“Oh!Boss Wang!Sorry。Bad mood recently,Memory also diminished,As soon as you came in,I haven’t recognized”Wang Lan quickly stood up,She pulled the cheongsam unnaturally。

This woman herself has a charming look,She put on this cheongsam again,Is more charming。Wang Youcai came in since,Although he is talking to Wang Guilan,But the eyes are always floating on Wang Lan’s body。
“Ah!Since you all know,I don’t need to introduce anymore。You guys talk first,I got two cold noodle dishes back,You can’t drink boss Wang!”Wang Guilan said,Turned around and went to the kitchen。
Wang Lan glanced at Wang Youcai,Lowered his voice and asked:“How do you know my cousin?”There is another meaning hidden in Wang Lan’s eyes。
“Oh!Didn’t she open a business before??I often buy from her,I’m familiar with it”Wang Youcai said,He twisted his ass and sat on the sofa。
Wang Lan came over,Sitting gently beside Wang Youcai,Then lowered his voice and asked:“Don’t you just know each other!My cousin’s husband is no good,Such a beautiful flower,Can’t be withered!”
“What do you think?But I just heard your cousin say,You seem to be withered now?Do you want me to water it for you?!”This is what Wang Youcai looks like。Besides being thick-skinned, he is bold。
Unexpectedly, Wang Lan was not only not angry,Instead he smiled and said:“Not urgent!You should water my cousin’s flower first.”
“Nothing,Pour two flowers together”Wang Youcai said,Haha laughed。He deliberately exaggerated and patted Wang Lan’s thigh gently。Wang Lan didn’t mean to dodge,This gave Wang Youcai another idea in his heart。
he knows。Woman like this,Rich life experience,Especially knowing men’s minds very well。So he can’t worry,Otherwise haste is not。He has to use slow fire,Take your time。
The two of them boasted indiscriminately。Just ask,Wang Lan’s small restaurant has been closed long ago。She is not much different from Wang Guilan now,Stay at home almost every day。But she is like a woman,Gave birth to an appearance that provokes a man,So her husband quarreled with her almost every day。
After understanding Wang Lan’s situation,,Wang Youcai had an idea in his heart。He laughed and said:“Your husband looks like a vulgar person,I don’t know how to pity and cherish jade。And he is not confident”
“He is confident,What did he take to believe?No money,Two does not look,The key is…”Wang Lan consciously loses her mouth,Hesitating。
Wang Youcai in front of a woman,Really bad。He lowered his voice and said:“Are you saying that your husband is not good at all?!I see!You ask too much”
“go away!Nonsense”Wang Lan was a little embarrassed by Wang Youcai。She jumped over,I reached out and grabbed Wang Youcai’s mouth。Wang Youcai will let her succeed。He took this opportunity,He took Wang Lan’s advantage without making a move。

“Kaka Kaka~”

quickly,The rock turned into an ashen-white statue like Li Ming。
“Press it up with your hands,You can get the gift of this second test!”
“Is a special secret of will,You learned【Bai Yan】,Should understand the power of this secret technique。”
“Mastered this secret technique,You are qualified to enter the next test。”
“But by your will,Mental state,It’s not difficult to master this secret technique。”
“This secret technique,Named【Light of mind】!!!It is the strongest secret technique created by the ancestor of the six holy peaks of my master,Even at the level of the god king, it is quite a powerful secret technique。”The rock giant buzzes,“Press up by hand,Naturally can get the message of the secret technique。”
Li Ming didn’t hesitate,A stone sculpture of the same style as yourself。
Countless information is passed into the brain,Let Li Ming understand this secret technique。
【Light of mind】Occult,From a technical perspective,Similar to white flame,Are all secrets of will-distorting reality。But its realm level is much higher than Bai Yan,The key is,This secret operation is extremely subtle,It can even be used on a strong man,Even distorted its own genes。
Previously, the rock giants used the most rough【Light of mind】Occult,Destroyed the perfection of Li Ming’s secret technique,The power of nature is weakened。
“According to the information,The light of the soul is divided into three levels。First level,Need will to reach eternal state;Second level,Volition;Third level,Divine King Realm Will。”
“Three levels,The first level can easily distort and suppress the power of the ultimate powerhouse of True God Void。The second level can absolutely suppress the eternal true God,Third level—Can have a great influence on the strong。”
“but,The biggest role of this secret technique is not to assist in battle,Its strongest effect is to target genes,Support to the Divine Power Route。”
“Under the light of the soul,All the changes of genes are in a glance,At the same time it can easily distort genes!”
“Is the strongest divine power route auxiliary secret technique!”
“but,Because the threshold is the eternal true god-level will—The master of the universe who can practice this secret technique should be very rare。”Li Ming muttered involuntarily,After all, take the line of supernatural power,Must be at the three levels of immortality to the lord of the law,Start when the body is energized。
But want to come,The second level in the cave of the ancestors of the six holy peaks tests the high demands on the soul and will,Anyone who can pass will almost certainly be able to comprehend this secret technique。

Old man Dong realized that the problem was serious,Exists in two ways,One,Is Li Tianzhen really seriously injured?,As he described‘Almost dead’?This is important,Although Li Tianzhen is hard to control,Even from some angles it is very threatening,But since the Wumingshan incident,Old man Dong’s thinking has changed,The above problems can be changed and overcome,Because Li Tianzhen is still mortal in nature,Still a member of this world,that’s enough。

and so,In the future,Old man Dong began to faintly regard this young man as a trump card against alien creatures,If you really want to die?Must be taken seriously。
on the other hand,Wumingshan had to guard,But he has no one to send right now,No soldiers can be divided,There are combat troops,But they have no experience in fighting alien creatures.,Sending up blindly does not help,Will only cause heavy casualties。
These two things are terrible,It’s not time to come,Old man Dong thinks for a moment,Decided to send instructors and Li Shaobo to return to Wuming Mountain by special plane immediately,No matter what method you use, you still have to hold Li Tianzhi,Do two-handed preparation in this process,Find out the reasons for Li Tianzhi’s physical condition and attitude changes,In addition,Ready to start at any time****,As a last resort,Completely blow up the underground palace。
As for whether you can kill the two monsters under the ground,Old man Dong is not sure,But enough ammunition,Powerful enough,Still very promising。
The instructor hesitated and stopped,Finally sighed and led away,He didn’t understand why Li Tianzhen became like this?Earlier, he had a clear-cut attitude against the action on the underground palace,Now take the initiative again,There is only one explanation for this contradiction,Li Tianzhen didn’t lie,Indeed encountered insurmountable difficulties,Take back the things that suppressed the devil for your own use,But there is no guarantee that the devil will not run out。
It is difficult for the instructor to evaluate Li Tianzhi’s practice,Always feel wrong in my heart,He also knew that this plan was the only solution that Old Man Dong could come up with.,Once things develop to the point of irreversibility,Can only blow up,But can you really blow up that evil guy??In case it backfires,Didn’t you stabbed the big basket?
Li Tianzhi in the temple finally woke up from the complicated memories,As if thousands of years have passed,Let him have a long aftertaste,Difficult to sustain,Many things that were once fuzzy become clear,On the contrary, it is difficult for him to judge and analyze based on likes and dislikes,Need to digest slowly,And under the huge wall,Countless unexplainable spiritual disturbances come,Trouble him,That is the resentment of the gods,He can’t take care of them all。
And the golden light that plunged into the body really turned into a little golden man,But the image is more vivid,Looks more specific,The boy in the existing picture,But it’s more about my appearance。
The little golden man has been sleeping on the sea of vitality in the gods.,I was isolated for too long in the Chaos Box,He seems extremely weak,Li Tianzhen doesn’t want to disturb him temporarily,Take back the consciousness,A heart move,I looked at another blank nameplate that was two boxes away。
“Fellow Daoist woke up,congratulations。”Dayan’s voice rang behind him,Although try to keep the tone flat,But Li Tianzhen heard a trace of anxiety from it。
“He Xizhiyou?”Li Tianzhen does not look back,Just staring at the nameplate。

Chen Xiu seemed to struggle for a while,Just shook his head and said:“I almost fell in love!”

“You reject me!”
The ancestor Baihu couldn’t believe his ears,Shrieked:“Do you know if you worship under my door,You can walk sideways in the world,And a life span of up to a thousand years!”
“This is really exciting,but……”
Chen Xiu shakes his hands,The mahogany nail on the wrist shoots at the white tiger ancestor,Even shouted:“I don’t want to be a blood-sucking monster!”
“Mahogany nail!”
The ancestor of the white tiger casually copied,Want to catch the peach nail,Don’t know how to fly halfway,The mahogany nails suddenly deviated from the original track。
“Control Crane?”
The mahogany nail goes directly behind the ancestor of the white tiger,Shoot towards the big hole behind him。
“wrong,Crane control can only change the flight trajectory,Can’t draw an arc like this。What is your practice?”
“Puppetry,Know you’re scared!”
The ancestor of the white tiger is directly taking back the true energy of his body,Let the peach wood nail hit yourself。
Hear the sound of the peach wooden nail hitting the ancestor of the white tiger,Chen Xiu was ecstatic,Shouted proudly:“You’re not dead now!”
The ancestor of the white tiger,The mahogany nails nailed to his back flew directly into his hands,Put it on your nose and smell it,Said:“Your kid is vicious,The centuries-old peach nails are actually soaked in black dog blood,Cinnabar、Bezoar,Ordinary zombies will undoubtedly die if they are stained。”
Chen Xiu’s face changed a lot,Quavered:“How……How could this be,How are you okay?”
Paihu ancestor gently pinched with two fingers,The peach wood nails are already made into powder,Said proudly:“Being a zombie is not as bad as you think!”

Way all the way,Sure enough, the rain in the rivers and lakes,There are countless winds since the month,Two types——First, the rivers and lakes related to the ambush outside the mountain customs,Died in the dead,Second, Jianghu people who have nothing to do with this,Died in succession“Take one’s way,Also”。

Two daughters are in the pit son competition……
But compared to,Murong Bokeng’s light,After all, there is a murder that has occurred.,Some of the Murong Recovery began to have a clear confirmation,This makes his suspect a lot,Start someone suspected,It is the murderer in deliberately framed Murong Fu.!
And Qiao Feng is more miserable,He is completely killing behind him.,Even when you kill people, you still have to look like him.——Hereby“The father and son teamed up to revenge”symbol of。
Therefore, Qiao Feng not only has no confirmation.,Instead, it is always seen near the murder.……
Qiao Feng is not a dead heart,Now I also know hidden my travel.,Do walking after the possession、Secret survey。
And the Chu Deirers have encountered a chance of the dog.,Come to Guide House——Decades ago,Here is the Tianfu, Song Ting,But now I have been occupied by the Qing court.。
When I am in the city,Chu Deirers decided“Luohan Volunteer”Integrate!
Luohan Volunteer,Deer is expected,This is actually a“External work”?
Form a badge,Thoroughly understand this martial art,Chu Deirers have finally understood,Those who seem to be reversed in this practice,And I don’t know so-called rumors,What is going on?……
At that year,Reconscious in Dharma,Obviously it is not a general sense of practice,It is similar to the Kung Fu to the Buddha.,This is no wonder that he is a collection of Dharma.。
So-called“Fidelity”,Will not make strength、Don’t make the bones,But acting on meridians、Acupuncture points……In the body,Form a separate new meridian,Ignore the age、body condition,This new meridians will remain in“Martial arts”Degree!
As long as the meditation is,This martial artery,It’s going to practice itself.,And when using,Will directly evolve。
Legend has never practiced martial arts、Old monk buried in the Buddha,Suddenly the gods in my later years……
Seems not to(wu)learn(xia),In fact, this is this“Fidelity”Role!
Not the meridians of Central Plains martial arts,And Tianzhu、The seven rounds of the three veins on the side of Mitzen also have nothing to do.,This old monk practice,Very Zen style——Zen is cultivating、Readler,Strive to me、All beings can become a Buddha。
Compared to below,Tibetan、Tongzi is more careless“Row”,To repeat the practice of Sakyami into Buddha,Can be able to become a Buddha。
Shaolin is now known as Zen Zen Qing,However“Tianxia martial arts”,Sound,But it has lost a bit of Zen essence。
certainly,Even the sorghum,It is impossible to pass“Soft”Law,After all, this is a pure Buddha concept.,Already exceeded the martial arts category,In general“Fidelity”After the wonderful,Gao Song is also created“Luohan Volunteer”。
Know the name,This is a deterioration version……
From the perspective of the Buddha,The repairman of Aruna realm,Not“Fidelity”of,That high-spirited is already available“People”Bodhisattva,Created practice,Just help the future“Sincere”,Repair Luo Han Dynasty!
Even if I drop a grade,It also still has limited restrictions on all kinds of heartbeats,and……Been to be found in huge internal strength,Can be placed into Luo Han real body。
And so-called“Luohan”,It is just a goal,In fact, even if there is no one in the million cultivation requirements.,It doesn’t mean that Luo Han……
Chu Dee people don’t need to think,Normally,Can’t practice at all,Even if you don’t trust your requirements,The internal force is also inadequate。
But the awareness of Chu Deirers,But there is a chance to practice!
If you now“body”Air,I must immediately“Luohan Volunteer”put in……
Others must cultivate,Even with all kinds of understanding、Heart requirements,After all, it is not an Argonon.,It is necessary to completely shape the Luo Han’s true body.,Can be able to make。
And Chu Deirers’ awareness,Ability to make him after the equipment badge,Fully understand the essentials,Means of……Theoretically, the Chu Deirers after the equipment badge,Cultivate“Luohan Volunteer”when,It can be seen as a tutor of Arighan.。
Arrahan has no fare,But it is already possible to do three non-refundable“Nose”——Luo Han Guo will never refund!
Means of,Chu Deirers can practice a little bit,The internal force is not completely completely formed to form a new pair of meridians.,Practice today、Practice tomorrow,If you are not enough for ten days and a half months,Three or five months,General is also able to achieve a deep internal force“Once an outbreak”of。
楚 人“body”One of them,Has been“鲲 鲲 补 天”occupy,And unable to replace、Only fusion!
This Chu defender is more tangled,after all“鲲 鲲 补 天”of“化 诀 诀”It is a proper Taoist Kung Fu,and“Tonic”It is also tend to supplement itself,Obviously, it is also unreasonable with the Buddha.……
This will not melt the problem.?
“body”One item is directly changed directly,So can’t replace,Chu Deirers do not dare to fuse。
These days, the Chu Deirens repeatedly pondered this Kung Fu.,I feel that this is a great achievement of Buddha’s concept.,The genre and the peppeal,But it’s fundamental,Is another passage,Side of itself“Pouch”Almost no。

When three bottles of anti-inflammatory salt water are finished hanging,It’s already more than two o’clock in the afternoon,Residential area in the distance,Someone has started to fire,Xia Jian just remembered,Today is a small year,This in rural areas,Has entered the new year,Although everyone is not very rich,New Year,Even if it is a famine,Also make the new year more presentable。

Year 30 dumplings,Couplet after dinner,At night,To welcome the ancestors,Set off firecrackers,Also playing gongs and drums,Which scene,I can’t find that feeling in the city。
The nurse looked at Xia Jian and kept looking out the window,She whispered:“Is Mr. Xia homesick??“
“Oh!This firecracker rang,Really want to,You do!From the afternoon,Don’t come during the New Year’s Day“Xia Jian glanced at the nurse who looked a bit like a mother,She is also in her fifties,Seems to be a laid-off worker。
The carer shook his head and said:“This prevents Mr. Xia,I took your money“
“I say yes,Go back to the new year!The money you should take,Not less,My friend will take care of me later“Xia Jian said very firmly,But he told a white lie。
The old nurse left with tears,She didn’t expect,This liveVIPXia Jian in the ward,Still a good person,Wanjia Denghuo,Get together,Who don’t want to celebrate the new year,with my family。
Xia Jian can’t lie down anymore,He tried to sit up,Except for a little dizzy,Seems to have no other discomfort,Bold him,Got out of bed slowly,Leaning on the wall,Start walking step by step。
May be the reason for sleeping too long,After his move,I’m not dizzy anymore,People seem to save a lot of light,This is a fart yard,Go home for the new year。
Xia Jian with an idea,I quickly found my clothes,I immediately changed the hospital gown,But how do you get this head,Go out,At least he can’t get through the nurse’s desk,Those little girls have sharp eyes。
Xiao Xiao who is helping Old Xiao in the yard,Suddenly screamed:“Xia Jian!“
First0074chapter bet
Old Xiao heard Xiao Xiao’s exclamation,Also ran out,The kettle in his hand almost fell to the ground。
Xia Jian’s smile,I wear a chili hat on my head,Looks a little funny,This is a high price for him,Let the cleaner buy it for him,How else could he get through the eyes of the little girls on the nurse’s desk。
“Silly boy,You are not dead,Get into the house,A bit cold outside”Old Xiao put down the kettle in his hand,Panicked and helped Xia Jian into the house。
Xiao Xiao who was stunned for a while,Involuntary joy,What’s wrong with her?Girl’s face,Quietly red。
Northerners eat dumplings,Seems to be the tradition of most people,The old Xiao family is no exception,Savory dumplings,Serve the table in a while,Old Xiao changed his former seriousness,He smiled and said:“Unexpectedly this year’s New Year,There is one more person in our family,This is the so-called fate,If there is no big water,We won’t sit together,For fate,Cheers!”
Three people raised their cups at the same time,Of course Xia Jian must drink water。
When eating dumplings,Here comes the problem,Northerners like to eat dumplings dipped in the juice of chili and vinegar,But Xiao Xiao said nothing to make Xia Jian jealous,Eat chili,Originally Xiao Xiao cared about Xia Jian,Is a good thing,But somehow,The two young men almost pinched again,What are you saying。
Where is old xiao sitting,Just watch TV,Just ignore them。

Wait until Daiggs walks in and reports that the soldiers have lined up,Waiting for Harder and Leo to give honors。

Harder“kind”Shouted on Leo to go to the awarding stand。
“Heard no?This time, I am honoring Leo, the genius of the elite camp.!”
“of course I know,Many people said just now,Leo wants to join the navy,This time, of course he was awarded honors。”
“I heard that Leo is less than 18 years old,The seventeen-year-old admiral hasn’t seen it in years.!”
The three major generals were not young when they joined the navy,Even the youngest pheasant is 19 years old,Nineteen is still the age to enter the elite camp,Actually joined the navy as a brigadier general is already 21 years old。
There are really very few 17-year-old naval generals。
“Hey,If I have Leo’s talent,I can also be a general!”
“Are you thinking about fart?,Your talent will be a general?I must be the general!”
“You two are thinking about fart……”
The navy quickly got news,One by one,All cast envious eyes on the high platform。
Harder in place,Daiggs shouted。
With the voice of Daiggs falling,The navy is all quiet,Stand straight,Qi Qi looked towards Harder。

“President Xia,Please go to the massage table,I’ll give you a good massage,See you are so tired”Xi Zhen whispered。

Xia Jian opened his eyes and glanced at Xi Zhen and said:“You can also massage?”
“Will it,You’ll know in a while“Xi Zhen smiled,Climbed up the escalator。Where Xia Jian’s eyes go,I saw Xi Zhen’s thighs as white as jade fat,Really beautiful。
Xia Jian adjusted his breath,Trying to control his own demon。He jumped on the edge of the pool room,Climbed on a bed by the pool,Xi Zhen came over,He touched his back with both hands gently。A comfortable feeling spread all over the body instantly,Xia Jian couldn’t help but say something:“so comfortable!”
Xi Zhen didn’t speak,Both hands have been stroking from Xia Jian’s back to Xia Jian’s feet,But even an inch of skin is not let go。Xia Jian didn’t expect Xi Zhen to have such a good technique,He couldn’t help asking:“When did you learn it?”
“Just learned!Several times to Hongchuanhe Hot Spring,Where did you learn it from Manager Ruan?,She said I have this understanding,So I learn quickly”Xi Zhen massaged Xia Jian’s skin,Said with a smile。
Xia Jianyi learned Xi Zhen’s massage techniques from Ruan Lingna,He couldn’t help but think of this woman。I remembered the special care Ruan Lingna gave him every time he went to the resort。He can only hide this kind of goodness in his heart,Maybe this is also a secret in Ruan Lingna’s heart。
Good times usually pass quickly,Just when Xia Jian was enjoying the beautiful feeling Xi Zhen brought to his body。The door slammed open,Xiao Xiao rushed in with the dragon ball and sweating profusely。
“Good you Xia Jian,So I enjoyed it here,You should answer the phone!”Xiao Xiao’s angry face。
Xia Jian stood up,Sat on the bed at once。Several people face such a scene,Inevitably feel embarrassed。The most embarrassed person might be Xi Zhen,She hurried to the side,Where to stand silently。Xiao Xiao and Dragon Ball turned their faces aside。
Xia Jian is quite calm at this time,He stretched his waist and asked:“The concert is over?”
“End at eleven,It’s half past eleven now”Dragon Ball whispered。
Xia Jian jumped off the massage bed and said:“Sit down here first,Let me rinse,Change clothes“
“No need!Since you are okay, continue,I went back with Dragon Ball“Xiao Xiao raised his brow,Said a little displeased。
Xia Jian suddenly raised his voice and said:“I told you to sit down and sit down honestly,Why so much nonsense“This is the first time Xia Jian lost his temper in front of an outsider in front of Xiao Xiao。The color on Xiao Xiao’s face has changed,But she still endured it,Walked to the table and sat in a chair。
Xi Zhen also hurried back to the changing room。After a while, Xia Jian got dressed and walked out,He sat in front of Xiao Xiao,So he called Fang Fang。
Asked as soon as the phone called:“what’s the situation?Can i go back?”
“You go back!Zhu Hui and He Wei are gone tonight,But He Wei returned to the United States,Zhu Hui went to Africa“Fang Fang whispered。

“how is this possible?

This time you taste you again.。”
soon,Zhao Xiaoli is also a muddy wine that holds out of an altar。
But all the mud just dried,So it’s easy to open it.。
Instantaneous moment,Wines,Even the people who don’t like to drink white wine are often trying to try.。
“Hey-hey,Leaf big brother,I am giving you,Ye girl,Give you a small cup,Taste first,Let’s drink more.,子 You are also。”
Li Hui Feng started,While talking,Always give everyone。
soon,Under Li Hui’s Raising,Several people are drinking。
Entrance soft,The kind of slightly spicy spicy,But after entering the abdomen, the warm feeling makes a few people are pleasing.。
“Lee brother,The degree of this wine should be quite high.,Although I can’t get it at the beginning,But after the spirit is affirmed。”
Li Hui listened to this and listened to this.:“no problem,If you drink it,Let’s sleep a house,子 姑 一 房。”
Finish,Li Hui is directly full of people.。
A few cups of wine,Zhao Xiaoli looked more and more charming to Li Hui’s eyes.。
Ye Shuangzhou also started talking big tongue。
It seems that the double double double seems to have spiritual heads.。
“Lee brother,I have to go to the house to sleep.。”
Say,Ye Shuangzhou is shaking and walking in。
Li Hui also got up and laughed:“Then I will accompany you.,Let’s sleep together。”
Looking at Li with the wind and the ripping of the Ye Shuangzhou Trip。
Zhao Xiaoli also laughed and stood up.。
Footsteps,Even at any time。
“Ye girl,Let’s sleep together.,I can’t drink anymore.,This wine is a good wine,But the wine is limited.。”
“Then I succeeded.。”
Ye Shuang double feels yourself,No a few people are so drunk,She directly gets up and holds Zhao Xiaoli’s super house.。
Just enter the room,Two women saw that two people fell asleep on the sofa.。
Zhao Xiaoli saw that Li Hui Feng was lying on the sofa and drunk.,Immediately laugh。
“Gigling girl,Do you want to listen to the story of me with a small breeze??”
One heard this,Ye Double is also coming。
“Imagine,I naturally want to listen.。”
“That line,Let’s go into the house,I secretly tell you,You don’t want to pass out。”
Say,Zhao Xiaoli began to tell。
So long to suppress a lot of words in your heart,In the case of drunk,She fails directly.,Worch,I don’t dare to say if she can’t say it.。
Ye Double is also listening quietly on the side.。

“I did not notice。”

“I am sure。”
“If so,Then we estimate it will take a long time。”Gan Yifan is depressed。
Xu Wan sighed softly,Anxious:“It doesn’t matter if the time is longer,I only hope that the teachers will not come back at this time。”
“They can come back alive?”Gan Yifan is always so unabashed。
In fact, both of them are considering this issue,Just avoid mentioning。
Time has passed and haven’t come back,The abyss is too deep,The abyss filled with water is no longer an area that ordinary people can penetrate,It’s not an exaggeration to describe the abyss of death。
They all experienced it firsthand,From the explosion、Involved、Emergency stop、Shock,When the cold current rises again,Even Gan Yifan had to use a respirator to hurry up to survive,The water travel ability team leaders may be able to survive in deeper waters than him,But if it is too deep, it will not be able to bear it。
Then there are the four veterans and Chen Du,Four veterans are not supernaturalists,Gan Yifan doesn’t understand their abilities very well,But it is estimated that it cannot survive in deeper waters,Chen Du looks like he can’t swim,In that environment,The four veterans can’t help him,His chances of survival are too small and too small。
As for Huang Kai and Haoheng,Neither of them considered,Because I don’t have a good impression。
Li Dachuan should be able to come back alive,But it’s a bit uncertain for so long。
The last is Ning Bei Zhi that suddenly appeared。
Ning Bei Zhi always gives them two unfathomable feelings,But this unfathomable only targets mental abilities,Will make them very stressed when facing。
But they also don’t think Ning Bei Zhi can enter the abyss space alone,That’s not his area of expertise。