Emotional splits make you better

Emotional splits make you better

You have a close relationship with someone, but he always attacks you.

  Then leave him, he will issue death threats: kill you or commit suicide.

  You can’t move in a relationship, because what you do is wrong.

  Schizophrenia is one of the most serious mental illnesses.

Division is also the source of various mental illnesses.

What is division?

  The conceptual opposition between black and white, right and wrong, good and bad, and so on, is division.

Things were originally good or bad, but our minds created divisions, and saw some of them as acceptable, and others as unacceptable, and created divisions.

  In progress, Ming philosopher Wang Yangming said: There is no good and no disgusting body, there is good and malicious movement.

  In other words, when our heart is not moving, it does not matter whether it is good or evil, but as soon as the heart is moving, that is, when the mind is moving, division occurs.

  To you, A is acceptable, and -A is unacceptable. At this time, a split occurs, and it is our heart that made A and -A.

Many times, this is imposed on us by others.

  The most painful division is that you can neither A nor -A, you have nowhere to go, and finally your heart is broken in half, half can only touch A, and the other half can only touch -A, this is the spiritSplit.

Each of us is more or less in this dimension, and the pain it brings can be seen everywhere.

  They approached you once with horrible means. I met a girl through the Internet, her text was excellent, and she also showed the weird weird weird.

  However, the virtual and real worlds are indeed large.

Maybe, in the virtual world, you can only touch the human side, but in the real world, if you are sensitive, you can sense all sides of the other person.

  The first contact with her in the real world was through a phone call and just a text message, but after just a few chats, I had a headache.

I feel that it seems that I can’t write like this, nor can I write like that, she can pick out thorns no matter how I text.

  But this is mainly the feeling. In fact, the content of the text message is very ordinary. If you only look at the text of the text message, you may not be able to trim it, but the feeling is very clear.

I think she seems to be expressing several contradictory meanings at the same time: it ‘s still interesting to chat with you, but you do n’t think it ‘s your credit, you ‘re nothing great, but you ca n’t leave me alone, otherwise I will be unhappy,But I did n’t send the message that I need you. If you continue to chat with me, it ‘s your own business, and it ‘s okay with me . After a few rounds of text messaging like that, I ‘m scared, because I did have a headache on the ground, soNever contacted her again.

  Another time, a friend introduced a strange woman to me and said that her experience is quite legendary. I love listening to people and telling stories. It does not prevent her from quoting her stories well. Maybe she can have some inspiration and write something in the end.
  The first time I met was in the evening, and I talked with her for three hours. The headache was getting worse and worse, so that the headache still remained after going home to sleep.

  This strange woman gives me the same feeling as the previous netizen, but also has a lot of contradictory information about her behavior, but her confrontation is more, and it is an enhanced version of “You can neither A nor -A”.
  Logically, she seems to be saying that you can neither A, nor -A, nor-(-A), nor even-[[-(-A)]. and,-(-A) is not equal to A, and-[-(-A)]is not equal to -A. The difference is very subtle, but it can be experienced if you try it with your heart.

  I was even more afraid of this headache, so I didn’t associate with this strange woman later.

  Recalling now, these two ladies, their message can be summarized into two points: you can neither be close to me nor alienate from me.

In other words, with them, you seem to be wrong.

  I believe many people will have this experience. You have met someone. What is more serious is that you have a close relationship with a person. You find that with him, he always attacks you.

So you think, he always attacks me like this, he definitely doesn’t like me and doesn’t need me, so I leave him.

But if you dare to do so, he will threaten death, either threaten to kill you, or threaten to kill himself.

You may be scared, you stay in this relationship, but you find that in this relationship, you can’t move because you are doing anything wrong.

  A woman is in love with a man, he always ridicules her for being cold and even violent against her.

She couldn’t stand it, and felt he didn’t like him at all, so she broke up.

As a result, a serious conflict broke out. He was out of control, shook her desperately, scolded her, and even took out a knife to threaten suicide or kill her: “Do n’t you know I love you, how could you have thought of leaving me?


“The position of American psychologist Evans in his book” Don’t Control Me with Love “: Many people want to be close to others, but they use some terrible means when they want to transmit this signal.

  This man is using terrible means to get close to this woman, but these means eventually lead to alienation.  Does Ta like me or has schizophrenia?

  Similar things are more common in adolescence.

When boys and girls have hazy feelings, they often send the message “I don’t care about you”.

  A girl was a branch representative in high school. When she was passing by a boy ‘s desk at one time, the boy suddenly knocked a thick stack of workbooks on her hands, and then looked at her with provocative eyes, which made herVery angry, but suddenly the anger disappeared strangely, so she squatted down and picked up her workbook and left.

Now she recalled that the boy had done similar things many times, and she understood that the boy liked her.

  Like or even fall in love with someone, you put yourself in danger-what if the other person doesn’t love themselves?

You don’t want to take risks, but you are somewhat annoyed that you can’t control yourself, you just like it and can’t help but think of this person.

You love and hate your own love, and in the end you pass this dual contradictory message to this person.

  A lady M always sends a message like “I care about you” in a destructive way.

It ‘s like, she always said to you while beating you, get close to me, get closer to me, I care about you, do you know?

During a consultation, she said that she was so contradictory because she felt guilty again when others approached her.

This guilt was originally generated in the interaction with the parents. The parents always ignored her, and she felt that the parents would only pay attention to her when she seemed to express anger, but when she really got the attention of her parents in an angry way,She felt guilty again, and this guilt sometimes turned into anger.

  That’s why her message is so contradictory.

First of all, she often conveys anger, meaning “I don’t like you” to others.

However, others cannot alienate her, because what she really means is “I want you to be close to me.”

However, if someone really gets close to her, she will have guilt again. When guilt is born, she will be moved to tears, and there may be anger, and the other one is mostly.A bit further “message.

At this time, if someone is really far away from her, there will be a terrible loneliness, which makes her feel that her life is not as good as death, so she will have the possibility of emotions . If “you can neither A, nor”-A” is the cause of serious psychological problems, then “you can either A or -A” is the answer.

  In the above examples, if they can send the message “You can be close to me or alienate me” to others, others will have great freedom, and they will feel that their need for closeness is respected and their need for alienation is respected.I have also been respected, and my entire person has been respected, so a sense of integration has emerged-“My essence as a person is what I should be.”

  When division occurs, it is often because of conditional love.

Maybe, for example, parents will send a signal. Only when you achieve A, we will pay attention to you and accept you. Therefore, you will form a consciousness. I can do A, but I cannot do -A.of.
This is a split that most parents have, and the problem is not serious.

  But if the parents themselves have big problems and many psychological contradictions, they will send a very bad signal to the children: you do A, we do not accept you, you do -A, we do not accept you.

This eventually led to a severe division of the child.

  We can be more aware of ourselves and say to ourselves, I can either A or -A, this will cause a lot of good changes.

For those who are never angry, allow yourself to be angry; for those who are never willing to aggravate yourself, allow yourself to be somewhat aggrieved.

  The important standard of mental health is flexibility, and the effective way to flexibility is to often say to yourself “You can either A or -A”, and become this principle to live out in life.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t live, it’s also flexible.

8 Beauty Tips Not To Be Yellow Face Po _1

8 Beauty Tips Not To Be “Yellow Face Po”

Click on the picture to buy the word “Yellow face woman” is a fatal blow to a woman. Yellow face woman not only means that your skin is on the verge of “collapse”, but also gives your youth a heavy stop sign.
In order to erase the yellow on your face, we will use the following 8 beauty and beauty formulas to quickly and comprehensively remove the “yellow face woman” to make your skin white and red!
多喝水、喝对水 “每天喝8杯水”是个很模糊的概念,所谓的8杯水,是指每天人通过吃饭、喝水等总共摄取的水量,如果你喝完一大锅汤,Drinking another 8 glasses of water is definitely a devastation.
Of course, if you only hold caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee and beverages every day, it will naturally affect your normal white water intake.
The most healthy is boiled water, that is, water boiled for 3 minutes and cooled to about 30 ° C. At this time, chlorine and harmful substances in the water are basically eliminated. At the same time, the essential nutrients of the human body in the water can be retained and it is not easy to stimulate the stomach.Quickly rehydrates the body.
It is important to note that you should never drink “boiling water”. If you drink boiled water that is repeatedly boiled or overnight water that is left for a long time, you will be at risk of chronic nitrite poisoning.
Excessive caffeine intake can cause problems such as anxiety, rapid heartbeat, and insomnia, which indirectly affect the beauty of beautiful women.
It is suggested that daily hydration can be accomplished by drinking plain water, eating fruits, and drinking porridge soup.
Fruits and vegetables give you a good complexion. Cherries are rich in iron. Iron can make girls look ruddy; pomegranate contains vitamin C content 1 to 2 times higher than apples. Eating more can help the body and skin to resist oxidation.
The latest research found that vitamin C can expand the skin blood vessels and promote blood circulation, so that the heat energy in the human body can be dissipated as soon as possible, thereby achieving the purpose of “protecting against the cold.”
Vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage are not only a good source of crude fiber, they can also take away excess water from the body during digestion to prevent puffiness.
Different seasons will have different highly efficient and nutritious fruits. It is recommended that you eat more of these fruits and vegetables during the season.
Some off-season fruits have too many artificial ingredients, natural nutrition will be reduced, or it is better to conform to natural laws.
Take a nap at noon. A lunch break is generally a luxury for white-collar workers!
How many noon did you pass on Weibo and MSN?
I’m really happy when chatting, time passes quickly, and I don’t feel tired, but in the afternoon, fatigue and drowsiness will start to find you “accounting”.
The lunch break will allow your body to adjust during the intense work of the day, making the afternoon’s mental state better and work more efficient. Even if you lie on the table and close your eyes to rest, it will also help your body recover.
Prepare a soft cushion, which can usually be used as a cushion and placed on the table at noon for a while, even if you close your eyes for a while, it will have some effects.
Remember to turn off the monitor when you are lying down.
Exercise speeds up circulation Qi and blood become active, and people’s complexion will naturally be much better.
There are many ways to stimulate the circulation of the body. Going to the gym to exercise is a way for many white-collar workers to want to do but difficult to start. In fact, you don’t have to go to the gym.
It is suggested that when sisters do not wear high heels, they can jog or walk quickly to the station, so that the effect of exercise can also be achieved.
We must seize the opportunity to exercise, and it is more efficient on the way to work.
Sisters who drive, don’t think that this has nothing to do with you. You can use the short distance of taking the car and dropping it to the company to run slowly. Just a few more moves is better than nothing.
Timely detoxification After the food you eat every day, some waste and toxins need to be excreted after digestion. Whether these toxins are excreted in time is very important for complexion.
After entering the body, food is digested by the stomach and then absorbed by the small intestine. If constipation occurs, the toxins staying in the small intestine will flow through the body through the blood, making the skin yellow and rough, affecting the good complexion.
A cup of warm water every morning can help wake up the sleeping bowel and let the day begin lightly.
Inadequate dietary fiber intake is a major cause of constipation.
If you can’t guarantee that you eat enough 7 kinds of fruits and vegetables every day, supplementing with fruits and vegetables is also a good way to have a good complexion.
Drinking traditional Chinese medicine nourishing face soup Qi deficiency, fatigue, daily work and life stress make the body naturally consume a lot of energy and physical strength, refreshing with coffee can lead to a vicious cycle of insomnia and increase fatigue.
In fact, in addition to eating more spleen and other spleen food, you can try astragalus with angelica (15 grams of astragalus with 5 grams of angelica), drink once a day, you will obviously feel the energy recovery after insisting for half a month, ample blood and blood can make lymph,Blood vessels circulate faster, resulting in a healthy complexion.
In fact, the root cause of skin color is from the inside of the body, and the blood in the body directly affects the face.
Faster blood circulation can accelerate skin metabolism.
Iron supplementation in time Iron can help the body produce more hemoglobin and help improve the blood’s ability to carry oxygen, which makes qi and blood sufficient and rosy.
Iron is found in many foods, but the most easily absorbed by the body is iron in meat.
Mutton and pork liver are rich in iron that is easily absorbed by the body.
Especially for pregnant women and women who are preparing to become pregnant, iron supplementation is more necessary and urgent, because pregnant women are more likely to lack iron.
To eat fresh lamb, if it is shabu-shabu, be careful not to overweight the seasoning, and do not drink hot pot soup containing a lot of purines, otherwise the burden on the skin metabolism will increase. Enjoying SPA with pale skin and cold hands and feet is inevitable for every woman. Except for rest, sleep, and exercise, in fact, the fastest way to relieve fatigue and restore comfort is to be a SPA.

Take a hot bath first. The hot bath can make a woman’s blood flow smoother and reduce freckles pigmentation caused by poor microcirculation.

The environment of the SPA center cannot be created at home. If there is no place in the home to put a bathtub or a wooden barrel, find a beauty salon nearest to your home and get a SPA card for yourself.Or for the money to eat, massage your shoulders and necks or take a bath in a week, make a SPA, and relax on the scented bed.

Especially the SPA massage on the face directly stimulates the skin, blood and lymph circulation, which has a very good effect on directly improving the complexion.

Enjoying SPA is the most effective passive exercise for lazy people.

Remember to wipe off your body with some free bath salt while bathing.

It’s time to spoil yourself. This will be an enjoyable and effective experience.

Seasonal changes alert to pediatric pneumonia to disrupt

Seasonal changes alert to pediatric pneumonia to disrupt

Seasonal changes alert to children’s pneumonia to disturb the blink of an eye. Cold winter has passed and warm spring has come quietly. During the period of this season’s change, it suddenly rises and falls sharply. It is changeable on a cloudy day and there is no qualitative.

At this time, parents, please pay attention: pneumonia cough, seize this opportunity to make trouble!

The harm of pneumonia Pneumonia is becoming one of the serious threats to human health, especially for children with low immunity. According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), there are about 1 million people under the age of 5 in the world each year.Of children die from diseases such as pneumonia, meningitis, and sepsis; while in Asia, 49 children die every hour from pneumonia.

Most parents today are born after the age of 80 and 90. They are young and have no experience in caring for their children. When the baby suffers from pneumonia, the seriousness of pneumonia is often not realized, and it will often cause very serious consequences.It’s late.

How does pneumonia cause pneumonia mainly occurs when the body and resistance are reduced, so improving the baby’s immunity is the key to respiratory diseases in young children.

In addition, the pathogens that cause pneumonia can be bacteria, viruses, or mycoplasma, chlamydia and other pathogens, but parents often ignore one point-lung fever, lung fever is an important factor causing pneumonia, often in the late stages of the baby’s cold, often accompanied byThe appearance of lung fever symptoms.

At this time, the baby’s resistance is reduced, and coupled with the invasion of lung heat, pneumonia is extremely easy to occur. Therefore, clearing the lung heat can also effectively reduce the occurrence or development of pneumonia.

Treatment methods: Combination of Chinese and Western medicine to treat children’s pneumonia. Generally, hospitals will prescribe antibiotics like azithromycin and cephalosporins, which will be supplemented with children’s lung heat oral solution to clear the lungs and treat cough.Consolidation of recommended drugs in the treatment phase.

If your baby has fever, cough, shortness of breath and other similar symptoms, you should go to the hospital immediately to avoid delaying the illness. After arriving at the hospital, the hospital will arrange filming and other examinations to know the pathogens of pneumonia and the treatment method more accurately.

Maintenance of the lungs In the weekdays, parents should pay special attention to the maintenance of the baby’s lungs, for example: often stew some rock sugar Sydney, winter melon pork bone soup, lotus seed lily lotus root and other foods to clear the lungs to the child.

After the meal, take the child to the community for about 30 minutes to exercise to strengthen the child’s physique to resist the invasion of the virus; when the temperature changes, change the clothes appropriately.

In daily life, as long as parents pay more attention, you can keep your baby away from the torture of pneumonia.

If the baby laughs happily, the parents can really be happy.


5 诀窍 that can easily lose weight without leaving home

5 诀窍 that can easily lose weight without leaving home

Staying at home all day, can you still maintain a perfect body?

Through the carpet, bed, sofa, seat and other appliances at home, you can also comfortably shape the devil.

The following home exercise is to teach you how to quickly lose weight.

  Sitting on a V-shaped knee, choose a longer stool, or a single-piece sofa. The body sits straight at the edge, abdomen, elbows, and the body slowly leans back, so that the feet are off the ground and parallel to the surface of the stool.

  Then fold the upper body and the lower body in one place, bend the knee toward the front chest, and straighten the body so that the upper body faces the knee forward, hold for a while, and then reach the starting position again.

  Note: The abdomen should always be tightly folded and the spine should be straight to protect the waist.

  Number of trainings: Do 3 groups of 10 to 30 times each.

  Lying on the back, the car is lying on the ground, the left knee is facing the front chest, the right leg is raised, tilted, and at a 45-degree angle to the ground, the hands are held, the elbows are bent out, and the head, neck and shoulders are rolled off the ground.Rotate the middle of the body so that the ankle is opposite the left knee.

Hold for a while, then slowly bend your right knee, lift your left leg, and align your left elbow with your right knee. Also hold for a while and continue to rotate.

Every time you twist your body, you must breathe in at least once.

  Note: It is necessary to feel the retina and the retina are exerting force. When the upper body is rotated, the abdomen has a feeling of contraction.

  Number of training: Do 2 to 3 groups, 10 to 20 times each.

  Hang the two elbows on the ground, hold your hands together, let the body rest on the forearms and toes, and chin close to the chest.

The abdomen is tightened, keeping the back straight and breathing slowly and deeply.

  Note: The waist should not be deflated and slack, and the front should not be lifted. Keep your body straight.

  Number of training: Maintain this position, slowly count from 1 to 10, and then repeat 1 to 3 times.

  The side bridge body is lying to the right, the legs are straight, and one leg is placed on the other leg.

The left arm is straight up and the right elbow and forearm are on the ground.

Abdomen, absorb abdominal strength and lift the upper body and hips up to the ground.

Keep the position at the highest point of the action; the other side is the same.

  Note: The body needs to be straight.

Number of trainings: Slowly count from 1 to 5, and repeat 1 to 3 times.

  Lift your legs and sit up on the rug, put your legs up and lift them up to the vertical top of your hips. The feet of your feet cross each other, hold your head with your hands, bend your elbows, and then slowly put your head, neck and shoulders.Roll up the ground, tightly abdomen, and exhale, lift the waist and hips away from the ground, and then slowly return to the starting position.

  Note: When lifting the hips, do not bend the legs and waist in the direction of the face, and keep the upper body still.

Old people should not eat more than 6 grams per day.

Old people should not eat more than 6 grams per day.

In the eyes of many Chinese elderly people, ginseng is an expensive tonic, not necessary for everyday life.

In South Korea, ginseng is the most commonly used supplement in many families. In the supermarket, you can see a variety of snacks and side dishes made with ginseng.

Koreans have been eating ginseng since childhood, and often eat ginseng for health care.

  The same is ginseng, why is there such a difference in the substitution?

According to experts, the nourishing effect of Korean ginseng is no better than that of Chinese ginseng.

Koreans may be more responsive to ginseng, and many Chinese eat ginseng easily.

  From the perspective of Chinese medicine practitioners, it is indeed very effective to use ginseng to supplement the qi deficiency.

However, only those who are truly qi-deficient need to make up their strengths to be suitable for eating ginseng.

Breathing is short, the voice is low, the god is tired and lazy, the movement is sweating, the appetite is reduced, the tongue is light, etc. are all symptoms of qi deficiency.

A friend with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure can also eat ginseng if he is diagnosed with qi deficiency by a doctor.

  Experts recommend that you consult a doctor before eating ginseng.

For people with sub-health status, in the case of obvious personal physique, you can eat relatively mild American ginseng, Codonopsis or Radix Pseudostellariae.

  However, no matter how much you eat, you can’t overdo it, unless you are a qi-deficient person. If you eat too much, you will get angry too.

Experts believe that the amount of ginseng eaten by the elderly should not exceed 6 grams per day. At the same time, people with mouth ulcers, often feel dry mouth, heart and feet and fever are not suitable.

If you have acne after eating ginseng sore, sore throat and other symptoms, you can eat some relief.

Cold head warming feet is good for health

Cold head warming feet is good for health

The “pulse method” records: “The sage has a cold head and warm feet, and those who heal the disease have more than enough.

The four words “cold head warming feet” are not only a prescription for treating diarrhea and tonic in ancient times, but also one of the important principles of health care.

  In the 1970s, during the excavation of Han Dynasty Tomb No. 3 at Mawangdui in Changsha, a large number of arrow medicine books were unearthed in the developing countries. It is recorded in the “pulse method” of these arrow medicine books: “The sage is cold and warm.Patients have more than enough to take up.
The four words “cold head warming feet” are not only a prescription for treating diarrhea and tonic in ancient times, but also one of the important principles of health care.

  Chinese medicine believes that the head is the meeting of Zhuyang.

If the temperature of the head is too high, it is not only harmful to health, it may even become a pathogenic factor.

A famous doctor in the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao, said in “Preparing for a Thousands of Money”, “Don’t set a stove near the head of a person, and for a long time, he will be angry, his eyes will be red, his eyes and his nose dry.

“And said:” Freezing the brain in winter . the sage’s regular method also.

“Medical research has also proven time and again that insisting on washing your face with cold water for years has the effect of preventing colds.

This is due to the low temperature in winter and the human body is most susceptible to colds. If you soak your face and hands in cold water, you can shrink your nose, blood vessels in your face, and even blood vessels in your upper body, thereby improving your ability to resist cold and wind.prevent getting cold.

  Keeping your head cool will also help you sleep better and help improve sleep quality.

However, some people are afraid of cold in winter and like to cover their head and face with quilts for sleeping. This not only prevents breathing fresh air, but also heads towards excessively high head temperature, which is harmful to human health.

Correctly follow the “cold head” principle and change this bad sleep habit as early as possible.

  Human feet are the organs furthest from the heart and are most vulnerable to cold evils. Therefore, “cold starts from the feet” is said.

In the first domestic medical book “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, it was said: “Tian Han is cracking and lingering, and its death (sudden cold) or slackness in its hands and feet.

The famous doctor of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao, also has detailed records in this area: “Every August (Every Year)”I want to keep my breath down.

“It can be seen that warming your feet is very important to ensure your health.

  In fact, the best way to warm your feet is to wash your feet with hot water. This will not only dispel the cold, warm the whole body, promote blood circulation throughout the body, eliminate fatigue, but also have the effect of strengthening the brain and improving sleep quality.

Springboard aerobics: the most classic commonly used beautiful legs

Springboard aerobics: the most classic commonly used beautiful legs

Pedal exercises, as the name implies, are aerobics on the pedals.

This sport has been popular in the United States for 10 years and is still very popular today.

Through a height-adjustable pedal, through various steps to step on and off with a rotating body and jumping movement, to achieve cardiopulmonary exercise, because of its dynamic, passionate characteristics and good shaping effect on female legs and hips,Pedal exercise has been in the gym for a long time, and is regarded as one of the classic fitness methods, and it is an increasingly fashionable way to lose weight.

  The pedals for pedal exercise are generally 100 cm long, 35 cm wide, and 8 cm high.

The height of the pedal can also be adjusted according to the level of exercise, pedal technology, and knee flexion.

The most basic movements of pedal exercise are upper board and lower board. Do at least 3 exercises per week, and 3 months as a cycle.

  Effect pedal operation is aerobic aerobics, continuous, medium and low-intensity exercise under the condition of excessive oxygen supply.

The height of the pedals plus this kind of exercise intensity, it takes more energy to complete the same action than on flat ground. Your legs should be firmer, and the muscle lines should be more slender, which can effectively solve the problem of sagging and stepping.Stretching and stretching in the middle makes your movements more flexible and lighter.

At the same time, it can also improve people’s cardiopulmonary function.

  Appropriate crowd pedaling is suitable for all people to exercise, especially women who have been sitting in the office for a long time, lack of exercise in the legs, and people who want their legs to become strong, healthy and change their sagging hips.

This program is not suitable for patients with hypertension, those with leg injuries (especially those with knee joints, fractured joints, and thigh ligament injuries), and those who are weak (such as tumor-producing and healed patients).

  Exercise preparation 1, stop eating 1 hour before exercise (if necessary, eat a small amount of easily digestible fruits and vegetables, liquid food).

  2. Wear relaxed and breathable sportswear.

  3. Full warm-up exercise.

Since the main actions of the two pedals are up, down, turn, springboard, etc., it is necessary to focus on warming up the thighs and feet, and to fully contract.

  4, a certain amount of water content (preferably boiled water).

Half an hour before exercise, you can drink 200-500ml to absorb.

Because the dual pedal exercise is a large amount of exercise, it will inevitably cause a lot of sweating. The athlete must replenish the water in time to ensure that the human body has sufficient water.

  Note 1: When moving up and down the board, pay attention to the center of gravity movement.

  2. During the action, it is recommended to drink a small amount of glucose every 15 minutes.

Principle: A small number of times 3, fully contract after exercise, especially the compression of the legs and hips.

  Intimate tip 1. Wear elastic clothes, cotton and lycra.

Of course, you should also wear sports shoes, air cushion type is better, so that it can compress the buffer effect.

Some people jump Step barefoot, which can easily damage their feet.

  2. It should be done at least 3 times a week, 3 months as a cycle (two classes can consume 1000-1500 kcal).

  3. During exercise, if there is uncoordinated movement caused by leg fatigue, obvious pain or dizziness in any part of the body, fast heartbeat, etc., you should immediately stop exercising and rest reasonably.

  4. Many women worry that pedaling exercises can easily make their legs thicker. In fact, this worry is unnecessary.

According to experts, pedal exercise is a continuous, medium-low intensity exercise performed under excessive oxygen supply, which will not make muscles develop.

Li Qiujin to remember to remember eight taboos

Li Qiujin to remember to remember eight taboos

Liqiu is the first solar term in autumn. When the autumn arrives, the weather has become much cooler. This time is also a good season for tonic, but it is necessary to pay more attention to Liqiu tonic. So what should I pay attention to in the autumn?
What are the taboos for tonic?
Let’s take a look at the eight taboos of Liqiu Health and Tonic.
  Avoid the disease and make up for it.
If you take too much cod liver oil, it can cause poisoning. Long-term use of glucose can cause weight gain, increase blood cholesterol, and easily induce cardiovascular disease.
  The principle of treatment of Chinese medicine is to supplement the virtual medicine. It is not suitable for patients with deficiency syndrome. It is not suitable for tonic. The deficiency syndrome has yin deficiency, yang deficiency, qi deficiency and blood deficiency. The symptomatic medication can help the body, otherwise it will be counterproductive and will hurt the body.
Although health care is not as strict as the treatment of diseases, at least the dietary objects should be divided into two categories: partial cold and hot.
The colder is chilly and hot, the hands and feet are not warm, the mouth is light and dry, the stool is sputum, the urine is long, and the tongue is light and fine.
For those who are hot, the hands and feet are hot, dry mouth, bitterness, bad breath, dry stool, short red urine, red tongue, pulse number.
If you don’t recognize cold and enthusiasm, you can easily lead to “fire on the fire.”
  Avoid more and better. Any overdose is harmful.
It is unscientific to think that it is unscientific to “eat more tonics, cure diseases, and have no disease and strengthen the body”.
Such as excessive use of ginseng supplements, can cause abdominal distension, do not think about diet; after taking vitamin C, can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  Avoid all the meat must be animal food is undoubtedly a good agent in the tonic, it not only has higher nutrition, but also delicious and delicious.
However, meat is not easy to digest and absorb. If you eat too much for a long time, it is often overwhelmed by the elderly who have reduced gastrointestinal function. Some “by-products” in the meat digestion process, such as excessive lipids and sugars.Such substances are often the cause of common and frequently-occurring diseases in the elderly, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer.
Light diet is not a substitute, especially vegetables can not be ignored.
According to modern nutrition, fresh fruits and vegetables contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements, which are essential nutrients for the human body.
  Avoid taking medicine instead of medicine. It is not as good as food supplement.
As everyone knows, many foods are also therapeutic drugs.
If you eat more leeks, you can treat high blood pressure; eat more radish can be used to stomach and digestion, suffocating wide chest, phlegm and relieving cough; eating more yam can make up the spleen and stomach.
Walnuts, peanuts, red dates, lentils, and glutinous rice that are eaten daily are also good tonic.
  忌重“进”轻“出”  随 着人民生活水平的提高,不少家庭天天有荤腥,餐餐大油腻,这些食物代谢后产生的酸性有毒物质,需及时排出,而生活节奏的加快,又Many people have irregular bowel movements and even constipation.
Therefore, health experts have put forward a new concept of health care focusing on “negative nutrition” in recent years, that is, paying attention to the discharge of human waste, reducing the retention and absorption of “intestinal toxicity”, and advocating the timely and smooth defecation at the same time as supplementing.
  Avoid constant “complement” unchanged Some people like to serve a certain kind of supplement according to their own taste, and then develop from a variety of years into “partial eclipse”, “love”, which is unfavorable to health.
Because drugs and food have both health care effects and certain side effects, long-term service will affect the body’s nutritional balance.
Especially for the elderly, not only the function of each organ has been reduced to varying degrees, but also needs to be comprehensively and systematically adjusted. In different seasons, there are different needs for health care drugs and food.
Therefore, it is very necessary to adjust according to different situations.
  忌越贵越补  “物以稀为贵”,那些高贵的传 统食品如燕窝、鱼翅之类,其实并无奇特的食疗作用,而十分平常的甘薯和洋葱之类的食品,却有值得重视的The value of diet.
另外,凡食疗均有一定的对象和适应症,故 应根据需要来确定药膳,“缺什么,补什么”,切勿凭贵贱来分高低,尤其是老年群体,更应以实用和价格低廉为The principle of nourishing.

Winter climate dry diet Qingfei Runzao_1

Dry weather in winter

Due to the dry weather in winter, people’s upper respiratory tract is prone to cause discomfort, and the nose, throat, and bronchi are dry and uncomfortable.

Cantonese people especially like the “Old Fire Soup”, which is an indispensable dish for nourishing the soup in winter.

Experts point out that the winter soup is the best choice for Chenpi and Sydney, which can effectively alleviate the phenomenon of cough and sputum.

  Yang Hongzhi, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University in Sydney, pointed out that the number of patients with dry mouth and nose and sore throat has gradually increased recently, which is caused by the hot and dry weather.

Winter weather is always dry, especially after eating hot food, dry fluids such as body fluids, thirst, constipation and other symptoms of dry stomach also worsen the dryness of the mouth, nose, lips, and throat.

  As the saying goes, “dryness is moisturizing”. As a result, Feng Huiling, deputy chief physician of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Foshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that it is a good choice to solve the “internal environment” of the body through diet.

  Sydney lean broth: 500 grams of lean meat, 2-3 Sydneys, candied dates, and carrots.

  Cut lean meat and carrots.

Peel and peel the pears, add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add lean meat, pears, and carrots to boil, and simmer for 1 and a half hours on low heat.

  Chen Pei Yangwei cough and phlegm Wang Daokun, director of the Department of Gastroenterology of the Affiliated Hospital of Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that adding a few pieces of Chenpi to the soup during weekdays in winter can alleviate stomach diseases and effectively treat the phenomenon of phlegm and cough.

As hesperidin containing tangerine peel has a mild stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, and has the effect of warming the stomach and dispersing cold, in response to white-collar workers’ usual indigestion, loss of appetite, and throat discomfort caused by staying up late, 10 grams of tangerine peel can be put in the soupCan effectively alleviate the above symptoms.

  Chenpi stewed pig heart Chenpi 3 slices, 100 grams of lean meat, 150 grams of carrots, 1 pig heart, 12 grams of codonopsis, 3 slices of ginger.

  Wash and cut the lean meat, carrots, and then open the pig heart. Wash the codonopsis and ginger, and add them to the pot. Add the appropriate amount of water to the pot and boil, and simmer on low heat for an hour and a half.Just fine.

Count the 10 most poisonous dishes on the table

Count the 10 most poisonous dishes on the table

Do you believe that these recognized table dishes are poisonous underneath, so be careful when eating, don’t eat delicious food and lose your health.


hzh {display: none; }  1、蘑菇:谨防毒蘑菇.

  The cooking of mushrooms and mushrooms in the mountains seems to have a lot of hackers, so poisonous mushroom poisoning occurs every year.

Perhaps more than 100 kinds of poisonous mushroom poisons in the world can not match more than 300 kinds of anti-virus, taste good, nourishing, delicious and unique mushroom flavor.

The people are not afraid of death!

Japanese young people are even more mad, a kind of “magic mushroom”, which is “ad addictive but illusory” LSD, which is processed from several kinds of mushrooms containing anesthetic ingredients. It has quickly become popular.

  2, foie gras: the diseased goose “liver” is big.

  It is a noble and fragrant, mellow and mellow, with a 1870 red wine is a feast.

As everyone knows, this fat beauty is just the liver of a goose with liver disease.

There is no foie gras in our long-standing traditional cuisine, but the French have thought of a four-week intensive replacement method with a mixture of wheat, corn, alfalfa and salt to make the goose “cirrhosis”.

The shape is large enough, the weight is heavy enough, and the color is pure enough to be superior.

  3, shark fin, fish oil: Do not take too much.

  Sharks are now being hunted around the world. The key is not knowing which bad-smelling scientists have discovered that “all the animals in the world, sharks are the only ones that do not develop cancer.

At the moment when we are caring for the body where the body is now, the sharks become a life-saving straw on the dangerous table.

Shark oil is made into expensive health supplements in Norway; shark fins on the banquet represent a show in China.

Every year, there are hundreds of sharks eating people, which is the headline news of newspaper hype, but people eat sharks every day, and humans eat 80 sharks every year.

Another study said that can not take large doses or long-term use of cod liver oil, otherwise it will cause poisoning.

  4, puffer fish: very poisonous and delicious.

  One gram of tetrodotoxin can kill 500 people, but “no poison is not delicious.”

The delicious taste of puffer fish has become the “death” of the Chinese food industry. The more dangerous it is, the more coveted it is.

The Song Dynasty Mei Yichen “Puffin Fish” poetry cloud: “Spring Island buds, spring shore flying Yanghua.

When the puffer fish is, it is not expensive.

“The pufferfish diners have added the temperament of “windy and cold water”, but they will let the waiter try the food before they move the chopsticks.

Dongpu diners are also toxic, and they have developed safe practices for eating puffer fish.

The Chinese soil method is puffer meat + radish. Every spring, there are always N fallen, but there will always be successors in China.

  5, salmon: may have gluconin.

  Its lovely pink red color is originally the dye in the feed. Its rich and thick is derived from the antibiotic added in artificial breeding. The chemical toxin remaining in the body has now destroyed the body’s immune system and reproductive system.

Of course, it is still the most popular fish. It replaces omega-3 fatty acids, and is an indispensable substance in the brain, retina and nervous system. It can enhance brain function, prevent stroke and prevent cardiovascular disease.And prevent vision loss.

It is really a “water treasure”, and the current pollution situation is not enough for everyone to ruin.

  6, the civet: carrying the virus.

  As a representative dish of the game, the savory taste of the civet is faded out in the taste buds of the Chinese people. Even it is still a terrestrial wild animal with mature domestication and breeding techniques, allowing access to the table of the people.

But “squatting”, the SARS-like virus found in the civet is strikingly consistent with the human-infected SARS virus.

It is even more rumored that among the first people in China who were infected with SARS, there was a chef of the game chef.

The panic of SARS has enveloped for more than a year, and the civet can only temporarily withdraw from the rivers and lakes.

However, Chinese people’s interest in game has not changed. Without the civet, they will find the “fruit fox”.

  7, raw oysters: sanitary conditions are limited.

  Aphrodisiac oysters (oysters) is also the lifelong love of the great love of Casanova. The secret of this guy who can travel around a dozen beautiful women a day may be attributed to his daily birth of 40 oysters.The beauty of oysters is fresh, so those who “best cook for more than 5 minutes before eating” are basically “safe paradoxes” that do not understand deliciousness and are unrealistic.

The world’s best oysters are produced in Europe, North America and Japan. If you don’t have enough money to eat in these reliable and healthy places, you can only suffer from diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.

The current farming environment and the ocean are suffering from industrial pollution, while the oyster oysters reset their bodies and are a pollution recycling station.

  8, crab: may be “medicated.”

  The first person in China to eat crabs has long been ancient.

In the golden autumn season, holding crabs and fighting wine, this is one of the great food and music events of Chinese people.

But this kind of scavenger is also a diarrhea that hurts the stomach of the human body.

In particular, it is not allowed to eat with persimmons, each of which is immediately poisoned by food. Other similar reactions include pears, peanuts, eggplant, cantaloupe and even ice and tea.

Eat a crab, you have to avoid so many people, but can you really avoid it?

In addition, the hormones of crab culture are rumored, the “red tide” is fierce, the trick of feeding contraceptives when the crabs lay eggs, and the crabs, which are the signature dishes of many seafood restaurants in the country, inevitably become high-risk vegetables.

  9, soft-shelled turtle: hormone ripening.

  ”The turtle eats turtle, the six parents do not recognize.” This proverb may be the absurdity of the turtle, but it does taste good.

However, the problem is: if it is a wild turtle, it is a perennial animal, a large number of parasites must be prevented; if it is artificially reared, it is revealed to be promoted with sex hormones, and the 7-year growth period is actually super concentrated.7 months, it is a daunting battle.

The doctor even warned: “Hepatitis patients are fasting turtles.

Its rich protein will increase the burden on the liver. In severe cases, it will lead to rapid deterioration of the disease, causing hepatic coma and even death.

10, Yuba: processed with toxic chemical additives.

  Originally it is healthy and delicious, but for the sake of beautiful color, increasing the shelf life, increasing production, etc., some lawless elements will hang white blocks, formaldehyde, borax and other toxic chemical additives for the production and processing of yuba;。

5 grams can cause poisoning, 3 grams can be fatal; and formaldehyde is an alternative carcinogen; borax can cause loss of appetite after eating a certain amount, indigestion, inhibit nutrient absorption, promote slight decomposition, weight loss, poisoning symptoms areVomiting, diarrhea, erythema, circulatory system disorders, shock, coma, etc., the lethal dose is about 20 grams for adults, and about 5 grams for children.