“I have one last question left,Is also my biggest concern,What will happen in the world offshore financial market during this time,Why are so many bigwigs gathered in the British Virgin Islands??”

“What Comrade Chubais just said‘Hunting’,What’s going on again?”
“Haha,Mr. Joe,To say this time‘Hunting’,Really has a direct relationship with you,we can even say,‘Hunting’It’s all from you!”Colonel Pavlov laughed。
“with.Directly related to me?Thanks me?”Qiao Tianyu was even more confused after hearing this。
By the way, this is Qiao Tianyu’s first visit to the British Virgin Islands since his rebirth.,And it’s a temporary intention,“Hunting”Why is it directly related to him?,Why did you worship him again??
Seeing Qiao Tianyu’s face full of confusion,Colonel Pavlov no longer babbles,Speak directly,“Mr. Joe,Do you remember the yen short war that you personally traded three days ago??”
“remember,But the Yen short war with‘Hunting’What does it matter?”Qiao Tianyu asked without knowing it。
“Mr. Joe,You have a good memory,In that short yen war,How did you settle the world in one fell swoop at the last moment,That put the Bank of Japan to a dead end?”Colonel Pavlov reminded again。
“At that time, I used a trick to change offense and defense,Unite the five major investment banks on Wall Street and the International Hedge Fund Alliance,In the international foreign exchange market, use the world currencies to buy Japanese yen,Successfully triggered market panic,Attracted a huge amount of international hot money to participate in the war。”
“In the end, the Bank of Japan could not withstand the international hot money attack,To maintain the stability of the yen exchange rate and the yen’s international currency status,The Bank of Japan had to surrender,Forced to accept all our conditions。”
“International hot money attack?”Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu suddenly realized what,Exclaimed immediately。
“Mr. Colonel,You mean,Those international hot money who participated in the war were tricky?”Qiao Tianyu asked in surprise。
“Hahaha,Mr. Joe,You really are a financial wizard,I didn’t expect to find the problem so quickly,I really admire!admire!”Colonel Pavlov clasped his fists and said。
“Your analysis is correct,Indeed, those international hot money who participated in the war were tricky,And the trickiness is not small,It can be said that the tricky has completely angered the offshore financial market of the whole world!”
First0361chapter Ingenious calculation

But hit a lot of punches like this,He grinned in pain,He gritted his teeth,Keep hitting yourself hard、Then hit yourself!

For a while,He was tired,I found a few swellings on my body,So he found the cracked cement block on the roof,Grabbed it and hit yourself、Smash、Hit again、Hit again……
In the mirror,More bruises,Cement block scratched、More and more punctured wounds……
phone,Still ringing。
Chen Wenjin knows this is an interesting call,He should pick it up,No matter what decision you make after receiving it,Should also pick up。
Chen Wenjin took it,On the phone,A leopard’s weak voice came out。
“gold,I’m in the clinic across the street from the rice noodle shop,Come out and talk。”
“it is good。”Chen Wenjin didn’t ask what happened,Just walked over。
In the clinic,A Bao’s body,There are bruises and bloody wounds on the legs with the trouser legs lifted up,Although some wounds are not deep,But six or seven centimeters long,It seems that he has just come down from the battlefield of ancient cold weapons,The situation is terrible。
The female doctor in the clinic started cleaning Abao at this time,Bandage,Apply medicine。
‘This guy is good enough,The bitterness is used to this point……It’s a posture that I would rather divide my life than money……’Chen Wenjin looked at the injury on A Bao’s body,I can see that some wounds are deliberately cut,Some were hit hard and hard。
It turns out that Abao cares about money,The same as Chen Wenjin’s memory,but,One thing he had overlooked before。
That is,Except money,How much does Abao attach to him??
Chen Wenjin sees it now,So he couldn’t help thinking,Is it necessary to insist on completely breaking off friendship??
can,It doesn’t have to be so extreme。obviously,Abao can still be a friend,It’s just to avoid the choice of having large amounts of money.。
but,Chen Wenjin can’t let Abao think he is relying on‘Clever plan’Fooled him,Must let Abao know,It was his bitterness that moved him。
“……Those bastards beat me hard,Force me to get more money,How could i give them?If you become a poor ghost, you might as well be beaten to death,Later, they didn’t see it,I only took away the 100,000 yuan I brought out,Fortunately they can’t drive,Otherwise the car won’t be kept。”Abao said that gnashing teeth,The voice is full of resentment,Finally, I looked at Chen Wenjin and asked:“Why don’t you react at all?”

if possible,I hope to replace·For CanadaPW100series,PreferablyPW125orPW126series,The maximum take-off power of these two series of turboprop engines is comparable to that of WrightR-3350almost,But the weight is too light,The key is,This way,We can use U.S. military aviation fuel。

As for the engine,No need to buy new ones,You know,My company has aircraft dismantling and second-hand aviation parts recycling and refurbishment businesses,We can buy second-hand ones from the marketPW125orPW126Replace it with the engine……The planes are old ones,No need to use a new engine。”
Elliott·Richardson can’t help nodding。
If not giveA-1Change engine,Of course it can save a lot of money in the initial stage,But like Chen Geng said,on the one hand,WrightR-3350The engine has been discontinued for so many years,The production lines have been dismantled for almost half a century,Where to find accessories?;
on the other hand,Even considering the convenience of logistical supplies,It should also be replaced with a turboprop engine,To ensure that it can communicate with the U.S. military,Reduce pressure on logistics supplies。
As for the engine,Like what Chen Geng said,The plane itself is some already sealed20The plane is so old for many years,Is it necessary to buy a new engine?Just buy a batch of second-hand engines directly from the market,Cheap,save money,The most important thing is still in stock!
As for whether we can recruit suitable pilots,Elliott·Richardson and Chen Geng are not worried,There are too many people in the United States who want to serve as soldiers and eat food,Even if the U.S. can’t find it,The various republics of the disintegrated Soviet Union also have such talents.,Price is cheap。
As for whether these former Soviet pilots can flyA-1The problem,That’s a joke,A group of pilots who can fly the most advanced jet supersonic fighter jets today,Can’t drive slowly、The fastest speed does not exceed600Kilometers per hour propeller aircraft?!
Elliott·Richardson thought for a while,Tao:“I will help you ask,Shouldn’t be a big problem,If we want a large amount,Maybe the price can be lower,But this is a replacement engine,Who are you going to do?In terms of cost, can we afford it?”
Chen Geng smiled:“Elliott,Did you forgetA-1The attack aircraft is a product of Douglas?”
Elliott·Richardson slapped his head:I’m really fainted!Douglas,Has become part of the current McDonnell Douglas Group,Fernandez·Chen’s relationship with Jr. Macdonald,At least don’t worry about being smashed by McDonnell。
Chen Geng continued:“inA-1In the later modification of the attack aircraft,Douglas once had a modification with a turboprop engine,But on the one hand,Jets were booming at the time,on the other hand,The price of turboprop engines is still very expensive,So the Navy did not adopt this modification plan,However, the relevant tests and technical data are retained,For McDonnell Douglas,Without us,Those materials are just a pile of waste paper,Now with us,They can sell some money for their information。”
“I remember,There is such a thing,”Elliott·Richardson nodded:“Then you can ask little Macdonald,Are they willing to do us this favor,If he wants,I tried to get a batch for our companyA-1。”
“Mike,I remember you told me,You sealed up a batch of materials,Among them is the U.S. NavyA-1Information on the modification of turboprop engine by carrier-based attack aircraft,right?”Farewell to Elliott·Richardson,Chen Geng asked little MacDonald on the phone。
“Yes,Is there such a thing,But why are you asking this?”Regarding Chen Geng’s question,Little Macdonald is weird。
“I have a job here,Ready for batch……Ok,approximately12frameA-1Attack aircraft·For CanadaPW125orPW126Series turboprop engine,”Chen Geng said:“Need your information,If you can,It’s best if your people help me make this modification,how about it?Would you like to do me this favor?”

“No more,I’m outside。I want to smoke,You should be able to solve the rest yourself?”Qin Feng pretended to smoke without incident。I don’t want to get involved in the affairs between Liu Xing and Alice.。

Of course Liu Xing doesn’t matter,I went into the house and talked about love with Alice。
Qin Feng simply went back to the King of the Netherlands。
The king’s eyes are empty at this time。
Looks a bit old,“What to do?Just let Alice and you leave。Don’t even think about it if you want a royal wedding。impossible!Alice is not the age to marry。That kid Liu Xing is a bastard。”The king called an angry。
Of course Qin Feng didn’t refute。Maybe he didn’t understand why the king resisted so much before,Now he understands。After all, even enlightened elders can’t accept this.?
Two days later,Qin Feng and Liu Xing left the Netherlands。It’s just that the two sides go in different directions。
Qin Feng and Liu Xing gave each other the reason for their parting:Since you are getting married,Then you should go on a honeymoon trip。Have been to the world of two happily。As for my side,No manpower needed for the time being。
Finished,Qin Feng slipped away。
I can’t look directly at it!
of course,Liu Xing didn’t realize this,Otherwise, he discovered that Qin Feng’s emotional changes might have become convergent.。
After separation,Qin Feng cameecountry。
He had heard of Yinsang beforeeChina has carried out several rounds of assassinations,Most of the officials involved have already died.。This may be considered indirect“revenge”Up。
However, in Qin Feng’s opinion,When he returned to China,The Chief Chief heard about the murder of Yuan Tu。Although some escaped the siege,All failed to get out aliveecountry。

Mo Mo smiled unconsciously,I just feel that compared to the previous Xiang Chen,He is a little cute now。

“If he lives,That is his good fortune,If you still have the confidence to kill me once,I can give him a chance。of course,If he died,I don’t feel any guilt,After all, he wants to kill me,Inferior,No resentment!”
Xiang Chen answered with a smile,Look at the crowd that is still noisy,But he didn’t mean to retreat。
Mo Mo is a little unsure,Tentative question:“Since Yu Baishao has been let go,Do you still want to solve the problem here??”
Mo Mo pointed to the crowd in front of him who was almost in a mess,Although I don’t know how Xiang Chen can solve the problem,But what if he really has a way?Isn’t that everyone happy!
I haven’t waited until the next answer for a long time,Mo Mo didn’t force it,The one standing next to me is my boss,Not Jesus who was nailed to the cross。
“Why are you sympathetic too?”Xiang Chen asked with a smile。
“We said when we joined Yaomen,Don’t pluck the enemy,Take nothing to the innocent。”
Mo Mo made one to Xiang Chen, please take a look,In front of two people,Except for the white peony,niuglish.Who is not innocent?
“Dislike me for doing bad work?”Xiang Chen looked at Mo Mo,The smile on my face has diminished a lot。
Mo Mo didn’t speak,After all, no one can be a god,In this situation,It’s good to be able to save your life,There will still be people who care if innocents are involved?
Mo Mo didn’t blame Xiang Chen,I just saw the helplessness and confusion of several protagonists,Still can’t bear it。It’s just that Xiang Chen is not Jesus,Mo Mo is naturally not a Virgin,When I don’t take care of myself,There is no way to be compassionate。
Turned and wanted to leave,But Xiang Chen is still there,Mo Mo turned his head and looked at Xiang Chen,But I saw a smile suddenly appeared on the other’s face。“If you don’t want me to do a bad job, just tell me!Actually it’s not that bad!”Xiang Chen said softly。
Follow the eyes of the scene,Mo Mo also quickly discovered what Xiang Chen was following。
The driver of that top sports car never got out of the car,It seems to solve the situation here in the car。
Mo Mo Weiwei frowned,Did not find just now,Now take a closer look,Isn’t this just outside the Li family mansion earlier,Li Tianzi’s top supercar!

Someone screamed,Somebody can’t bear to watch,I simply closed my eyes。

They all feel,He Bu’s small body,How could he withstand such a heavy punch?Even if he swallowed the medicine just now,Power bursts!
If this punch hits,I’m afraid I must die,I even burst my head。
Facing this powerful iron fist,He Bu only made one move,He raised his arm,Like facing the dazzling sunlight,Subconsciously cover your eyes,It’s like a casual wave,Drive away the mosquitoes in front of you。
His action seems to have gone through thousands of times of practice,Has become part of instinct,Nothing special at all,This is everyone,The most common actions that I make every day。
But this raises his hand,But it happened to be caught on Mousen’s wrist,The skin of the two touched,The power in each other exploded at the same time。
only,One is half-crossing,Just hit the opponent’s key,The other is hasty defense,Lack of strength,Tap this one,Immediately judged。
Maosen only felt his wrist numb,It feels like reaching into the icy torrent,I lost consciousness in an instant。
Because his power is not so distributed,Invaded by He Bu’s power,Occupy the meridian。
And He Bu’s next move,But it surprised everyone,Soul flies。
He Bu held Maosen’s elbow with the opportunity,Gently break,Tore off half of his forearm,Hold in hand。
Followed by,The half-cut arm in He Bu’s hand actually glowed red,That’s bloody light,Also the same color as red mist。

“You dare to talk back to Laozi,Scenery is still small,Forget it if he doesn’t understand,But you don’t understand?”Liu Neng said angrily。

Speaking of here,Liu Neng felt that the anger in his heart was a little bigger for no reason.,So he raised his hand and wanted to beat Wang Dahua again。
Wang Dahua was scared by Liu Neng,Hurriedly shrank and stepped back。
See Wang Dahua,Liu Neng just put down his hand angrily,Now that it has happened,Even if I kill Wang Dahua now,,That doesn’t help。
“Correct.Sorry!”Wang Dahua can only apologize desperately。
“Humph!Do you know,Just because of what you just said,That stinky girl Liu Chunlan almost blasted us away,do you know?”Liu Neng said angrily。
“she was.Where does she have the courage!”Wang Dahua said unconvinced。
“She doesn’t have the guts?Wang Dahua,Did your brain kick the donkey,I don’t know what I brought you to,If she doesn’t have that heart,How could she let her trash son-in-law come and beat us??”Liu Neng is really getting more angry now。
Just don’t know what he said,His wife,That is, can Wang Dahua understand。
“Old man,Is what you said true?she was,Chunlan’s stinky girl movie,Does she really have the guts??”When Wang Dahua asked these words,,It can be said that I have completely believed what Liu Neng said.。
The reason why I still ask such a sentence now,I just want to be sure again。
“Do you think I look like you??It’s just a pig’s brain,That smelly girl in Chunlan,She is too capable of doing such a thing。”Liu Neng said。
Wang Dahua nodded,After Liu Neng glanced at Wang Dahua angrily,I looked at Liu Guangguang again,Liu Neng’s complexion at this time immediately changed and improved exceptionally。
“Good grandson,From now on, Lin Yuner from the Lin family,You provoke her less,If we want to get Lin’s investment,Lin Yoona is the most important,you need to know,She is now the chairman of the Lin Group!”Liu Neng patiently persuaded。
“Humph!What if she is Lin’s chairman?,No matter how tall she is,,Isn’t that also about listening to my parents??”Liu Guangguang said disdainfully。
“My dear grandson,You can see it this time,Your aunt and uncle,That’s just a decoration,This is the master,That’s that stinky girl Lin Yoona。”Liu Neng said。
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Eight stir up trouble

“that……Or we won’t take him?”I didn’t expect Wang Dazhi to be so serious,Asked timidly。

Chen Geng thought for a while,Said:“It’s not totally impossible,If Hongdu Factory agrees to promote,willK8Advertised as our agent,That’s no problem。”
An American company represented China’s products,And got this product to Tuye,Take advantage of this procurement opportunity of Turkey to display,This is very normal operation,No one can say anything。
“I’m afraid not,”Wang Dazhi hesitated,Still shaking his head,Said:“You know,The import and export of domestic aviation-type military equipment is under the control of AVIC Import and Export Corporation.,It is certainly impossible for the Import and Export Corporation to agree to this operation。”
“Then there’s no way,”Chen Gengdao:“We can’t do charity……If Hongdu Factory has that ability,Let’s go to the General Aviation Import and Export Corporation.。”
Wang Dazhi sighed:indeed,Helping friends is not a problem,But COMAC has no reason to harm its own interests to help others。
Tim·Pan and Patricia·Edith·Harris’ work of forming a campaign team for Chen Geng went very smoothly,Leilani·Taylor also timely released the news that Chen Geng was interested in running for mayor of Detroit.,To test the reaction of the media and the public。
Leilani·As taylor expected,News that Chen Geng intends to participate in the election for mayor of Detroit next year,Immediately caused a huge sensation in the media:Although there are indeed many rich people who entered politics through elections,But Fernandez·Chen’s statement is exceptionally different,Because this is the United States since its founding,The first richest man who made it clear that he wanted to march all day!
Although as Chen Geng’s assistant,Leilani·Taylor said that Chen Geng was only running for mayor of Detroit,But the media immediately interpreted countless meanings,Even“Fernandez·Mr. Chen points to the White House!”Such sensational titles are written,Those who didn’t know thought Chen Geng was going to rebel。
These media are definitely not kind,90Mid-year,American media“White left”The tendency is still very strong,They hope to disgust Chen Geng in this way,But the results of the subsequent polls slapped these guys who hoped to see Chen Geng’s jokes.:Polls show,Regarding Chen Geng’s intention to run for mayor of Detroit,Residents of Detroit、Especially residents of colored ethnic groups,It turned out to be highly welcoming。
Why is it highly welcome?
ABCA street interview on the TV station is quite illustrative……
“Mr. Fernandez wants to run for mayor of Detroit?This is really good news,”The first person to be interviewed was a middle-aged black woman with a big waist.……Everyone knows what it looks like……When a reporter interviewed on the street asked her about Chen Geng’s attitude and views towards next year’s mayoral election,She looks very excited:“Mr. Fernandez is a respectable gentleman,He does not discriminate against us blacks in terms of employment,We black people think he is a good man,If this news is true,Then no doubt,I will vote for him,Yes,I will do this……”
“Mr. Fernandez wants to be mayor?Why not,”The interview was followed by a middle-aged white male,He also supports Chen Geng as mayor:“As long as it is American,Anyone can be the mayor of Detroit,But if I choose,I will choose Mr. Fernandez……

open one’s eyes,Bai Lu checked her body with her last strength,I found only one coat was on my body,Suddenly, Bai Lu sat up suddenly。

I closed my eyes painfully,Bai Lu has regained consciousness。
Remembering that grandma,And the previous ones,Bai Lu deliberately became rush。
Shrunk in the corner,I saw Xiang Chen whose clothes were almost torn into strips,Bai Lu wants to confirm something with him,But smelling the faint smell of blood in the air,Bai Lu flinched and didn’t dare to speak。
“you’re awake?”
Xiang Chen greeted Bai Lu without looking back。
Hear Xiang Chen’s voice,Bai Lu subconsciously curled up her body tightly,For fear that Xiang Chen suddenly turned around。
Feeling Bai Lu’s increasingly rapid breathing,Xiang Chen couldn’t help but smile,Said:“Don’t be too busy to be afraid,Save some energy and prepare to escape!I am dragging here。”
Xiang Chen’s voice is a bit tired,After listening to what Xiang Chen said,Bai Lu also subconsciously went to look across from Xiang Chen,The man who rubbed himself,He is covered with blood at this moment,It seems that I can no longer be considered a person。
The moment I saw that big guy,Many bad memories flooded into Bai Lu’s head,Holding head painfully,Bai Lu buried herself deeper in her knees。
“This is indeed a sad story,But now is really not the time to be afraid!Besides, the guy opposite didn’t do anything to you,Why are you crying so sad?”
Bai Lu curled up on the bed indifferently,Xiang Chen couldn’t help frowning,A little urging in his tone。
“I have killed him at least three times,Can be unsuccessful,surrounding,You should have seen it too,But used it on this guy,All have little effect,The only good thing is that I am tired,He needs rest too。”
Tiger Soul keeps spinning between Xiang Chen’s fingers,If Xiang Chen doesn’t speak,Others don’t think he has any anxiety。
“You won’t even lose the strength to escape, right?They may have injected you with drugs,But now the drug effect shouldn’t be exerted yet,You should be able to run。to beat,Better than dying here!”
Xiang Chen speaks again,The big guy across from him shows signs of awakening,Xiang Chen also began to speed up the rate of regaining his breathing。
Some complain about the speed of Shirley and Korean Xiang,I have processed dozens of“Zombie”Up,I haven’t heard the sound of the police siren until now。Looked up at the dark night sky,Xiang Chen is a little doubtful whether the satellite above his head is as amazing as the news says。
“Such a dark sky,Where can i go?”
After a long time,Bai Lu, who had recovered more strength, whispered。
After briefly caring about my innocence,Bai Lu returned to the state of young bereaved。ingstreetcap.After confirming that I’m still in the body,Bai Lu suddenly felt that death might not be terrible。

Those South Korean military police surrounded them without showing any weakness,They were originally special forces that existed to deal with inhumans,Even if you know that the young man in front of you has power far beyond ordinary people,It’s the same without fear and withdrawal。

Lu Menglin is not afraid,It seems that this group of military police is not in the eyes,move on。
At this moment,The leader of the military police should have received an order from the top,What did you say to the headset。
Subsequently,The military and police retreated like a tide,Automatically give way。
Lu Menglin took Jin Soyan and Liu Niu’er,Walk through the wall,Left the gym。
obviously,South Korean leaders are not sure to keep him,And there is no need to do this for the sake of a small Liu Niuer。
Lu Menglin is in front of people all over the world,Unveiled the secret medicine group,Has become an undoubtedly global topic figure,If the South Korean authorities embarrass him at this time,May be misunderstood unimaginably。
Balance the two evils, whichever is less,So they did not order to stop Lu Menglin,But let it go。
Lu Menglin took Jin Soyan and Liu Niu’er,Just came out of the gym,I immediately got on a vehicle prepared in advance,Go straight to Seoul Airport。
Less than an hour,The Seoul Airport control platform approved Lu Menglin’s Gulfstream private jet to take off,Direct flight to Myanmar airport。
Gulf Stream600Type private jet quickly lifted off,And climbed to an altitude of 28,000 feet。
Looking down at Seoul from this angle,The city is like a miniature model,Looks small and rigid,Very boring look。
In addition to a few flight attendants in the cabin,Only Lu Menglin and Jin Soyan,And Liu Niu’er。
“boss,It’s so lively now。What shall we do next?”After Liu Niu’er thought hard for a while,Finally couldn’t help but ask。