Count the 10 most poisonous dishes on the table

Count the 10 most poisonous dishes on the table

Do you believe that these recognized table dishes are poisonous underneath, so be careful when eating, don’t eat delicious food and lose your health.


hzh {display: none; }  1、蘑菇:谨防毒蘑菇.

  The cooking of mushrooms and mushrooms in the mountains seems to have a lot of hackers, so poisonous mushroom poisoning occurs every year.

Perhaps more than 100 kinds of poisonous mushroom poisons in the world can not match more than 300 kinds of anti-virus, taste good, nourishing, delicious and unique mushroom flavor.

The people are not afraid of death!

Japanese young people are even more mad, a kind of “magic mushroom”, which is “ad addictive but illusory” LSD, which is processed from several kinds of mushrooms containing anesthetic ingredients. It has quickly become popular.

  2, foie gras: the diseased goose “liver” is big.

  It is a noble and fragrant, mellow and mellow, with a 1870 red wine is a feast.

As everyone knows, this fat beauty is just the liver of a goose with liver disease.

There is no foie gras in our long-standing traditional cuisine, but the French have thought of a four-week intensive replacement method with a mixture of wheat, corn, alfalfa and salt to make the goose “cirrhosis”.

The shape is large enough, the weight is heavy enough, and the color is pure enough to be superior.

  3, shark fin, fish oil: Do not take too much.

  Sharks are now being hunted around the world. The key is not knowing which bad-smelling scientists have discovered that “all the animals in the world, sharks are the only ones that do not develop cancer.

At the moment when we are caring for the body where the body is now, the sharks become a life-saving straw on the dangerous table.

Shark oil is made into expensive health supplements in Norway; shark fins on the banquet represent a show in China.

Every year, there are hundreds of sharks eating people, which is the headline news of newspaper hype, but people eat sharks every day, and humans eat 80 sharks every year.

Another study said that can not take large doses or long-term use of cod liver oil, otherwise it will cause poisoning.

  4, puffer fish: very poisonous and delicious.

  One gram of tetrodotoxin can kill 500 people, but “no poison is not delicious.”

The delicious taste of puffer fish has become the “death” of the Chinese food industry. The more dangerous it is, the more coveted it is.

The Song Dynasty Mei Yichen “Puffin Fish” poetry cloud: “Spring Island buds, spring shore flying Yanghua.

When the puffer fish is, it is not expensive.

“The pufferfish diners have added the temperament of “windy and cold water”, but they will let the waiter try the food before they move the chopsticks.

Dongpu diners are also toxic, and they have developed safe practices for eating puffer fish.

The Chinese soil method is puffer meat + radish. Every spring, there are always N fallen, but there will always be successors in China.

  5, salmon: may have gluconin.

  Its lovely pink red color is originally the dye in the feed. Its rich and thick is derived from the antibiotic added in artificial breeding. The chemical toxin remaining in the body has now destroyed the body’s immune system and reproductive system.

Of course, it is still the most popular fish. It replaces omega-3 fatty acids, and is an indispensable substance in the brain, retina and nervous system. It can enhance brain function, prevent stroke and prevent cardiovascular disease.And prevent vision loss.

It is really a “water treasure”, and the current pollution situation is not enough for everyone to ruin.

  6, the civet: carrying the virus.

  As a representative dish of the game, the savory taste of the civet is faded out in the taste buds of the Chinese people. Even it is still a terrestrial wild animal with mature domestication and breeding techniques, allowing access to the table of the people.

But “squatting”, the SARS-like virus found in the civet is strikingly consistent with the human-infected SARS virus.

It is even more rumored that among the first people in China who were infected with SARS, there was a chef of the game chef.

The panic of SARS has enveloped for more than a year, and the civet can only temporarily withdraw from the rivers and lakes.

However, Chinese people’s interest in game has not changed. Without the civet, they will find the “fruit fox”.

  7, raw oysters: sanitary conditions are limited.

  Aphrodisiac oysters (oysters) is also the lifelong love of the great love of Casanova. The secret of this guy who can travel around a dozen beautiful women a day may be attributed to his daily birth of 40 oysters.The beauty of oysters is fresh, so those who “best cook for more than 5 minutes before eating” are basically “safe paradoxes” that do not understand deliciousness and are unrealistic.

The world’s best oysters are produced in Europe, North America and Japan. If you don’t have enough money to eat in these reliable and healthy places, you can only suffer from diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.

The current farming environment and the ocean are suffering from industrial pollution, while the oyster oysters reset their bodies and are a pollution recycling station.

  8, crab: may be “medicated.”

  The first person in China to eat crabs has long been ancient.

In the golden autumn season, holding crabs and fighting wine, this is one of the great food and music events of Chinese people.

But this kind of scavenger is also a diarrhea that hurts the stomach of the human body.

In particular, it is not allowed to eat with persimmons, each of which is immediately poisoned by food. Other similar reactions include pears, peanuts, eggplant, cantaloupe and even ice and tea.

Eat a crab, you have to avoid so many people, but can you really avoid it?

In addition, the hormones of crab culture are rumored, the “red tide” is fierce, the trick of feeding contraceptives when the crabs lay eggs, and the crabs, which are the signature dishes of many seafood restaurants in the country, inevitably become high-risk vegetables.

  9, soft-shelled turtle: hormone ripening.

  ”The turtle eats turtle, the six parents do not recognize.” This proverb may be the absurdity of the turtle, but it does taste good.

However, the problem is: if it is a wild turtle, it is a perennial animal, a large number of parasites must be prevented; if it is artificially reared, it is revealed to be promoted with sex hormones, and the 7-year growth period is actually super concentrated.7 months, it is a daunting battle.

The doctor even warned: “Hepatitis patients are fasting turtles.

Its rich protein will increase the burden on the liver. In severe cases, it will lead to rapid deterioration of the disease, causing hepatic coma and even death.

10, Yuba: processed with toxic chemical additives.

  Originally it is healthy and delicious, but for the sake of beautiful color, increasing the shelf life, increasing production, etc., some lawless elements will hang white blocks, formaldehyde, borax and other toxic chemical additives for the production and processing of yuba;。

5 grams can cause poisoning, 3 grams can be fatal; and formaldehyde is an alternative carcinogen; borax can cause loss of appetite after eating a certain amount, indigestion, inhibit nutrient absorption, promote slight decomposition, weight loss, poisoning symptoms areVomiting, diarrhea, erythema, circulatory system disorders, shock, coma, etc., the lethal dose is about 20 grams for adults, and about 5 grams for children.

Puffy peeling for 10 minutes in the morning


Puffy peeling for 10 minutes in the morning

After waking up, I went to the dresser with a sleepy eye, wasn’t he frightened by his ugly look in the mirror?

Not only were the bags under the eyes swollen like a head, but also his face was tired and drowsiness was written on the face.

Don’t panic, the experts call your morning skin Morning Call, so you can see people immediately!

  Call 1: Causes of edema in the eyes: crying a lot, drinking too much water or having a salty taste before going to bed leads to poor metabolism of water and lymph fluid.


S: ● Plastic bag is filled with water and a few ice cubes, wrapped in a small handkerchief, and iced on the eyes for a few minutes, or used cold green tea bags to cover the eyes.

  ● Fresh fresh cucumber is sliced into thin slices and applied to the eyes for 15 minutes. Then simply do acupressure massage from the end of the eye, gently insert around the eye with the ring of the ring finger, repeat seven to eight times, and reduce swelling.The effect will be better.

  ● Drinking coffee can promote the drainage of water from the body and indirectly help eliminate face puffiness. This is a common technique used by many models. Although not very healthy, you can try it at a pinch.

  Call 2: The reason for squinting eyes is caused by listlessness: staying up late to watch the dishes, picking up the lights and reading at night, the eyes that didn’t sleep enough the next day were dizzy, sluggish, and lacked all day long.



S: Come out with your good skills in eye makeup and help!

Mascara is the first priority recommended by various makeup artists. As long as you apply it lightly, your eyes will change immediately. The color is best performed in black, blue-black, and dark purple are also good choices.

At the same time, use a beveled brush to apply dark eye shadows, and lightly draw the eyeliner at the root of the eyelashes, and then smudge the pigment upwards to create a natural and unpretentious eyeliner effect.beginner.

As long as the density of the eyelashes is increased, deep and bright eyes are present.

  Call 3: Causes of dry and peeling lips: In the air-conditioning environment continuously during the day, alternately using long-lasting non-staining lipstick, often rubbing the lips, these will accelerate the dry and aging of the lips.

If you don’t take proper care at night, of course, when you wake up, your lips will dry up.


S: ● The best way is to drink more water, and apply lip balm immediately after drinking to lock the moisture.

If the dryness is very serious, use Vaseline to strengthen the repair.

Try digging a spoonful of vaseline to heat and melt, add one or two drops of aromatic essential oil (lavender, rosemary or mint, etc.) and stir well. Then pour into a container and wait for the shape.   ● When peeling the lips, do n’t peel it off with itchy hands. First apply heat to soften the lips. Then use scissors to cut open the dead skin. Then use the special exfoliating cream on the lips to remove the old dead skin.Put on a thick moisturizing lip cream, apply hot towel for about ten minutes, and sexy lips will come back to life!

  Call 4: Two moistures are dry and difficult to apply Causes: Stay up late, the pressure will make you lose water constantly, it is difficult to put on a suitable base makeup and go out to play.


S: Applying a moisturizing mask is the most effective first-aid method, and most of the current masks can promote skin moisture in a short period of time. You can also change clothes while applying, without delaying time.

You can also take two pieces of cotton pads, apply more moisturizing lotion than usual, apply directly on dry cheeks, then apply skin care products, massage to help blood circulation, restore skin elasticity and moisture retention.

If the skin feels rough and dull, it is also a good choice to exfoliate the skin in a short time. This can eliminate the dull dead skin layer and expose the healthy luster of the new cuticle.

Wooden stopper in wine

Wooden stopper in wine

The 1998 vintage barrel 23 began to scatter the eucalyptus leaves, the scent of violets and cardboard after pouring into the cup.

I must admit that I don’t particularly like to smell the Eucalyptus tree in red wine. It is the specialty of Cabernet Sauvignon in Australia. It seems that I feel a little worried about this smell in a bottle of 5,000 yuan.

The winery’s marketing manager hurriedly opened another bottle. This time it was totally different. The elegant wine with multiple changes, the ripe fruit with spices and cedar aroma, is very topped with the Carnegie-Saviour red wine.

  Although wine often changes in the storage environment, but the two bottles from the same wine tank, while bottling, there is also the wine in the winery cellar, how can there be such a huge difference?

There may be only one answer, because the cork stopper of the bottle has a problem and the wine has deteriorated.

  When you taste the food and wine in the restaurant, accidentally drinking a wine full of cork stopper is a killing of the scenery.

  Cork stoppers are sterilized by steam containing sulfur dioxide before being bottled, but there may still be microorganisms such as bacteria or yeast in the voids in the cork to produce triclosan in a strange smell.

The smell of eucalyptus trees in contaminated wines is indeed rare, but because of the cork problem, corrupt wood, soaked newspapers or even direct cork flavors are essential for people who drink wine regularly.It is common for meals, but in the case of mildness, it is often used as an aroma that is often found in wines such as ore or barrels.

According to an experimental survey conducted by the Burgundy Wine Association in 1998, no matter how expensive the wine is, how high the cork is used, but the proportion of wine that has deteriorated due to cork is 5%.

It may not be particularly high, but on average there is a bottle of wine for every 20 bottles of wine that is broken.

  Imagine, if proportioned, a medium-sized castle winery like Chateau Latour in Bordeaux. On average, there may be 20,000 bottles of wine that are problematic due to cork contamination in each year.There are still many people infected with SARS.

Think about it, when these wines that take decades to mature, they will eventually become the only bottle of wine in the wine cellars of many people, and take care of them. After waiting for many years, when they are accompanied by the friends, the result isTouch the taste of cork.

Even if it is only 5%, it is also necessary to ask people to be afraid when buying wine.

  After the bottle is opened, the waiter will first smell the cork for smell, then pour a little wine into the wine drinker’s cup, then watch the wine drinker smell the wine and even try a small sip.After nodding, it will start to pour for other guests.

This wine-tasting ceremony, which everyone has been accustomed to in Western-style restaurants, is not intended to test wines and tastes. It is mainly to prevent guests from drinking wine with a cork taste, and then accidentally drink a mouthful when they taste wine and food in the restaurant.Cork-flavored wines are very beautiful, especially the smell between grass, musty, carton and wet wood, even spit out the wine, it will linger between the mouthpieces, and thenBottles of wine are subject to embarrassment.

When it comes to the smell of cork, the restaurant is obliged to change the same bottle of wine for the guests, but unfortunately, the second bottle may be bad, the chance is four percent.

  Because cork is a natural material, there is no guarantee that 100% will not be a problem, so some people began to advocate the use of plastic stoppers to hold young and delicious, without the need for long-lasting wine texture cork.

There are even wineries that boldly use metal rotating caps, which are often seen as a deviant wine bottle closure.

Some caps with special film are also advertised to mimic the structure of the cork, allowing the air to penetrate into the bottle very slowly, allowing the wine to slowly oxidize and mature. The cap factory believes that even the top wines are suitable for metal rotating covers.

Although such a method of sealing can reduce the intrusion by 5% and the trouble of eliminating the bottle opener, there are still a few people who can accept it.

The history of using corks for wine closures is not as long as it was supposed to be, but it is only a hundred years old, but the way to unplug the cork is so deep in many people’s minds as the only way to be eternal.

I am also reluctant to open the bottle like this, and the 5% chance is to make the process of opening the bottle full of suspense.

  Since cork stoppers are so difficult to break, scientists have found some viable methods under the auspices of cork suppliers. For example, at high pressures and temperatures above the critical point, liquefied carbon dioxide can wash away bacteria trapped inside the cork.And yeast.

It is more effective than the current steam sterilization method, which can make the cork taste no longer happen.

Perhaps this new discovery will allow those who are considering changing the metal caps to be patient and wait for a while.

Don’t let the cork bottle opener become an ancient tool that we only see in museums in our generation.

How to detoxify in autumn health?

It depends on “clear”!

How to detoxify in autumn health?
It depends on “clear”!

In the fall, the main “receives”, everything tends to be used for collection, “toxins” are also easy to accumulate in the body, so it needs to be excreted in time, otherwise it will lead to various diseases.
Qingfei Lung is the first line of defense for our body. It has protective coverage for other organs. It is most likely to hurt the lungs in autumn, but it is also the best for clearing the lungs.
1. When inhaling deep breath, first expand the abdomen, then expand the chest. After reaching the limit, hold the breath for a few seconds, then gradually exhale the gas.
When exhaling, first shrink the chest, then contract the abdomen, try to discharge the gas in the lungs.
Inhale and exhale repeatedly, 3 to 5 minutes each time, 2 to 3 times a day.
Long-term adherence to deep breathing can prevent and alleviate respiratory diseases.
2, active cough morning, lunch break or before going to sleep, do deep breathing exercise in the air fresh, slowly raise your arms when inhaling deeply, then actively cough, so that the air flow from the mouth, nose, and then hang down arms.
Repeat 10 to 12 times, try to discharge the secretions in the respiratory tract.
3, expand the chest to pay attention to the exercise of the respiratory system, can use abdominal breathing method: stretch your arms, try to expand the chest, and then use the abdomen to drive the breathing, can increase lung capacity, especially for slow obstruction of the lungs and lungs.
4, eat white and white into the lungs, good for nourishing the lungs, in the fall should eat more white food like white radish.
Qingwei 1, avoiding 7 gastrointestinal experts to summarize the 7 things that the stomach is most afraid of, one is afraid of being full, the second is afraid to eat too late, the third is afraid of stomach pain, the fourth is afraid of eating fast, the fifth is afraid of eating cold, six afraidSitting after eating, seven are afraid of eating too hot, everyone should try to avoid in their daily lives.
2, soluble dietary fiber indispensable soluble dietary fiber refers to yam, okra, lotus root, algae and other foods that eat mucus, mucus can form a layer of protection on the stomach wall, reduce the working pressure of the gastric mucosa.
3, after the accumulation of food found that the accumulation of food, should reduce the amount of food, while appropriate coordination with some therapeutic side, such as sugar fried hawthorn, white radish porridge, etc., both easy to digest, but also the effect of smooth, stomach, spleen.
Qingchang 1, regular defecation Chinese medicine meridian theory, 5:00 to 7:00 am is the “on duty” of the large intestine, if this time, the best effect, can keep the brain refreshed within a day.
Therefore, it is recommended to get a cup of water on an empty stomach every morning and develop the habit of having a bowel movement in the morning.
2, half an hour after a meal, drink green tea, Pu’er tea after half an hour after the meal can promote bowel movements, reduce the residence time of greasy food in the stomach.
Tea should be warm, more greasy, and protect the stomach.
3, grains and grains eat up grains rich in crude fiber, can promote gastrointestinal motility, help detoxification of the bowel.
Porridge is easy to digest and can relieve the burden on the stomach.
Beans such as red beans and black beans are cooked with black rice, purple rice, yellow rice and oats, and the taste is better.
Qinggan 1, urinating in time after getting up in the morning, urinating as soon as possible after getting up in the morning, can accumulate the accumulated toxins in a timely manner in time to avoid the toxins staying in the body, resulting in “poisoning” of the liver.
2, do not take medicine indiscriminately is a drug three-point poison!
Because taking a variety of drugs is prone to drug interactions, affecting the ability of the liver to metabolize drugs.
In addition to prescription drugs, you should avoid taking other drugs yourself.
3, to maintain an optimistic attitude Chinese medicine often said “fire big liver injury”, “angry liver”, “hepatitis fire too strong”, is to say that emotional over-stimulation will make the balance of the five internal organs gas balance is undermined.
Therefore, we must control our emotions and maintain an optimistic and open-minded attitude.
Clear gallbladder 1, breakfast must eat people in the morning on an empty stomach, bile stored for a night, cholesterol saturation is higher, if you do not eat breakfast, cholesterol in the bile can not be discharged, will cause cholesterol deposition, and gradually form stones, so breakfast must beEat it!
2, eat less oil, try to eat less high-fat foods (animal oils, such as lard, sheep oil, butter, etc.) and high-cholesterol foods (cream, egg yolk, animal offal, caviar and pig brain, sheep brain, etc.).
3, knocking the gallbladder through the gallbladder on the outside of the body, with both hands clenching a fist with a little bit of tapping on the outside of the left and right thighs 50 times.
Knocking the gallbladder can accelerate the secretion of bile, enhance the absorption capacity of the human body, and at the same time have the effects of regulating emotions and relieving tension.

Sleeping bedside affects health

Sleeping bedside affects health

The bedside headed the external wall to bury the hidden dangers. Mr. Zhang bought a new house. He saw that the newly designed houses were low windowsills, and wanted to put the big bed against the low window sill.

He felt that the wind was smoother.

Unexpectedly, he could not sleep after living in a new house.

It turns out that although the area of the bed is increased, but the night is full of light, the sound often wakes him up and affects sleep.

Relevant experts pointed out: In general, houses can be divided into exterior walls and interior walls.

The outer wall (adjacent to the surrounding area) often has high humidity and large temperature difference; the inner wall (divided indoor room) has low relative humidity and small temperature difference. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep on the inner wall against the inner wall and not to sleep on the corner of the wall, so that it is not easy to get sick.

For young people, you may not feel any discomfort when sleeping on the outer wall, but when you are old, you may develop chronic diseases such as cervical spondylosis and rheumatism.

  Ms. Li, who is too complicated to interfere with sleep fashion, will purchase ceramic utensils, woodcarving products, giant folding fans and sheepskin horns, including wooden knives and wooden knives, all in the living room and indoors.After a few weeks in the new house, I was upset inexplicably.

Even if you read a book in the study, you will not be able to read it.

  The doctor said that the decoration of the house should not be too complicated, and the color should conform to the function of the living room.

For example, moderate red light can give a warm feeling; but using too bright colors in the bedroom can affect the quality of sleep.

At the same time, do not use excessively exaggerated ornaments on the bedside of the bed, or wake up at night to easily scare yourself, causing adverse effects.

In the bedroom, do not equip with high-powered audio and video systems, and receive too intense sensory stimulation before going to bed, causing people to be over-excited, distorted and interfered with sleep, and caused the adverse consequences of falling asleep.

  In addition, some plants should be placed in the bedroom. The flowers are small and the color is not bright. There is no special smell of flowers. Do not choose the poisonous poinsettia, the thorny tiger thorn and the pollen.

A pot of spider plant can be placed on the closet, which not only takes up space, but also beautifies the environment and improves indoor air.

Two wrong mentalities that make you lose weight and are skinny

Two wrong mentalities that make you lose weight and are “skinny”

“The most handsome and confident woman of a confident man is the most beautiful and moving.
Everyone knows this sentence, but everyone always feels that weight loss is to become more attractive to others, so as long as you are determined to lose weight, it will definitely have an effect.
  But the researchers warned that no matter which method is used, the two people can’t lose weight successfully.
Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine conducted a study on 177 subjects who were slightly overweight. The experimental group used diet control, while the control group used diet control and exercise classes to emphasize weight loss.
The results showed that the success rate of subtracting 2-7 kg was 26% in the experimental group and 49% in the control group.
As far as psychological assessment is concerned, the success rate of weight loss is 55%, and the success rate of weight loss is 26%.
As far as weight loss experience is concerned, the weight loss success rate of a dieter is 35%, and the weight loss success rate of never losing weight is 63%.
The results of this study were published in the journal “Medical Medicine Yearbook”.
  The researchers pointed out that there are two kinds of people to pay special attention to.
The first kind of person is the kind of person who doesn’t like himself.
This type of obesity is caused by psychological deviations, so these people are not necessarily very fat, but always exceed the ideal weight limit.
Losing weight becomes very difficult without changing your emotions.
The second person is the kind of person who often loses weight.
People who often lose weight are often in a vicious circle: they start to lose weight successfully, then return to the standard range, and then the weight exceeds the ideal weight limit, and then expand the weight loss program.
This kind of person’s weight is repeated and it is very difficult to lose weight.
  If you want to lose weight, you will love yourself and follow the weight-loss tips of “eat less and exercise more”. You will be slimmer tomorrow.