sneezing can spread the virus around and pose a threat to the surrounding population.

Remember, the correct way is not to face the other person when sneezing. Use a handkerchief or toilet paper to gently cover your nose and nose. It is necessary to let the sneeze come out and prevent the droplets from spreading away.

  If continuous sneezing cannot be stopped, alternative methods can be adopted, which can exert a rapid suppression effect-mechanical compression method: using both index fingers to press the outside of both nasal wings can quickly suppress sneezing.

  · Wind olein method: Dip a wind swallow with a cotton swab, quickly insert it into the nasal cavity and rotate it once, and the sneezing can stop immediately.

Five Most Common Mistakes in Sports Weight Loss

Five Most Common Mistakes in Sports Weight Loss

Many people often question, why don’t I lose weight after exercising?

How long is exercise best?

When is the best time to exercise . We will answer these questions one by one.

  Misunderstanding 1: As long as you exercise more, you can achieve the purpose of losing weight. Miss Zhang Age: 23 years old Weight: 65kg Height: 160cm I am an office clerk. Because I work often at desk, my body is too fat, which will make me very distressed.

The sisters encouraged me to do more exercise in my spare time to avoid consuming excess excess and transformation in the body.

I took their opinions, but the results were not satisfactory.

It should be said that the intensity of exercise is still very large. I am often tired after feeling tired. After eating a few pieces of cake, I continue to exercise. To avoid this, I find that not only does my weight not disappear, but there is an increase in cost. What is going on

  Expert comment: “More” is a relative number, is a certain amount of exercise considered “more”?

To what extent “more” will be appropriate, there are many scientific reasons for this. It cannot be generalized, and the eager weight-loss methods are not desirable.

The correct way is: Under the guidance of experts, develop a step-by-step exercise plan that suits your own situation, exercise 5-6 times a week, 45-60 minutes each time, plus a reasonable cost, and you can reduce it monthly.Lose 1-2 kilograms of body weight and stick to it, you will easily achieve weight loss.

  Misunderstanding 2: Exercise before meals is detrimental to health. Ms. Wang Age: 30 years old Weight: 70kg Height: 158cm Because of my weak constitution, but my body is fat, I intentionally controlled my diet and insisted on exercise. The last time I was emptyStomach exercise is still effective in the first place. After regeneration, I always feel dizzy, dazzled, and I don’t know what kind of disease. Is fasting exercise not good for my health?

  Expert comment: Fasting is really not a good idea for people who already have diabetes or heart disease.

It has been clinically proven that when exercising on an empty stomach, blood sugar in the body will decrease, which may cause headaches, weakness in the limbs and even fainting.

At the same time, a feeling of high blood pressure, abdominal pain, inhibition of digestive juice secretion, and reduction of digestive function will be caused. Therefore, fasting is not recommended.

  But American sports medicine expert Professor Tan Fu pointed out through testing that exercise before meals can increase the metabolic rate in the body.

After the exercise stops, the metabolic rate is still at a high level and will continue to consume the body’s quantum.

In addition, exercise before meals can reduce the amount of glycogen and make it difficult to convert glucose into auntie, so exercise time should be arranged before meals.

  Because the general food stays in the human stomach and intestines for about 4 hours, if you choose to exercise before meals, the correct method is before exercise1.

Add a small amount of glucose for 5-2 hours to ensure sufficient energy during exercise.

  Misunderstanding 3: We can lose weight by jogging for 30 minutes every day. Wei Wei Age: 36 years old Weight: 65kg Height: 170cm The work of the organ is not too stressful, and the time is also sufficient. My husband is afraid that I will be free of illness, so I call for morekeep working out.

I also think it might be a good thing to try it out. By the way, I can still lose weight and keep my good shape.

My colleague told me: I can lose weight by insisting on jogging for 30 minutes every day, but after a few months, I feel that the effect is very small, but the amount of meals is increasing.

  Expert Comments: Studies have shown that only when the duration of exercise exceeds about 40 minutes, the slightest body can be mobilized to supply energy with glycogen.

With the extension of exercise time, the proportion of amateur energy supply can reach 85% of the total consumption.

It can be seen that about 40 minutes of exercise, no matter the intensity, the slight consumption is not obvious.

  Therefore, for weight-lossers, it is necessary to ensure proper changes in exercise, even prevent local fatigue, increase consumption, and achieve good results.

  Misunderstanding 4: There is a whole body or partial choice for exercise to lose weight. Ms. Li Age: 27 years old Weight: 63kg Height: 158cm After giving birth to my baby, my waist, abdomen and buttocks are obviously fat.

Looking at the photos before pregnancy is simply a matter of two people.

So I bought weight-loss belts, abdomen pants, hip pants and so on.

More than half a year has passed, but too much capital has been used, with little effect.

I wonder if the advertisement is misleading or is my too much too stubborn?

This is annoying me!

  Expert Comments: The concept of energy expenditure is holistic, not local, and exercise weight loss must not be compared with shaping.

So, can local exercise reduce local juveniles?

First, local exercise consumes less total energy, is more prone to fatigue, and cannot last. Second, a small amount of energy is regulated and controlled by the nervous and endocrine systems, but this regulation is systemic, not a part of which can be subtracted.Excess feces in the area, or good blood supply conditions elsewhere, is conducive to the consumption of feces, and where to lose weight.

For example, after losing weight, the waistline is not much smaller, but the cheeks are thinner. This is why.

The transients consumed by exercise that are greater than the absorbed transients will lead to a reduction in adults throughout the body without subtracting just one area.

  Only by applying scientific methods in the exercise can you practice the uneven and moving body shape.  Misunderstanding 5: The lower the exercise intensity, the higher the exercise, the better the weight loss effect. Ms. Huang Age: 22 years old Weight: 75kg Height: 165cm My body has caused a lot of inconveniences in work and study due to serious excesses, which caused me to sufferWork hard to increase the intensity of the exercise, so that the more intense the exercise, the better. After 5 months, the body is still the same.

Can anyone help me?

Is my exercise not enough?

  Expert comment: To get better weight loss, the heart rate should be increased to the highest and lowest safe heart rate range during exercise.

If the heart rate does not reach the minimum heart rate, it means that the amount of exercise is too small and the intensity of the exercise is not enough, it needs to be increased and increased; if it exceeds the maximum heart rate, it means that the intensity of exercise is too large and needs to be reduced.

Its formula is: minimum heart rate = safe heart rate × 60%; maximum heart rate = safe heart rate × 90%; safe heart rate = 220-age.

For friends who exercise to lose weight and exercise, it is sufficient to approach the minimum heart rate during exercise.

Such exercise intensity can not only achieve the purpose of weight loss, but also have a good effect on enhancing the function of the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system.

Use the lotion in the morning to remove oil from the hair for 1 minute

Use the lotion in the morning to remove oil from the hair for 1 minute

Early Morning Hair Rescue Plan In order to maintain the perfect hair style, every day, you have to get up a few minutes or even half an hour early to fix your hair.

Looking at the beautiful sleep time is so wasted, are you unwilling?

If the hairdressing procedure every morning can also speed up like a train, how good it is . the lotion quickly goes to shine and wakes up to find that it becomes a little greasy. At this time, the lotion on the dresser can play a big role.
Spray a layer of lotion evenly on the scalp, or you can spray a little more on the roots of the hair, which can alleviate the oily condition of the hair and replenish the hair with proper moisture.

After poking your scalp with your fingers, you can take care of a new hairstyle.

  The body cream quickly brightens hair and is about to go to work. There is no time to make a hair mask to make your hair shine.

Here is a quick way.

Use idle, body cream or lotion as hair conditioner.

Spread it evenly on the hair, allow the hair to massage, and the hair will instantly shine.

  Miao use hair gel to quickly stabilize the hair clip hair is too smooth, hair clips are always clipped and dropped, wasting you a lot of time.

Spray a bit of hair spray where you want your hair clips to prevent them from moving.

But before you put on the hair clips, you need to blow dry the hair here.

Waist and abdomen exercise to open constipation 3 strokes effective

Waist and abdomen exercise to open constipation 3 strokes effective

Thin waist exercise can help the abdomen lose weight and solve the secret of constipation.

Too many white-collar workers have constipation invasion, and too much excess meat is also a problem.

The following thin waist movements can even help the white-collar thin waist, give the abdomen weight loss, but also help the white-collar to open constipation.

Let’s take a look at these white-collar and thin waist sports!

  A healthy body is in and out of control, and control is free. As long as it is a little hindered, it will cause inconvenience and perfusion.

In terms of the digestive tract, statistics show that 60% of office workers have constipation leaks.

  Office workers, especially the pink collars, should be free from the destruction of constipation. First, they must learn the techniques of relaxation, let the parasympathetic nerves have the opportunity to reconcile the autonomic nerves; diet more fruits and vegetables, high fiber, to the thickness of the loose stool;In addition, do more abdominal exercise, increase the peristalsis of the intestines, in order to promote the role of interventional emptying, improve the function of the colorectal.

The following three waist and abdomen movements have a good effect on constipation: 1.

Touch the neck to beat the high step: the right hand touches the neck, the left hand beats the back waist, it is best to hold the heart, while the left knee tries to raise to the upper right, the head turns to the left.

Keep your body straight and change sides.

  Efficacy: pat appropriate, waist, help the activation of parasympathetic nerves.

The upper body is straight and helps the stomach to vent, eliminating the expansion gas.

High stepping exercise, using the thigh and thigh to stimulate the abdomen, assisting the abdominal intestines to massage the wrist, which is beneficial to defecation.


The method of stretching the chest and twisting the waist and belly is as follows: half a step, two hands clenching fists, shoulders and elbows bent 90 degrees, next to the body, fists up, keep the upper body posture, only turn the waist and abdomen to the left and right, rotate once per second, mouth ZhangOpen and loose, let the lungs air in and out naturally.

  Efficacy: micro-squatting, fixed waist joints and lower limbs, the upper body also maintains posture, only turn the waist and abdomen, can train the abdominal oblique muscles, and squeeze the colonic large intestine to help the stool shape and discharge.

  Relax and let the air in and out naturally, and soothe your mind and body.


Hold your knees and legs fart. Practice: Lying on the bed, bending your feet, holding your hands on your knees, stretching your legs, bending your hips and hips, and letting your buttocks open.

  Efficacy: lying on the knees and legs, can exert pressure on the abdomen, promote the movement of the air in the intestines, trigger the feeling of fart, and coordinate the correction of the contraction and relaxation, so that the row can have a more regular cycle.

How to do a few cold treatments

How to do a few cold treatments

Everyone has a kind of hateful feeling for colds. I do n’t know if it ‘s better.

Sometimes there are important things tomorrow, but you have a cold today. Such cases are often seen in life.

So, if you are so afraid of catching a cold, what can you do to prevent it?

What to eat fast after a cold.
[What to eat after a cold]1. The green onion drum soup has the effect of detoxifying, while the tempeh has a sweating effect.

After drinking the onion drum soup, it will cause the body to sweat a lot and speed up the process of detoxification.

If it is caused by fatigue and other reasons, take some cold foods, such as rock sugar and pear to boil water.

  Method: add 500g of tempeh after heating in 500ml of water, add scallion white after boiling.

  2, yam porridge yam is a kind of “not dry and not greasy” food, is the best choice for tonic, if the frail people, drinking some yam porridge during the recovery period is a good choice.

  Method: Cut 60g yam into small pieces, put them in water with 100g stalk rice and cook after serving.

  [Prevention of colds is important to prevent and prevent the disease before it happens.]1. Strengthening exercise Strengthening exercise can enhance our physical fitness, strengthen our immune system, and make our bodies more adaptable to seasonal changes.

  2. When the season of preventive medication is changed, we eat Guanzhong, perilla, nepeta, etc., which can reduce the incidence of colds.

However, it should not be too long when decoction.

  3, eating and living must pay attention to keep warm, not too much extra clothing for temporary beauty, if you have a cold because of this, you will lose more than you pay.

Also, be sure to cover the quilt while sleeping to avoid cold.

  Written in the end, take a hot bath after a cold, drink ginger sugar water, sweat first, and the sweat glands are unobstructed, which is conducive to the entry of oxygen and strengthens the metabolic function.

Taking more rest can not only restore physical strength, but also avoid some cold complications.

Drink plenty of warm water to eliminate toxins.

What should I give my baby in summer?

What should I give my baby in summer?

The beverages currently on the market can be described as diverse, and a variety of beverages attract children and make parents dazzle.

Because most beverages have some kind of health care, nourishment, nutrition and other functions, many parents spend extra money and let their children drink “healthy” things.

Sometimes even drinks replace water.

So what is good for children to drink?

The correct answer is water.

  Water is one of the six major nutrients in the human body. A person may not eat for several days, but not drink water for one day.

Water is an important part of the human body, accounting for 60% of body weight in adults and more in children.

Water is the basis for maintaining the stability of the human body’s internal environment. It plays an important role in maintaining the body temperature balance and maintaining the body’s metabolism.

If carbonated water in the body, it is easy to fatigue, metabolic disorders; in the worst, metabolic disorders, even life-threatening.

  The body’s dehydration signal is thirst, but for children, they can’t wait to let them drink when they feel thirsty.

Because the child has a lot of fun, he often puts the signal of thirst behind his head. When he is tired after playing, he thinks of drinking. It is too late, and the metabolites in the body are easy to accumulate.

Not conducive to the healthy development of children.

Especially in summer, the baby sweats more, and if he does not replenish the water in time, he may also suffer from heat stroke.

Children with heat stroke show elevated body temperature, unconsciousness, and sometimes extremities.

  So how much should the baby drink?

It depends on your age, not as much as possible.

In the neonatal period, the amount of water to drink should be strictly controlled because the baby’s kidney development is not yet perfect, only 20 ml at a time.

As you grow older, you need to drink more water.

Generally speaking, children who eat breast milk require relatively little water, while children who drink milk require more water.

By the age of 1, the child has a lot of activity and needs more water.

At this time, the child should drink water at least 3 times a day, each time the amount of water is about 100-200 ml.

Dry weather and summer will increase accordingly.

After 1 year of age, the child’s daily water volume should be above 500 ml.

  Some parents say, what should children do if they don’t like to drink boiled water?

This is because children often drink beverages as a habit, they think sweet water is delicious.

But from a health perspective, plain water is more suitable for children.

Let’s look at the ingredients of common commercial drinks.

  First, sodas and sodas are carbonated waters. They are made from sugar, water, citric acid, baking soda, and some are carbonated.

Depending on the product name, different flavors and colors will be added.

Drinking carbonated beverages is not good for children’s calcium absorption.

Coca-type drinks in foreign countries also contain caffeine, which is even more inappropriate for children.

  Second, the fruit juice is divided into two types: raw fruit juice and fruit-flavored beverages. Raw fruit is directly squeezed from fresh fruit. Due to the substitution of sources, the price is high and the variety is small.

Preserved preservatives are usually added to the packaged raw fruit juice during the manufacturing process.

Most so-called fruit juice drinks are fruit-flavored juices made from water, sugar, emulsified fruit flavors and corresponding pigments.

Sometimes, a small amount of raw fruit juice is added to these drinks, but because of the loss of amino acids and vitamins during the preparation and transportation process, it has no practical nutritional significance.

  Third, the lactic acid bacteria drink also has such a problem.

The preparation and transportation of live bacteria are more complicated than adding lactic acid directly. Therefore, it is often encountered that lactic acid is added instead of lactic acid-containing beverages.

  Fourth, space water, mineral water These are popular commodities on the market. Space water is pure water. Mineral water contains certain trace elements, but they do not contain sugar.However, if they are contaminated during production, they are not good for children, so they do not necessarily lead to boiling water from a holistic perspective.

  Some beverages with added trace elements are not suitable for children to drink often, because the amount of trace elements required by the human body is very small, and it is not beneficial to drink more; in the absence of it, it is not sure whether the content of the beverage meets the needs of the child.

It is okay to drink these drinks occasionally, and don’t become a habit.

  Compared with some tonic drinks, we should be more cautious, and in principle, it should not be given to children.

  Although drinking boiled water is the best way to replenish water, it is not to say that other water cannot be drunk. In order to meet the children’s requirements for sweet taste and beautiful colors, we can also make some juice for the baby.

For example, strawberry water, watermelon juice, orange juice, ume plum juice, etc. pickled with sugar.

In summer, you can also make some sunstroke-proof drinks for children, such as mung bean soup, winter melon soup and so on.

  Methods for hydrating your baby If parents want their baby to reduce the chance of developing disease during growth and development, they should give enough knowledge and choice on drinking water to help the baby’s gastrointestinal function increase and reduce the burden of hypertension, thereby promoting the baby’s physical growth and development.Intelligent development.
Of course, what water you drink is important, and you must pay attention to how you drink it.

  ◆ Do not give your child water before meals. Alternate gastric fluid replacement before meals is not conducive to food digestion and affects appetite.

  ◆ Older children who drink less water before going to bed cannot fully control urination after deep sleep at night.

If you drink too much water before bedtime, it is easy to wet the bed, even if you do not wet the bed, it will affect the quality of sleep.

  ◆ Drinking and eating more meals is the right way to hydrate your child. Always let your baby drink a certain amount of water to “eat” and eat more meals.

Don’t wait until your child is thirsty to think about hydrating your child, because when your child is thirsty, it means that the body’s water has lost its balance and the body’s cells have become dehydrated.

  ◆ Do not drink after extreme thirst. When you are extremely thirsty, you should let your baby drink a small amount of water, rest for a while, and wait until the physical condition gradually stabilizes.

Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink too much water at one time, because the baby’s body drinks too much water in a short period of time, causing the blood concentration in the body to drop sharply, which increases the workload of the heart, and may even cause panic and shortness of breath., Sweating and other phenomena.

  ◆ Do not give your child too much ice water because drinking a lot of ice water can easily cause gastric mucosal blood vessels to contract, which not only affects the child’s digestion, but may even cause intestinal obstruction.

  How much water is needed for a newborn baby? If the baby is 3 kg, then 2 of them.

4 kg is “water”; the water in the baby still accounts for 70% of the body weight; 65% in young children; only 59% in adults.

The baby’s water needs are relatively complicated.

Children 4-7 years old need 90-110 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day.

Apart from the water absorbed by drinking soup and eating vegetables, you have to drink 6-7 glasses of water every day, about 200 ml per cup is enough.

Don’t drink too much. Don’t get too thirsty.

  Baby asks mother to ask Q: How to find out that baby needs to drink water A: Infants and toddlers ca n’t say if they are thirsty, so it ‘s all up to parents and mothers to watch and observe.Urine, etc., all suggest that the baby needs to drink water.

  Q: What kind of water is good for infants and young children A: It is best to boil water without sweetness.

Because the baby drinks sweet water (beverage), he does not want to eat breast milk for a long time, which is not good for the baby’s growth and development.

In particular, do not give your baby a variety of artificially prepared beverages, because the artificial additives in these beverages replace the stimulation of the baby’s insulin tract.

  Question: How to arrange drinking time A: In addition to the above-mentioned performance of drinking water, it is generally between two feedings (feeding), a long time outside the house, after bathing, after waking up, before going to bed at night, etc.The baby drinks water, but care must be taken not to feed him before feeding to avoid affecting the feeding.

  Q: How much water to drink in a day is appropriate A: Due to factors that affect the body’s water requirements, such as age, room temperature, humidity, activity, body temperature, milk or water content in food, etc., generally in the neonatal period,Due to the frequent feeding of breast milk, if there is too much milk, feed it one day?
2 times of water is enough.

As you get older, the number of feedings and the amount of water you feed each time increase.

But how much water you drink in real life can be as your baby means, meaning that if he does n’t want to drink, it doesn’t matter, it means that the baby’s body has enough water.

  Q: The temperature of the water that the baby drinks is appropriate. A: The mucous membrane of the digestive tract of infants and young children is quite tender, which can not cause irritation due to cold or heat.

If you feed your baby with ice water just taken out of the refrigerator in the summer, your baby is prone to prevention or even puncture; too much water is prone to burns.

Therefore, the water temperature in summer is preferably the same as room temperature, and the water temperature in winter is preferably controlled at about 40 ° C.

  Experts suggest that the standard for human health beneficial absorption is: sterile, does not contain toxic and harmful substances, contains minerals beneficial to the human body, small molecular clusters, and the appropriate PH value.

Stars use their footsteps

Stars use their footsteps

What elixir and beauty magic are those celebrities who always keep their best condition and look old in front of the camera?

Those popular classic products are just like stars, no matter how time passes, they are still sought after by people.


brandt micro-shaping plastic nourishing cream specially formulated for Madonna Madonna, the popular symbol, fashionable symbol, has been with the world for a quarter of a century.

For many years she has mastered her music career, even over half a year old, but still shows her sexy with a bold attitude.

  Madonna met Dr. Brandt in 1997, and Dr. Brandt began to teach her how to maintain her body comprehensively.

After 10 years, Madonna finally formulated this tailor-made cream.

  Reasons for using it: This is a cream with top-level micro-care properties tailor-made for mature women’s skin.

This cream combines advanced neuromedical beauty to make the skin feel happy, reset the retinal nerve information and restore the skin to normal metabolism.

  Stars use “stars” like this: If the skin is in poor condition, you can use it for 7 days of intensive care. Usually, if you mix it with other creams and essences, you can replace it with a smaller one. You only need to rub the size of soybeans on the palm and gently wipe, By regulating the role of the nerves, the skin can be relaxed.

  The experience of 2sisley’s all-round emulsion being brought into the British royal family by Princess Diana once again told the world that noble family origins, a magnificent scene, and beautiful youth will fade away at any time.

Only a modest and approachable attitude can have a permanent charming charm.

  This lotion from French aristocratic brand sisley is Princess Diana’s favorite skin care product during her lifetime.

It is said that Princess Diana is inseparable from this lotion all year round and is often recommended to friends, no wonder it is welcomed by the European royal family.

  Reasons for using it: This cream, which has been developed for more than 10 years, is still enduring today.

It respects simplicity and effectiveness, and is safe enough to use even newborn babies.

It is not just a simple bottle of lotion, ginseng, centella asiatica and many other precious plant extracts, allowing it to improve various skin troubles.

  Stars use “stars” like this: In addition to helping the next essence be better absorbed, it is also a good thing to decompress the skin.

First squeeze out the two ends of the usual amount of use and spread them in the palm, then rub 4?
When the palm of your hand feels warm, press your palm against it, and massage in circular motion from bottom to top. You can feel that your skin is absorbing nutrients very relaxedly.
  3KIEHL’S full body moisturizing skin care lotion Sarah took the initiative to praise it in the interview. Sarah Jessica Parker is known as the “New York street fashion vane”. Although not a classic beauty, her charming temperament makes her a man’s dream lover.

  In fact, this product has no spokesperson, but it can bring many stars to recommend it in the media.

This moisturizer is also Sarah Jessica Parker’s favorite, especially in dry winter, she put it with her and use it to fight dry weather is super effective.

Reason for love: This is KIEHL’S’s famous all-in-one body lotion. It is suitable for dry and very dry skin.

The addition of various high-nutrition ingredients is the reason that has led it to the top of the sales list for many years. Natural sheep fat, vitamin A and vitamin E, etc., need only penetrate into the skin after absorption.

  Stars use “stars” like this: dry autumn and winter, apply a layer of emollient oil on the skin after bathing, and then apply this lotion.

  4 Favorite name The whitening and purifying bio-fiber mask beauty king recommended it more than once. Big S once filled it in the book: “This is a mask that I apply almost every day.

Brightening and purifying mask, it is applicable regardless of your skin type. The reason why King I can whiten from toilet paper to fluorescent lamp is one of the top heroes!

“Reason for use: Although the main whitening effect is, from the point of view of ingredients, it contains hyaluronic acid, pentapeptide, soy isoflavones, etc., and it also has excellent moisturizing and anti-aging effects.

  Its fiber diameter is only 1/133 of that of ordinary mask cloth. It is conceivable that it makes it easier for the essence to penetrate the skin.

The mask is gel-like, sticky, soft and elastic, and has a good conformability. After being applied to the skin of the face, it feels like being sucked on the face.

  Stars use “stars” like this: its usage is no different from ordinary masks.

Because of the uniqueness of transparency, it can be used two or three times repeatedly.

After using it, rinse it with water, put it back in the bag and store it in the refrigerator, and you can continue to use it the next day.

  5LA MER sea blue mystery face cream for many years j.

Lo insists on using it all over the body. Latin beauty Jennifer Lopez, who is nearly 40 years old, still has healthy and shiny skin. For some time, she has insisted on using this product every day.

When she found out that LA MER was about to run out, she immediately bought 50 bottles and could get the most luxurious treatment for the whole body skin.

  Reasons to use it: Its magical moisturizing and anti-aging effects can repair the skin to its best condition.

Anyone who has used it will indulge in the amazing improvements it brings to the skin.It is the world’s first skin care product made from low temperature and low pressure.

This cream has the incredible ocean and mineral energy of nature, and can make skin’s amazing cell regeneration ability. For many years, this bottle of legendary cream from the ocean has been praised by stars, and it has even been nicknamed “a bottle of small”Miracle. ”

  6la prairie caviar cream Joan Gui cream Karl Lagerfeld’s washroom is full of its fashion world’s Caesar the Emperor Karl Lagerfeld is always as vigorous as “satisfied with ginseng”, and has been named “the representative of contemporary Renaissance” by the media.

  In an interview with French fashion magazine “Marianne”, he said, “I use la prairie’s caviar essence Joangui cream every morning to go out.

When interviewed by French magazine Jia Ren, he took a picture of his family ‘s bathroom, and his washstand was filled with his favorite bottles and jars of skin care products, cleaned from la prairieProducts, toners, intensive treatments, eye creams and more.

  Reasons for using it: The unique living cell extract, caviar extract, seaweed protein, wheat protein and a series of plant extracts make it not only moisturizing, repairing, and resisting aging.

The main thing is that no matter how old you are, a certain type of skin can be used.

After using it, you can find that your skin becomes smooth and delicate. This effect is not lost after you restart, but continues.

  Stars use “stars” like this: After using the cream for a few minutes after the essence and lotion procedure, they will find that it absorbs very well and is not oily at all, because it is very malleable, just use a little.
  7 Lancome three-dimensional plastic facial essence cream. It is a magic weapon that Kate keeps in good shape. The British rose Kate Winslet has conquered men and women who love movies worldwide with its unique charm.

  As the spokesperson of Lancome brand, Kate Winslet is also a loyal user of the product.

She said: “The thickness of this cream is quite soft and soothing, and it can keep me in top condition even during the makeup-intensive shooting stage!

Reasons for using it: It contains patented technology of Lancome’s three-dimensional plastic beauty technology, combined with soybean extract, which can reposition the contours.

It is extremely soft and plump, and feels very comfortable on the skin.

It repositions facial contours and restores skin’s elasticity and firmness.

  Stars use “stars” like this: after cleansing or bathing, while the skin is slightly moist and the temperature is high, it is absorbed, so that nutrients are better absorbed.

Can also be used with massage to promote absorption.

  8SK-Ⅱ Skin Care Essence was previously endorsed by Cate as its fan Oscar for Best Supporting Actress Winner Cate Blanchett’s impassioned and royal royal temperament.

She once said that in pursuit of a perfect life, you must be a beautiful woman.

Many years ago, on the recommendation of a makeup artist, I first encountered this product, and after using it, I noticed a significant change in my skin.

No matter which corner of the world she flies to, Sydney, Los Angeles or London, it can keep her skin perfectly balanced.

  Reasons for using it: It was launched in Japan in 1981, and the empty bottles of essence dew sold at the same time were slenderly stacked into 1,327 Tokyo Towers!

The entire bottle contains up to 90.

7% Pitera?

Living cell enzyme.

It has very good effects on conditioning skin’s water and oil balance, controlling acne, brightening skin tone and smoothing skin texture.

  Stars use “stars” like this: in order to enhance the effect, it has a unique usage, soak a cotton pad on the face and pat the skin about 100 times with a cotton pad.

Tap can promote the absorption of fairy water.

When the skin is dry and the makeup is not attached, you can apply it on the skin for 3 minutes.

Who cares about 5 baby moisturizers in winter

Who cares about 5 baby moisturizers in winter

First, foreword The weather in winter is cold and the climate is very dry.

In the chilly cold wind, the baby’s face was frozen red, and then there were skin problems, such as dry skin, chapped skin, and even frostbite.

It is the mother’s responsibility to protect the baby’s tender skin and take preventive measures immediately. The most effective way to prevent skin dryness is to apply grease or emollient oil to the baby, because skin dryness is mainly caused by the lack of oil on the skin.

  There are a variety of children’s emollient products on the market. Are they suitable for your baby?

Which one is the best?

In order to help mothers know more about baby moisturizers, we have specially selected 6 more common baby moisturizers on the market for objective comparison. From the price of the product, oil moisturization, moisturizing performance and use effectPerform in-depth evaluation and select a product with the best comprehensive performance, hoping to help netizens.

  Second, the product introduction The five products participating in the evaluation are as follows: (click the product name to view the product introduction, in no particular order)For the convenience of description, the brand name is used instead of the full name of the product.

  Third, the price comparison The prices of the five children’s moisturizers are as follows: The unit price analysis comparison chart is as follows: The most expensive unit is Johnson & Johnson, and the cheapest is baby noodle.

There is no necessary relationship between price and product effect, and mothers can choose according to their financial ability.

  The most expensive unit is Johnson & Johnson, and the cheapest is noodles.
There is no necessary relationship between price and product effect, and mothers can choose according to their financial ability.

5 诀窍 that can easily lose weight without leaving home

5 诀窍 that can easily lose weight without leaving home

Staying at home all day, can you still maintain a perfect body?

Through the carpet, bed, sofa, seat and other appliances at home, you can also comfortably shape the devil.

The following home exercise is to teach you how to quickly lose weight.

  Sitting on a V-shaped knee, choose a longer stool, or a single-piece sofa. The body sits straight at the edge, abdomen, elbows, and the body slowly leans back, so that the feet are off the ground and parallel to the surface of the stool.

  Then fold the upper body and the lower body in one place, bend the knee toward the front chest, and straighten the body so that the upper body faces the knee forward, hold for a while, and then reach the starting position again.

  Note: The abdomen should always be tightly folded and the spine should be straight to protect the waist.

  Number of trainings: Do 3 groups of 10 to 30 times each.

  Lying on the back, the car is lying on the ground, the left knee is facing the front chest, the right leg is raised, tilted, and at a 45-degree angle to the ground, the hands are held, the elbows are bent out, and the head, neck and shoulders are rolled off the ground.Rotate the middle of the body so that the ankle is opposite the left knee.

Hold for a while, then slowly bend your right knee, lift your left leg, and align your left elbow with your right knee. Also hold for a while and continue to rotate.

Every time you twist your body, you must breathe in at least once.

  Note: It is necessary to feel the retina and the retina are exerting force. When the upper body is rotated, the abdomen has a feeling of contraction.

  Number of training: Do 2 to 3 groups, 10 to 20 times each.

  Hang the two elbows on the ground, hold your hands together, let the body rest on the forearms and toes, and chin close to the chest.

The abdomen is tightened, keeping the back straight and breathing slowly and deeply.

  Note: The waist should not be deflated and slack, and the front should not be lifted. Keep your body straight.

  Number of training: Maintain this position, slowly count from 1 to 10, and then repeat 1 to 3 times.

  The side bridge body is lying to the right, the legs are straight, and one leg is placed on the other leg.

The left arm is straight up and the right elbow and forearm are on the ground.

Abdomen, absorb abdominal strength and lift the upper body and hips up to the ground.

Keep the position at the highest point of the action; the other side is the same.

  Note: The body needs to be straight.

Number of trainings: Slowly count from 1 to 5, and repeat 1 to 3 times.

  Lift your legs and sit up on the rug, put your legs up and lift them up to the vertical top of your hips. The feet of your feet cross each other, hold your head with your hands, bend your elbows, and then slowly put your head, neck and shoulders.Roll up the ground, tightly abdomen, and exhale, lift the waist and hips away from the ground, and then slowly return to the starting position.

  Note: When lifting the hips, do not bend the legs and waist in the direction of the face, and keep the upper body still.