And a master,Demonstrate a magical power in the world,It might be a test,Second come,I’m afraid it’s difficult for this master to express it in words—This method must be extremely advanced!

“Refining body with fire,‘combustion’Divine Mana,A powerful burst of power instantly!”
“On the degree of mystery of this method,Afraid than what I got in the Immortal Palace of the Dao League《Yuan Jie Mixing Body》Even more。”
but,《Yuan Jie Mixing Body》It is a supernatural power that combines body protection supernatural power and supernatural power explosion。and《Five Cloud Lotus》It is an absolute magical power that erupts with fire。
This magical power has no realm、Defensive capability,It’s a pure explosion of divine power。
purely,And powerful!
On the Amplification Effect of Divine Power Explosion,The power at the same level is probably better than《Yuan Jie Mixing Body》Strong on close。
《Five Cloud Lotus》There are nine layers。
The first level corresponds to the ancestral god level,The second and third layer should be in the world,The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh layers correspond to the four steps of the Daojun of the normal peak Daojun。
As for the last eight or nine,You must have the master of the holy city and even the realm of the master to be able to practice。
And this is only a requirement of realm。
Not only need a certain state,Need more flame assistance,Transform the divine body,The ability of the god body to withstand the high temperature of the flame is greatly increased。
“No wonder the five eternal gods and fire creatures cultivated this supernatural power,Need their assistance!”
“If you only practice one to five levels,,Also need to use Chaos Fire、The fire of Tao transforms the body,Withstand the backlash of burning divine power。”
“If you want to cultivate to the sixth level,You must rely on the eternal fire to become!”

“Si Wei,are you busy,I want to discuss something with you。”Xia Shuyue looked at Zhang Siwei。

“what’s up,Speak,I think you always have something to say。”
“Haha,You can see this too?”Xia Shuyue is a little embarrassed,“Is such that,Si Wei,Didn’t you ask Yu Ge to take a set of photos for me that day?,He just told me,The photo was taken by a cosmetics company,Let me sell them fifty thousand,Do you say yes?I do not understand,Want to ask your opinion。”
“fifty thousand,Good thing,do not hesitate,sold,Haven’t you been short of money,Sell quickly。”
Xia Shuyue’s eyes shined,“Si Wei,Do you really think it can be sold?”
“I know you are in that small advertising company,Low income,If you rely on me for advertising,You get some commission,Not long,I can’t give your company advertising fees every month,Right?”Zhang Siwei tells the truth。
Xia Shuyue nodded,Although she doesn’t want to admit,But it is true,It is Zhang Siwei who has been paying the company advertising,I can still get some commission,Otherwise, I will lose my job。
Zhang Siwei went on to say,“Think about it,With fifty thousand yuan,Enough for you to live for a long time,Can do other things,Have money,I’m planning to do other things,right。”
“Ok,it is good,Then I will listen to you。”With Zhang Siwei’s encouragement,Xia Shuyue decided to sell the photos,Call Yu Ge immediately,Agree to the cosmetic company’s proposal。
Yu Ge answered,“it is good,I will contact them when I’m done,You wait for my news。”
Yu Ge is very efficient,Call Xia Shuyue at noon,“I have communicated with each other,I made an appointment to meet at two in the afternoon,Bring your ID,I’ll accompany you to sign the agreement。”
“Will there be pits?”Xia Shuyue is a little nervous。
“What are you afraid of,Look carefully at the contract twice,No problem sign again,I want to accompany you,Help you reference。”
091 You recommended me?
“I really don’t know how to thank you。”
“okay,See you at two in the afternoon。”
Xia Shuyue bounced back home,Xia Qiuping complained,“I told you not to come back at noon,You can go to work normally,I don’t want to affect your work。”

Chapter 117 How could be lost

End of a meal,Liao Wenjie handed the information from three maintenance workers to Zhou Xingxing,Let him help check it。
Within two months,These three have no abnormal movement,For example, what is the bigger?,or,They have recently been in contact with any strange things。
Maintenance workers suspect,Cleaning staff also,This investigation is 80%.。
Liao Wenjie is really no,Too few clues,He can only do its best,Can’t,Passive point,After the scene behind the scene, you will show your own.。
This situation is very likely。
Do not throw a black stone without reason,Put in the elevator,The behind-the-scenes black hand is certainly another purpose,Maybe you will come back to harvest a few days.‘Victory fruit’NS。
Think of this,Liao Wenjie went to a white grocery shop next day.,Let it restore the suburbs,Directly move to Jia Ding Garden,Live in six。
Have an heart,Abnormal,Both people teamed up to deal with it in time。
House,Liao Wenjie makes the clock without worrying,He pays for a rent,No need to send white。
And Zhou Xingxing is more energetic who eats,Entertainment between pure friends,He is happy,Zhou Xingxing is also happy。
This time,He won’t be a rental money。
Clock did not refuse,I immediately closed grocery shop,Take a taxi with Liao Wenjie to return to Jia Ding Garden。
Coincidentally,There is a house in the second floor of the six buildings.,Contact rental company,Money,I finished all procedures on the same day.。
Get these,Liao Wenjie let Zhong Zhen live in the city,Don’t pay attention to grocery business,Live too much,Every time I find someone to waste two or three hours.。
If you can make a big money, you will work.,For those bottles of soda,Not worth。
Clock, white nodes agreed,first,Liao Wenjie sincerely,He is willing to break the fingers of grocery;Two,Demon to raise a ghost disaster,He can’t sit still。
afternoon,Liao Wenjie belongs to the mall,First buy Tai Gear for him first,Follow it again。
The clock is too conspicuous,Easy to pay attention,Ordinary point。
People’s mouth short,Hand’s hand,Rent、Big brother、clothing,Three,Clock is ashamed,Indicates that the elevator is assured to him,Day and night。
There is a white word,Liao Wenjie is relieved,Vague,Intuitive telling him,Blackstone is not so simple。
Not good,Other places in Hong Kong Island,Also throw a few by the behind-the-scenes。
Close time,Liao Wenjie rushed back to the company,Another rose is placed in front of Cheng Wenjing。
same with yesterday,嘘 cold and warm,Pat in the ass,Little, no hesitation。
Cheng Wenjing:“……”
She doesn’t know what Liao Wenjie is thinking.,If you are afraid to eat, watch the movie is rejected……
Don’t try how to know?
Although she is certainly disagree,But at least try,I agree with her ghosts when I am.!
Liao Wenjie,In addition to planning to place Cheng Wenjing for a while,More mainly reason,It’s really too full.,I can’t take excess effort。
Equally,He invited Cao Dada andada Wang I have dinner,The meal is over andsandywatch movie。
Two days,I have been waiting for two days.,Take the wayhappy。
Dinner table,Liao Wenjie briefly said the plan to open the company,ada Wang is very agreed,Young people should sway more,It doesn’t matter if you lose it.,Young is capital,There is also a chance in the future。
Cao Dada’s face,Grasping Ghost Company is a few meanings?
Although he believes in Feng Shui,Also believe in some gods ghost,But he doesn’t think Liao Wenjie is suitable for this.。
“Ager,You consider clear,Today’s work is stable,Earn a lot,No need to take a big risk。”
“The boss does not accept my resignation,The position is always,Don’t go to work, there are salary。”
Cao Dada’s ear,I thought I didn’t listen clearly.,After confirming again,Big anger:“Ager,How do I teach you?,Men’s Han husband,Top the world,What is wrong?,Scholar family eats soft rice!”

“So you three need treasures in exchange for a reincarnation decree?”Li Ming looked at Qing Yuanzi and the three old guys who were close to the limit。

“Not bad,We’ve all talked with fellow Daoist Black and White,what do you want,Or pure Yang elixir,Talking to her directly is!”
Li Ming didn’t think too much,He needs to《Great Fortune》The resources for achieving Consummation are enough,The rest need to write more pure Yang elixir—In addition,What he needs most is Shaoyanchou’s information。
Use spiritual knowledge to communicate with black and white,Li Ming soon got a satisfactory answer。
Of course there is no information about Shaoyanchou,Black and white is just a powerful earth fairy,Naturally, I don’t know the specific information about Shao Yanchou, who is also a top figure among the gods。
But black and white,Is planning to establish a sect,And sectarian organizations will naturally collect all kinds of intelligence,And Li Ming’s request is that the sect that Heihuizi will establish in the future must,At least all the information from Yan’s family told him。
For the black and white,Almost no cost。
For Li Ming,Treasure that is 20% of the acquired treasure,And a promising source of intelligence about Shaoyanchou,In exchange for him to explore a site,Not a disadvantage。
chapter Five explore
Aku is a native of Beiming Sea。
The island where he was born is called Bailang Island,Is a very small island,Things are no more than fifteen miles long,It’s only six or seven miles from north to south,There are only seven or eight households living with Aku。
Inhabitants of the island,All of them are fishing across the sea。
It’s too remote here,Although my grandfather talked about having to leave Brown Sea Island,But I didn’t see a glimmer of hope in Ah Ku’s generation。
But remoteness also has its benefits,The monster that can eat people in the legend of the ancestors has never appeared。

Go deeper,The paths are eroded by dirt and grass,Look around,You can see iron sword after iron sword、The bronze sword is stuck in the soil,Stand upright like those pine and bamboo!

More and more swords are abandoned,There are hundreds of them everywhere。
When I was very young,Old Master Jianzun told herself,Every abandoned sword here,Tombstones of swords,They are in“Alive”when,Have their own story。
Some swords,Damaged from casting,Unused,So discarded here。
Some swords,Its reputation is louder than its users,Everyone wants it,But in the end it fell in a famous battle,Was sealed here forever。
Some swords,Just like a nonchalant,Plain,Life is up,Into the soil。
Go deeper,Sword more,It’s denser than those pine and bamboo,They vary in length、Different styles,Most of them are inserted upside down on this piece of soil like tombstones,I can’t even count how many at a glance!
Evening sunset,Setting sun,The shadow of pine wood and yellow bamboo is intertwined with the shadow of abandoned sword like grass,Pine and bamboo verdant、Dark body,Shadow and shadow are completely blended,A sword that seems to be huge into the sky and a slender sword that can be held,Formed this piece of sword forest that is extremely quiet in the dusk。
As the sunset light shoots into the sword,The rust on the thousands of abandoned swords,Become more gorgeous than ever。
Patina、rust,Blue rust、Red rust……
Even the sun and the years have rust,
That is dusk。
“Aunt Xuehen,My hands are numb。”
Night is coming,A young boy said with sweat on his face。
“carry on。”

“it is good,no problem,I’ll pay,What a big deal。”Zhao Gang nodded,It’s like I have become the richest man。

“Zhao Gang,She is really your girlfriend?Why don’t I believe it?Where is your kid’s blessing to find such a beautiful girlfriend?”The classmate looked at Zhang Siwei again,Asked。
“That’s still false,My Zhao Gang’s girlfriend is naturally the most beautiful。”Zhao Gang immediately put his arms around Zhang Siwei。
“You kiss me,See if you dare!”
“exactly,Kiss one。”Everyone followed up。
“You call me kiss,I will kiss?What kind of person?drink,Drinking to identify heroes and bears。”Zhao Gang changed the subject wittily。
That night,Zhao Gang drank a lot of wine,Zhang Siwei also drank some,She met some of Zhao Gang’s classmates,Drinking with everyone dizzy。
She noticed,Table man,Everyone is twittering,Only a male student sitting next to Zhao Gang did not bring a girlfriend,Don’t talk much from beginning to end,I drink very little alcohol,Looks a little dull。
“Zhao Gang,You have to offer Ye Boping a glass,You copy his answers every year,Otherwise you have to fail,I’m afraid I won’t get the diploma。”Only then did Zhang Siwei know that this classmate was called Ye Boping。
“I also paid,I treat him to a big meal every time I take an exam,At least he eats less dry buns。”Zhao Gang said heartlessly。
Ye Boping lowered his head,Did not speak。
“Ye Boping,Don’t take the postgraduate entrance examination,Mix with Zhao Gang,His dad is the big boss,You follow him without worrying about not having a job。”Some students suggested。
“I have been admitted,Study for two more years。”Ye Boping’s voice is not loud。
“Four years,I’m tired of reading,He still wants to stay for two years,”Zhao Gang’s mouth,Slap Ye Boping on the shoulder,“If one day,Brother, you can’t hang on,Just come to me,And you guys,Can come to me,I can’t guarantee getting rich,Mixed bowls of rice must be no problem。”
“Thanks boss Zhao。”Everyone is laughing。
Zhao Gang drank,Talk a lot,A table,He has the loudest voice,It took almost two hours for the meal to end。
Zhu Yi didn’t come to Zhang Siwei,Later I heard,He was also helped back by other classmates like Zhao Gang。
“Ye Boping,I know you didn’t drink much,This is my fellow girl,You have to take her back safely。”Zhao Gang is so drunk,I can’t lift my head,I still remember to find someone to send Zhang Siwei。
Watch him drink like this,Zhang Siwei is also a little worried,“Zhao Gang,You will be fine?”

“What to talk about?Made so mysterious”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。

Hu Huiru stood up,Took a breath and said:“What’s your hurry,Talk about it later!Get up!Let’s find a place,Talk while eating”
Since Hu Huiru said so,He can only follow,Anyway, it’s late.,Rice is always eaten。When they go downstairs,The sky is completely dark。Lights everywhere,Put a layer of mystery on Pingdu。
The sound of the singing and dancing hall in the distance,It sounds exciting。Xia Jian couldn’t help but think of the past,Which nights did he spend in Bucheon before?。
Hu Huiru waved,A car came in the dark。When I approached Xia Jian, I could see clearly,It turned out to be a car driven by Hu Huiru’s full-time driver,It seems that he has been waiting in the car。
“Go to Dongwan Xiangwei”Hu Huiru said softly to the driver。The driver responded,The car started walking quickly。
Xia Jian looked out the window as soon as he got in the car,He felt that the little flat city was quietly changing。Some old buildings on the street are missing,Instead of these buildings, some buildings are big in summer 。
and also,He suddenly found,Women in this flat city have become more fashionable。Not only wearing fashion but also bold and avant-garde。This may be a change。
“What’s on your mind?”Hu Huiru sitting next to Xia Jian,Suddenly asked Xia Jian。
Xia Jian turned around,Took a breath and said:“I seem to find out overnight,Our little flat city has changed a lot”
“Not only not small,Can be said to be a huge change。When I first came to the city,It feels like you are in the country,But now it’s different。The municipal supporting facilities are almost the same as in big cities。And his mental outlook,Are all brand new”
“It seems!You go out less,I didn’t observe carefully when I came out。I dare to speak,The development of Pingcheng in the future,Sure to catch up with Bucheon,Even beyond”When Hu Huiru said these things,I feel like I specialize in these things。
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but ask:“impossible!How can Pingdu City compare with Bucheon City。This is weird”
“It seems that you really don’t care about policy matters。Take Bucheon City,The current development has become saturated,Whatever,Or north and south,The point is that there is no place。Pingdu is different,The vacant area is larger than the occupied area,Has a lot of room for development”

Lin Wei busy said:“I will do this,Do you want me to accompany you back,I would love to see your three babies”

“No way,Work is important。Go back this time,I will take a few more pictures with my phone,Then you will be the first to watch”
“OK!”Lin Wei Daxi,Then turned and left。
Xia Jian stood on the river embankment facing the cold wind and imagined how the river beautification project will be carried out in the future,He also called the relevant engineering staff,Made a preliminary understanding。
About an hour later,Which Bao Shijie Guan Tingna drove back。Xia Jian glanced at his watch,So I said hello to Guan Tingna,Then drove his car back to Xiping Village。
It takes more than 20 minutes to drive from Pingdu to Xiping Village,Due to heavy snow recently,The reason why the road is not easy,So when he arrives at Xiping Village,Basically, it took nearly forty minutes,This is twice as long as usual。
When he just parked the car at the entrance of Xiping Village,Chen Erniu passing by the breeding factory saw him。This guy hasn’t seen Xia Jian for a long time,So I look a little happy。
He ran to the Xia Jian parking place,I called Ma Yan and Xia Sanhu。When Xia Jian got off the car, he saw Chen Erniu running over,The two laughed,Punch each other。
“busy person!Hearing Ma Yan said that you are so busy now that you almost forgot about home?I have to criticize you,No matter how busy I am, I have time to come back and visit,Besides, your wife and children are in Xiping Village”
Chen Erniu said,Ben haha laughed。
Xia Jian snorted coldly:“See what you guy said,It’s as if I’m a man who married a wife and forgot my parents”
“This does not,I can prove to you。But you have a job,People who forgot home,I can prove it to you”
With sound,Ma Yan and Xia Sanhu came over together。Ma Yan has recovered quite well after giving birth,Her figure is almost the same as before。
Xia Jian did not expect Ma Yan and Xia Sanhu to appear at the entrance of the village,Does he know that this is a call from Chen Erniu to them。A few people had fun all at once,Then they helped Xia Jian carry the things in the car,Back to Xia Jian’s house together。
When entering the courtyard,Sun Yuejuan is holding her grandson and talking in the yard,She saw Xia Jian came back,He hugged the child without saying anything:“Hug your son!See how heavy。When you go to work this time,Bring Dabao。He is good now,Just drink milk every day”
Sun Yuejuan’s two serious sentences,Amused everyone。You said that Xia Jian could do something else,But he’s still a layman with children。
as expected,Dabao reached him for less than a minute,The child burst into tears,And crying very fiercely。Xia Jian exhausted all his energy in the yard,But there is no way to keep the child from crying。
Ma Yan took it,Haven’t moved,The child stopped crying immediately。Xia Jian couldn’t help but said with a smile:“This kid is so bad at such a young age,Deliberately made me foolish in front of you”

With Zhao Shijie talking here,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,I feel,These things are quite ridiculous。

“Haha,So,Then,I really want to see and see。”
slowly,With Wang Teng talking here a little bit,obviously,at this point,He has seen it completely。
And with Wang Teng’s words finished,Zhao Shijie even coldly hummed:“Humph,Don’t know what to promote,You wait for me,I won’t let you go。”
With Zhao Shijie’s words finished,For the moment,Wang Teng looked funny。
These ones,Is it a threat to Wang Teng??
If this is considered a threat,Then Wang Teng really wants to say,Now like this,There seems to be no one。
“All right,Now words,There is no need to say so much。”
“As for the next,What should I do,You do it yourself!”
Wang Teng is not scaring Zhao Shijie,But Wang Teng,Will indeed do。
but,Zhao Shijie can’t see through,But just got up and left without looking back。
For such things,Zhao Shijie’s heart,How could you worry about such a thing??
So looking at these,at this time,Zhao Shijie slowly raised his head to look into the distance。
The more I look at it,Actually such a thing,Looks at Zhao Shijie,It’s still totally necessary to solve the problem properly.。
And looking at these,at this time,Zhao Shijie is one step forward。
“All right,This is what you said,Hope you come,Don’t regret!”
Zhao Shijie’s words are finished,Is to bring people around,Left without looking back。
As for Zhao Shijie,Wang Teng looked at these,It’s very indifferent。
“Rest assured,I will never regret it,As for you,That’s hard to say!”
Chapter 126 You can do it

Chaos in the guest house,Suddenly a blue light flies by,Go quickly to the southeast,Old man Xie escaped?Li Tianchou thinks a bit,Give up intercepting the old man,Persistently looking for that breath away,The owner of this breath is the great demon Panmang who has made him feel uneasy。

After this demon escaped from Wuming Mountain,I hibernated for a while and finally showed up,Hit Li Tianzhi’s vitals right away,He took Zhong Miura away,Very simple and rude methods have laid hidden dangers for the special forces represented by Li Tianzhen and Dong Lao.,There is even the possibility of success。
This is what Li Tianzhen is worried about,Pan Mang is his real rival,Some time ago in order to deal with the blood,He can’t spare his energy to think about effective preventive measures,After that, there was a fantastic idea of recreating a new world,Ready to explore the void,Take this opportunity to find Li Xiucheng’s divinity near the black hole,So make some arrangements before leaving,Unexpectedly, he was taken advantage of by Pan Mang。
But after a few seconds,Li Tianzhi is more flustered,Such a big thing,Where is Old Man Dong??and also,Those who have received ammunition……Cold sweat,Let Li Tianzhen give up his pursuit of Panmang in an instant,But to return to the guest house as quickly as possible。
I heard the noisy sound below in midair,There were even intermittent gunfire,Li Tianzhi has excellent eyesight,Although the heavily guarded guest house compound has been chaotic due to fighting,He swept his eyes to see the incoming enemy,There are six masked men in black,Sturdy combat,Very ferocious,And there are already a few special forces team members in a pool of blood。
Fortunately Gu Changfeng、The instructor and Lan Ling commanded the battle puppet to join the battle group,This stopped the other’s ferocious momentum。
Li Tianzhen’s body quickly descended with the airflow,The powerful sense of God wanders rapidly among countless complex wind groups,The men in black fell one by one,Every guy’s soul was suddenly bombarded by extremely dazzling light at the moment he fell.,Suddenly collapsed。
Chapter one thousand and twenty two Changes in the guest house
The last man in black saw that the puppet was about to be smashed in half,But suddenly slipped to the side,Actually escaped the terrible***,A piece of black cloth was hung off by the blade,While floating down,The opponent’s body has been flying in midair,Like autumn leaves blown by the wind,Swing and swing,Seems to be very fast,Fly farther and farther in repeated tumbling。
This weird scene surprised everyone,Obviously the man in black has no strength to fight back,How could this happen?Could it be that there are even more powerful characters lying around?Several practitioners have jumped to the wall to check,Excellent visibility during the day,But found nothing。
War puppets don’t care about so many,At least two puppets take bows and arrows at the same time,This is Yuwen’s wonderful way to refine the puppet,When the target flees,Puppets can kill themselves with feather arrows,As long as the controller does not cut off the pursuit of the target,The puppet can shoot this arrow。
The sound of whoosh,Two dazzling feather arrows flew out,Desperately castrated,A bang of blood exploded in the air,Under the blazing sun,Very tragic,The man in black never escaped the puppet’s slaying arrow。
Li Tianzhen sighed in circles with the airflow,Did not protect this living mouth,Later things will be tricky,But he still doesn’t plan to show up,So when I rescued the man in black just now,It also coincides with the body style of stepping on the wind,It’s just that it’s not easy to motivate too much Zhenyuan,So as not to expose,It’s a pity that I forgot the most ferocious trick of a puppet。
I’m afraid there is still chaos in the guest house,Li Tianzhen was forced to give up tracing Panmang,And stay here,Don’t know if it’s right or wrong,But I’m always not at ease,Unable to calm down completely,I’m not interested in watching the special forces’ inspection of the black body,But quickly approached the small building in the backyard of the guest house。
At least five practitioners lived on the third floor of the small building,After taking Li Tianzhu’s pill,,Refining the chemical power according to the method written on the sticky note,This is the most vulnerable time,If the opponent wants to make trouble,Will be very dangerous。
Because of the small space in the building,Weak airflow,Can’t hide body shape completely,Naturally, Li Tianzhen wouldn’t venture in,Sweep to the right side of the three-story building with divine consciousness,Just entered the second room,I heard a muffled snort next door,Then he noticed an extremely powerful aura and quickly left the room。
“who?stop!”Stop drinking,From the other side of the corridor,It’s the voice of Old Man Dong,Then there was a muffled sound,Then there are the messy footsteps,Li Tianzhu’s spiritual consciousness quickly shifted to the direction of the sound source,Old man Dong and a practitioner are blocking a group of gray shadows one after another。
There is still a practitioner lying on the ground,Seems to have been attacked by a phantom,This phantom is extremely cunning,Pretending to rush to old man Dong,Suddenly jumped up halfway,Bang,The ceiling was knocked out of a big hole,The entire three floors of the earthquake are shaking。
But the phantom couldn’t escape,Puff and fell back to the ground,But can no longer hide his figure with the help of phantom,Sure enough, he’s another masked man in black,The forbidden formation above the top of the building is powerful and scary,The man in black cursed to hell,With his cultivation base, he can’t break this restriction,It seems that there are still experts in the small building,I had to re-expand the body technique that consumes real essence again,Get into a room beside you。