Inventory: eight weight loss common sense

Inventory: eight weight loss common sense

Common sense of weight loss, when stop losing weight, if not in the control diet, excessive transfer will quickly turn into unfortunate accumulation, quickly reduce the space for accidental losses, so that weight rebound.

  Weight loss common sense 2, restrictions on eating can lead to low gastric capacity and strong contraction, resulting in a feeling of stomach pain.


It will cause the body to lose a lot of sodium salt, while sodium and water are important in maintaining blood volume and blood pressure, and blood pressure is lowered.

Stress, depression.

Many dieters will feel upset and have a bad mood because dieting disrupts the balance between blood sugar and insulin and low blood sugar.

Lack of calcium or vitamins also causes depression.

Tired and unable to pass the diet of low-carb hydrates, because the body was forced to burn too much, and even used a part of the protein, resulting in a decline in the structure.

  Weight loss common sense three, snacks include puffed foods, hard fruit foods, such as fruits, candied fruit, cold drinks and so on.

The bulk of the puffed food is crispy and delicious, but it is generally oily, so the oil content is high.

Hard fruit foods such as peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, pine nuts, etc.

They are small in size, good in taste and strong in satiety, but they are rich in a large number of aunts and produce high levels.

Fruits, preserved fruits, cold drinks, etc. contain high sugar content, and too many substitutions can lead to excessive conversion.

When watching TV and eating these snacks while reading the newspaper, the result is absorbed very high energy. Although the three meals are not eaten much, the total change of eating more food per day has exceeded the need, and the weight loss effect is not good.The reason is this.

  The common sense of weight loss is that the staple food is the whole grain. They are responsible for most of the energy needed by the human body. If too much is too much, the aunt who is easy to convert is stored in the body, but if it is put too little, it will lead to low heat and malnutrition.Pure vegetables and meat, eggs, milk, beans, vegetables, low heat production can be used with confidence, and then a small amount of trace high, while eating less, naturally need to eat more food to the daily essential energy, so simpleIf you eat less staple food and can’t lose weight, the key is to limit the total dose that is added every day.

  Weight loss common sense five, not eating breakfast can not only lose weight but easily lead to obesity, and even affect health.

First of all, a person who has not eaten breakfast will have a severe sense of fatigue at noon, while the energy stored inside the body will be enhanced when the stomach is fastened. The food that is eaten is most easily absorbed, and it is easy to form a subcutaneous baby and survive.A full meal will affect the fine adjustment of the body’s intake of the satiety center, which is not conducive to weight loss. Secondly, not eating breakfast is the main cause of gallbladder dieting. Third, not eating breakfast makes the body not too much in the morning.Energy, the brain lacks oxygen energy and can’t work properly.

Simply ask you a few questions~~ Are you determined to lose weight?


What is your health while losing weight?

  Common sense of weight loss six, three meals a day can only eat fruits, such as apples, oranges, watermelons, etc., do not eat food, meat, and oil, but just eat a variety of fruits, because the fruit in addition to a large amount of vitamins,Minerals, precipitated fiber, no more nutrients, so weight loss is very unfavorable to the body.

  Weight loss common sense seven, exercise time is best every half an hour or more is the best, and you have to exercise for a long time remember to relax muscles, or it will become more and more strong!

The weight loss courses in the workshop are dazzling, and the focus of appeals is inevitably accentuated by “fast and effective”. Successful examples are vividly displayed in front of consumers, but the failed cases disappear silently in silence, choosing or using these diets.Have you ever explored the success rate and reasons for these methods from a scientific perspective?

Looking at the various weight loss methods, they can be divided into three categories. The first category is “aristocratic weight loss”: spend a lot of money, set a wish to lose weight, and seek the services of a beauty center.

The second category is “poor people’s weight loss”: constantly looking for recipes for dieting and weight loss, where there are weight-reducing recipes, you must try your hand at thousands of miles.

The third category is “healthy weight loss”: the weight-loss classes opened by major hospitals, taking into account the effectiveness and health, combining academics with practice, so that you can also be a weight loss expert.

  The common sense of weight loss is about one kilogram per week. If the speed is reduced by three months, it can be reduced by 12 kilograms. Is it very exciting?

But please don’t forget that perseverance is the permanent way.

Are you ready for the beautiful summer sun?

Or have you decided to join the ranks of weight loss?

Please open your eyes and choose the weight loss method. Do not lose weight and lose weight. Remember that the conversion control for one day is 1000 cards?
1500 card replacement to avoid ultra-low diet: (within 800 calories) long time will lead to low blood pressure, cold, dry skin, constipation, emotional instability and so on.

Grab the diet nine skills, the more you eat, the thinner

Grab the diet nine skills, the more you eat, the thinner

Often women’s friends get fat because they don’t pay attention to diet and do not exercise.

So controlling diet is the key.

How can I control my diet well?

Here are a few tips for you to summarize. As long as you grasp these tips, you will definitely become a thin beauty.


hzh {display: none; }  技巧一:避免油炸   减少油炸的菜式,节菜中如卤肉、红烧鸡等,烹调时应避免油炸、过油的手续,煮汤的汤料也尽量Avoid frying, which can reduce a lot of oil intake.

Deep-fried dishes remember to remove the skin and eat, roast duck and roast suckling pigs do not eat skin, soup and vegetable juice drink less.

  Tip 2: Reduce the ingredients of each dish. Reduce the amount of main course chicken, duck, fish, and meat. Use vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, carrot, white radish, mustard heart or kale to make a bottom or make a dish.The ingredients of vegetables, if you have the opportunity to be your own master, the choice of materials does not hinder the use of lily, mountain sage and golden needles as a side dish, which allows guests to eat more peace of mind.

  Tip 3: Come to a refreshing cold dish with steamed or boiled seafood such as squid, prawns, fillets, steamed chicken, duck, and sliced meat.

Among them, you can also mix the cucumber, bamboo shoots, etc. to make the interval decoration, fresh and not greasy.

  According to the choice of dishes, the protein of pork and chicken is very high. The crabs and squid in seafood are high in cholesterol and protein. It is better to choose sea urchin and jellyfish. Chicken and chicken wings are best. PigsDo not eat more ribs and muscles.

  Tip 4: Reduce the commonly used sauces such as sand tea sauce, tomato sauce, sweet chili sauce, oyster sauce, etc. The salt content is very high, and some oil content and sugar content are also quite a lot, so it may not be low, if at homeElders with high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular disease should avoid using too much sauce.

  In the food preparation process, it is advisable to use most of the umami taste of the food. It can be supplemented with some spices or Chinese herbal medicines to increase the aroma. Salt and MSG are less useful.

  Tip 5: Avoid processing food. The course should be based on fresh ingredients and have high nutritional value.

Processed foods contain excessive amounts of additives, and the production process is also more susceptible to contamination. If purchased directly from traditional market vendors, the quality is more difficult to grasp.

In addition, processed foods usually contain high levels of oils and fats, such as sodium and potassium. Nutrients lose impurities and are relatively unfresh.

  Tip 6: Replace tea with water and water instead of traditional Chinese tea or mineral water, sugary drinks such as soft drinks and juices, especially those with diabetes should pay attention to the sugar in the drinks.

Tea that excludes sugar has the effect of removing oil and greasy. After eating big fish, it should be a more convenient drink than sugary drinks.

  Festive celebrations are inevitably free of drinking blessings. If you must use alcohol to help you, remember to be there, drink and drink, remember to add more ice to dilute the amount of alcohol before you drink, you can reduce the content of alcohol.

  Tip 7: Fresh fruit replaces fried desserts. At the end of the day, you can eat some fresh fruits. As for sweet soups and other desserts such as rice cakes, fried crisps, you should avoid them.

  Tip 8: A small number of different family’s food is always a large table and a few dishes, therefore, the best way is to eat one or two mouths per way, so a dozen or so to eat, will not be too full of uncomfortable, indigestion.

  In addition, we should pay attention to the balance of food. When eating big fish and meat, don’t forget to eat some vegetables and grains and roots. Don’t waste the vegetables at the bottom of the plate. You can eat more balanced nutrition.

  Tip 9: People who are slow to swallow and see a large table of dishes will pay attention to it, because when a person finds that he is full, he often eats too much, which is not conducive to weight loss.

  There are also some large pieces of food or small bone fish thorns. If you accidentally get stuck in the digestive tract, the problem is even more serious.

In addition to paying attention to the diet, you should always be active. If you are tired, you can choose simple.

Take a walk after a meal, etc.!

Sleeping bedside affects health

Sleeping bedside affects health

The bedside headed the external wall to bury the hidden dangers. Mr. Zhang bought a new house. He saw that the newly designed houses were low windowsills, and wanted to put the big bed against the low window sill.

He felt that the wind was smoother.

Unexpectedly, he could not sleep after living in a new house.

It turns out that although the area of the bed is increased, but the night is full of light, the sound often wakes him up and affects sleep.

Relevant experts pointed out: In general, houses can be divided into exterior walls and interior walls.

The outer wall (adjacent to the surrounding area) often has high humidity and large temperature difference; the inner wall (divided indoor room) has low relative humidity and small temperature difference. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep on the inner wall against the inner wall and not to sleep on the corner of the wall, so that it is not easy to get sick.

For young people, you may not feel any discomfort when sleeping on the outer wall, but when you are old, you may develop chronic diseases such as cervical spondylosis and rheumatism.

  Ms. Li, who is too complicated to interfere with sleep fashion, will purchase ceramic utensils, woodcarving products, giant folding fans and sheepskin horns, including wooden knives and wooden knives, all in the living room and indoors.After a few weeks in the new house, I was upset inexplicably.

Even if you read a book in the study, you will not be able to read it.

  The doctor said that the decoration of the house should not be too complicated, and the color should conform to the function of the living room.

For example, moderate red light can give a warm feeling; but using too bright colors in the bedroom can affect the quality of sleep.

At the same time, do not use excessively exaggerated ornaments on the bedside of the bed, or wake up at night to easily scare yourself, causing adverse effects.

In the bedroom, do not equip with high-powered audio and video systems, and receive too intense sensory stimulation before going to bed, causing people to be over-excited, distorted and interfered with sleep, and caused the adverse consequences of falling asleep.

  In addition, some plants should be placed in the bedroom. The flowers are small and the color is not bright. There is no special smell of flowers. Do not choose the poisonous poinsettia, the thorny tiger thorn and the pollen.

A pot of spider plant can be placed on the closet, which not only takes up space, but also beautifies the environment and improves indoor air.

Before the sun is exposed to the sun, two must be done

Before the sun is exposed to the sun, two must be done

In the hot summer days, office workers riding electric bicycles on the roads, as well as traffic patrols, cleaners, construction workers, exposed to the sun in the hot sun, easy to heatstroke, collapse, and cause dermatitis.

How to deal with and prevent these situations?

Xue Yuzhu, director of the Nutrition Department of Zhengzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that summer diet should be light, and there are some principles that everyone can refer to.

  Replenish water, inorganic salt: 3 times daily water supply?
5 liters; when the labor and temperature or radiant heat are particularly high, the daily hydration volume needs to be more than 5 liters.

The hydration method should be applied in small quantities for a number of times to avoid affecting appetite.

  In addition to salt, potassium salts and other inorganic salts are supplemented with vegetables, fruits and beans containing inorganic salts.

Among them, the organic acid in the fruit can stimulate the appetite and facilitate the digestion of the food in the stomach. It is recommended to drink more soup, fish soup and broth.

  Boiled water, salt water is the basic drink in summer, you can press 0.


2% saline, salt tea, can relieve fatigue and improve body temperature, pulse, blood pressure and heart rate in high temperature environment.

More supplements with high-quality protein, vitamin C and B vitamins: like vitamin B1, vitamin C, the normal person needs 100 mg / day, the daily population needs to reach 160 mg under high temperature; calcium absorption should also increase, normal peopleThe daily requirement for calcium is 80 mg, and the population at high temperature should reach 110 mg.

  Foods rich in B vitamins: rice, wheat germ, animal offal, beans, celery leaves, lettuce leaves and other vitamin B1 content.

Vitamin B2 foods include animal liver, mushrooms and the like.

  To repair sunburned skin, vitamin C should be added, which can be absorbed from melon, tomato, pepper, cauliflower and other foods.

Recommended summer porridge: lotus leaf porridge, mung bean porridge recommended food: loofah, bitter gourd.

But bitter gourd does not advocate eating it; it can also be fried with watermelon rind to relieve heat.

[特殊人群如何度夏]   炎夏,疾病患者如何吃才能既保证营养,又有利于病情控制?Dr. Chen Huibin from the Department of Nutrition of the Provincial Cancer Hospital introduced the diet rules.

  ● Hypertensive patients ● Summer is hot, the temperature difference between morning and evening is prolonged, the weather is impermanent, and blood pressure is easy to fluctuate, which is not conducive to the stability of the internal environment.

Therefore, pay special attention to the low-salt diet, do not eat pickles, cured meat, etc.

  Salt intake – during treatment: 2?
3 g / day blood pressure stable period: 4?
5 g / day 摄入 intake – slight intake should be controlled below 50 grams / day a spoonful of oil is 10 grams of researcher, but because meat and eggs contain fat, so blood pressure is best, please professionalThe dietitian guides and develops a diet plan that suits you according to your height, weight and blood test indicators.

  Hypertensive patients also need to consider the problem of healthy oil while limiting adults.

The ratio of saturated fatty acids to unsaturated fatty acids should be appropriate.

  Recommended cooking oil: olive oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which is relatively beneficial to health.

  Cholesterol intake – high blood pressure with high cholesterol: do not exceed 300 mg / day high blood pressure but not high cholesterol: do not exceed 500 mg / day.

  Recommended antihypertensive food: fungus, kelp, cucumber, tomato, radish, celery, banana; recommended lipid-lowering food: mushrooms, sea fish, onions, garlic, oyster mushrooms, straw mushrooms, white fungus.

  ● Poor gastrointestinal function ● Spleen and stomach are warm and aversion to cold, especially in the summer to protect the stomach, do not eat cold food.

In the summer, you should also pay attention to light diet and cleanliness. In summer, too many people like to eat cold dishes. If you don’t pay attention, it will cause diarrhea and cause metabolic inflammation.

People with weak gastrointestinal function should be light and digestible in summer, and the elderly should pay attention to soft and rotten.

  In terms of nutrition, the food is reduced as much as possible, and the variety of protein, inorganic salt and vitamins are rich, and it is necessary to have a content suitable for oneself.

So how much does it take in a day?

  Calculation method: (height – 105) × average coefficient of labor intensity (this formula can be found online) More detailed algorithms should refer to age, so it is best to ask a professional dietitian for guidance.

  Recommended congee: mung bean porridge (clearing heat and detoxification), barley porridge (spleen and dampness), red dates lotus seed porridge is best to use steamed, boiled, stewed cooking methods.

  ● Tumor patients ● Treatment gap, first pay attention to balanced diet, on this basis to increase the food to improve the body’s resistance, such as fungus, mushrooms, straw mushrooms, loofah, bitter gourd, green leafy vegetables.
In addition, there are some fruits and vegetables that have the effect of clearing heat and thirst, such as watermelon, lotus root, lotus root, coix seed, yam, almond, water chestnut, winter melon, mung bean, etc., so freshwater fish, such as grass carp, black fish, etc. often eat some,Because of its rich content of vitamin C, β-carotene and organic substances, it has anti-tumor effect and can effectively enhance the body’s immunity.

The old man’s diet was eaten early and eaten late and eaten fine _1

The old man’s diet was eaten early and eaten late.

Although coarse grains are rough, they are very nutritious.

However, for the elderly with weak gastrointestinal function, how can they not affect the normal digestion and the advantages of coarse grains?

  Experts said that the reasonable consumption of coarse grains does have many benefits, not only can prevent constipation, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, etc., but also has a certain anti-aging effect.

  Because the coarse grain taste is rough and light, it is best for the elderly to “finely” it, which has the effect of improving the taste and enhancing the appetite.

Corn, buckwheat, sorghum, millet and other coarse grains can be ground into steamed steamed buns and eaten.

In the process of making steamed bread, the head can be added with some sugar, or the steamed bread and the head can be chopped and put together in the porridge.

Soy beans, red beans, mung beans, corn bran and other coarse grains are most suitable for porridge, and put some sweet potatoes and green vegetables in them to make sweet porridge or salty porridge, which is very suitable for breakfast.

In addition, the elderly who like to drink soy milk for breakfast can also use these beans as raw materials to make coarse grain soy milk, add sugar, honey, etc., not only nutritious, but also delicious.

Usually cooking rice, you can also mix mung beans, red beans, corn bran, millet and other coarse grains in rice, such a “thickness and fineness”, it will not affect the taste.

  The elderly eat coarse grains, which is half of the total amount of staple food on the day, and it is best to distinguish between early and late. For example, drink coarse grains of soy milk or coarse grain porridge in the morning, eat the staple food of “thickness and fineness” at noon, and eat fine staple food at night.

People usually have more activities during the day. They can eat more coarse grains at noon, which is good for digestion. If you sleep late at night, you can eat less.

In addition, when the elderly eat coarse grains, they can also drink black tea, honey water and so on.

Every day, squatting on the tiptoe for 20 minutes, insisting on extension, the body may have these 4 major changes

Every day, “squatting on the tiptoe” for 20 minutes, insisting on extension, the body may have these 4 major changes

Nowadays, many people’s health awareness is getting stronger and stronger, and more and more people are looking for some healthy health care methods. Today, I will talk to you about a set of health care methods that the ancients have handed down. This is a set of small actions.what?

What are the benefits?

Health care method – there is another name for the toes on the toes.

The last trend from Ba Duan Jin: Behind the seven-turned disease, Ba Duan Jin has a long history of 800 years. It is a set of guiding health practice, and its last action is called “the seven times behind the disease”.

This action is to stimulate the renal meridian system by licking the heel, causing a whole body shock and gently massage the internal organs to achieve the magical effect of eliminating all diseases.

Every day, “squatting on the tiptoe” for 20 minutes, stick to it, the body may have these 4 major changes, do you realize that it promotes blood circulation in the lower limbs? If you are a long-term sedentary person, or you are a person with exercise, you do not hinder every day.Keep walking on the toes, which can improve the blood circulation of the lower limbs.

Because when people walk on tiptoes, they can properly relax the muscles of the legs, and at the same time effectively squeeze the blood vessels, speed up the flow of blood to the heart, and promote the circulation speed of blood in the lower limbs.

People who effectively prevent strokes always think that strokes are only happening in the elderly. In fact, young people can’t relax their vigilance. They must adjust their physical condition and prevent strokes.

If you stick to your toes every day, you can stimulate your leg muscles and stimulate your brain to achieve long-term effective prevention of stroke.

Relieve low back pain If the wind, cold and dampness invade the bladder, it will lead to poor blood and blood flow, and it will cause pain, which will cause low back pain.

Therefore, the use of the method of stimulating the bladder through the foot can relieve low back pain.

Bushen Yijing can not only supplement kidney gas, but also supplement kidney and essence. If you can do this for seven or eight times, you can achieve good kidney function.

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How do you want to protect your teeth?

How do you want to protect your teeth?

We eat all kinds of things every day, so teeth are the easiest and most susceptible to bacteria.

If you want to have a good tooth, you should start from the daily routine and master some small ways to protect your teeth so that your teeth can be healthy.

So how do you protect your teeth?

  ”Hundreds of things to maintain health, Mo first mouth.”

The most harmful diseases to oral health are dental caries and periodontal disease.

  Conical teeth, commonly known as “worm teeth”, “parasitic teeth”, lesions often from small to large, from shallow to deep, involving the pulp, and finally only the residual crown, residual roots, loss of the body’s own chewing function.

  Periodontal disease is one of the oldest and most common diseases.

The records of periodontal disease in the ancient Indian medical book “Miao Wen Ji” and “Huang Di Nei Jing”.

It mainly includes two major categories of gum disease and periodontitis. The former occurs in the gum tissue, which is characterized by bleeding gums, redness, pain, and continued development of invasion of hard tissues.

It manifests itself as inflammation of the gums, bleeding, formation of periodontal pockets, loose teeth, and displacement.

  The traditional Chinese medicine fangs swallowing health regimen has a very good effect in oral health care, “the fangs are three hundred and six, seven old and eighty teeth are not falling.”

Su Dongpo has this habit. He once said, “Sit with your legs, and your teeth will be thirty-six, and you will be refreshed.”

The method is to relax the whole body.

The mouth is slightly closed, so that the upper and lower teeth are slammed against each other in a rhythm, and the sound is loud, generally 36 times.

To be supplemented by the “Red Dragon Stirring Pool”, that is, swallowing.

After the sniper, use the tongue to stick the upper and lower gums in the cavity, the tooth surface is agitated, the force should be soft and natural, first up and down, first inside and then outside, can be stirred 36 times, when feeling that there is fluid (saliva),Do not swallow and continue to rotate, wait for the saliva to gradually increase, with the tongue against the crotch to gather saliva, drumsticks with saliva containing sputum (drumsticks) several times, and finally swallowed three times (pharyngeal).

The strength and number of strokes and agitation depends on the health of the teeth.

Adhere to the above actions every day, not only massage the gums, promote periodontal blood circulation, reduce the occurrence of dental caries, have an effect on improving hearing and preventing tinnitus, but also promote facial blood circulation, beauty and beauty, and delay aging.

  Another method of dental care is to clean the teeth, which is what people often say.

In theory, the life of a tooth should be consistent with the life of a person.

Dental caries and periodontal disease are the main culprit in adults.

Regular dental cleaning is the primary measure for the treatment of periodontal disease. It can remove plaque and stones from the teeth, keep the periodontal tissues healthy and prevent periodontal disease.

In general, dental cleaning has become a common routine oral care, and people clean their teeth at least twice a year.

Every year, normal people should clean their teeth once a year, and patients with poor periodontal conditions can review it once every 3 months.

  In addition to eating sweets and gargle, brushing your teeth before going to bed at night, children to the hospital for pit and fissure closure is also the method of implanting dental caries.

If you have caries and periodontal disease, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible.

  The above is the problem we should pay attention to when it comes to oral care.

If you have problems with your teeth, then you can use some Chinese medicine methods to protect your teeth. It is also very important to keep your teeth clean every day. It is also very important to protect your teeth. Therefore, brushing your teeth is very important.

Two wrong mentalities that make you lose weight and are skinny

Two wrong mentalities that make you lose weight and are “skinny”

“The most handsome and confident woman of a confident man is the most beautiful and moving.
Everyone knows this sentence, but everyone always feels that weight loss is to become more attractive to others, so as long as you are determined to lose weight, it will definitely have an effect.
  But the researchers warned that no matter which method is used, the two people can’t lose weight successfully.
Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine conducted a study on 177 subjects who were slightly overweight. The experimental group used diet control, while the control group used diet control and exercise classes to emphasize weight loss.
The results showed that the success rate of subtracting 2-7 kg was 26% in the experimental group and 49% in the control group.
As far as psychological assessment is concerned, the success rate of weight loss is 55%, and the success rate of weight loss is 26%.
As far as weight loss experience is concerned, the weight loss success rate of a dieter is 35%, and the weight loss success rate of never losing weight is 63%.
The results of this study were published in the journal “Medical Medicine Yearbook”.
  The researchers pointed out that there are two kinds of people to pay special attention to.
The first kind of person is the kind of person who doesn’t like himself.
This type of obesity is caused by psychological deviations, so these people are not necessarily very fat, but always exceed the ideal weight limit.
Losing weight becomes very difficult without changing your emotions.
The second person is the kind of person who often loses weight.
People who often lose weight are often in a vicious circle: they start to lose weight successfully, then return to the standard range, and then the weight exceeds the ideal weight limit, and then expand the weight loss program.
This kind of person’s weight is repeated and it is very difficult to lose weight.
  If you want to lose weight, you will love yourself and follow the weight-loss tips of “eat less and exercise more”. You will be slimmer tomorrow.

Diabetic people can’t eat oranges, 1 orange blood sugar rises 1 point, teach you to drop sugar

Diabetic people can’t eat oranges, 1 orange blood sugar rises 1 point, teach you to drop sugar

Autumn has arrived, Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived, and oranges have become one of the fruits on everyone’s table. Because of its taste and color, it is especially popular. It is not a problem to eat a few times a day.

But if you eat sour, you will have enough stomach. Do you know how many days you can eat?

Worried about people with diabetes: Does eating oranges affect blood sugar?

Anyone who has eaten oranges knows that its taste is sour, because it is rich in organic acids (such as grapefruit and grapes). This organic substance can promote our appetite and help us digest food.Also this is why you can’t stop eating one.

But sometimes you can only eat one, also because of this substance, because it sour taste to the taste and oral mucosa, so that the throat is very uncomfortable, so the orange can not eat.

Other beneficial effects of oranges Oranges are brightly colored, so they also contain a lot of vitamin A, carotene, especially the content of sugar orange. It is often eaten to protect the eyes, which can prevent the occurrence of night blindness and has a great effect on the eyes.

At the same time, it also contains supplemental fiber. For those who are prone to constipation after the fall, it can improve the peristaltic ability of the tandem after eating, help prevent constipation, or improve the symptoms of constipation.

Then diabetic patients: Eat or not eat well?

For diabetic patients, it is recommended not to eat more than 3, especially sugar orange, tangerine, these two kinds of sugar is particularly high, not more than 2 per day, otherwise it is easy to cause blood sugar levels to rise.

For people with diabetes, it is recommended to take some hypoglycemic tea every day to help control the blood sugar level after eating oranges.

This kind of tea is called: Birch mushroom tea. This is a product derived from nature. It grows on the body of birch trees and absorbs the essence of nature. It is a kind of medicinal fungus and has many functions in the medical field.It is suitable for daily adjuvant therapy such as many patients (cancer, three high, cardiovascular, stomach).

There is also a name called “natural insulin”, because it contains a substance called a double-chain, which can naturally lower blood sugar in the body, and also dissolves carbohydrates, which can promote the secretion of human fusion and improve.Blood sugar levels in the body.
Therefore, diabetic patients can have this tea, which is very good for controlling blood sugar, and then worry about eating blood sugar levels without worrying about eating a little fruit.

Cooking rice with tea can have 3 diseases

Cooking rice with tea can have 3 diseases

According to nutritionists, rice that is often boiled in tea can have three diseases.

  Cardiovascular disease Tea polyphenols are the main substances in tea, accounting for about 70% to 80% of water extracts.

Scientific experiments have shown that tea polyphenols can enhance the toxicity of microvessels and prevent microvascular wall rupture and bleeding.

Moreover, tea polyphenols can lower blood cholesterol and inhibit atherosclerosis.

Middle-aged and elderly people often eat tea and rice, which can soften blood vessels, lower blood fat, and suffer from cardiovascular disease.

  One of the causes of prevention of stroke and stroke is the production of lipid peroxides in the human body, which causes the blood vessel walls to lose their elasticity. The tannic acid in tea water has the effect of preventing the formation of peroxidic oxides, so it can effectivelyPrevent strokes.

  Anti-cancer effect Tea polyphenols can eliminate the synthesis of nitrosamines in the human body. Amines and nitrites are widely found in foods. They are highly prone to carcinogenicity at 37 ° C and appropriate acidity.Nitrosamines, while tea cooking can effectively prevent the formation of nitrosamines, thereby achieving the purpose of digestive tract tumors.

  The method of cooking tea is simple: firstly, 1 to 3 grams of tea, soaked in 500 to 1000 grams of boiling water for 4 to 9 minutes, take a small piece of clean gauze, filter the tea to remove the residue and use it (overnight is not suitable for use)Then put the rice into the pot, wash it, then pour the tea into the rice cooker, make it 3 cm higher than the rice noodles, cook and serve.