Wang Teng thought for a while,Driving his Rolls-Royce Phantom Collector’s Edition,Just rushed over。

Xia Yuzhu is very happy,I looked at the little sisters around me。
“Haha,Rest assured,My boyfriend,Coming soon。”
With Xia Yuzhu’s words finished,Those little sisters around,I look curious。
Because they have never heard Xia Yuzhu mention it,Her boyfriend,Who the hell is。
But Xia Yuzhu is beautiful,She is a school girl。
So for something like this,Actually from now on,This thing makes them feel,I’ll see it later。
“Actually Yuzhu,How sacred is your boyfriend?,Why is it so mysterious every time。”
“That’s right,I really want to see,Is there anyone more handsome than Mr. Fang。”
“in my opinion,Shao Fang is actually a very powerful person,Who can be better than him。”
Those around,You have said a word to me,Don’t forget to say here。
obviously,The more I look at this,Make people feel more and more,All this is quite tricky。
And looking here,at this time,Xia Yuzhu smiled slightly。

“it is good,no problem,I’ll pay,What a big deal。”Zhao Gang nodded,It’s like I have become the richest man。

“Zhao Gang,She is really your girlfriend?Why don’t I believe it?Where is your kid’s blessing to find such a beautiful girlfriend?”The classmate looked at Zhang Siwei again,Asked。
“That’s still false,My Zhao Gang’s girlfriend is naturally the most beautiful。”Zhao Gang immediately put his arms around Zhang Siwei。
“You kiss me,See if you dare!”
“exactly,Kiss one。”Everyone followed up。
“You call me kiss,I will kiss?What kind of person?drink,Drinking to identify heroes and bears。”Zhao Gang changed the subject wittily。
That night,Zhao Gang drank a lot of wine,Zhang Siwei also drank some,She met some of Zhao Gang’s classmates,Drinking with everyone dizzy。
She noticed,Table man,Everyone is twittering,Only a male student sitting next to Zhao Gang did not bring a girlfriend,Don’t talk much from beginning to end,I drink very little alcohol,Looks a little dull。
“Zhao Gang,You have to offer Ye Boping a glass,You copy his answers every year,Otherwise you have to fail,I’m afraid I won’t get the diploma。”Only then did Zhang Siwei know that this classmate was called Ye Boping。
“I also paid,I treat him to a big meal every time I take an exam,At least he eats less dry buns。”Zhao Gang said heartlessly。
Ye Boping lowered his head,Did not speak。
“Ye Boping,Don’t take the postgraduate entrance examination,Mix with Zhao Gang,His dad is the big boss,You follow him without worrying about not having a job。”Some students suggested。
“I have been admitted,Study for two more years。”Ye Boping’s voice is not loud。
“Four years,I’m tired of reading,He still wants to stay for two years,”Zhao Gang’s mouth,Slap Ye Boping on the shoulder,“If one day,Brother, you can’t hang on,Just come to me,And you guys,Can come to me,I can’t guarantee getting rich,Mixed bowls of rice must be no problem。”
“Thanks boss Zhao。”Everyone is laughing。
Zhao Gang drank,Talk a lot,A table,He has the loudest voice,It took almost two hours for the meal to end。
Zhu Yi didn’t come to Zhang Siwei,Later I heard,He was also helped back by other classmates like Zhao Gang。
“Ye Boping,I know you didn’t drink much,This is my fellow girl,You have to take her back safely。”Zhao Gang is so drunk,I can’t lift my head,I still remember to find someone to send Zhang Siwei。
Watch him drink like this,Zhang Siwei is also a little worried,“Zhao Gang,You will be fine?”

With Zhao Shijie talking here,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,I feel,These things are quite ridiculous。

“Haha,So,Then,I really want to see and see。”
slowly,With Wang Teng talking here a little bit,obviously,at this point,He has seen it completely。
And with Wang Teng’s words finished,Zhao Shijie even coldly hummed:“Humph,Don’t know what to promote,You wait for me,I won’t let you go。”
With Zhao Shijie’s words finished,For the moment,Wang Teng looked funny。
These ones,Is it a threat to Wang Teng??
If this is considered a threat,Then Wang Teng really wants to say,Now like this,There seems to be no one。
“All right,Now words,There is no need to say so much。”
“As for the next,What should I do,You do it yourself!”
Wang Teng is not scaring Zhao Shijie,But Wang Teng,Will indeed do。
but,Zhao Shijie can’t see through,But just got up and left without looking back。
For such things,Zhao Shijie’s heart,How could you worry about such a thing??
So looking at these,at this time,Zhao Shijie slowly raised his head to look into the distance。
The more I look at it,Actually such a thing,Looks at Zhao Shijie,It’s still totally necessary to solve the problem properly.。
And looking at these,at this time,Zhao Shijie is one step forward。
“All right,This is what you said,Hope you come,Don’t regret!”
Zhao Shijie’s words are finished,Is to bring people around,Left without looking back。
As for Zhao Shijie,Wang Teng looked at these,It’s very indifferent。
“Rest assured,I will never regret it,As for you,That’s hard to say!”
Chapter 126 You can do it

Song Fang said this,Not without reason。Chen Erniu was speechless for a while,Xia Jian really doesn’t know,Should I send Wang Degui to the hospital??

At this moment,Xia Zecheng, lying on the kang, turned over and sat up,He sighed and said:”Jianer!You just run!We are not the kind of people who will die”Sun Yuejuan also nodded towards Xia Jian,Means you go。
“Ok!You two help me get snow chains”Xia Jian finished,Put the coat on,Just walk out the door。I don’t know when the snow outside the house stopped,The night is very quiet。
From Xia Jian’s home,To the village committee in just a few minutes。But stepping on the snow that hasn’t reached your feet,This way,The resistance is a lot bigger。
The heavy snow blocked the gate of the village committee。Fortunately, Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu are here,Otherwise, it’s a bit difficult to open this door alone。
Don’t watch Chen Erniu drink too much,But he can still be clear about priorities。He got the tools first,Xia Sanhu and Xia Sanhu pushed away the snow beside the car,Then he put the chain on Xia Jian’s car。
Okay,When Xia Jian bought this car,4SThe shop gave him a pair。I didn’t expect it to be used at a critical time。On work,Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu are good hands,Two people working together,The snow chains on the four wheels are fastened。
At this time,Wang Youfa walked into the village committee compound with Wang Degui on his back, panting。Chen Yueqin followed him,There is also Song Fang and a woman you don’t know。
“Xia Jian!I am sorry,I’m going to trouble you again”Chen Yueqin said politely to Xia Jian with an embarrassed look。To know,Between Chen Yueqin and Xia Jian,But I have never revealed a good card。
Xia Jian opened the car door and said:“Nothing,Just ran into,Treatment is important”
With the help of a few people,Everyone got Wang Degui in the car。Xia Jian found,Wang Degui is sick,My head is drooping。
“Get in the car!Yao Chunni also go,This car is big,The four of us squeeze,Sit down”Song Fang urged these people loudly。Xia Jian can see it,At this time, Chen Yueqin is already Liushen Wuzhu。
Xia Jian got in the car,After Lao Wang’s family sits up,,He started the car。Fortunately, he drives an off-road jeep,Otherwise such thick snow,It’s really hard to go。

The confident Thor Tianzun failed to make an effective counterattack,Beaten all the way。

The Flintlock releases a raging fire,Constantly burning Thunder God Tianzun can’t even display 30% of his strength!
of course,Even if his full strength is fully utilized,Can’t accept the power of Suiren!
That is to rely on the speed of Thunder Avenue,Keep running away in embarrassment。
Chase all the way,Fight all the way。
Even finally,Thunder God Tianzun had to completely take refuge in Vulcan Zhu Rong。
Vulcan Zhu Rong came forward to mediate,Suiren who don’t know enough strength can only accept it,The Human Race did not pursue the Thunder God Tianzun。
And the name of Human Suihuang,Spread throughout the Pangu Chaos World。
Just a very fragile new group,Didn’t even join the Yaozu Heavenly Court,Can only be regarded as a very marginal group。
Even many gods and demons know this race,It’s entirely because this ethnic group was created by Nuwa imitating Pangu。
What a nap,Then there appeared a strong man who could defeat the Thunder God Tianzun?
of course,The most daunting is the God of Xiong who once sheltered the bear。
I thought the catastrophe was about to end,Prepare to pack up and find a way to surrender some power。
How to flip suddenly?
In short, the little ones who sheltered suddenly became patrons,A little uncomfortable。
Sui Ren defeated the Thunder God Celestial Clan,It also shows the rise of the human race。

She has eaten with Uncle several times,The awkward atmosphere at first no longer exists,Two people can eat and talk,They talk about movies、I am very fond of novels。

The two ate and chatted,Unknowingly after an afternoon,Xia Shuyue stood up quickly,“bad,I have to go back to the company to sign out,It’s too late。”
“Nothing,I’ll send you。”
“amount……Ok,Trouble you。”Xia Shuyue hesitated,She doesn’t want to bother uncle too much,After all, they are just ordinary friends,Just a little talkative。
Uncle sent her back to the company,Waited for her downstairs for several minutes,Send her home again。
After getting off,Xia Shuyue stood on the side of the road and waved,Watch the uncle leave,Turn around,Zhao Luo stands behind,Shocked her,“Do you want to die,My soul is gone,Can’t make a sound?”
Zhao Luo is standing there,Learn from Xia Shuyue waving his hand to see the uncle,Learn the tone of Xia Shuyue again,“Thank you,Goodbye!”
Xia Shuyue snorted,“What do you mean?”
050 Sister Na
“Do your own thing,Ask me what do you mean?What is your relationship,Why did they send you back?”
“Nothing to do,Just an ordinary friend。”
“normal friend,Really ordinary。”
Xia Shuyue ignored Zhao Luo,Turn around and walk home,In the house,Just lying in bed,Zhao Luogang stepped in the door,Xia Shuyue turned over immediately,Refuse to talk to him。
Zhao Luo closes the door,Start smoking,Keep pumping one by one,There is a strong smell of smoke in the airtight room。
Xia Shuyue doesn’t get up and open the window,But pull the quilt and cover the head,Neither speak,There is no sound in the room。
After a long time,The two didn’t say a word,Until Zhao Luo’s phone rang,He finished the call,And immediately slammed the door out。

The owner of the sound is naturally the scorching golden crow under the lava lake,Its attitude is very clear,Don’t embarrass the 13th,If the blazing sun blames the ancient gods,It takes all responsibilities。

After the three-legged golden crow burst out with a scream,Fly high,Away in an instant,With a bang, it smashed into the Godzang world space,Extremely presumptuous,The boy screamed and fell on his back。
When the boy wakes up again,The face is a very ugly big face,To be exact, a very ugly and ugly face。
“What jerk did you do,Actually drove the envoy away?!”The strong man transformed into a lava dragon opened his mouth and roared at the boy,No respect at all before,The rapid change made the teenager think he was dreaming again,But immediately reacted,that‘Thirteen’gone,Naturally, he also took away the abilities that the ancient god of the strong sun gave him,I am afraid that the golden crow mark on the head has disappeared with it,No wonder this guy’s attitude is so bad。
“Let me be quiet,do not bother me。”Teenager holding his forehead,Wei Shi doesn’t want to hear this dumb dragon croaking in his ears,The attitude is as cold as before。
“Xiao Wang Ba……You listen to me,Speak with this attitude,I really swallowed you。and also,Even if the emissary leaves,My master must also save,If it can’t be saved,I just stripped you alive!”
After the lava dragon roared,Turn into the original shape and leave the hole,It can’t take the boy out,So I went to fight with Li Tan,Even though I played dozens of times, I didn’t beat it once.。
Completely quiet,The teenager got up and bowed respectfully to the lava lake,And then go to Godzang,On the top of the Five Elements Temple,The big eyes are still lying there,After repeated inspections, no life was found,The young man felt relieved,Just drag this guy down,Sat down beside the big eyeballs。
“Stop pretending,Time to wake up。”
“If you ignore me,I closed this eyeball。”The young man knew very well that this extraterritorial life who called him a brother was supporting‘Eye of Prophecy’,It is very clear that it is not so easy to die,The teenager didn’t brag,He really can accept it‘Eye of Prophecy’,Let it have no place,Especially when the opponent is hit hard,It’s a very serious threat。
The big eyes really started to squirm,Looks very weird,It grew to the same size as before,Finally erected,Leaning against the boy,A very affectionate look。
“Thank you brother for helping,If it’s not for you,No hesitation,Brother, I’m over today。”
“If you don’t want to be really finished,Best to be honest。”
“You don’t have to threaten me,Since it is a brother,It’s better to discuss everything。”
“You ran from far away,Hurt the Holy Spirit,Who have discussed with?”
“Conscience,I’m just an explorer,I was looking into an unknown mysterious space that day,what,Which is now here。I don’t know that a spiritual light covers me,If you can’t tell me, you will take me away,Think about it,In that case,Can i fight back?That old thing……Do not,Is the holy spirit,How powerful is the Holy Spirit?I can’t get rid of it,did not expect……”

Jingpu was a little stunned,This……What does this mean?

And Lingjing has already walked towards the gate。
Jingpu was taken aback at this moment,Suddenly recovered,This dress……Could it be Lingjing who stole his sister???!
Am i special!!
Thought of here,Jingpu hurriedly stuffed the clothes into his own clothes again,What the fuck doesn’t know,I thought I was a pervert!!
at this time,The door of the yard was pushed open,Walk in,Headed by that night is a quick glance at Jingpu,The beautiful girl I met,Lingju。
It was too fast,Jingpu is just a little bit,Now take a closer look,The person in front of you is really a beautiful thing。
Jingpu last had a network on the earth,That dress,Without clothes,Artificial,natural,Dahuadan,Xiaohuadan,I have seen too many beauties。
But everyone is in front of Lingju,All shameful,Especially this kind of temperament on Lingju,The girl who makes people feel so beautiful,Can only be seen from a distance,Not profanity。
just……Lingju now……Seems very unhappy,But such a beautiful person,Anger and anger,Beautiful no matter what。
But Jingpu is a little afraid to look at Lingju,Motherly,I still have a piece of Lingju’s clothing in my arms,If this is discovered,I designate it as a pervert!!
Thought of here,Jingpu was also speechless for a while,Which line of Lingjing is wrong?,I want to give myself the clothes of my sister??
at this time,Everyone came to this small pavilion in Jingpu,Seeing that light frown,Looking at his Lingju with a displeased look,Jingpu feels a little bit。
It’s impossible……This Lingju already knows about clothes???
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Chapter 21 Will it……I made a mistake?
Although this matter has nothing to do with Jingpu fart,but,I still couldn’t help but feel nervous,Jingpu takes the lead:
“I heard Lingjing talk about it before,My sister is Lingju Saintess,Graceful,Ice muscle,See you today,If so。”
Jingpu’s sudden words,Let Lingju, who was already very angry, calm down a bit。

Someone screamed,Somebody can’t bear to watch,I simply closed my eyes。

They all feel,He Bu’s small body,How could he withstand such a heavy punch?Even if he swallowed the medicine just now,Power bursts!
If this punch hits,I’m afraid I must die,I even burst my head。
Facing this powerful iron fist,He Bu only made one move,He raised his arm,Like facing the dazzling sunlight,Subconsciously cover your eyes,It’s like a casual wave,Drive away the mosquitoes in front of you。
His action seems to have gone through thousands of times of practice,Has become part of instinct,Nothing special at all,This is everyone,The most common actions that I make every day。
But this raises his hand,But it happened to be caught on Mousen’s wrist,The skin of the two touched,The power in each other exploded at the same time。
only,One is half-crossing,Just hit the opponent’s key,The other is hasty defense,Lack of strength,Tap this one,Immediately judged。
Maosen only felt his wrist numb,It feels like reaching into the icy torrent,I lost consciousness in an instant。
Because his power is not so distributed,Invaded by He Bu’s power,Occupy the meridian。
And He Bu’s next move,But it surprised everyone,Soul flies。
He Bu held Maosen’s elbow with the opportunity,Gently break,Tore off half of his forearm,Hold in hand。
Followed by,The half-cut arm in He Bu’s hand actually glowed red,That’s bloody light,Also the same color as red mist。

“of course!”Qin Feng has to say,The sound insulation of this old villa is really good,All their voices outside,Shangguan Yuxin didn’t notice at all。

“Do you want to feel the feeling of being a superman?”Qin Feng asked with a smile。
“Superman feeling?”Do not know why,Shangguan Yuxin suddenly blushed when she heard this。
“how about it,Are you interested?”Qin Feng continued to ask。
“Nothing,Do not want。”Qin Feng looked at Shangguan Yuxin embarrassed,No longer ask。
“Not unwilling,Then you turn over!”Shangguan Yuxin blushes as she speaks。
“amount,it is good。”Qin Feng looked at Shangguan Yuxin’s weird expression,Still a little confused。
“what are you doing?”Qin Feng listened to Shangguan Yuxin,Panting,Thought she was sick,Turned his head sharply,But saw an incredible picture。
“what are you doing?Where does it hurt?Did they bully you?”Watching Shangguan Yuxin’s actions,Qin Feng buzzed in his mind。
“No,No……”Shangguan Yuxin lowered her head,Blushing and whispered。
“that……”Qin Feng really doesn’t understand why Shangguan Yuxin made such a move。