Li Tianzhen’s heart is depressed and unspeakable,This second general is also a wonderful work in the gods,A business trip is like a dragonfly,I didn’t do anything and went back,Actually still thinking of warming up a pot of wine?I wasted my energy。

Ah yo,not good!Li Tianzhen suddenly noticed that Zhang Zhiqiang’s breath had become very weak,I don’t have time to worry about two avatars,Quickly release divine sense to investigate,Surprised to find that Zhang Zhiqiang left his perception in a blink of an eye,Could it be more than ten miles away?This guy’s escape ability is getting better and better。
“northeast,It’s about twenty miles away from us。”‘Big earthworm’Suddenly chip in to remind。
“So fast?”
“Magic escape,Evacuation,It is already the pinnacle of the fifth heaven,Can be activated three times in a row,Excellent means to save life,But after launching,I’m afraid the magic will be exhausted。”
Li Tianzhi surprised,To chase,But suddenly his complexion changed,He heard an unusual sound,A rumbling sound like thunder came from a distance,From far to near,Very fast,And come from different directions。
Then there was another voice coming,Buzzing intermittently,This time Li Tianzhen heard it,Should be the sound of the engine,Not a little bit,But a group,Deep in the mountains in the middle of the night,Many vehicles came?This is by no means unusual,Only a narrow mountain road,Very steep,So hurrying?
Although this sound is still more than ten miles away,But the sound of thunder in front came too fast,Li Tianzhen finally figured out that it was the helicopter engine,The huge roar echoed in this silent mountain extremely shocking。
Looking back at most of the dead walking corpses in the village,Li Tianzhi seems to understand Zhang Zhiqiang’s intention,This guy should have slaughtered the villagers and reported the crime by phone soon,It is predicted that he will catch up to Funouping soon,Very malicious intention,To blame all the blame on him。
After escaping from that small town,During the few days he and Zhang Zhiqiang were fighting in the mountains,Don’t know the situation outside the mountain,But you can also imagine,The police searching for the two may have already overwhelmed,Consecutive big cases,So many innocent lives,No one can sit still,Can’t catch anymore,I’m afraid the military will dispatch troops。
This time,A key clue of Zhang Zhiqiang will immediately call for a large-scale round up,The police will use all kinds of modern methods to search for mountains,police dog、Drone、Bionic robot、Electronic flies and so on,Li Tianzhen saw more than these tricks during the special training in the Imperial Capital,So much that you have nowhere to hide。
Think of here,Li Tianzhen’s scalp tingling,Run away,I can no longer care about the walking corpses in this village,Flew away in the direction of Zhang Ziqiang,Even if you are surrounded, you have to kill this bastard first。
Chapter seven hundred and ten Delivered
The helicopter is coming faster than expected,Li Tianzhen has just climbed halfway up the northeast mountains,Was swept by a huge beam of light,That’s the headlight of the night helicopter,The rumbling voice whizzed over his head,The propeller rolled up a strong whirlwind,The vegetation that can be covered around has also been blown around。
Not sure if it was found,Li Tianzhen knows that he can’t stop for a moment,Run with all your strength,He didn’t even bother to take a look at the helicopter model,Guess it should be a police investigation type,If it’s the Air Force or Army Aviation combat helicopter,That’s terrible。
Fortunately, after turning the mountainside,The forest in front is denser,Li Tianzhen has already infused his legs with vitality,At this moment, stepping straight to the mountain forest like a wind wheel,But in these wild mountains, it’s still slow like an ant,Can’t help but feel frustrated,Zhang Zhiqiang has the skill to escape,Why is there no escape in my memory fragments、The Way of Escape?

He is looking for someone to investigate,The result is still not moving,That time period,In addition to the ambiguous or super strong,Otherwise, it will not be disappeared in the camera.。

Just when Li Huiqi wants to Qin Ya Ya,One private hospital in the Magic,Xiao Chenzhu is also bloody。
“I want to kill the little child.,I have been killed enough to die.。”
The first thousand one hundred and nine chapters I dig my own
“Xiao Gongzi,Don’t be angry at this time.,And you can’t go to the appearance,After all, your ears are related to the face.。”
The assistant next to the side is nothing to say.,One said that this Xiao Chenpong is more angry and shaking.。
I am like this.,Do you still have any image??
Is it so a little??”
Seeing Xiao Chen’s appearance of anger,The assistant to the side is laughing.。
“Hey-hey,Of course, you can’t let Xiao Gongzi suffer,I feel this thing, you need to contact the big jealous behind you.,Have him,That young man is then playing,I am afraid that I am not enough to press a finger.。”
Xiao Chen becomes like this, the eyes are also bright.。
But immediately then dull。
After all, this thing he didn’t want to talk about the person after the past.,But think of your current situation,I didn’t talk about it.。
Especially the last time he was boycotted all net,The end result is still to make the people behind it.。
“Not so good?
The last thing has just been treated,This time, because this,What if I really give me a blocked me??”
“Hey-hey,Will not,Take me to see the boss behind you.,These chicken figs,He is afraid that he will not shoot,But just find someone to send the other party to send it.。”
“become,Then you have to give me the movement of the boy.,By the way, I have the opportunity to give me the kid.。”
I heard Xiao Chenzhu’s spicy voice.,The assistant is also in the body,But still led。
Just after the assistant just left,Xiao Chenpong called a call after giving someone behind him.。
“uncle,I”There is no export,Easy to open a magnetic sound。
“Have a man,Then I was cut by people.,Right?
Which hospital is now??
I will give you medical expenses.。”
Xiao Chenpi feels that the other party has no idea to make the meaning of him.,His heart is not a bit sad。
“no need,I have money,I just call you to determine your safety.。”
“Hahaha, is my security still use it??
If I am not safe,I am afraid you are not safe.。”
“As for the child,I will find a way to teach you.。”
What is Xiao Chen beat?,But there is a hang up on the phone.。
This makes him also a frustration。
Especially those who have encountered before.,He feels that this pro has been using him.。

Countless years of exploration,Think this is relatively safe。

“Explore chaos,The seven of us shot together?”Li Ming also has some doubts。
Explore chaos,It’s not just enough people,It should be clearly divided。
“Is not,This shot is not the seven of us shot together。”Suiren is a little embarrassed,“Our human race、Gods and Demons、Taoism and Buddhism each send a powerful,Human Race is Zhuan Xu,He is good at avatar。”
“I will take care of the gods and demons,I’m a little confident about escape。”Kuafu said。
“Buddhism Fuhu Arhat,His close combat is not bad,And the golden body is strong enough,Amazing defense。”
“Dao Sect is naturally me。”Xiaoyao Tianzun nodded slightly to Li Ming。
“Then we thought of inviting you to Zhulong,After all, on the defensive method formed by the manipulation of magic weapons,Daoyou should be the first。”
This is quite reasonable。
after all,Zhuan Xu is one of the five emperors of the human race,Good at the method of clone,The search method is extremely strong with a clone。
Kuafu chasing the sun,The ancient golden crows I used to chase running around。Escape is also a level of Dark Light Sword Master。
Fuhu Arhat is a disciple of Tathagata Buddha,Although his level is not too high,But the body protector is supernatural。
Xiaoyao Tianzun is a powerful attacker。
As for Li Ming himself,He is responsible for protecting other people,His big formation can protect all the strong。But then again,There are actually not many powerful people in the Three Realms with similar methods。
Fuxi’s methods are actually similar to her own,Is also good at the methods of the big array field,And close combat is better。

The little girl raised her eyes and stared at Wright for a while,Asked“you,who is it?”Suddenly said,“Oh,I know!you,You are that lai,Leiden, right,The teacher is in the backyard,How about you wait for me to finish this pot of medicine,Take you to find him。Or you can go in directly,He has been waiting for you for two or three days。”

Wright thinks a bit,Don’t bother this confused little girl,Searched in this hall,In a wooden shelf stacked with alchemy potions,Find the small door to the backyard。
Pull the door open,What you see is a landscape that shouldn’t be here。
A tree‘Big tree’,It’s not tall but it has the width of five or six big men,Dense branches and leaves enveloped most of the courtyard,Rustling by the breeze。A few vines fall,The dew on the leaf fell on the ground and rolled,Absorbed by the soil。
A small pond,A golden red fish crossed the surface,“Puff”Fell back into the water with a sound,There was a ripple on the calm water。
The sprouts of grass show up on the ground,Stubbornly stretched out his head,Trying to absorb sunlight and moisture。
Narrow courtyard,Just a tree,A pond,A piece of grass,But it interprets the natural world,The weather!
Wright swallowed,In the eyes of ordinary people, this scene may just be ingenious,An excellent gardener,An outstanding master artist。But in contact with“Three Body Artistic Conception”Wright’s eyes,But totally different。
Excellent artist,Is to bring the infinite imitation of artworks close to nature,No matter how close,Imitation in nature。
And this scene,It seems to be artificially dividing the world,Reappear in the downtown。
and many more,What am i doing?Oh,Someone came to me!People?
Wright’s eyes widened,Searching in the courtyard。
“brat,You finally came”Old voice comes out,Suddenly an old man appeared under the tree。
“wrong!”Wright surprised,There was a hint of understanding in my heart,“This old man is not‘Seems to appear under the tree’,But always stand under the tree,I even saw him just now.,But the old man seems to be one with nature,Even if I actually saw it,Subconsciously left it out!”
Wright looked at the old man in front of him in a daze,When the old man speaks,The feeling of being completely integrated with nature disappears,Instead, the old man feels like the natural world,It’s as if this old man is no longer in this courtyard,But the whole courtyard becomes part of the old man!

Chen Xiu seemed to struggle for a while,Just shook his head and said:“I almost fell in love!”

“You reject me!”
The ancestor Baihu couldn’t believe his ears,Shrieked:“Do you know if you worship under my door,You can walk sideways in the world,And a life span of up to a thousand years!”
“This is really exciting,but……”
Chen Xiu shakes his hands,The mahogany nail on the wrist shoots at the white tiger ancestor,Even shouted:“I don’t want to be a blood-sucking monster!”
“Mahogany nail!”
The ancestor of the white tiger casually copied,Want to catch the peach nail,Don’t know how to fly halfway,The mahogany nails suddenly deviated from the original track。
“Control Crane?”
The mahogany nail goes directly behind the ancestor of the white tiger,Shoot towards the big hole behind him。
“wrong,Crane control can only change the flight trajectory,Can’t draw an arc like this。What is your practice?”
“Puppetry,Know you’re scared!”
The ancestor of the white tiger is directly taking back the true energy of his body,Let the peach wood nail hit yourself。
Hear the sound of the peach wooden nail hitting the ancestor of the white tiger,Chen Xiu was ecstatic,Shouted proudly:“You’re not dead now!”
The ancestor of the white tiger,The mahogany nails nailed to his back flew directly into his hands,Put it on your nose and smell it,Said:“Your kid is vicious,The centuries-old peach nails are actually soaked in black dog blood,Cinnabar、Bezoar,Ordinary zombies will undoubtedly die if they are stained。”
Chen Xiu’s face changed a lot,Quavered:“How……How could this be,How are you okay?”
Paihu ancestor gently pinched with two fingers,The peach wood nails are already made into powder,Said proudly:“Being a zombie is not as bad as you think!”

Old man Dong realized that the problem was serious,Exists in two ways,One,Is Li Tianzhen really seriously injured?,As he described‘Almost dead’?This is important,Although Li Tianzhen is hard to control,Even from some angles it is very threatening,But since the Wumingshan incident,Old man Dong’s thinking has changed,The above problems can be changed and overcome,Because Li Tianzhen is still mortal in nature,Still a member of this world,that’s enough。

and so,In the future,Old man Dong began to faintly regard this young man as a trump card against alien creatures,If you really want to die?Must be taken seriously。
on the other hand,Wumingshan had to guard,But he has no one to send right now,No soldiers can be divided,There are combat troops,But they have no experience in fighting alien creatures.,Sending up blindly does not help,Will only cause heavy casualties。
These two things are terrible,It’s not time to come,Old man Dong thinks for a moment,Decided to send instructors and Li Shaobo to return to Wuming Mountain by special plane immediately,No matter what method you use, you still have to hold Li Tianzhi,Do two-handed preparation in this process,Find out the reasons for Li Tianzhi’s physical condition and attitude changes,In addition,Ready to start at any time****,As a last resort,Completely blow up the underground palace。
As for whether you can kill the two monsters under the ground,Old man Dong is not sure,But enough ammunition,Powerful enough,Still very promising。
The instructor hesitated and stopped,Finally sighed and led away,He didn’t understand why Li Tianzhen became like this?Earlier, he had a clear-cut attitude against the action on the underground palace,Now take the initiative again,There is only one explanation for this contradiction,Li Tianzhen didn’t lie,Indeed encountered insurmountable difficulties,Take back the things that suppressed the devil for your own use,But there is no guarantee that the devil will not run out。
It is difficult for the instructor to evaluate Li Tianzhi’s practice,Always feel wrong in my heart,He also knew that this plan was the only solution that Old Man Dong could come up with.,Once things develop to the point of irreversibility,Can only blow up,But can you really blow up that evil guy??In case it backfires,Didn’t you stabbed the big basket?
Li Tianzhi in the temple finally woke up from the complicated memories,As if thousands of years have passed,Let him have a long aftertaste,Difficult to sustain,Many things that were once fuzzy become clear,On the contrary, it is difficult for him to judge and analyze based on likes and dislikes,Need to digest slowly,And under the huge wall,Countless unexplainable spiritual disturbances come,Trouble him,That is the resentment of the gods,He can’t take care of them all。
And the golden light that plunged into the body really turned into a little golden man,But the image is more vivid,Looks more specific,The boy in the existing picture,But it’s more about my appearance。
The little golden man has been sleeping on the sea of vitality in the gods.,I was isolated for too long in the Chaos Box,He seems extremely weak,Li Tianzhen doesn’t want to disturb him temporarily,Take back the consciousness,A heart move,I looked at another blank nameplate that was two boxes away。
“Fellow Daoist woke up,congratulations。”Dayan’s voice rang behind him,Although try to keep the tone flat,But Li Tianzhen heard a trace of anxiety from it。
“He Xizhiyou?”Li Tianzhen does not look back,Just staring at the nameplate。

“I did not notice。”

“I am sure。”
“If so,Then we estimate it will take a long time。”Gan Yifan is depressed。
Xu Wan sighed softly,Anxious:“It doesn’t matter if the time is longer,I only hope that the teachers will not come back at this time。”
“They can come back alive?”Gan Yifan is always so unabashed。
In fact, both of them are considering this issue,Just avoid mentioning。
Time has passed and haven’t come back,The abyss is too deep,The abyss filled with water is no longer an area that ordinary people can penetrate,It’s not an exaggeration to describe the abyss of death。
They all experienced it firsthand,From the explosion、Involved、Emergency stop、Shock,When the cold current rises again,Even Gan Yifan had to use a respirator to hurry up to survive,The water travel ability team leaders may be able to survive in deeper waters than him,But if it is too deep, it will not be able to bear it。
Then there are the four veterans and Chen Du,Four veterans are not supernaturalists,Gan Yifan doesn’t understand their abilities very well,But it is estimated that it cannot survive in deeper waters,Chen Du looks like he can’t swim,In that environment,The four veterans can’t help him,His chances of survival are too small and too small。
As for Huang Kai and Haoheng,Neither of them considered,Because I don’t have a good impression。
Li Dachuan should be able to come back alive,But it’s a bit uncertain for so long。
The last is Ning Bei Zhi that suddenly appeared。
Ning Bei Zhi always gives them two unfathomable feelings,But this unfathomable only targets mental abilities,Will make them very stressed when facing。
But they also don’t think Ning Bei Zhi can enter the abyss space alone,That’s not his area of expertise。

Material is not bad,Should be a pendant,Gaojin girlfriendjaHide the body。

“Mr. Liao,Where is wrong??”
“Is something wrong,Lyon does not count the consequence,He only looks at the eyes,Never, how。He helps you and your wife,But I didn’t think about the ghosts.,Your body is not affected。”
Liao Wenjie picks up the desk paper pen,唰唰唰 write the lower page:“Give you a prescription,Hypothermia,Take it once every morning and evening,So you can’t make it,Falling the earlier。”
“Mr. Liao said,I am not the kind of young woman。”
High-in-law,Sweeping an eye, stacking it,Receive in a suit with pockets。
beside,Dragon 5 is aimed at a glance,no other meaning,He is responsible for high progress,Entrance,Especially drug,Must be personally witnessed。
Chen Xiaojun also aimed at a glance,He also doesn’t do anything else.,Listening to high progress, Liao Wenjie is a high person,I want to see the prescription of the high people.,What is the difference between the usual contact?。
“Are you a kind of person?,Physical condition,If there is a dizziness flower?,Back is sore,Remember to contact me in time,I can’t make it good late.。”
Liao Wenjie looked at the chest,Remind:“Remember,Two people are almost two,One,Unable to connect two。”
“Thank you Mr. Liao reminded,I must remember my heart.。”
Tallful,Continue to say:“When meeting last time,I owe 5 million soup drugs.,I have been arrears to now,hope you do not mind。”
Tang Judi:“……”
I have listened to Liao Wenjie before listening.,‘Gamble’Gaojin owes him a bill,She thought it was bragging,I didn’t expect it to be true.。
“Knife,Give something to Mr. Liao。”
Chen Xiaojie nodded,Before two steps,Put your hand on the table。
A little thick,But if it is a small money,Be saver too little。
“Small heart is not tribute,Ask Mr. Liao not to resign。”
Gaojin smile,Liao Wenjie first saved him unbelief,And then point in the prostitute,Finally, helpjaConstant。returning a Favour many times more,What way he doesn’t think of it?,Just take the most precious thing.。
See the high-spirited lighter,Liao Wenjie opened the folder,A book and a check。
“Tens of millions of checks……”
A family,Liao Wenjie is not good,Ridicule:“Mr. Gao,Your interest is too exaggerated.。”
“The interest in our line is actually higher.,Just my sachet,Also ask Mr. Liao to understand。”
“Small matter,Small matter。”
Liao Wenjie put down the check,Remove the white paper in the folder。
This book is about 30 pages,New old ginseng,The skin is added。Front half paper paper hair rough,I have a sense of feelings,The latter half white paper handwritten,Tropied binding。
Book in the book,Liao Wenjie only looked at the mouth of the mouth,Next to Tang Judi probe,Pulled by him。
Dragon five:“……”
Have seen it,Touch up,He will tell Longjiu this matter。
“Mr. Liao,Not,This time, Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen,I have already greessing the gambling,Prepare to retreat。Today, visit,I will go to Las Vegas.,Destroped the charity fund there。”High progress。
That is not more profitable?
Liao Wenjie nodded:“Good thing,Rapid to unknown,Don’t go now,I want to go in the future.。”
“Exiting the rivers and lakes is not so easy,I have too much interest on me.,Want to succeed,Need to involve greater interests,True to completely exit the rivers and lakes,At least twenty years。”
Close your eyes,People in the arena involuntarily,The gambling god is also difficult to escape.。
“correct,Mr. Liao,I quit the rivers and lakes this time.,The news will soon put out,Material is not bad,The next World Casino will hold in advance.。”
Gaojin looked at the white paper in Liao Wenjie’s hand:“Holding place in Harbor Island,Mr. Liao is interested,Can go in playing two。”
“Not bet!”
Liao Wenjie combines white paper,Received file bag,This book is good,The trick inside is very suitable for picking up a girl,It’s just like a tiger.。
Tang Judi like this,I will let her lose to the slave one night.,Pants……

Too quiet,Makes Tie Li feel bad,Could this meeting have ended?Tie Li gently pushed open the door of the meeting room,The scene inside surprised her。

First0889chapter Mysterious woman
Morning sun,All over the city。
Wang Youdao pulled up the curtains as soon as he went to work,Opened a gap in the glass window,Let the fresh air from the windows flow into his office。He took a bit of greed。
sometimes,Long time in the office,There is an urge to go out for a walk。But now he is very different from before,He is the head of a city in Pingdu,Some things can’t be done just what he wants。
Dong dong dong!With the knock on the door,Ouyang Hong walked in。Wang Youfa raised his head and glanced at her,Asked with a slight smile:“I heard that Xia Jian ran away,Are his projects in Pingdu City affected??”
“What is a runaway?He’s just not in Pingdu for the time being”Ouyang Hong heard that Wang Youdao asked her,She couldn’t help but burst into anger。
Wang Youdao knows he has failed,Busy with a smile and said:“You say this guy,Beautiful women around,He still has such a relationship with Song Fang in the village。Fortunately, it did not affect both families,Otherwise he really can’t do this”
“Humph!He is our investor in Pingdu,So we also need to protect his safety in Pingcheng。This incident seems to be caused by his own romance,But actually someone wanted to frame him。The police have stepped in,I believe there will be results soon”Ouyang Hong said with a cold snort。
Wang Youdao coughed a little awkwardly:“Should do”
“Hey!Mayor Wang。President Xia’s romantic case,It seems that your brother has also posted it!”Ouyang Honghua’s first turn,Deliberately said to Wang Youdao。
Wang Youdao smiled and said:“I also heard,But my brother,Just a coward。Don’t think he is the head of a factory,Actually nothing is said。Unexpectedly this time, Song Fang was dragged into the water again,Really shame our old Wang family”
When Ouyang Hong saw Wang Youdao talking like this,She couldn’t help sighing:“People are doing,The sky is watching。Clear oneself,Not two words can wash everything”
“All right!I didn’t ask you to talk about this。There is a business woman named Hu Huiru,She is the general manager of Dongsheng Group,I want to come to our investment,You can think about it in advance,See what other projects can be developed”Wang Youdao changed the topic,Talked to Ouyang Hong about this。
obviously,Ouyang Hong’s two sentences just hit his pain point。Wang Youdao has long been dissatisfied with Ouyang Hong,But his roots are still shallow,Can’t move her temporarily。Although this woman is a deputy mayor in charge of agriculture,But some things are too long to get started,For example, Xia Jian’s romantic case。
Ouyang Hong was a little upset seeing Wang Youdao,So she smiled and said:“I know,I will consider this matter”
Where did Ouyang Hong come from Wang Youdao,I always feel something is wrong。Pingdu is so small,And mainly agriculture,There are already a lot of investors here。As the mayor of a city,Shouldn’t tell her this,This will be handled by others。Doesn’t he know the organization discipline?
Ouyang Hong thought for a while,Went back to the office,Explained a few words to the secretary,Went out and walked outside the city hall。She, the mayor, has personality,Other mayors just leave,Must be followed by a bus,But Ouyang Hong has always played Die by herself,Unless there is no way to go to the countryside。
Guo Meili, who was busy processing data, saw Ouyang Hong when he looked up,She smiled and said:“Why is Mayor Ouyang free today??”

This person is naturally Zhang Zhiqiang,At this time he is leading people hurriedly‘Cemetery’Rush,He was looking for Li Tianchou in the late night and early morning,I guessed that the other party would go‘Cemetery’make trouble,But I never expected that Li Tianchou would show up again in Chadok,Blasting,And I didn’t expect that Campas, who has never been impulsive, would bring people here in person。

Zhang Zhiqiang immediately had a hunch,Trying to persuade Campas to return‘Cemetery’,Helpless this person is extremely stubborn,He had to bring some people back first,I heard the swaying explosion on the way。
His face turned very scary in an instant,Stop and think,Divide the people into two parts,Part of it followed me back to base,Detour to the other part‘Cemetery’Ambush and containment。
Such a speculative arrangement,Zhang Zhiqiang is a little involuntary,But subconsciously it feels like this,This Li Tianchou seems to be a nemesis sent from heaven,Make troubles frequently in the country、damage,A huge underground industrial chain was almost completely wiped out by this person,of course,And Geng Laowu。
Will he be the same Li Tianchou??Inadvertently,The past twenty years ago are emerging one by one,The scar on Zhang Zhiqiang’s forehead was suddenly red and eye-catching,Whether you are a human or a ghost,I must not let you run out of this mountain forest today。
and also,You have to pay for it!
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Four Find a test product
Zhang Zhiqiang’s guess is completely correct,Li Tianchou found Hu Dehai and the white coat and left the base in the chaos,Chose the opposite direction on the road,The target is covered by that old demon vine‘Cemetery’。
Objectively speaking,That trail is a hundred times harder than the road to Suri,Have to climb the cliff。But there is no way,Can’t be blocked by Zhang Zhiqiang halfway, right?,And from the mouth of the white coat,He has two companions‘Cemetery’Responsible for monitoring the released test products。I went to find and rescue。
I don’t know if the experiment is Yuan Hua or someone else,In short, Guo Yaowu may really be killed,But live to meet people,Die to see the corpse,The companions who come out must take them home。
This white coat is also a baby,Although the bad old man called the doctor ran away,But this person also knows a lot of inside information,Ensuring the safety of this guy on the way to escape is also a top priority。
Because of Hu Dehai’s injury,In addition, the white coat was frightened and the legs were soft,So the two of them travel very slowly,Li Tianchou wanders around and is responsible for guarding,Finally had to change the plan,Decided to send the two up to the cliff first,Go back and look for the test product。
Knowing from the mouth of the white coat that the extremely cruel predator is the third-generation mutant product,Has been killed by Li Tianchou,But the fourth generation,That is, the monster in the big glass tank he saw in Chadok laboratory will mature in three days。
These monsters will be shipped to‘Cemetery’Carry out further experiments and breeding,So there won’t be any scary guys on this road,But the ambush and the ones that were used as another kind of experiment‘Destroyer’But it must be guarded。
‘Destroyer’More bloodthirsty and brutal,Based on physical fitness、Living human samples with outstanding brain vitality,Biochemical transformation from body to blood,in a certain sense,‘Destroyer’Once mature,He is not a real human being,Mutated creature。
“Son of a bitch!”Hu Dehai punched the white coat with a tumble,The anger in my heart is beyond words。so,The only surviving experiment,Whether it’s Yuan Hua or anyone else,Even if it is saved, it is a terrible freak?
He can hardly imagine,What would happen if the brothers who lived and died together became like that??The furious Hu Dehai threw on his white coat like a mad, punching and kicking,If it wasn’t for Li Tianchou,,Hu Dehai will kill him even with his mouth。
Li Tianchou was also sad,Not to mention Guo Yaowu,Yuan Hua alone has a lot of fate with him,He is Wu Fang’s most trusted brother,Helped a lot in Fukuyama regardless of return,Born to death together in Yunshan,All kinds of past events just happened before our eyes。
But anyway,What kind of freak Yuan Hua has become,People must be brought back,I hope he is just a guinea pig,There is hope of treatment。Thus,The white coat in front of you is even more expensive,He at least knows some processes of biochemical transformation,Although the reversibility of the process is very slim,But also a hope。