After a while, they all came。Xiao Fan smiled coldly,Watching the people who keep coming out of the window,They surrounded Xiao Fan’s car。

Xiao Fan didn’t move,Immediately after the people outside shouted:“Say the people inside listen,No matter how many people you have,How powerful,Now let’s solve it face to face,If you still want to save your life, please come down quickly。”
Xiao Fan sneered,Open the door and walk down slowly,The king’s temperament on Xiao Fan made them shocked,They think this person is not easy,Finally the boss seemed to recognize Xiao Fan,。
Mainly because he saw the necklace representing the strongest,His legs are shaking,But I haven’t reminded the people around,Because he can’t speak。
He really didn’t expect Xiao Fan to personally solve their problems in such a small place,Xiao Fan smiled and looked at them,Then calmly said:“Oh?is it?Let’s see who wants to save his life and go out today。”
The boss heard Xiao Fan’s words even more frightened,He said tremblingly:“do not,Don’t move him,He is a character we can’t afford。”These little brothers were a little frightened when they heard the eldest brother say this,Dare not speak anymore。
Xiao Fan said:“Whether you do it or not today,I won’t let you go,We will calculate some new and old accounts together today,I won’t make people feel bullied,I can solve you all with one finger today。”
The little brother below doesn’t understand the truth,So seeing him so rampant, I couldn’t help but say:“Who do you think you are,I want to solve us all with one finger,We are professionally trained,
If you want to beat us, save your energy。”The big brother slapped the person who spoke,Yelled at him:“You fucking shut up!”
Xiao Fan smiled and said:“It seems you don’t fit inside,Doesn’t it seem that I’m more bullying??”The group of people underneath saw that the leader beat the person who said the wrong thing,Dare not speak for a while,Also a little scared。
They know the existence of Xiao Fan,But I don’t know if this person is Xiao Fan,So they just watched it get better,But psychologically I am still a little scared,After all, Xiao Fan’s own aura,Can give people a great sense of oppression。
They dare not act rashly,He dare not run away,Xiao Fan looked at them nervously,I couldn’t help but sneered,It turns out that this group of ground snakes hurt so many people,Such a thief who is so greedy for life and fear of death。
He hasn’t done it yet,One by one was so scared,Especially the leader has no demeanor as a big brother,Seeing Xiao Fan, my legs were scared,I don’t even know the brothers who command underground。
At this moment, the leader looked at Xiao Fan,Tremblingly:“I’m sorry we have eyes but don’t know Taishan,Disturbed you,I don’t know why you are here in a small place?”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“What can i do,Don’t you guys know?You have done bad things for so long,Someone asks me for help,Of course i want to come,And my brothers have been bullied here,
I naturally want to avenge him,”The leader smiled and said:“We were ignorant back then,Hurt the man under your hand, Brother Fan,We apologize to him,Can you let us go today,We promise never to do evil again。”

Anthony·Fokker,After a while,He finally adjusted his emotions,Face this problem,Anthony·Fokker asked:“I know you are not reconciled,I am actually very unwilling,But apart from this road,Does anyone have any good suggestions or solutions?

Or maybe,A gentleman among us,Determined to die with the Americans,Rather, the stock in your hands will eventually become worthless,Not willing to make Americans cheaper?”
No one speaks,Even one dared to be with Anthony·Fogg looked at each other and there was no one。
Die with the Americans、Even the Falkland in his hands-United Aviation Technology’s stock eventually turned into a pile of waste paper is not cheap for Americans?
Do not make jokes!
We are just a bunch of ordinary people、A group of ordinary people with a little money,Own stocks turned into waste paper,Is there any loss to the Americans??No!Not a penny of loss!On the contrary,Lost a lot of wealth out of thin air。
If you consider selling the company to Fernandez·After Chen,Fokker Company is very likely to grow and develop in his hands,And the value of this part of Fokker’s stock held in my hands can be several times,My own loss can be even greater。
and so,As a businessman,How can you do such a disadvantageous thing?
First989chapter Endless life,Infighting
Can’t do something unfavorable,just,If the shares are too small,Chen Geng is definitely not happy,But if you give Chen Geng too much,Isn’t it that you are also at a loss?
So here comes the question:How many shares should be sold to Chen Geng??
just,Massim·After Verhagen expressed his concerns on behalf of Fokker Aircraft,,Chen Geng is very talkative,Does not seem to have to hold more than50%the meaning of,If it’s for Massim·Verhagen says:“this problem,Go talk to Miss Rosemary,How many shares can be left from Miss Rosemary,It depends on your abilities……”
“Thank you,Thank you……”
Massim·Verhagen didn’t expect Chen Geng to be so easy to talk,Suddenly a look of joy,A pile of gratitude to Chen Geng。

I have seen Lin Yu’s skills,Huang Mao dare not say anything,Just about to nod and agree,Suddenly staring out of the store blankly,Seems to be attracted by something。

Lin Yu also looked out curiously,I saw a red BMW at the door.5,The door opens,Step out of a beautiful white slender leg,Then I got out of the car and got a tall figure,Beauty in a white bohemian dress。
The beauty in a long skirt pulled her long black hair,Take off the sunglasses,The fair skin and delicate face are simply amazing,Huang Mao and his gang were dumbfounded。
Lin Yu couldn’t help being attracted,This beauty is indeed the best in appearance and temperament。
The beauty in a long skirt looked up at the bun shop,Frowned slightly,Then walked in quickly。
“beauty,Buy buns?,What stuffing?”
Lin Yu couldn’t help but blurt out,I used to sell buns for my mother,See people just like that,Has become a conditioned reflex。
“What do you call me?”The beauty in the long skirt gave him a cold look,Unhappy tone。
Lin Yu thinks his title is fine,Can’t help but wonder,The first time I saw a beauty shouting, I still don’t want to listen。
The beauty in the long skirt looked at him,Cold voice:“Okay,He Jiarong,Coma for two months,I don’t even know my wife anymore。”
Close combat latest chapter Chapter three three hundred and fourteen Qin Feng’s Counter Attack Website:
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifteen Paparazzi sneak shots
however,Zhao Chang forgot that Qin Feng had a wave of navy。
So after the incident,The navy began to take the rhythm。
“Ha ha,Trash director,Dare to respond to this?”

Who would have thought that they could not do it just to defend。

With so many offensive teams in the world putting in seven or eight attackers, they may not be able to break through the barrel formation。But today,They saw a man who broke their iron bucket by his personal ability。
Is this still alone?Two or three people defending him can’t break his ball?These defensive players are
Shouldn’t go home to farm?
The scariest thing is,They obviously fouled Qin Feng and put Qin Feng on the ground。
But the opponent’s ability to set the ball,Can kick a goal from a distance of forty meters,There is no way to let the goalkeeper。
If one of the many players today is the most broken,This man is definitely the goalkeeper of Doudou City。Because no matter how he rushes,The final result is that the ball rolled into the goal。
For so many years,This goalkeeper had the idea of changing careers for the first time。
What kind of ball to kick,The guard is like a dead man,Easily passed by others,Then every time he faces Qin Feng’s attack alone。
Only one first half down,The score has become10ratio0,This is because the person on the other side doesn’t want to attack。Otherwise they will definitely lose more ugly。
“All right,Just play halftime。No need to kick it anymore。Now i ask you,I am qualified to be your boss?”After halftime,Qin Feng looked at the players seriously and asked。
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Chapter four hundred and ninety five Title deprivation
“We surrender!”Dige and others lower their heads。Although they are not professional coaches,But short45In minutes,They did try various changes。
But no matter how they change their tricks,Can’t stop Qin Feng’s attack,same,They couldn’t break through Liu Xing’s goal。
Both offensive and defensive have been blown up。Even more than half of the players are somewhat autistic。Do you feel unsuitable for this sport。

I saw Xiang Chen dared to slip away while talking to myself,Korean Xiang didn’t hesitate,According to Xiang Chen’s stomach, he hit again with a punch。

Han Yuxiang’s fist is heavy,When it fell on Xiang Chen’s stomach,Xiang Chen’s eyes protruded in an instant。
“Let me answer you,You are asking!”
Angrily looking at Korean Xiang,Xiang Chen’s voice is abnormal when he speaks。
Xiang Chen, who is lying on the hospital bed, has a hard time,But at this time, Xiangyang in the military training of the barracks is not easy。
The military training of Wanghai University is to drop students to the military camp.,This is why the National Games of University Students,The reason why Wanghai University is always equal to the Imperial College of Physical Education。Because here,Every freshman at Wanghai University will enter the barracks as a recruit,Without exception,Here for a month,The freshmen at Wanghai University are all soldiers。
This is something that everyone knows,But what Xiangyang didn’t expect at all was,She actually saw Huang Zetao among the freshmen。After some inquiries,Xiangyang only knew,It turns out that Huang Zetao has missed too many subjects。
Xiangyang felt that Huang Zetao’s IQ might be problematic at the same time,Xiang Yang is also feeling that his title of school flower is still very useful,At least the speed of this information network surprised her。
But everything has advantages and disadvantages,When Xiangyang inquired about Huang Zetao’s information,Huang Zetao also learned that one of the freshmen was asking for news about him。
As Wanghai University, he is also a famous son,There are school flowers that favor me,Of course Huang Zetao won’t let this opportunity go。
After many twists and turns,Taking a break from military training,Huang Zetao finally found the freshman who was following him in the rumor。
Only when Huang Zetao and a group of younger brothers found Xiangyang,Huang Zetao, whose bruise hasn’t subsided,The complexion is even more ugly。
When I saw Xiao Xiaoxiao and Bai Lu in the square where Xiangyang was,Whether it’s Huang Zetao or the little brothers behind him,Everyone thinks this trip is worthwhile,But when Huang Zetao knew that the person who inquired about him was Xiangyang,The whole person’s face changed,It’s just that the little brothers behind him are still full of energy。
The so-called enemies blush when they meet,But because of the face,Even if you are a victim,Huang Zetao can’t say anything,After all, I have to mix in the circle in the future,End up with a reputation as a bully,Wherever I go in the future, I will become the laughing stock of others。

Whether it’s a long-term traveler who came to the deep city,Or the double bonus red sticks of the four major communities on Hong Kong Island,Gold beater,Mention Chen Jiannan,Talk about the skill of Brother Yinan,There is only one uppercase word for service。

But now,Chen Jiannan is under the opponent’s offensive,Back and forth,Was forced into desperation。
Is it really as Jiang Qizhi said,We don’t even know how powerful the forces behind him are?
These two self-proclaimed soldiers king,Any one can beat Chen Jiannan’s defeat,There is nothing to fight back?How can this be?
but,Even if Zhu Xiaoguang and those little brothers lying on the ground would not believe,But the facts before us are already obvious,Chen Jiannan is not the opponent of that soldier king,This assassination,Already under the opponent’s strength,Completely failed。
“Liu Heping,Your skill has regressed so much?It takes so long to clean up a bad boy?How about i help you?”Ye Guzhou, another soldier guarding behind Jiang Qizhi, said with a smile。
“Humph,Within three strokes,I must kill him!”Liu Heping let out an angry roar。
Chapter 594 King’s return
The voice has not fallen,Liu Heping suddenly sank his waist,All over the sky。
Followed by,His feet stand on the ground,Open arms,Pounced on Chen Jiannan like an eagle pounced on a chicken。
This change,How rich Chen Jiannan’s actual combat experience is,Naturally know that the time has come to win。
Talking late,Then soon!Chen Jiannan shouted,At the same time,Swings the punch to the opponent’s chest。
Liu Heping opened his arms to capture Chen Jiannan,His chest naturally showed a gap,So Chen Jiannan instinctively punched out,Strong hit the midline。
The two used their full strength almost at the same time,The bet is that the attacking force is stronger than the opponent,Fighting is to have stronger defenses。
boom!Chen Jiannan punched the chest of the soldier Wang Liu Heping,And Liu Heping’s palms are like tiger claws,I also heavily photographed Chen Jiannan’s shoulders。
Click!Chen Jiannan only felt his shoulders sink,There was a sudden pain in my shoulder。

If you don’t consider the light pattern equipment everywhere,The city of steel at the moment,It’s no different from the industrial cities of the earth world,The city is full of vitality,Every human walking on the street,There is hope in my eyes。

This is a human city created by Lu Menglin,It is also the first stronghold of the earth world in Shenmin continent,More and more Terran warriors are entering the city,They practice here,Live here,Fight to defend the city!
What a magnificent and moving scene!Lu Menglin looked at the wide street in front of him,Watching these living pedestrians,Full of pride。
“Brother Wuhao,Look over there!Guess what that person does?”Kasuga Mingko smiled and pointed to the man on the right side of the street,Casually asked。
Lu Menglin took a look,I found out that the guy over there is an individual,Not weak,Put in the earth world,At least in the realm of a little master,Steady Warrior。
This guy is wearing a yellow uniform,Doesn’t look like a soldier in the city of steel,With a yellow helmet on his head,An electric bicycle parked beside,The interior of the car actually emits faint fluctuations of light energy。
Young man full of energy,Take out a bag of things from the trunk of the car,Give it to the person in the shop,And then signed a few,Just ride an electric bike,Yiqi Juechen,Fly away。
Lu Menglin watched carefully for a long time,Finally asked in an uncertain tone:“this is.Meituan Takeaway?Takeaway?”
“Great!As expected of Brother Lu!Can be guessed!He is indeed a takeaway boy!This kind of profession is popular now in City of Steel,The kind of electric bike he rides,It was made by the people in Hainuo Lab,Driven by light energy stone,Don’t talk for a thousand miles,Can also help practice!”Kasuga Mingko explained with a smile。
Lu Menglin looked surprised,I didn’t expect to be back for a while,The City of Steel has already developed so fast!
But it’s normal to think about it,I just lay a foundation for the human world,All human beings are working hard to survive,Such power is truly powerful,Unstoppable mighty!
The City of Steel is under the irrigation of the entire earth world,It’s hard not to change!A large number of powerful people in the human world gather here,All the smartest scientists are working on it,The power and wisdom of all human beings are concentrated here,It’s hard not to be strong。
“Please have a cup of coffee!”Kasuga Mitsuko smiled and walked to the door of a cafe with a green sign,Push the door in,Sat down。
Lu Menglin was surprised,There are even coffee shops in the city of steel,Haven’t been here for half a year,It’s completely changed!
“The coffee in the City of Steel is famous,It’s sold out on the earth world,In short supply!You Chinese are really smart,They transplanted coffee trees from the earth world to Shenmin continent,The coffee beans grown are very special,The refreshing effect is ten times that of regular coffee,And full of energy,Good for the body。”
Kasuga Mingzi said,I ordered two cups of coffee with the electronic ordering device,One cup is pure black coffee,One cup is iced coffee with milk cap。

“Of course you are different,If it’s Xiao Fan, you,No matter when you want to see me,I must be there the first time!”Shen Xiaoya immediately reiterated Xiao Fan’s uniqueness in her Miss Shen’s heart。

“Xiaoya.”For such Shen Xiaoya,Xiao Fan is really at a loss,The mind of a girl,I really don’t want to be delayed like this。
If I remember correctly,Last time,He should have told her his mind clearly,This is today,Why is this again.
Chapter Three Hundred and Four Reenter the restaurant
Seems to see Xiao Fan’s embarrassment,Shen Xiaoya also immediately changed her tone and said to Xiao Fan:“Damn,Brother Xiao Fan,Am I kidding you?,Look at what scared you!”
“Oh oh oh,So you were joking with me!”Xiao Fan heard Shen Xiaoya say this,I was relieved immediately。
Okay,Okay,otherwise,Xiao Fan really doesn’t know how he should tell Shen Xiaoya about Liu Shanshan next。
Don’t know,After Xiao Fan relaxed his tone,Shen Xiaoya’s mood on the other end of the phone has become lost。
“Oh,correct,Brother Xiao Fan,You haven’t said anything about looking for me yet?”Relieved my emotions,Shen Xiaoya immediately spoke to Xiao Fan on the phone with her sweet voice。
Such a sentence from Shen Xiaoya,It can be said that the distracted Xiao Fan has recovered some of his spirits。
Yes,Why did I forget it?,Calling Shen Xiaoya by myself is not here to relive the past,He came with a mission。
“Cough”To show embarrassment,then,Only then did Xiao Fan speak to Shen Xiaoya on the other end of the phone:“It’s such Xiaoya,If you have time now,I want to treat you to a meal!”
“Of course there is,Didn’t I just say?Others want to find me,That doesn’t necessarily have time,but,Brother Xiao Fan, you are different,No matter when you find me,I have time。”Shen Xiaoya still said to Xiao Fan in a sweet voice。
Xiao Fan also consciously ignored Shen Xiaoya’s words,Just say:“Well,I’m waiting for you at the restaurant where we ate last time,Come here after you clean up!”
“Brother Xiao Fan,Are you talking about now?”While talking, Shen Xiaoya looked at the clock on the wall of the bedroom。
Look at the time,It’s only ten o’clock,Her face has changed a bit,She really doesn’t understand now,Xiao Fan called himself out at this time,Should I have lunch or breakfast??
Have breakfast,It’s too late!

“At Shengjing Hospital!”Wang Mingyang stubbornly recruited directly。

Actually, I can’t say that he has no backbone,He and Qiao Shan have no relatives for no reason,In addition, Qiao Shan has always been arrogant and domineering,I never put him in my eyes,So Wang Mingyang thinks he doesn’t need to be loyal to such a person。
Xiao Fan nodded,Said:“well,Give you ten seconds,You choose to go by yourself,I’ll take you away?”
Wang Mingyang looked at Xiao Fan in surprise,He didn’t expect Xiao Fan to let him go,After all, he came today with a mission to kill。
“We go by ourselves!”Wang Mingyang said。
A man can bend and stretch,Since I can’t beat others,,And I’m willing to give my own life,Wang Mingyang happily chose to leave automatically。
Actually this has been up until now,One reason why Wang Mingyang’s team has grown stronger,Because Wang Mingyang never takes his brother to make fearless sacrifices。
“Get out!”Xiao Fan said coldly。
Waiting for Xiao Fan to let go of the knife on his neck,Wang Mingyang immediately left with a group of subordinates dingy,
This is since Wang Mingyang’s debut,Encountered this situation for the first time,Although defeated,Brothers are all intact。
Oh!Do not,Except for a brother whose wrist was injured by Xiao Fan。
But Wang Mingyang showed no gratitude to him,Instead, he kicked him,Said:“What,The woman I look after,You dare to hurt her!”
The subordinate immediately said aggrievedly:“Big,Big brother,I’m not seeing you trapped,Just want to restrain that woman,So I can save you?”
“Do I need to sacrifice a woman to save me?Take him to the hospital,I don’t want to see him now!”Finished,Wang Mingyang got in the car and left。
Qiao Anan quickly came to Xiao Fan’s side,I looked at Xiao Fan up and down again,Asked:“Are you OK?”
“Nothing!”Xiao Fan asked,“Are you ready now?”
Qiao Anan was taken aback,“What to prepare?”
“Preparation for revenge!Prepare for justice for you and your mother,You saw it just now,Your forbearance won’t make Qiao Shan show mercy to you,Will only make him worse。”Xiao Fan said。
“I–”Qiao Anan is very tangled,Want revenge,But I feel that facing such a Qiao family,She can’t do it,Because no matter what she did,All in vain。

Matsushita Kojima and the man fell to the ground at the same time:“Adults calm down,This barren man really has something to say,You might as well listen first,If he said something wrong,Just make it into a can directly here!”

Plundering the leader’s eyes,Narrowed into a slit,In that predator and,Matsushita Kojima’s faces looked back and forth。
At this moment, these two people feel as if their faces have been swiped by a knife,The two quickly lowered their heads,Dare not look up。
A moment later,Predator leader deeply,Took a breath,Forcibly suppressed the impulse in my heart:“Barren,You better tell me something useful,If you want me to know what you said is useless,I told you to walk around!”
The leader of the predator said his aura,Unreservedly released,He has,Look at the cultivation base of the strong gods。
Matsushita Kojima swallowed,Forcibly cheered up,Open the head,And slowly facing the leader of the predator,What I just said to the predator,Tell him again。
At first there was an impatient look on the face of the predator leader,But at the end,It may be the words of Matsushita Kojima,Really moved him,So that at the end, he nodded frequently。
“Ok,grown ups,I’ll stop here,What do you want to do?Just do what you want!”
The head of the predator is spinning fast in the mind,Weighing the pros and cons of this matter,At the end the predator leader,Took a deep breath,Then he nodded gently。
“How sure are you that you can join the slayer?”
The leader of the predator and the leader of the slayer,The two have had a lot of dealings,So he naturally knows the temper of the slaughter leader,This man has a terrible temper,It is estimated that this ridiculous person may not be able to see him,Was killed by that group of slaughters。
To know,Actually on this wasteland,The ones who are really drunk and ruthless are the slaughterers,You can see their fierceness from their names。
So the leader of the predator didn’t think that the deserted man could have much confidence,Successfully united to the leader of the slayer。
But Matsushita Island,Clever,Didn’t directly say how sure I was,Because he also knew the leader of this slayer,More difficult to speak than the leader of the predator。
“If it is not united to you,I’m not sure,But now I can unite to you,As long as you give me a little help,I can be 50% sure!”
Matsushita Kojima’s silent flattery beat loudly,But it is called the leader of the predator very useful,The corners of his mouth rise slightly,Evoked a smile:“Oh,How do you need me to help you?”
“Things are simple,As long as you send someone,Then fix another book,that’s it。”