Wind-heat type cold food diet recipe _1

Recipe for wind-heat type cold therapy

Wind-heat type colds generally show fever, slight bad wind, poor sweating, dizziness and pain, red complexion, swollen eyes, dry mouth and slightly thirsty, cough, thick or yellow sputum, and vomiting, Or coughing, dry throat or throat moth redness, swelling and pain, nasal congestion, runny yellow runny nose, thin white or slightly yellow tongue moist, floating pulse.

All due to wind-heat offenses, lung loss and health.

The diet of wind-heat type cold is as follows: 1.

Guangdong herbal tea (formerly “Pharmacopoeia Collection”) consists of 5 grams each of mulberry leaves, chrysanthemums, and mint, 30 grams each of bitter bamboo leaves, and white grass roots.

  Method: Add the medicine to the teapot, flush it with boiling water, and cover it for 10 minutes.

  How to take: Frequent serving of tea.

  Editor’s note]Mulberry leaves, chrysanthemums, mints have divergent wind-heat, bamboo leaves have antipyretic and diuretic effects, and have a good effect in treating colds and fever caused by wind-heat or autumn-dryness.


Tea Bean Drink (previously “The Secret of Food Administration”) consists of 30 grams of mung beans, 9 grams of tea, and an appropriate amount of sugar.

  Method: Wrap tea leaves with gauze, cook with water, add water and cook. When the green beans are ripe, remove the tea leaves and add sugar to dissolve.

  Dosage: Hot clothes, can be taken once or in portions.

  [Editor’s note: mung bean Gan Han, clearing heat and detoxifying, can cure acne fever, adding tea diuretic, white sugar to clear heat, treating colds, sore throat, fever, small diarrhea, or both.


The composition of peppermint porridge (previously “Send the Record”): 15g of mint, 60g of previous rice, moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Method: first fry the mint for medicinal juice to cool, take the previous rice and boiled porridge, when the porridge is ready, add mint juice and rock sugar.

  How to take: Serve lightly, and sweat best.

  Editor’s note]Peppermint is the medicine to evacuate wind and heat. Adding previous rice and rock sugar to make porridge can promote sweating and protect the stomach.

For those who have a stomach problem, those with a new sense of wind and heat are the most suitable.


Chrysanthemum porridge (formerly “Lao Heng Yan”) consists of 15 grams of chrysanthemum and 60 grams of rice.

  Method: Grind the chrysanthemum into a fine powder, take the previous rice and boil the porridge, and when the porridge is ready, transfer the chrysanthemum powder and cook it once or twice.

  How to take: Serve a little warmer, and those who can’t sweat well can take hot clothes.

  Editor’s note: The chrysanthemum evacuates wind and heat, eyesight, clears heat and calms the liver, and the previous rice porridge can cure wind and cold.

Patients with high blood pressure or headache may also take it regularly.


Mao ginger porridge (previously “Yan’s Recipe”) consists of 30 grams of white grass root, 3 slices of ginger, 60 grams of rice.

  Method: first fry the white grass root to extract the medicinal juice, remove the residue, add the previous rice to cook the porridge, when the porridge is about to come, add ginger, and cook a little or two to serve.

  How to take it: Take warm and frequent servings, such as when sweating should be hot.

Waist and abdomen exercise to open constipation 3 strokes effective

Waist and abdomen exercise to open constipation 3 strokes effective

Thin waist exercise can help the abdomen lose weight and solve the secret of constipation.

Too many white-collar workers have constipation invasion, and too much excess meat is also a problem.

The following thin waist movements can even help the white-collar thin waist, give the abdomen weight loss, but also help the white-collar to open constipation.

Let’s take a look at these white-collar and thin waist sports!

  A healthy body is in and out of control, and control is free. As long as it is a little hindered, it will cause inconvenience and perfusion.

In terms of the digestive tract, statistics show that 60% of office workers have constipation leaks.

  Office workers, especially the pink collars, should be free from the destruction of constipation. First, they must learn the techniques of relaxation, let the parasympathetic nerves have the opportunity to reconcile the autonomic nerves; diet more fruits and vegetables, high fiber, to the thickness of the loose stool;In addition, do more abdominal exercise, increase the peristalsis of the intestines, in order to promote the role of interventional emptying, improve the function of the colorectal.

The following three waist and abdomen movements have a good effect on constipation: 1.

Touch the neck to beat the high step: the right hand touches the neck, the left hand beats the back waist, it is best to hold the heart, while the left knee tries to raise to the upper right, the head turns to the left.

Keep your body straight and change sides.

  Efficacy: pat appropriate, waist, help the activation of parasympathetic nerves.

The upper body is straight and helps the stomach to vent, eliminating the expansion gas.

High stepping exercise, using the thigh and thigh to stimulate the abdomen, assisting the abdominal intestines to massage the wrist, which is beneficial to defecation.


The method of stretching the chest and twisting the waist and belly is as follows: half a step, two hands clenching fists, shoulders and elbows bent 90 degrees, next to the body, fists up, keep the upper body posture, only turn the waist and abdomen to the left and right, rotate once per second, mouth ZhangOpen and loose, let the lungs air in and out naturally.

  Efficacy: micro-squatting, fixed waist joints and lower limbs, the upper body also maintains posture, only turn the waist and abdomen, can train the abdominal oblique muscles, and squeeze the colonic large intestine to help the stool shape and discharge.

  Relax and let the air in and out naturally, and soothe your mind and body.


Hold your knees and legs fart. Practice: Lying on the bed, bending your feet, holding your hands on your knees, stretching your legs, bending your hips and hips, and letting your buttocks open.

  Efficacy: lying on the knees and legs, can exert pressure on the abdomen, promote the movement of the air in the intestines, trigger the feeling of fart, and coordinate the correction of the contraction and relaxation, so that the row can have a more regular cycle.

Sixteen health precepts have you committed?

Sixteen health precepts have you committed?

It is often said that “women are made of water.” This sentence not only contains a feminine and gentle nature like flowing water, but also reveals that women are more vulnerable and need more care of their gender characteristics.

The sixteen healthy precepts for women are introduced below, and I hope to provide this kind of information to female friends.

  University of Oxford scientists have followed 1.3 million women for 13
years and found that the occurrence of many diseases is directly related to women’s lifestyle.

As a result, they proposed 16 healthy precepts to women.


Don’t be too skinny.

The ideal body mass index is about 24.

Body mass index BMI is calculated as: weight (kg) divided by height (meters) squared.

The average British woman is 5 feet 4 inches (1.

62 meters), for a woman of this height, her normal weight should be 140 pounds (63.

5 kg).

If it is below this weight, it will affect birth.

For example, the body mass index is less than 18.

5 women are less likely to get pregnant.

In addition, women with a body mass index of less than 19 are more susceptible to osteoporosis.


do not smoke.

Women who smoke are two times more likely than women who do not smoke.

The accumulation of nicotine in the uterine mucus will reduce the body’s resistance to human papilloma virus, thereby greatly increasing the risk of cancer.

In addition, smoking will damage the body’s immune system.

So American expert leaders: Don’t smoke, especially women.


Drink black tea.

Gum disease is a cause of high blood pressure.

Bacteria in the mouth can create tiny blood clots that reduce the narrowing of the arteries, which can trigger cardiovascular disease.

How to protect the gums?

The best way is to stick to black tea.

  American experts have found that black tea can reduce bacterial activity and reduce the risk of dental disease, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

Black tea not only kills bacteria in the mouth, but also produces an enzyme that turns sugar into a sticky substance that strengthens teeth.


Take folic acid.

To prevent birth defects, pregnant women must take 400 micrograms of folic acid in the first 12
weeks of pregnancy.

The study also found that folic acid supplementation in women can reduce the incidence of macular degeneration.

Currently, Harvard Medical School studies have proven that organ aging can be delayed after two years of continuous folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.


Try not to drink carbonated drinks.

Carbonated drinks such as cola contain phosphoric acid in the form of phosphates, which can affect calcium absorption.

A study on osteoporosis showed that drinking 5 sodas a week, including 4 colas, reduced bone density in older women by 4%.
Women’s osteoporosis researchers at the Institute of Human Nutrition, Tufts University’s Center for Aging, suggest that women try not to drink carbonated drinks.

Take short-acting oral contraceptives for a long time.

Further improvements in recent studies have shown that short-acting oral contraceptives can reduce the prevalence of uterine cancer and can continue to be protected for 30 years after discontinuation.

Studies have shown that women who take the drug continuously for 5 years reduce their risk of developing uterine cancer by 20%.

For 15
consecutive years, the risk of cancer can be reduced by half.


Avoid hormone replacement therapy.

Although hormone replacement therapy can prevent diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis, ulcers, and bowel cancer, there is now growing evidence that elevated estrogen and progesterone increase the risk of cancer.

The use of estrogen replacement therapy alone can increase the risk of cervical cancer, and the use of progestin replacement therapy alone increases the risk of ovarian cancer.


Don’t be too clean.

American microbiologist Dr. Mary transformed it through a lot of research: washing your hands with ordinary soap and water is enough, and antibacterial products will have the opposite effect.

Now antibacterial products have widely entered people’s lives, such as a variety of germicidal soaps, hand sanitizers and shower gels.

Women as housewives often use these products for the health of their families.

  ”However, this did not keep people away from the flu and colds, broke the balance of the flora in the body, and weakened the body’s sensitivity to bacteria, but instead caused the bacteria to mess in the body.

“Dr. Mary believes that in the human digestive and nutrient absorption system, most microorganisms are necessary to maintain health.

Regular use of antibacterial products can make it difficult for these beneficial microorganisms to survive.


Want children to get more sun.

British obstetrics and gynecology experts believe that many women have anovulation because of lack of vitamin D.

An analysis by a maternity consultant concluded that 50% of British women lack vitamin D, and 12% of them do not have a fixed ovulation period.

  Therefore, experts from Yale University asked women with irregular ovulation to supplement vitamin D by sun exposure, and the results showed that their ovulation cycle has improved significantly.

Therefore, experts suggest that women who want children should ensure that they can get enough vitamin D for 20 minutes every day.


Watch out for your prescription drugs.

Some prescription drugs may make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and cause skin problems.

These prescription drugs include antibiotics, cholesterol drugs, contraceptives, anti-inflammatory drugs, acne medications, and hypertension and diabetes medications.

If you are taking them, pay special attention to sun protection when going out.


Eat more bananas.

A survey by the Mental Health Foundation found that one-quarter of middle-aged women are experiencing depression and worry.

Depression usually occurs because of a lack of “happy hormones” in the body, which are complex amines.

  The lack of complex amines is due to the absorption of amino acids and insufficient intake of tryptophan. The human body cannot synthesize this amino acid and can only be taken through food.

Dr. Carolyn Lomon, author of “The Secret of Compound Amine,” points out that tryptophan supplementation should eat more turkey, cheese, plums and bananas.

Therefore, experts suggest that women should eat 4-11 bananas a week.

Drink less.

Women who drink a glass of wine a day have a 9-percent chance of developing diabetes.

5% rose to 10.

In addition, drinking can cause other cancers.
At present, experts have not clearly specified the safe range of alcohol consumption, but they recommend that you try not to drink or drink less.

Complete fertility before the age of 30.

Studies have found that women who have children between the ages of 20 and 30 can reduce their incidence of breast cancer by 7%.

The British Breast Cancer Research Association is entitled to reduce the incidence of breast cancer and other diseases by breastfeeding for 12 months4.


This is because pregnancy and breastfeeding can lower estrogen levels, which also means lower cancer risk.

  At the same time, the incidence of gallbladder disease will also decrease by 7%.

A recent Swedish study also found that breast milk intake for more than 13 months reduces women’s risk of rheumatoid arthritis by half.


Stick to weight training.

According to the British Chiropractic Association, 70% of women will experience back pain in their lifetime.

If you are experiencing pain, the best remedy is to exercise more with dumbbells and barbells.

American experts suggest that women with back pain should insist on weight-bearing exercise for at least 16 weeks, and 12% of the time should do aerobic exercise, which can also help you relieve back pain.

Watch out for excess meat in the stomach.

The bloated stomach is almost severe and there are hidden health hazards. 10% of people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

What needs to be more vigilant is that it is often a sign of ovarian cancer, and there is a 70% -75% chance that the cancer has metastasized to the abdomen.

If the excess meat in the stomach is obvious and persistent bloating, you must seek medical treatment in time.


200 sex lives a year.

Ethics experts at Columbia University believe that if a woman can orgasm 200 times a year, her biological age will be 6 years younger.

The frequency of sexual life is related to the overall health status, which can make people get more health status from it.

Kitchen fitness is also delicious

Kitchen fitness is also delicious

Kitchen fitness method, exercise is also delicious.

  It’s fascinating to you, but the process of cooking it seems a bit long.

When you cook soup, stew, or toast, you must want to leave or not, do you want to stay?

Do not hesitate anymore!

Doing a few simple moves in the kitchen will surely make your fitness exercises delicious while you wait for the food to come out!

  1. Weight-bearing lateral flexion exercises. Stand with your feet on your left and right sides. Hold a heavy water bottle in your right hand and insert it into the right side of your body. Look at the front.); First tilt the upper body vertically toward the kettle; then flex the upper body to the left to fully stretch the right abdominal muscles, and then slowly raise the body to tilt the bottle.

Repeat the above process repeatedly, while using the left hand to carry out the above training.

  2. Hand-held kettle shrugging exercises. Two hands carrying two kettles in front of the body. Both legs should be about the same width as the shoulders. Looking straight ahead, both legs will naturally straighten.Raise the shoulders upwards, and then shrug the shoulders back; then, return the shoulders back to the preparation action, that is, use the weight of the kettle to make the shoulders make a large back and forth movement.

The process can then be repeated iteratively, and the shoulders can also be rotated in the opposite direction.

  3. Self-resistance free radicals. When your feet naturally overlap, put your right hand on the right, and then push your head and neck to the right, while your right palm will exert its power to resist it.Cervical muscle.

In the same way, you can put the left palm on the right, and then perform the above-mentioned confrontation (distortion) exercise.

Or hold the chin with both hands from the bottom to the top, align the chin and press down, then push up with the force of the two palms, and exercise the neck muscles through the confrontation between the two palms and the chin.

Different personalities and fitness exercises

Different personalities and fitness exercises

“The key to falling in love with sports is knowing yourself!

“According to the British Independent, recently reported that Jimmy is a professor of applied anthropology at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Gavin’s latest research points out that people with different personalities should choose different exercise methods and find the most suitable exercise method for them, which will not only help keep fit, but also promote the development and improvement of personality.

Study these factors and see what character your personality has, and you know that you should choose a certain type of exercise.

I like to deal with others and work together.

Team sports or activities such as golf, squash and sociability can easily get you into trouble.

Suggested exercises: aerobics, spinning, pedal exercise, etc.

If the sport you choose is not a team sport, you can add social elements, some invite friends to run together, and so on.

I like being alone, doing things by myself, and being too social.

Unsociable “solitary travellers” can go to the park to play Tai Chi, swim or take long walks.

I do things resolutely, and when I think of them, I do too much.

Spontaneous “think before you think” people usually like fast movements, so they don’t have time to think or feel aversion to exercise.

Most team sports and ball games are the best choice.

In addition, you can choose to run fast, stretch, treadmill, bike, skate or climb with friends.

I like to do things as planned and controlled.

I like being organized and not nervous, and I don’t like to be shocked.

For those who think they need to have some control, they can choose from a variety of dances, Tai Chi, yoga, weightlifting, and especially Pilates.

I am a 100% self-motivator.

I don’t rely on the support of others.

Theoretically, people with strong intrinsic motivation have the least problems with exercise choice.

Running, weightlifting, cycling, swimming, tai chi, etc. are all inappropriate.

Self-reward and encouragement from others help me persist.

People who depend on external motivations are better to sign up for fitness classes, such as tennis, martial arts, skiing, etc.

I can easily concentrate.

I like to bury myself in things.

Famous concentration people can choose from tennis, squash, intricate dance or Tai Chi.

If you also have a strong sense of competition, you can choose a variety of team sports or martial arts.

I am easily distracted and always distracted.

It’s too difficult for me to do one thing.

People with less concentration are better off for a walk.

Because you can enjoy the scenery along the road when you walk, Ren Sixu is free.

Walking can also promote socializing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Wang Wen heard Qiao Qiao cleverly treated menstrual diseases

Traditional Chinese Medicine Wang Wen heard Qiao Qiao cleverly treated menstrual diseases

Smell diagnosis includes both smelling and smelling.

The former uses the sense of hearing to diagnose the patient’s language, breathing, coughing, and so on; and the sense of smell to detect the smell of the patient and the ward, as well as the patient’s excrement, to identify the disease.

  Listen to the sound: The sound of the voice stretches.

There is prosperity and decline of qi, so the sound has strength. The change of sound is often the embodiment of the strength of the internal organs.

Stimulation of external evils or deformation of visceral functions can sometimes cause abnormal sounds.

  The voicing is heavy, the voice is high and thick, and it is mostly empirical; the voicing is clear, the sound is low and weak, and most of them are false;

Those who have thick breathing are mostly lack of righteousness.

Those who make long and short sighs are mostly emotionally depressed and unhappy.

Such as coughing, coughing, heavy coughing sounds, mostly lung Qi Sheng; coughing sounds and thick gas, mostly belong to lung fever; weak cough, mostly lung deficiency; poor cough, mostly lungAnnoyed.

Another example is vomiting, weak vomiting, and slow vomiting, which are mostly cold; vomiting is strong, vomiting is strong, and most are real heat.

  Observation is mainly to observe the patient’s appearance, appearance, shape, and posture to determine the changes in his body.

  (1) Looking complexion: When the internal organs, qi and blood of the human body are abnormal, the corresponding disease color is often reflected on the face.

For example, the complexion is pale and fat, mostly qi deficiency and phlegm, clinically visible menstruation, early menstruation, bleeding, menstruation and diarrhea, etc .; pale, pale body, mostly blood deficiency, spleen deficiency, clinically visible menstruationIn the follow-up, menstruation is less, amenorrhea, etc .; those who are red and red are mostly yin deficiency and fire, clinically visible amenorrhea, avalanche, vomiting, fever, etc .; purple and dark, mostly stasis and stasis,Dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, etc. can be seen; dull complexion, mild parts, dark spots on the forehead, or darkened orbits, mostly kidney deficiency, can be seen in late menstruation, amenorrhea, amenorrhea, Sheehan’s disease and so on.

  Although these people belong to the yellow race, their skin colors may not be the same because of different working environments, nutritional status, age stages, and climates.

People who work indoors for a long time are slightly white, while those who are sun-dried are relatively dark; younger women have a paler skin tone, and older women have a correspondingly darker skin tone, and because some women make good use of cosmeticsSmearing will affect the original race.

All the above situations should be paid attention during the clinical trial.

  (2) Wang tongue: Wang tongue is of great significance for judging the deficiency and prosperity of viscera, qi and blood, distinguishing the location of the disease, distinguishing the nature of the disease, judging the severity of the disease, and predicting the prognosis of deformation.

The tongue includes tongue quality and tongue coating.

  ① The quality of the tongue: The quality of the tongue is the essence of the tongue.

Tongue quality inspection should also pay attention to changes in appearance, shape, shape and posture.

God’s performance is mainly in the gloom of the tongue.

Most of the people who have the tongue and redness are alive and the disease is mild, and the prognosis is good; if the tongue is dry, hard or thin, it usually indicates that the disease is chronic, the disease is difficult, the treatment is difficult, and the prognosis is poor.

  Tongue colors are red, yellow, yellow, purple, gray, and black.

Tongue color is more hot than normal red, red tip of the tongue is heart fire or combined with lung heat, red tongue near the tongue is fiery liver and gallbladder, often seen in early menstruation, menstruation, bleeding, vomiting and so on.

Those with pale tongue than normal are mostly blood deficiency, pale patients are mostly due to qi and blood stasis or internal cold, more common in late menstruation, less menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and so on.

The tongue color is darker than normal, mostly due to qi and blood stasis, poor operation, irregular menstruation, breast swelling, stomach pain, and menstrual pain.

The tongue color is very dark, or if there are petechiae or ecchymosis, most of them are internal stasis, common dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and residual after abortion.

  Tongue shape and tongue state, including the tenderness of the tongue, cracks in thorns, swelling, palate, and the softness, hardness, warfare, crookedness, crookedness, relaxation, contraction, and vomiting of the tongue.

Closely related to menstrual diseases are tongue-shaped swelling, soft and hard tongue and tongue.

The tongue is swollen, fat, moist, or has tooth marks on the sides, mostly spleen deficiency or spleen deficiency and phlegm, which is often seen in edema, diarrhea, and symptoms before and after menstruation.

Tongue palate is small and thin, most of which are deficient in blood, and those who are thin and pale are mostly qi and blood, which are common in the late menstruation, with low menstrual flow, bleeding, amenorrhea, etc .; those who are thin and red or dryMost of them are yin deficiency, fire, yin and jin loss, which are common in menstrual flow, menstruation, bleeding, fever, and back pain.

Those with a soft and flexible tongue are less ill and have a short course of disease. In the clinical practice of menstrual disease, a small amount of tongue is the main condition; although the tongue is not clinically encountered, it usually indicates that the disease is more severe, and most of them are caused by fever.Caused by stasis of the meridians, can be seen in the convulsions of the meridian, mental disorders such as meridian.

  (2) Tongue coating: Tongue coating is the scale on the tongue surface.

The thickness of the tongue coating can be used to detect the rise and fall of evil qi; the color of the tongue coating can be used to diagnose the cold and heat of the disease;

White tongues are mostly cold; yellows are mostly hot; blacks are cold or hot, most of which are chronic and severe; white and greasy are mostly cold and damp; those with white and dry are mostly cold and hotJin; the thick yellow fur is mostly hot and humid; the thick yellow fur is mostly hot; the thick yellow fur is mostly wet.

Obesity and Amenorrhea TCM Treatment

Obesity and Amenorrhea TCM Treatment

Xiao Li is 25 years old and is a secretary of a foreign company.

After three months of marriage, she gained 5 kilograms of weight, and her colleagues said she was “fat”.

She was listening to her ears and was in a hurry, and she took a lot of weight-loss pills but it didn’t work.

Recently, she has pigmentation on her face, and her menstruation does not come every month. She can be tested many times, but she is not pregnant.

In the hospital, the doctor carefully asked her previous menstrual conditions, and suggested that she check the endocrine follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, blood ketones, progesterone and prolactin, and initially thought that her progressive obesity was closely related to the body’s endocrine disorders.relationship.

  In ancient times, there were many superb alternatives to the occurrence of over-illness and its complications in excessive medical writings.

As early as 2000 years ago, the “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” pointed out: “Fat and noble people have guilty conscience.

“It is clearly pointed out that obesity is caused by excess nutrition, and that” its fat is not fatal “indicates the health hazards of obesity.

Up to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, “Nu Ke Qie Yao” had recognized the relationship between menstrual disorders and obesity, pointing out that “fat amenorrhea must be caused by phlegm dampness and lipid membrane congestion.

“It is generally considered that obesity is more than 15% of the standard weight.

Obesity can be divided into external and internal types. The most common cause of external obesity is overeating and inevitable exercise.

Endogenous obesity is the main cause of endocrine disorders, and the most direct reflection of women is menstrual disorders.

This menstrual disease can be manifested as dark purple menstrual blood, low menstrual flow and even amenorrhea.

  Clinical observations show that hyperproliferation of the adrenal cortex, hypothyroidism, insufficient sexual function, and hypothalamic dysfunction can be manifested as menstrual disorders with obesity.

In addition, hairy, infertility, and the incidence of polycystic ovary syndrome must be related.

In this type of disease, 20% of patients have moderate obesity and are evenly distributed. Although some female patients do not have polycystic ovary syndrome, they have less menstrual flow and have trouble flowing. Facial melasma and gradually increase, simpleTaking weight-loss pills, fat-removing pills will not help.

At this time, the detection of hormone levels should be used to distinguish between functional or organic diseases, and the analysis of age and menstrual cycle should be used to determine the severity of falsehoods.

Poor mood also has a significant impact on women’s menstruation. Depression and worry affect the function of the human internal organs. Among them, liver, spleen, and kidney dysfunction are important factors for menstrual disease and obesity.

  From the etiology and pathogenesis of menstrual disorders with obesity, the disease is mostly evidence of hypothetical evidence, specimens are interconnected and interdependent.

Clinically, kidney deficiency, liver and spleen disorders, and phlegm-dampness cohesion are the main pathological points, mainly divided into kidney deficiency and dampness and liver stagnation and fever.

  Kidney deficiency and damp resistance type is seen in the later period of menstruation, with a small amount of color, dark purple, leucorrhea, luteal mass, low waist, cold sleepiness, fatigue, less urination, dizziness, nausea, greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse and so on.

The Chinese patent medicine Jinkui Shenqi Pills can be used in combination with Pale Fudaotan Pills, 1 capsule each time, 2 times a day, even for 2 months.

If the determination of serum progesterone indicates no ovulation, take 1 tablet (50 mg) of clomiphene daily to promote ovulation from the 5th day of menstrual cramps.

Clinical observations show that through the traditional Chinese medicine of warming kidney and benefiting qi, dispersing cold and benefiting water, dampness, expectoration, weight loss and lipid reduction, the blood circulation function is obviously enhanced after 2 months, and the endocrine hormones of hypothalamus, pituitary and ovary tend to balance, menstruationCycle, menstrual flow returned to normal, and weight was significantly reduced.

  For the type of liver stagnation and stasis fever, evidence of obesity, dryness, dry mouth, menstrual disorders, menstrual flow with few purple blood clots, headache, dizziness, constipation, urinary redness, hirsutism, chest tightness, irritability, red tongue, greasy tongue, and pulse count.
The Chinese patent medicine Ganlu disinfection Dan and Danzhi Xiaoyao Pill can be taken together, each 20 grams each time, twice a day, even for 2 months.

For those with increased androgen levels, snails can be taken twice daily, 2 tablets (40 mg) each time.

Clinical observations: Chinese medicines can reduce swelling, dissipate blood stasis and reduce phlegm, clear heat and relieve constipation, lose weight and remove fat, and reduce blood triglyceride and cholesterol, improve blood rheology, and decrease blood androgen levels.The micro-cracks are severely and obviously controlled, and at the same time, purple and dark menstrual blood clots can be discharged, and the menstrual volume gradually increases and returns to normal.

  From Xiao Li’s serum reproductive endocrine hormone measurement results, only serum prolactin increased, and other indicators were in the normal range.

Doctors analyze that this hyperprolactinemia is closely related to excessive tension and anxiety.

Therefore, she is recommended to relax her mood, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and let her take Dan Xun Xiaoyao Jiu and manna disinfectant Dan.

After more than 1 month of treatment, Xiao Li felt that her mood had improved markedly, those “nameless fires” had disappeared, and combined with the menstrual tide, her facial pigmentation had obviously faded, her weight had also been reduced, and a stone in her heart finally landed.

Through this incident, Xiao Li deeply realized that she should not take medicine too much if she didn’t see too much. She should look at the essence through the phenomenon, and pay special attention to the relationship between changes in menstruation and excess.

Two months later, when Xiao Li rechecked that the serum prolactin had replaced the normal, she was happy to face: “I can change my appearance now.

3 aerobic exercises to lose weight fast

3 aerobic exercises to lose weight fast

Weight loss is probably a headache for the world.

Aerobic exercise is recognized as the best way to lose weight healthy.

Aerobic exercise is not just about various aerobic exercises, but also endurance sports such as running, cycling, swimming, and skipping. It sounds boring.

Introduce you some exercises today to lose weight fast!


各种有氧操  我并不主张初习者或体能条件不好的朋友跳有氧操减肥,太简单的达不到心率要求,比较复杂的对身体的力量,灵活性,柔韧性要求都较High, ordinary people ca n’t do it at all. If the action is not in place, it has no effect, and it is easy to cause harm. Although there are various attractive aerobic exercises, I recommend that friends without physical conditions do not use aerobic exercises for weight loss.Methods.
  Swimming is a good way to lose weight, it is also a good systemic exercise, and is very effective in improving cardiopulmonary function, but many people are not good at swimming, so you can use brisk walking in the pool instead, which has a very good effect on improving heart rateit is good.

However, friends who can swim should also pay attention to using swimming to lose weight. It is not a swimming competition. Do not pursue speed. It is enough to meet the heart rate requirement. At the same time, you must pay attention to sufficient oxygen uptake.


Bicycles Many gyms now have spinning bikes. The design of these bicycles is very suitable for aerobic training, but the bicycle training rooms are generally too small. When many people used to train, the room was prone to hypoxia. Although the gym is designed to improveAmbient temperature makes athletes sweat a lot to improve weight loss.

But I’m in favor of giving up on health while losing weight.

If you ride outdoors to lose weight, it is recommended to choose a mountain bike (only the speed limit in the city, the environment is not very good).


Running (quick walking) Outdoor running will be limited by the environment. Choosing a treadmill is also very good. Letting go of the treadmill can increase the oxygen utilization rate by 8% and the heart rate by 5%. Of course, it must be released under the premise of ensuring balance.Open the handrails and choose a treadmill with a certain slope to improve weight loss.

Use interval exercise on a treadmill, that is, you can exercise at high speed for a while, and then switch to a slightly faster cycle.

  Rope skipping is easy to learn and the equipment is simple. It can be exercised on a small piece of open space. It is a very good aerobic exercise. It can be said that it is cheap and good. Rope skipping can increase heart rate and breathing rate in a few minutes and reduce weight in a short time.Professional boxers usually skip rope as the main content of aerobic fat loss before the game, and can also train the coordination and sensitivity of the whole body.

Three kinds of water for health in spring: jasmine to eliminate spring sleepiness

Three kinds of water for health in spring: jasmine to eliminate spring sleepiness

Spring sleepiness and spring dryness are all problems that people will inevitably encounter in spring.

What should I do if these problems occur?

A proper diet can help us solve these problems that are unique to spring.

Such as jasmine can eliminate spring sleepiness, honey water can moisturize, chicken soup can eliminate spring cold and so on.

The following editor will introduce to you what to eat in spring?

  Jasmine eliminates springtime and folks have long said that “chunyi drink flowers”, and from the perspective of health and health care, it is also spring drink flower tea.

Most parts of China have a monsoon climate, with warm springs, hot summers, cool autumns, and cold winters, with four distinct seasons.

In the spring days, the spring breeze recovers and the yang energy is brought to life. However, people are generally trapped in sleepiness and weakness, which is manifested as spring sleepiness.

  Drinking scented tea in spring can alleviate the adverse effects caused by spring difficulties.

The scented tea is sweet and fragrant, which is conducive to emitting the cold chills that accumulate in the human body, and promote the development of yang in the body.

  Scented tea is a treasure of tea that combines the beauty of tea and the fragrance of flowers.

“Hua Yin tea fragrance complements each other”, it is based on the principle of roasting green tea and other tea-type teas and the spouting characteristics of flowers, mixing tea and flowers to make it, the most famous is jasmine tea.

This is because the fragrance of jasmine is gentle and pleasant.

Jasmine tea has the reputation of “the smell of spring in Chinese tea.”

Spring drink jasmine can refresh your mind, has the effect of “removing cold evil, assistant Yu”, is the top grade of tea drinking in spring.

  For high-grade scented tea, you should add a transparent glass cover cup, take 3 grams of scented tea, put it in the cup, brew with boiling water slightly cool to about 90 ℃, and then cover the cup to prevent the aroma from losing.

  Honey Shuirunchunzao, a Tang dynasty physician, Sun Simiao, said: “On the 72nd day of spring, the province increased its acidity and increased its sweetness to maintain its temper.

“People have transitioned from the cold in winter to the windy season in spring. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that wind is more prone to dryness, and that external evils invade the human body.

Honey is sweet and gentle.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said that honey has five functions: clearing heat, tonic, detoxify, moisturize, and relieve pain.

Honey flour moisturizes, moisturizes and smoothes the intestines, clears away heat and moisturizes the lungs, and relieves pain and anxiety.

Honey mainly contains glucose and fructose, as well as a variety of essential amino acids, proteins, malic acid, vitamins and other ingredients.

Therefore, in spring, honey is the most ideal health drink.

Flush a cup of honey water every morning and evening, which can not only intestinal laxative, prevent colds, but also remove toxins from the body.

  Honey jujube tea is a good match, it has the functions of nourishing Qi and nourishing qi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Prepare 150 g dried dates, 50 g rock sugar, 250 ml honey, and 350 ml water.

The dried red dates are dug out of the nucleus, and the rock sugar is poured into a small soup pot, and then water is added. After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and cook until the water is completely dried.

Whisk in a small saucepan with an eggbeater, beat the cooked red dates into red date puree, thoroughly cool, put in a clean glass bottle, and pour honey into a small spoon and mix well.

When facing, take 2 teaspoons of honey jujube into the cup, then pour in warm water and stir well.

  Chicken soup removes the cold and spring, the temperature changes greatly in spring, the human body’s immunity decreases, and it is easy to catch a cold.

Spring tonic soup can choose chicken soup that can improve immunity and prevent colds. The protein content is high, and it is easy to digest and easy to be absorbed and used by the human body.

Chicken soup can effectively suppress inflammation and excessive production of mucus in the human body, help reduce nasal blockage, throat pain, and the number of coughs.

  Chinese medicine pays attention to spring and summer, and autumn and winter, and believes that spring and summer nourish yang and autumn and winter nourish yin.

Therefore, tonic in spring, we should pay attention to the characteristics of gradually warming yang, and the human body’s yang is gradually rising. With the principle of clearing up, softening, and flattening, we must both raise the yang, and be gentle.

Chicken soup has the effects of warming and invigorating qi, nourishing and filling essence, strengthening the spleen and stomach, promoting blood circulation, and strengthening bones and bones.

The hen soup has caloric heat and is generally hot, and the chicken soup is more suitable for spring feeding.

  Chicken soup with wolfberry has the effect of nourishing the liver and eyesight.

In addition to chicken soup, some fish soup is also a good choice.For example, carp soup has the function of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, and can reduce the symptoms of edema.

How to do a few cold treatments

How to do a few cold treatments

Everyone has a kind of hateful feeling for colds. I do n’t know if it ‘s better.

Sometimes there are important things tomorrow, but you have a cold today. Such cases are often seen in life.

So, if you are so afraid of catching a cold, what can you do to prevent it?

What to eat fast after a cold.
[What to eat after a cold]1. The green onion drum soup has the effect of detoxifying, while the tempeh has a sweating effect.

After drinking the onion drum soup, it will cause the body to sweat a lot and speed up the process of detoxification.

If it is caused by fatigue and other reasons, take some cold foods, such as rock sugar and pear to boil water.

  Method: add 500g of tempeh after heating in 500ml of water, add scallion white after boiling.

  2, yam porridge yam is a kind of “not dry and not greasy” food, is the best choice for tonic, if the frail people, drinking some yam porridge during the recovery period is a good choice.

  Method: Cut 60g yam into small pieces, put them in water with 100g stalk rice and cook after serving.

  [Prevention of colds is important to prevent and prevent the disease before it happens.]1. Strengthening exercise Strengthening exercise can enhance our physical fitness, strengthen our immune system, and make our bodies more adaptable to seasonal changes.

  2. When the season of preventive medication is changed, we eat Guanzhong, perilla, nepeta, etc., which can reduce the incidence of colds.

However, it should not be too long when decoction.

  3, eating and living must pay attention to keep warm, not too much extra clothing for temporary beauty, if you have a cold because of this, you will lose more than you pay.

Also, be sure to cover the quilt while sleeping to avoid cold.

  Written in the end, take a hot bath after a cold, drink ginger sugar water, sweat first, and the sweat glands are unobstructed, which is conducive to the entry of oxygen and strengthens the metabolic function.

Taking more rest can not only restore physical strength, but also avoid some cold complications.

Drink plenty of warm water to eliminate toxins.