Chen Wenjin also finished eating,Just go to his father’s office。He remembers the previous office,But his father changed after he was promoted to director,He hasn’t been。

Master Chen gave him an office key,The security in the unit has seen、Said hello。
Chen Wenjin past tense,I saw a group of people waiting downstairs,See Master Chen is here,Surrounded by greeting Master Chen to get in the car first,Other talents followed suit,The security captain led two people,He was greeted by Master Chen and got in the car and left。
Lord Chen mixes in the unit,But it’s a bit good,Like eating,I have to pick up everyone,Obviously this is Master Chen’s way of being a leader in the workplace。
Chen Wenjin went up alone,Entered Master Chen’s new office,The sign at the door says the director’s office。
Chen Wenjin looked around,Found that the room is bigger than before,There are also extra furnishings such as bookcases,The look and feel is obviously different。
Chen Wenjin flips through things at will,Nothing special,The desk is locked,But the desk itself is wooden with no safety,Some more years,A screwdriver can be opened by inserting it through the gap,There is also a lock that can be opened by poking something。
‘Since it’s here,Not to see?’Chen Wenjin is ok,Ready to find the tool to open,Suddenly someone opened the door and came in。
A woman,Seeing Chen Wen was stunned now,Then I guessed:“You are the son of Director Chen?Chen Wenjin?”
Chen Wenjin looked at this woman,Feel a bit unusual。
It’s not weird to guess his relationship with Master Chen,It’s a little strange to remember his name,Enter without knocking on the door,I didn’t call Master Chen beforehand, so I didn’t know that others were out.。
Since I don’t know,This woman shouldn’t work here,Otherwise you won’t know。
Then the problem is coming,Who is she?What does it have to do with Master Chen??
Chapter Ninety One Tentative
Chen Wenjin looked at the woman at the door,Look at the appearance of about twenty-five or sixteen years old,Exquisite makeup,There is always a smile in his face,Shapely。
“How does aunt know my name?Have we met?”Chen Wenjin deliberately didn’t call big sister。
“Aunt?I’m so old?”That woman smiled,Then say:“I heard it mentioned by Director Chen,Said you might have a lunch break in his office at noon recently。Director Chen is away?”

“Really there are so many?”

Listen to jack·Welch said it can at least pull20%growth of,The directors of the board of directors can’t calm down one by one,It’s not that they suspect,Not so much doubt,I can’t believe it:at least20%growth of?Oh my god,How can this be?!
“This is our sales report from last week,”There is nothing more convincing than facts,Jack·Welch directly lost last week’s sales report:“In the past week,GL8Sales increased26.7%,Gentlemen,Now, who of you is still skeptical of the effect of this financial policy on sales??Or,You think Chrysler、GM and Ford will be indifferent after seeing our actions、Let us reap this wave of dividends?”
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
“Gentlemen,The public’s acceptance of our financial product is beyond my imagination!I recommend,We can keep up,Roll out this financial policy,Popularized on all models under its own,”On the company’s board of directors,Jack·Welch patted the table excitedly:“According to our calculation,If we roll out this financial policy,Will at least pull the entire group20%Sales growth,20%Ah gentlemen……”
“Really there are so many?”
Listen to jack·Welch said it can at least pull20%growth of,The directors of the board of directors can’t calm down one by one,It’s not that they suspect,Not so much doubt,I can’t believe it:at least20%growth of?Oh my god,How can this be?!
“This is our sales report from last week,”There is nothing more convincing than facts,Jack·Welch directly lost last week’s sales report:“In the past week,GL8Sales increased26.7%,Gentlemen,Now, who of you is still skeptical of the effect of this financial policy on sales??Or,You think Chrysler、GM and Ford will be indifferent after seeing our actions、Let us reap this wave of dividends?”
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Brothers and sisters,Asking for another day off
Cough cough……Brothers sorry,Can’t finish,Take another day off,Please forgive me brothers。
First429chapter Part-time international students
With a bit of doubt,Universal、Chrysler and Ford begin to investigate and confirm the situation,The results of the investigation left all previous skeptics speechless:During this period of time, the sales of domestic cars are declining,Just receivedAMCThe impact of this new financial strategy。
In that case,What else to say?!
This thing you can use,I can use it naturally,In willAMCAfter careful study of this long-term rental method,Universal、Chrysler and Ford also launched their own long-term rental financial strategies at the fastest speed,For a time,Not onlyAMC,Universal、Chrysler and Ford laughed so much。
This is understandable,Never experienced this era、People who can only imagine the strength of the United States do not know how bleak the economic situation of the United States in this era is.,Because of the arms race with the Soviet Union over the years,Leading to this1980year,The U.S. inflation rate is staggering13.6%,And the unemployment rate is as high as8.5%,Significantly exceeded7%Warning line of international unemployment rate,This means that almost one in five American families is in career status,This is already a typical economic stagflation situation——Information for later generations,It is said that in the struggle for hegemony,The US brought down the Soviet Union,This statement is correct,But this definitely does not mean that the United States paid no price when it brought down the Soviet Union.,In fact, this kind of thing has always killed a thousand enemies、Self-defeating,But Americans are betterXsome,It’s only to kill one thousand and lose five hundred,But self-harm 500 is also self-harm, isn’t it?

But according to Cen Wen’s level,That is equivalent to the director of a department,Even though the Scavenger wants to move him, it’s a little troublesome,But it’s not that I can’t deal with Cen Wen。

Therefore,So Cen Wen will not kill Chateauroux at this time,But how much will cut off his wings,So that this person cannot resume fighting with him in a short time。
“Do you think I dare not kill you?”Qin Feng Leng Lengdao。
And at this moment,Cen Wen couldn’t help but talk,“Qin Feng,Don’t go too far。Almost done。”
“He dare to threaten me,I’m going to kill him!”Qin Feng didn’t give Cen Wen any face。
“Qin Feng, don’t be like this,Will break my plan!”Cen Wen said。
Qin Feng turned his head and looked at Cen Wen,“What does your plan have to do with me。He caught me!If they three girls have three strengths
Two short,Let alone Chateauroux,I won’t even let you go。”
I heard Qin Feng’s words,Cen Wen couldn’t keep calm。
His thread is fluctuating,But I can see that he is holding back his anger。He might explode in the next moment,What will it look like once it breaks out,No one knows。
But in the end he endured it,“Qin Feng,I said I will help you find three of them。”
“Ha ha.”Chateauroux smiled,Laugh so cold,“Cen Wen,You overestimate yourself。Such a big island country,Where are you looking for someone??Besides,The three of them are not necessarily inDBeijing。”
Hear this,Cen Wen also frowned。to be frank,Cen Wen can guess that Chateauroux will chase Qin Feng,But I didn’t expect that even Qin Feng’s girlfriends had an accident。

This little face,Liu Ting will still give it。I just heard that Lu Menglin and the others are going to Hong Kong,It’s almost always related to investigating these people,He can only quietly talk。

Comrade Xiaolu is not easy,These are all ready to enter Hong Kong and Macau。
After getting the second master’s work done,Lu Menglin booked a ticket to fly directly to Shenzhen,To Hong Kong。
Before leaving Liufang,Wang Shaoxiao came to make a fuss,I said I have to follow,Good brother,With the total death。
Lu Menglin just smiled,Things to do in Hong Kong are dangerous,Can only act by chance,It’s almost the same if Liu Yi came,Wang Shaoxiao’s skill is too bad,It’s really inappropriate。
“You stay at home!We keep in touch,Be regarded as keeping one hand,If something really happens over there,You just contact Jiang Jinghong,Ask her to call Liu Yi out。”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Said。
Wang Shaoxiao knew he couldn’t go this time,And from small to large,He basically does this job,Lu Menglin and the others were fighting,He’s behind,Call someone anytime,This job is really suitable for him。
“Ok!Then I’ll help you suppress the battle,If something happens,I immediately led people to the rescue。”Wang Xiaoxiao nodded and said。
“Then let’s go!”Lu Menglin smiled。
Jin Soyan smiled and beckoned Wang Shaoxiao。
The fat man suddenly got excited,I don’t know which string is wrong,Loudly:“Sister Kim,do not be sad!The past is over,We all support you!”
Shout out this sentence,Lu Menglin was shocked,I’m afraid that Kim So Yeon will be in love with the scene,Mood will go down again。

The dark devil energy that was originally condensed is gradually dissipating,Because it can’t bear the blood from these soldiers,So unable to live。

“Why,Why is there such a powerful existence in this space,Not reconciled,Not reconciled……Bang!”
The voice has not fallen,The opponent directly exploded into nothingness,With the disappearance of the Dark Lord,The yellow sand here seems to be gradually disappearing。
There is a ray of sunshine above the heavy sky,Slowly spread towards the ground。
No opponent,Xia Chenglong seemed to run out of strength,The bloody roar sky sword free fall,His body is also falling。
There is another person here who saw the man fall into the magic way with her own eyes,I saw him struggling in unimaginable pain,I saw the flushed blood eyes and the expressionless face with my own eyes。
So she wants to cry,All of this is because of my own disappearance。
Murong Qianxue appeared in the air,Want to catch the falling man,The fate between them seems like this。
I seemed to be pulled into another space at the beginning,Just when the Dark Lord wanted to do it,So it stayed。
But watching the people I care about fall into the magic way for her,Just to get a powerful revenge,And I can’t do anything。
The pain of waiting like this is also very tolerable。
Approach gradually,The last two figures met in the air,Fall down together。
Just when Murong Qianxue was unprepared,Xia Chenglong’s eyes opened,Still a strange red,Reach out and control the woman directly,One hand is holding Murong Qianxue’s neck。

Everyone else is calling,When Wang Shuai comes out,The tank took the initiative to say who he was looking for,Everyone said they called someone,A Bao said:“Enough people,I’ll find someone if it’s not enough。”

“No need to,enough!”Tank said confidently,A leopard originally estimated that Wang Shuai was not lacking in affection,So I didn’t rush to call people needlessly,Travel expenses,You have to drink later,If not necessary,Of course it can be avoided。
The footprints on Wang Shuai’s clothes and pants are almost cleaned up,The scratched wound is not deep,Is the area bigger or smaller,Looks a bit dirty,The worst thing is a swelling on the face,Let the handsome face become a sympathetic face。
“Tank, you all wait here first,I go shopping,By the way, find some paper and draw the faces you remember。”Wang Shuai took a few steps,And she turned around and shouted:“Chen Wenjin,Talk to you。”
Chen Wenjin smiled and asked:“Afraid to meet them again?They shouldn’t be here。”
“……Can’t it be done without breaking it??”Wang Shuai touched the swelling on his face,Annoyed:“Those guys don’t follow their routines,I dare not be careful?”
“Then shout a few more,I don’t have three heads and six arms if a group of people besieged,Which photo deserves you。”Chen Wenjin smiled,Wang Shuai said badly:“You are very happy to see me, right??Just laugh。You can’t take care of me,Xiao Xiao’s words are fine!”
“You are not a woman,Embarrassed to hide behind,Let me close the door alone?”
“I’m so embarrassed!”Wang Shuai answered without hesitation,And then asked:“That’s okay?”
“Won’t run into it,Verbal conflict without much hatred,They don’t need to deliberately ambush you again。They wouldn’t expect you to buy new clothes right here!”Chen Wenjin,Again:“Speed,See if there is something suitable, hurry up and buy。You have to pay 100% patience to go shopping with a woman,It’s more boring to go shopping with a man。”
“I’m not in the mood to go shopping now!”Wang Shuai quickly entered the store,Swept around,Determined a set,Took it directly to the locker room,moment,I didn’t see Chen Wenjin when I came out,He paid for himself,The dirty clothes are thrown away directly by the store,Out the door,About to call,Saw Chen Wenjin waving at him。
Chen Wenjin found a shop selling painting tools,Wang Shuai directly took Zhang Yibai on the table,To the boss:“boss,Borrow paper and pen to draw a few sketches。”
Chen Wenjin watched Wang Shuai swiftly holding a stroke in front of the easel,It’s as fast as painting portraits in the square outside the book city。
Not long,A portrait with sufficiently obvious features is complete。
Wang Shuai continues to draw the second picture、Third、Fourth。
After drawing the outline on the fifth picture,Only the eyes are drawn,nose。
Wang Shuai put down his pencil and said:“I didn’t see this clearly,That’s all。”
Chen Wenjin holding paper,Watched it again,Say:“Have seen two faces,Painted very similar。”
“I don’t like drawing,To please my dad,No way but to learn,Studied for several years,I thought it was useless,The result is to find someone!”Wang Shuai touched the swelling on his face,Ask Chen Wenjin:“Has it gone??”

“No need to be afraid,He is a bit weird,But the living habits are still good,Better than you,Everyone knows to tidy up the kitchen after eating,How about you,Doesn’t even wash his own bowl……”

“mom,Don’t they want to learn。”
“Yes Yes Yes,You have to learn,As long as you get good grades, mom will leave you alone,but,There is something you have to listen to mom,Don’t mess around。Your cousin said he wouldn’t let you go to the study on the second floor,You don’t go,Don’t go up to the second floor,I’ll study on the first floor after school,You can watch TV in the living room when you are tired,Just don’t go upstairs,remember。”
Xu Wen reluctantly said:“But the computer is on the second floor,My grandparents used to let me study on the second floor,I can’t go up when he comes,He is grandson,I’m still a granddaughter,unfair。”
“Where’s fair,My parents bought this house……”Wang Lan didn’t say these words to her daughter,She turned off the bedside lamp,Said:“Asleep,Remember what mom said,Don’t go to the second floor if it’s okay……”
Lights out on the first floor,The light in the study room on the second floor is still on,Gan Yifan stood quietly in front of the window,I don’t know how long he stood,Till now,He just returned to the desk and opened the medical book,Talk to yourself:“Is my fate?do not think so。”
Get up in the dark,Drank a glass of water in a bamboo tube,Gan Yifan came to the yard under the tree habitually,Meditation,Have words in your mouth。Soon,A pinch of flame lit up at your fingertips,As his mind changes,Sometimes stretched,Fan-shaped,Sometimes spinning around the finger。
till this moment,He is already familiar with the flame guiding a finger,But I want to ignite a raging fire in my palm like I did with that great white python,But still can’t do it。
He has already memorized the contents of the second volume bamboo slips,Just every word in it,It’s even refined to the point where every stroke that composes every word has a specific pattern,Just remembering the content doesn’t help,Only by memorizing the trend of every stroke and drawing and finally connecting the path of success,Can be considered a thorough master。
The first volume of bamboo slips,It took him more than ten years to fully grasp,But for many years he was in a young stage,Receptive ability is too weak,Strictly speaking, only the next few years will be considered entry。
And the second volume bamboo slips,He only practiced for a few months,The progress has actually exceeded the previous few years of the previous scroll of bamboo slips,He thinks that as long as he understands the method,Start with one finger,Wait until the ten fingers can control the flame as you like,Then the exercise route contained in the second volume of bamboo slips will be a matter of course。

This can only be understood from a vague impression in the book or someone else’s mouth。So I don’t believe in this matter, but I can understand it.。

“In fact,Apart from this goal, we have no so-called obligations that must be fulfilled.。No intruders,We will continue to live separately,Why do you love,There won’t be any pipes on it
system。”Director continues to add。
“Our school here,In fact, there are three grades。One with the most people,Qualifier,It’s just that some acquired martial artists who didn’t feel the energy are all in the ranks.。The second grade is the Qi Jin class,Is also the object of our main teaching。Whether it’s dark or bright period,All belong to this rank。As for the third grade,Best Class。This grade,Actually, it may not be necessary。Because according to the old rules,In fact, after reaching the world,Even if the student graduated。”
“of course,If you feel too difficult to break through when you are young,There is nothing to learn in school。You can also ask the school to complete。General schools will also approve,Also recognize the identity of school students,But the school will still divide graduates and graduates after all。What is the status of graduates?,Of course not comparable to graduates。”
“Let’s talk back to the best class。This age,In other words, this class now only has3Students。It is also a class that only appeared after this principal took office。Logically,Not all students who reach the realm can continue to advance to this age,Because the best class is to devote all resources to training according to the principal。Strive for them to go further in the transformation。But you don’t need to understand。”
Director Wang Yi naturally didn’t introduce it in detail,But even if I say it briefly, it already makes people think there is too much。Maybe it’s not so easy to digest for a while。
But Qin Feng has a simple understanding。Then the director directly handed Qin Feng the pamphlet about the school introduction。In fact, what he just said is basically written in the pamphlet。This made Qin Feng a little depressed。After listening carefully for so long just now。
Speaking of,He still thinks,People his age,Actually, I don’t have so much energy to study.?At least it doesn’t seem to be easy for them to return to their school days。
Since Qin Feng just arrived,Naturally, it is impossible to enter the classroom directly today and integrate with other students。After all, there are still some things he needs to understand,So I won’t rush to be led to the classroom。
Then Qin Feng learned,There are actually only a few hundred students in the school。If you count it like this,A school of several thousand square meters is quite big。of course,This refers to the school。
The number of Qi Jin classes exceeds three digits,About one hundred and fifty people。Divided into dark and bright classes。Although Qin Feng has half-footed into the Ming Dynasty,But after all, it did not completely break through,So according to the arrangement,He still entered the dark class。
Speaking of,When he knew that there were only a hundred regular students, he was actually a little disappointed.。Although the number of monks Qin Feng has encountered today has not exceeded20Bit,But,There are nearly ten disciple disciples over there。But a school,Can be regarded as the convergence of the whole world,There are only a hundred people。
Could it be that,Is there really a small number of monks on their planet??
about this,No one can answer him for a while。So Qin Feng can only put this question aside。
As for the preselection
class,In fact, it is a group of young people in their twenties with various fantasies about Xiuxian,Was forced in by voluntary or forced by the family。

Zhu Shiyao jumped to her father’s side,Asked with eyes wide open。

“Your father, I am not a wise martial artist,It’s not like falling twice in the same trap, right?”
Zhu Guosheng looked at his daughter miserably,Despised by my own daughter,What is more sad than such a thing?
Swaying on the road,Zhu Shiyao through her father,I have inferred the outline of a story in my mind。
“Speak!How much did it cost to repair the phone this time,I use my small vault to replenish you,Who made you my relative father!”
Zhu Shiyao took the initiative to hold her father’s shoulders,Like comforting my brother。
The expression on Zhu Guosheng’s face turns from cloudy to sunny,I was indeed despised by my daughter in thought,But my girl knows she feels sorry for her,Wherever it goes is something worthy of happiness。
My daughter’s promise is only a thousand dollars,But this makes me feel comfortable!
Zhu Guosheng grinned and said:“Your daddy, I can be considered to be a wiser,After being cheated last time,How could I fall into the trap again?”
Laughing,Have a girl by your side,There is nothing wrong with saying that everything is happy。Even this girl always hates herself,But just give yourself a good face,Zhu Guosheng found that his month of haze had been swept away。
Backhanded his daughter,Strong is indeed strong,But if you don’t have such a strong physique,Howlongdongren.What a beautiful face like a flower?
“I say girl!Keep your dowry for yourself!Your father, although I don’t have much money,But not to the point where she spends her daughter’s money,You look,This phone is the latest model of the year,Your father, I spent a lot of money!”
I shook the phone in my hand to my daughter a few times,Zhu Guosheng recalled the tragic years of the past,There is still so much pride on the face。
“Dad!Your phone is not as good as the one that can play the game!Play with snakes every day,Don’t you feel annoying?”
Zhu Shiyao snatched her father’s phone,A few clues,I felt bored and gave it to Zhu Guosheng。
“Dad,Is it because I usually exploit you too hard,You have no money to buy a mobile phone?”

And I have analyzed it just now,That mysterious rich businessman is very likely Mr. Wu Wenjie we are looking for,So Tianyu,I don’t need to talk about the next task,You should know what it is?

Yes,This time we must work together,Must do everything possible to save the mysterious rich businessman,Which is Mr. Wu Wenjie!
Actually I wanted to fight alongside you this time,But given that the fake Cui Keying sent by the Japanese is by your side,In order not to arouse the suspicion of the fake Cui Keying,So I decided that the two of us should still be on and off。
You are dealing with the forces of those three countries on the bright side,Find a way to rescue Mr. Wu Wenjie,And I continue to help you in secret!
okay,It’s time to end after talking so much。
Tianyu,You don’t need to rush to contact me these days,Just follow your own plan,As long as I feel necessary,I will take the initiative to contact you!
Wish us all the best!
Your uncle on today!”
“Hey,This guy!At the end of the day, I still don’t forget to earn my advantage!”
See GEODIS’s final inscription,Qiao Tianyu smiled bitterly and shook his head,But that one is indeed very GEODIS!
Joking,However, Geodyne’s explanation provides Qiao Tianyu with a valuable reference.,Before that, Qiao Tianyu had been wondering why the mysterious rich businessman didn’t choose to disappear,Now it seems that the rich businessman has probably lost his freedom。
If the truth is as GEODIS said,That mysterious rich businessman is really the words of Mr. Wu Wenjie,Then he became Qiao Tianyu learned of Qiao Renfu’s death,The key to unlocking all the secrets of the Fuxing Society and the four major families!
In addition, Mr. Wu Wenjie is the teacher of Qiao Tianyu and Cui Kai,So whether it is private or public,It is Qiao Tianyu’s highest mission to save Mr. Wu Wenjie!
Review the content of GEODIS’ entire letter,It can be said that Qiao Tianyu was greatly touched。
Qiao Tianyu never thought that the mysterious rich businessman might actually be“Resurrected”Mr. Wu Wenjie,I didn’t even think that the chubby face around me had been taken by Japanese“Drop package”。
Not to mention that at this time the British Virgin Islands has become the world’s financial sector.**barrel,A war for financial hegemony that has been brewing for decades is close at hand。
No wonder Fed Chairman Allen?Spenglin will ask Qiao Tianyu to clean up the world’s offshore financial market at this juncture.,It seems that they have been preparing for this financial hegemony for a long time.!
Qiao Tianyu’s experience in the world’s financial circles for two generations tells Qiao Tianyu,Americans who are extremely xenophobic will never let Qiao Tianyu retreat.,This time Qiao Tianyu is likely to become the cannon fodder in the Three Kingdoms struggle!
Now Qiao Tianyu finally understands Alan?Spanglin’s“Hard work”,Understand why he had to ask Qiao Tianyu to immediately cash out the shares of the Zero Fund to Sanchez?
Turns out Allen?Spanglin has done it to make Qiao Tianyu disappear,Without guilty of Mexico**Preparation!