Although theoretical knowledge,Jingpu is invincible,But after all, you have to do it first。

By the way,Jingpu is going to eat something,I crossed over this morning,Just ate a few buns,until now,It’s getting dark,Grumble hungry。
Go eat some food first!
After Jingpu smeared and went out,So I asked the Divine Sword Sect where to eat。
After finding the place everyone said,Jingpu is stupid……There is no one here!!
After I found someone and asked,Jingpu wanted to jump directly from this mountain,Fell to death。
Cultivator……Don’t eat!!!
Break fast once in half a month!!
This horse……Half a month……Everyone stinks, okay!!
(Ask for collection,Request collection,Ask for a recommendation ticket,Ask for a recommendation ticket~)
chapter Ten Longevity
Jingpu people are stupid,I was thinking about this just now,Thinking about that,Still wondering what kind of respectable alchemy boss to become,In this case,Think about it!
Up to three days,I have to starve to death here,Ling Tiannan and Ling An’an give themselves two more incense at most。
No way……Qinghe Town,Jingpu is now in a mess,I have to solve my own eating problem first。
This cultivation of immortals is really not human,Xiuxian does not eat,You say who can stand it?

“Nothing,He just wakes up”When Wang Lin said this,Tilted his head to the side。

Old Xiao let out a long breath,She stood up and patted Wang Lin on the shoulder gently.:“It’s okay kid,I’ll leave it to you here,I will go to the city hall now,This matter must not be forgotten”
Old Xiao finished,Turn around and leave,His feet are firm,Clean and neat,Where can I tell that he is already an old man。
Wang Lin sat down on the stool where Old Xiao sat,Fang Fang closed the door wittily and left,Wang Lin and Xia Jian are left in the ward。
Looking at Wang Lin, who looked a little tired,Xia Jian stretched out her hand in distress,Gently stroked her head and said:“Sorry,Made you tired”
Tears fluttered in Wang Lin’s eyes,But in the end,This strong woman still didn’t let the tears flow down,She choked up:“It’s okay to be a little tired,The key is as long as you are okay,You are really scary this time”
“Who can think of it!Something like this will happen”Xia Jian murmured。
Wang Lin crawling beside Xia Jian,The soft little hands kept touching Xia Jian’s cheeks,She whispered:“I am also responsible for this,If not for calling you over some night,Maybe it won’t happen”
“Where are so many maybe,Don’t blame yourself anymore,There are too many things in the company these days,Don’t come here again,Fang Fang is here,Everything can be done”Xia Jian comforted Wang Lin softly。
The two stayed quietly for a while,As if only experienced parting,I know how to cherish more。Xia Jian at this time,I don’t know why I was injured,Still infected by Wang Lin’s warmth,He looks very docile。
Good times are always short,Just when the two of you are in love,The door of the ward was gently pushed open,Dragon Ball holding a big bunch of flowers in his arms and walking forward,Jin Yimei and Heiwa followed her。
“President Xia!You are really scary this time”Jin Yimei is joking,Walked to Xia Jian’s side。
Wang Lin hurriedly stood up and gave way to her seat,From the age of graduation,She is the entrepreneurial group
Big sister。Jin Yimei is not humble,Sat down gently,A look of concern。

She has eaten with Uncle several times,The awkward atmosphere at first no longer exists,Two people can eat and talk,They talk about movies、I am very fond of novels。

The two ate and chatted,Unknowingly after an afternoon,Xia Shuyue stood up quickly,“bad,I have to go back to the company to sign out,It’s too late。”
“Nothing,I’ll send you。”
“amount……Ok,Trouble you。”Xia Shuyue hesitated,She doesn’t want to bother uncle too much,After all, they are just ordinary friends,Just a little talkative。
Uncle sent her back to the company,Waited for her downstairs for several minutes,Send her home again。
After getting off,Xia Shuyue stood on the side of the road and waved,Watch the uncle leave,Turn around,Zhao Luo stands behind,Shocked her,“Do you want to die,My soul is gone,Can’t make a sound?”
Zhao Luo is standing there,Learn from Xia Shuyue waving his hand to see the uncle,Learn the tone of Xia Shuyue again,“Thank you,Goodbye!”
Xia Shuyue snorted,“What do you mean?”
050 Sister Na
“Do your own thing,Ask me what do you mean?What is your relationship,Why did they send you back?”
“Nothing to do,Just an ordinary friend。”
“normal friend,Really ordinary。”
Xia Shuyue ignored Zhao Luo,Turn around and walk home,In the house,Just lying in bed,Zhao Luogang stepped in the door,Xia Shuyue turned over immediately,Refuse to talk to him。
Zhao Luo closes the door,Start smoking,Keep pumping one by one,There is a strong smell of smoke in the airtight room。
Xia Shuyue doesn’t get up and open the window,But pull the quilt and cover the head,Neither speak,There is no sound in the room。
After a long time,The two didn’t say a word,Until Zhao Luo’s phone rang,He finished the call,And immediately slammed the door out。

As a member of the Dao League,Even now the beneficiaries of the Dao League system,Da Mo Daojun’s hatred of the eternal race also penetrates into the bones。

“In that case,Just make the noise!”Li Ming’s deity turned his hand,Eighteen small flags circled his body,Every flag exudes the wave of the third step of the ultimate formation,And I faintly dispersed before。
“That Brahma,Also belong to the strongest emperors under the master of the holy city,Comparable to Qiansheng。Emperor Melobo inspires eternal blood,No less than any peak Daoist—let me see,They can force me to use a few flags。”
Whether it is Daojun You Yue,Or Da Mo Daojun didn’t treat Li Ming‘Arrogant’What is the question。
Whether it is Daojun Youyue who has followed for many years,Or Daojun,All know Li Ming’s strength!
Two ordinary eternal emperors,Master level of the unsanctified city,Will never be his opponent。
“but,Fellow Dao Ming, you really don’t need me to cover up cause and effect,Avoid being stunned!”
“Nothing,They are surprised!”Li Ming smiled lightly:“I’m in the Brahma Realm,They have not left yet,Don’t even think about leaving!”
The core area of the Brahma Eternal World,Brahma“Brahma Temple”on,A statue made of glass and gold,With arms around,The emperor whose body is holy rising spit out Sanskrit,Endless mystery breeds in it。
And under his seat,Eighteen Taoists sat down in two rows,Very pious eyes,Listening to the powerful teaching of Brahma。
Unexpected,Brahma’s face slightly,The holy breath suddenly disappeared,Eighteen Dao Monarchs are even more terrified。
“Kaka Kaka!”Brahma’s throne flipped,An eternal force wraps up the entire temple。

Fang Yu replied。

Suo Mu is a bit busy,So there is no time to pick up Fang Yu。
Even go,The driver will pick you up。
After hanging up。
Suo Mu sent the address。
Fang Yu checked the time,Think it’s too early。
So I don’t rush over。
Now the ointment is on the agenda,Then the investment has paid off。Everything about Fang Yu,Looks very smooth……
Only Fang Yu’s realm,I’m really stuck now!
“Hey,Maybe the master is right。Cultivation still has to be gradual……Accumulate!”
Fang Yu practiced for a while。
Sighed lightly!
Ten years,Has really broken through the shackles。
Become an easy entry level。
Later practice,Isn’t it simple!
“Are you here??”
Fang Yu stopped practicing,I received a call from Suo Mu again。

Ten minutes later,The plane finally landed slowly at a small airport in the magic city。

After Chen Xiu got off the plane, he would take out his phone and call Ou Sheng,Let her send someone to pick it up。
“I have not recovered from my injury,At least one month to adjust。I don’t want to see anyone during this time,You do it first, I find a secret place to hide!”
Chen Xiu had to put away the phone and said:“Devil is an international city with a population of tens of millions,You want to hide but it is not easy to be found。but……”
Zhu Huiwei understands what he means,Said with a smile:“Are you worried about my whereabouts by sucking blood from living people。”
“do not worry,I said it before。I have not washed the blood of a living person for hundreds of years,I can control this!”
“but,I am seriously injured now,It is indeed necessary to supplement some human blood。Then you go to the hospital or the underground black market to buy a bottle of blood packs。”
Chen Xiu was relieved to hear that he didn’t drink living blood。
The two are acting in a low-key manner,After leaving the airport,I took a taxi to a not-so-upscale hotel in Magic City and spent the night first。
Wait till dawn,Zhu Huiwei is still working in the hotel to heal his injuries,Chen Xiu went to a nearby village in the city to find a rental house。
With Chen Xiu’s financial resources, he can naturally live in a higher class,But the village in the city is crowded、Mixed,Relatively better to hide。
Signed a contract with a second-hand landlord,Paid three months’ rent,Chen Xiu took the key and came out at noon。

Prelude-newborn Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen FlowersVSElite(three)

Feng Xichuan watched Shunzi being trapped in the water polo“Shark Guard”Split in half,I wanted to avenge Shunzi,But helplessly vomited green blood,A green heart icon appeared next to the character……
“Is it the blood attack??”Erma Pingchuan suddenly convulsed and fell to the ground。
Announcement from the system:“Shark Guard‘Kill’FP.Shunzi;Shuren Jianwei‘Poison’FP.Ermapingchuan!”
Feng Xichuan saw his last remaining38pointHPCleared instantly,I didn’t understand that this one would use deadly weapons.“Shuren Jianwei”Poisoning mechanism……
“Wow——”The fact that two companions died in an instant scared Zhao Ping,He shouted:
“How to do?!What should I do?!Melee Murloc’s Lin Armor is extremely hard,Simply invulnerable!Not only that,Will also cast‘Dungeon’,Once tied up is immobile!The remote murloc is even more insidious,Always hide in the corner and keep shooting cold arrows,It’s deadly……”
After Lu Yi heard,Squeezed a word out of my mouth。
“what?escape?!”Zhao Ping reacted,Turn around and run,Let the poisonous arrows and giant bubbles drift by behind,Escaped from the murloc lair without looking back。
at this time,Guo Yinzhe raised his sniper rifle to1star,He saw Lu Yi running towards the lair,Farther and farther from yourself……
“Master Lu?what should I do?!”Guo Yinzhe asked。
“believe in yourself!”Lu Yi’s meaning is very clear,He has demonstrated the technical movements to Guo Yinzhe,I believe he understands the principle。
How to play the game,Of course Guo Yinzhe understands,but,His sniper rifle is not good,No confidence in marksmanship……
Don’t wait for Guo Yinzhe’s reaction,The sniper in the distance started shooting again。

Hu Huiru took a breath and said:“They did it well,I am really happy”

“This is the idea from Manager Wang”Feng Yan whispered。Wang Youcai didn’t expect,Feng Yan didn’t grab merit this time,Would still say so。
Hu Huiru glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Don’t look at our manager Wang’s small eyes,But he has a brain of wisdom,It depends on how he performs”
Hu Huiru’s words,Make everyone happy。Several people are talking about work,While walking towards Ziyang Temple。Which project is in full swing,You can hear the sound of machines and the shouts of workers from far away。
“President Hu,The weather will turn cold soon,I don’t know what you think about the progress of this project?”Xia Jian suddenly asked Hu Huiru this。
Hu Huiru thought for a while and said:“This is the progress now,I want to be fast”
“Here are all roads,Of course you have to use a large machine。But the road from the foot of the mountain to the top of Ziyangguan Mountain,Isn’t it all stone paving steps??”Xia Jian asked Hu Huiru back。
Hu Huiru patted her head,Suddenly laughed out loud:“Really a fan of the authorities。Dongwangzhuang accident,Made me exhausted,My mind is not working。Yes indeed!The road from the bottom to the top of the mountain can also be started,These two do not conflict at all”
Hu Huiru was talking,Feng Yan took the pen and notebook and started to record。Walk down this circle, Good harvest。A new work plan was immediately customized。
On the way back to Donglin Township,Hu Huiru once again reiterated the donation to build an office building in Donglin Township。Xia Jian didn’t speak this time。
Arrived in Donglin Township,Hu Huiru drove to the city。Xia Jian returned to the office and immediately called Qin Xiaomin,On the phone, Hu Huiru wanted to donate to the Donglin Township Government,Tell Qin Xiaomin again。
Qin Xiaomin hesitated,Then smiled and said:“This is a good thing,Don’t think too much。It is normal for companies to donate to the government for construction。Although Dongsheng Group has an unshirkable responsibility in Dongwangzhuang this time,But merit is merit or demerit,Can’t beat them to death with one stick”
With Qin Xiaomin’s words,Xia Jian has a bottom in his heart。He took this matter to heart,Ready to have a good talk with Hu Huiru。
Finished dinner at noon,Xia Jian suddenly thought of Bai Xiaoru。Dongwangzhuang landslide event,Because the leader has instructions,This matter was not reported to the outside world。So Bai Xiaoru didn’t come either,But now let Bai Xiaoru do an interview report,May have unexpected results。
Xia Jian thought of this,Immediately called Bai Xiaoru,Talked his thoughts with Bai Xiaoru in detail。Bai Xiaoru on the phone thought for a while and said:“I can’t call the shots,Have to ask relevant leaders,Then make a decision”

To know,Ye Xuan was transferred to other departments,Then their hope is gone。

Ye Xuan handed out thousands of dollars to the people around him:“Go out and relax at night,If the money is not enough,How bad,Tell me。”
What else do the people around you want to say,But now,But nodded。
“Congratulations on your successful consumption of four thousand five hundred yuan,Health increased by 20。”
Has it increased by twenty??
In other words,Ye Xuan’s health now,Became one hundred and eighty?
If it looks like this,Ye Xuan, would you like to exchange it for Tianshan Zhuangmei?
But after the exchange is complete,Only 30 left。
Like this,Really tangled。
But finally I thought about it,Ye Xuan feels,Forget it,Don’t redeem it for now。
“All right,Actually want me to say,Actually there is no time to manage these things now。”
“Now words,Let’s deal with these people first!”
Ye Xuan thought secretly,While looking in front of you。
really,Heads of other departments,All here。
Actually, what is their purpose here?,How could Ye Xuan not know?
But the more so,Actually now,Ye Xuan has become a sweet potato instead。

The owner of the sound is naturally the scorching golden crow under the lava lake,Its attitude is very clear,Don’t embarrass the 13th,If the blazing sun blames the ancient gods,It takes all responsibilities。

After the three-legged golden crow burst out with a scream,Fly high,Away in an instant,With a bang, it smashed into the Godzang world space,Extremely presumptuous,The boy screamed and fell on his back。
When the boy wakes up again,The face is a very ugly big face,To be exact, a very ugly and ugly face。
“What jerk did you do,Actually drove the envoy away?!”The strong man transformed into a lava dragon opened his mouth and roared at the boy,No respect at all before,The rapid change made the teenager think he was dreaming again,But immediately reacted,that‘Thirteen’gone,Naturally, he also took away the abilities that the ancient god of the strong sun gave him,I am afraid that the golden crow mark on the head has disappeared with it,No wonder this guy’s attitude is so bad。
“Let me be quiet,do not bother me。”Teenager holding his forehead,Wei Shi doesn’t want to hear this dumb dragon croaking in his ears,The attitude is as cold as before。
“Xiao Wang Ba……You listen to me,Speak with this attitude,I really swallowed you。and also,Even if the emissary leaves,My master must also save,If it can’t be saved,I just stripped you alive!”
After the lava dragon roared,Turn into the original shape and leave the hole,It can’t take the boy out,So I went to fight with Li Tan,Even though I played dozens of times, I didn’t beat it once.。
Completely quiet,The teenager got up and bowed respectfully to the lava lake,And then go to Godzang,On the top of the Five Elements Temple,The big eyes are still lying there,After repeated inspections, no life was found,The young man felt relieved,Just drag this guy down,Sat down beside the big eyeballs。
“Stop pretending,Time to wake up。”
“If you ignore me,I closed this eyeball。”The young man knew very well that this extraterritorial life who called him a brother was supporting‘Eye of Prophecy’,It is very clear that it is not so easy to die,The teenager didn’t brag,He really can accept it‘Eye of Prophecy’,Let it have no place,Especially when the opponent is hit hard,It’s a very serious threat。
The big eyes really started to squirm,Looks very weird,It grew to the same size as before,Finally erected,Leaning against the boy,A very affectionate look。
“Thank you brother for helping,If it’s not for you,No hesitation,Brother, I’m over today。”
“If you don’t want to be really finished,Best to be honest。”
“You don’t have to threaten me,Since it is a brother,It’s better to discuss everything。”
“You ran from far away,Hurt the Holy Spirit,Who have discussed with?”
“Conscience,I’m just an explorer,I was looking into an unknown mysterious space that day,what,Which is now here。I don’t know that a spiritual light covers me,If you can’t tell me, you will take me away,Think about it,In that case,Can i fight back?That old thing……Do not,Is the holy spirit,How powerful is the Holy Spirit?I can’t get rid of it,did not expect……”