Xia Jian wouldn’t be surprised if someone said this,But after Gao Qiaoli said,Xia Jian felt,He turned out to be such a person in the eyes of others。

Xia Jian smiled helplessly,He didn’t speak anymore。Because of such a thing,Can’t tell。He suddenly felt a little regret,Bai Xiaoru took the initiative to be like that just now,But he is still pretending to be a gentleman。Doesn’t he want to,But not dare,This is the truth。
“how?Seeing you mean wronged you?people like you,Even if there is no such thing,Others will think so too,So don’t wrong yourself,Live a little when it’s time to be free and easy,Life is just a few decades,You are too old to move when you figure it out”Gao Qiaoli keeps getting stronger,It seems that she also has her own perspective on life。
Xia Jian suddenly felt that he was out of date,His mind is worse than a taxi driver。Gao Qiaoli, a man who drives a taxi and seeks a living outside every day,More cheerful than he thought。
Xia Jian shook his head helplessly,Speak softly:“Send me to the employee apartment of the Venture Group,You should be busy too”
“how?Did I say something wrong,Also upset you?But what I said is all true,Look at the slightly capable people outside,That’s not what I did?Honestly,Those of us who are all running for life“Gao Qiaoli is a bit one-sided,But very correct。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Maybe you are right,Thank you for pointing me the way,You should run for your life“Xia Jian smiled,Quickly shifted the topic。
“It’s past three o’clock,Still running around。I usually rest after two o’clock,Because of this point,Everyone is sleeping,How many people can run around outside“Gao Qiaoli said,Can’t help but frown。Because she saw the gauze sticking out of Xia Jian’s cuffs。
Xia Jian took a look at Gao Qiaoli,Happily concealed:“nothing much,I accidentally scratched my arm,The doctor must make a fuss,I can’t help it“Xia Jian said,Enduring the pain and waved his left arm twice。
“okay,As soon as I got in the car, I knew you must have something tonight,as expected,Forget it,Since you don’t say,I won’t ask。Let’s go!“Gao Qiaoli started the car as she spoke。
Empty road,Occasionally a car passes by。Xia Jian was sitting in Gao Qiaoli’s taxi,Keep looking out the window,He doesn’t know what he is looking for。What Gao Qiaoli said just now,Made him feel very surprised,I was not married,It turned out to be such an image in the eyes of others。
When the car is parked in front of the staff apartment,A sleeping bewildered Baobao ran out,When he saw that the person getting off the car turned out to be Xia Jianshi,The iron gate he opened immediately。
Gao Qiaoli turned the car around,Then shouted at Xiajian:“Let’s sit down when we have time,Everyone hasn’t been together for a long time“
“OK!You come in series,Then I will treat“Xia Jian responded loudly。Gao Qiaoli stretched out her hand and hitOKGesture,The car swished and disappeared。

“Staring at him,Catch the current at night,So he can tell the truth easily。And let’s catch,Don’t let others know,It’s good for everyone,After all, the old winter melon has nothing to do with this matter.。”Li Tianchou considers well。

Keep the old winter melon secret,Just take care of your own face,Yan Defa naturally nodded repeatedly。Secretly praise Li Tianchou for careful thought,So old。
“and also,The key figure is Li Desheng,When did he come to the construction site?”What did Li Tianchou suddenly think of,I regret my carelessness,Obviously underestimate this person,
“Since the last boss has followed me,Have been here。He and I are also fellows,It’s just not a village。I didn’t expect this bastard to be so vicious,Why do you think he is?”This is Yan Defa angrily,This is the second time he can’t figure it out。
Li Tianchou heard,Feel something is wrong,I thought that according to Li Desheng’s character and popularity,Should not have much to do with the people here,It makes sense to slip away after doing bad things。But I didn’t expect that he was also an old and strict fellow,In this way, it is different from my original idea。He was thinking about,Could not help shouting,“Ah Yo,wrong。”
Yan Defa was taken aback,“What’s wrong?”
“We can’t do that tonight。”Li Tianchou frowned,I can’t make up my mind。
“What is it?Come on,Isn’t this anxious?”
“Uncle Defa,I think we have to take a risk。Let the old winter melon run away first,Don’t stop him,I feel that Li Desheng will come back again。”Li Tianchou’s tone of hesitation,Not too sure,Yan Defa is even more confused。
“what does this mean?”Strictly pondering for a long time but still to no avail。
“I thought so,First of all, old winter melon is unlikely to be poisoned,He himself is a cook,Can you do something that is obviously suspected??And step back ten thousand steps,Whether the old winter melon is poisoned or not,If he ran away overnight,Leave an impression on everyone?Guilty conscience,This is called absconding。
“Is Lao Donggua really that stupid??But he just chooses to run,This shows that someone must have heard something,Scared。”Li Tianchou is quite sure of this,And the analysis is clearer,Old Yan nodded repeatedly。
“If the old winter melon really runs away,Who is good for?Must be the real poisoner,And only this person will scare the old winter melon,This is equivalent to finding someone to give him a top bag。If this person is Li Desheng,Then it’s basically right。”
“What’s up?Don’t understand。”Yan Defa shook his head like a rattle。
“When we come back this afternoon,Do you remember the two seasoning jars are missing?”Li Tianchou’s tip。
Yan Defa nodded,“This thing is a little weird。”
“There are two possibilities,First, the dumb girl threw the jar away with a guilty conscience;The second possibility is that the real poisoning person has discovered that I have been to the kitchen。So I stole the jar while everyone was watching。I think the latter kind of possibility is great。”Li Tianchou suddenly got a little excited。
“The intention of this trick is obvious,Just to scare the old winter melon,You can even tell the old winter melon site that someone has started investigating him。After the accident,You tied him up without saying anything,Besides, I suddenly came to him in the afternoon,And also repeatedly told him not to tell others about our conversation。If you are old winter melon,What would you think?”

“So you three need treasures in exchange for a reincarnation decree?”Li Ming looked at Qing Yuanzi and the three old guys who were close to the limit。

“Not bad,We’ve all talked with fellow Daoist Black and White,what do you want,Or pure Yang elixir,Talking to her directly is!”
Li Ming didn’t think too much,He needs to《Great Fortune》The resources for achieving Consummation are enough,The rest need to write more pure Yang elixir—In addition,What he needs most is Shaoyanchou’s information。
Use spiritual knowledge to communicate with black and white,Li Ming soon got a satisfactory answer。
Of course there is no information about Shaoyanchou,Black and white is just a powerful earth fairy,Naturally, I don’t know the specific information about Shao Yanchou, who is also a top figure among the gods。
But black and white,Is planning to establish a sect,And sectarian organizations will naturally collect all kinds of intelligence,And Li Ming’s request is that the sect that Heihuizi will establish in the future must,At least all the information from Yan’s family told him。
For the black and white,Almost no cost。
For Li Ming,Treasure that is 20% of the acquired treasure,And a promising source of intelligence about Shaoyanchou,In exchange for him to explore a site,Not a disadvantage。
chapter Five explore
Aku is a native of Beiming Sea。
The island where he was born is called Bailang Island,Is a very small island,Things are no more than fifteen miles long,It’s only six or seven miles from north to south,There are only seven or eight households living with Aku。
Inhabitants of the island,All of them are fishing across the sea。
It’s too remote here,Although my grandfather talked about having to leave Brown Sea Island,But I didn’t see a glimmer of hope in Ah Ku’s generation。
But remoteness also has its benefits,The monster that can eat people in the legend of the ancestors has never appeared。

Daniel said of course:“Of course tax,Has been like this for thousands of years。”

Ok,Things on the primordial continent cannot be understood with the mind of the earth。
The two enter the city,Chen Xiu felt as if he had entered the filming base of a costume drama,Antique Chinese architecture,Eaves high pecking,The buildings are like dense hives,Like rotating water vortex,Towering high,I don’t know it has tens of millions;
On the street is the pedestrian HeeiHustle and bustle,Chariot,Flow of people,The street extends east and west,There are still pedestrians on the street,Carry on the road,Someone who drives a ox cart,Someone who drives a donkey to pull a cart,Stopped to watch the scenery,Not far away came the penetrating yelling of vendors,Occasionally there will be a long neighing horse,Chen Xiu feels like he is in a colorful picture scroll,Can’t help but walk slowly,Very prosperous,Compared to the scenery above the earth。
Chen Xiu drove the bullock cart along with Daniel to the wild goods market in Dongcheng,This is the early prey from other villages, and those who are knowledgeable are saying hello.。
“big cow,The longest time I have been hunting for very good things?”
“What good things are there,It’s just two tiger skins.。”
At first everyone thought he was humble,I lost interest when I heard it was tiger skin,Everyone is an orion,Fighting tigers and hunting bears is just normal operation,If it’s a fierce beast and tiger, it’s a rare thing.。
Daniel sees everyone’s look and doesn’t turn back,Just shake the tiger skin from the bullock cart,A sharp-eyed Orion exclaimed:“This……There is not a hole in this tiger skin!Okay,Da Niu has grown up with archery!You shot an arrow into the tiger’s eye,Let it kill all of a sudden!”
Ordinary hunters hunting tigers, such beasts, naturally must use iron forks、Swords,It will inevitably leave a hole in the tiger skin。Everyone saw that Daniel’s two tiger skins had a hole on it.,I just thought he shot the tiger to death with an arrow。
Daniel shook his head and said:“You still don’t know my skills,Except for the brute force,But archery is even more difficult……”
A hunter interrupted him and said:“big cow,Do you want to brag that you beat these two tigers to death with bare hands?!”
Everyone was laughing,Even a master of anger may not be able to kill a tiger with his bare hands,Unless you are a master of the product, you may still have this strength,They naturally don’t believe that Daniel is a master。
1104 Small sword
Daniel patted Chen Xiu on the shoulder and said to everyone:“Naturally this tiger was beaten to death with bare hands,But it’s not me……”

And the other,But a powerful black emperor。

But the three parallel silver-clothed Taoists who are different from the Demon Elephant Cliff World。
This black emperor’s moves are more mysterious than Li Ming,But there is not such a strong killing intent between moves,On the contrary, it gives people a kind of calmness as a mountain,Feel as thick as the earth。
Li Ming’s fingering combined with the power of his heart burst to the level of top master,Can face the black emperor’s defense as calm as the mountains and the earth,But can’t get the upper hand。
Even without considering the terrifying power of the black emperor’s body,The mystery of a single move has reached the ultimate of the Lord of the Holy City,Even if you face the master, you may not lose。
“Worthy of being a bluestone Taoist,The first power of our Dao League,Even if this defense is one level stronger than you, it may not be able to break through.。”Li Ming in a white robe is surprised。
Although I know that Daoist Bluestone is terrible,Comparable to the three masters,But this kind of heavy and steady moves,Unbreakable law。
This bluestone Taoist even uses the magical power of the master of the holy city,Li Ming reckons he can’t break his defense。
of course,Qingshi Taoist’s defense is steady and heavy,But lacks in attack,It’s easy to deal with the master of the holy city of the same mysterious level,But dealing with Li Ming’s moves is not so easy。
Li Ming’s fingering,At the level of the Lord of the Holy City can only be regarded as very general,But the power surges after merging the mind,Almost indestructible,Of course, it does not include the body of the black emperor of the bluestone Taoist。
But the same,The punch with the black and white way,There is nothing to do with the 16 flags guarding Li Ming。
Fight for more than 30 interest,Qingshi stopped the attack first。
“Ming Daojun,You are very strong!Back then, the Emperor of the Heart Sword was slightly inferior to you。”The temper of the Taoist Qingshi,Just like his way,Calm,Not at all aggressive。
Different from the domineering dominance of Mangya,The Charm of Underworld,Wind and rain dominate free and easy with a sharp edge。
Daoist Qingshi is the best tempered among the four great powers in the Yanlong realm。
But no matter how good the temper is,Don’t take it lightly。
“Brother Qingshi joked,Your defense is truly impeccable,I’m afraid that the three masters can’t help you if they join forces。”
There is a hint of pride on the face of Taoist Bluestone,“I didn’t expect Fellow Ming Dao to know the battle back then。。。The three masters joined forces to threaten our Dao League,Fortunately, I got the body of the black emperor of the Sith,Fight with them after the deity is transformed,”
“That battle was really hard,I haven’t reached the limit of the Lord of the Holy City on the way back then,But it takes advantage of Tao type,I barely blocked the three of them。”。

“Nothing,He just wakes up”When Wang Lin said this,Tilted his head to the side。

Old Xiao let out a long breath,She stood up and patted Wang Lin on the shoulder gently.:“It’s okay kid,I’ll leave it to you here,I will go to the city hall now,This matter must not be forgotten”
Old Xiao finished,Turn around and leave,His feet are firm,Clean and neat,Where can I tell that he is already an old man。
Wang Lin sat down on the stool where Old Xiao sat,Fang Fang closed the door wittily and left,Wang Lin and Xia Jian are left in the ward。
Looking at Wang Lin, who looked a little tired,Xia Jian stretched out her hand in distress,Gently stroked her head and said:“Sorry,Made you tired”
Tears fluttered in Wang Lin’s eyes,But in the end,This strong woman still didn’t let the tears flow down,She choked up:“It’s okay to be a little tired,The key is as long as you are okay,You are really scary this time”
“Who can think of it!Something like this will happen”Xia Jian murmured。
Wang Lin crawling beside Xia Jian,The soft little hands kept touching Xia Jian’s cheeks,She whispered:“I am also responsible for this,If not for calling you over some night,Maybe it won’t happen”
“Where are so many maybe,Don’t blame yourself anymore,There are too many things in the company these days,Don’t come here again,Fang Fang is here,Everything can be done”Xia Jian comforted Wang Lin softly。
The two stayed quietly for a while,As if only experienced parting,I know how to cherish more。Xia Jian at this time,I don’t know why I was injured,Still infected by Wang Lin’s warmth,He looks very docile。
Good times are always short,Just when the two of you are in love,The door of the ward was gently pushed open,Dragon Ball holding a big bunch of flowers in his arms and walking forward,Jin Yimei and Heiwa followed her。
“President Xia!You are really scary this time”Jin Yimei is joking,Walked to Xia Jian’s side。
Wang Lin hurriedly stood up and gave way to her seat,From the age of graduation,She is the entrepreneurial group
Big sister。Jin Yimei is not humble,Sat down gently,A look of concern。

As a member of the Dao League,Even now the beneficiaries of the Dao League system,Da Mo Daojun’s hatred of the eternal race also penetrates into the bones。

“In that case,Just make the noise!”Li Ming’s deity turned his hand,Eighteen small flags circled his body,Every flag exudes the wave of the third step of the ultimate formation,And I faintly dispersed before。
“That Brahma,Also belong to the strongest emperors under the master of the holy city,Comparable to Qiansheng。Emperor Melobo inspires eternal blood,No less than any peak Daoist—let me see,They can force me to use a few flags。”
Whether it is Daojun You Yue,Or Da Mo Daojun didn’t treat Li Ming‘Arrogant’What is the question。
Whether it is Daojun Youyue who has followed for many years,Or Daojun,All know Li Ming’s strength!
Two ordinary eternal emperors,Master level of the unsanctified city,Will never be his opponent。
“but,Fellow Dao Ming, you really don’t need me to cover up cause and effect,Avoid being stunned!”
“Nothing,They are surprised!”Li Ming smiled lightly:“I’m in the Brahma Realm,They have not left yet,Don’t even think about leaving!”
The core area of the Brahma Eternal World,Brahma“Brahma Temple”on,A statue made of glass and gold,With arms around,The emperor whose body is holy rising spit out Sanskrit,Endless mystery breeds in it。
And under his seat,Eighteen Taoists sat down in two rows,Very pious eyes,Listening to the powerful teaching of Brahma。
Unexpected,Brahma’s face slightly,The holy breath suddenly disappeared,Eighteen Dao Monarchs are even more terrified。
“Kaka Kaka!”Brahma’s throne flipped,An eternal force wraps up the entire temple。

Xia Jian felt a little better now,As long as people are okay,everything will be fine。

“build,You go to Xichuan River Dam to see Zhao Hong!”Sun Yuejuan suddenly said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian has a meal,Asked quickly:“What’s wrong with Zhao Hong?”
“Hey!You elm bump,Zhao Hong’s vegetable greenhouse in Xichuan Heba,Washed up by the river the night before yesterday,Heard from the villagers,She invested more than 100,000 yuan this time,All borrowed。Pity her for being a woman,From yesterday morning to now,She has been sitting on the edge of the greenhouse,Did not drink a drop of water,It will be fatal if this continues”Sun Yuejuan gave Xia Jian a glance,Don’t mean to hurry up。
Muddy water all the way,When Xia Jian came to Xichuan River Dam,He’s almost becoming a clay figure。
A large piece of broken bricks,Occasionally in the mud,Can still see a touch of green,That is the vegetable seedling just planted by Zhao Hong。
Zhao Hong sitting on the half brick wall,Looking into the distance with empty eyes,Mother-in-law Wang Qiaohua carries the lunch box in her hand,Stand by her side,Keep talking about something。
Xia Jian stepped on muddy water,Poundingly walked over,Wang Qiaohua who heard the sound,Suddenly look back,She cried out in surprise:“Xia Jian!“The old man’s eyes are full of tears,She stuffed the lunchbox in Xia Jian’s hand,Nodded to Zhao Hong,Then turned away。
Where is Zhao Hong sitting,Like sculpture,Motionless。
“Zhao Hong,I am Xia Jian“Xia Jian walked over,Gently shook Zhao Hong’s body。
Zhao Hong seems to have come back from a faraway place,It took a long time to turn around,Looking straight at Xia Jian,Suddenly she stood up abruptly,Raise arms,Just listen to the snap,Slapped Xia Jian in the face,Hot pain。
Xia Jian didn’t move,He said softly:“let’s hit!As long as you feel better in your heart,You just hit a few more“
Zhao Hong put down his slap,Rushed over,The lunch box in Xia Jian’s hand thumped,Fell into the water on the ground,Xia Jian hugged Zhao Hong tightly,Zhao Hong let out a long cry,This cry echoed over the Xichuan River,Full of infinite desolation。

“This is your office,Not your sweet girl,Who can say what i am here”Xia Jian said,So I sat on Guo Meili’s big swivel chair,Long distance travel all the way,At this moment he feels very tired。

Guo Meili glanced at Xia Jian who was a little tired,Asked softly:“Is President Xia here from Pingdu??”She said,Made Xia Jian a cup of tea。
“Yes!Zhuge Liang came out after three requests,You Guo Meili wants me to invite you before you leave?”Xia Jian said,Chongguo is beautiful and smiles。
First0248chapter Corporal Rite
When Guo Meili heard Xia Jian say this,There was a big smile on his face,After all, everyone likes to listen well,What’s more, this woman has more face。
“I can’t bear Mr. Xia saying that,But i don’t understand,Tangtang Venture Group,There are so many people who can go,Why did you just hold on to me Guo Meili,to be honest,You still don’t worry about me”Guo Meili was talking,The color of the face has changed again,Women are changeable,It seems this is born。
Xia Jian took a sip of tea,Then he took a breath and said:“Entrepreneurial groups should vigorously develop in Pingdu,The current segment can be said to be grabbing open resources,I must have a capable officer,In charge of the overall situation of Pingdu,And you graduated from a higher education,During the work period,Deal with the government most,So i thought of you,This seems not wrong”
“How big are you going to set up in Pingcheng?“Guo Meili asked suddenly。
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but feel happy,It seems that this woman is already tempted,He said:“The Venture Group has rented more than 1,000 square meters of office building in Pingdu,Expressway Management Co., Ltd.,Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd.,Xiuxian Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd.,You serve as deputy prime minister,I am the general manager“
“Wow!This game is really big,Is my ability OK?“Guo Meili said,Can’t help but get a little excited。
Xia Jian took a breath,Smiled:“What’s wrong,Three company managers,The group will send someone over,Of course the following team,You need to quickly form,In case something happens,Isn’t there me on there??You are high promotion,You can enter the group’s vice presidents soon“
Guo Meili shook her head and said:“I don’t hesitate to do this,I always feel like you are killing a donkey,I still feel a little worried about me, Guo Meili,Did someone say something bad about me??“
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“I think your ability to work is one aspect,More importantly, to protect you,I hope you can understand。Dongping Mining,In the mountains,The leaders here must take turns,Otherwise there will be trouble,I don’t want a second Yan Zhengsen to appear“
Guo Meili laughed and said:“Are you trying to tie me to your belt,Close watch“
“Not tied to the belt,But put it under the eyelids“Xia Jian corrected,Guo Meili knew that she had revealed her mouth,I lowered my head embarrassedly。

But hit a lot of punches like this,He grinned in pain,He gritted his teeth,Keep hitting yourself hard、Then hit yourself!

For a while,He was tired,I found a few swellings on my body,So he found the cracked cement block on the roof,Grabbed it and hit yourself、Smash、Hit again、Hit again……
In the mirror,More bruises,Cement block scratched、More and more punctured wounds……
phone,Still ringing。
Chen Wenjin knows this is an interesting call,He should pick it up,No matter what decision you make after receiving it,Should also pick up。
Chen Wenjin took it,On the phone,A leopard’s weak voice came out。
“gold,I’m in the clinic across the street from the rice noodle shop,Come out and talk。”
“it is good。”Chen Wenjin didn’t ask what happened,Just walked over。
In the clinic,A Bao’s body,There are bruises and bloody wounds on the legs with the trouser legs lifted up,Although some wounds are not deep,But six or seven centimeters long,It seems that he has just come down from the battlefield of ancient cold weapons,The situation is terrible。
The female doctor in the clinic started cleaning Abao at this time,Bandage,Apply medicine。
‘This guy is good enough,The bitterness is used to this point……It’s a posture that I would rather divide my life than money……’Chen Wenjin looked at the injury on A Bao’s body,I can see that some wounds are deliberately cut,Some were hit hard and hard。
It turns out that Abao cares about money,The same as Chen Wenjin’s memory,but,One thing he had overlooked before。
That is,Except money,How much does Abao attach to him??
Chen Wenjin sees it now,So he couldn’t help thinking,Is it necessary to insist on completely breaking off friendship??
can,It doesn’t have to be so extreme。obviously,Abao can still be a friend,It’s just to avoid the choice of having large amounts of money.。
but,Chen Wenjin can’t let Abao think he is relying on‘Clever plan’Fooled him,Must let Abao know,It was his bitterness that moved him。
“……Those bastards beat me hard,Force me to get more money,How could i give them?If you become a poor ghost, you might as well be beaten to death,Later, they didn’t see it,I only took away the 100,000 yuan I brought out,Fortunately they can’t drive,Otherwise the car won’t be kept。”Abao said that gnashing teeth,The voice is full of resentment,Finally, I looked at Chen Wenjin and asked:“Why don’t you react at all?”