In the autumn diet, drink soup Runzao drink porridge and dampness and dampness_1

In the autumn diet, drink soup, run dry, drink porridge and dampen

Although the summer has passed, the dryness of the autumn can be felt vaguely.

Experts in Chinese medicine say that now in Changxia, it is necessary to cope with the dryness of the autumn and to deal with dampness. Drinking soup and porridge is a good way.

In addition, more outdoor sports and less air-conditioned rooms are also necessary.

  We must also prevent autumn dryness and dampness. Dr. Chen Ruifang, director of the health department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, told reporters that it is about to enter Mid-Autumn Festival.evil.

Wu Yanhua, director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, believes that Qiuzao can be regarded as a complication and the weather is cool, but the water in the air is spreading faster and the climate is drying out.

Chen Ruifang pointed out that dryness can cause dryness of the lungs, leading to dry throat, dry mouth, nosebleeds, dry cough, dry stools, and even people’s emotions can become irritable.

In addition to nourishing the lungs and moistening, the spleen and stomach should also be conditioned.

She said that now belongs to Changxia, because the autumn equinox has not yet entered (this year’s autumn equinox is September 23).

Changxia is mainly wet, and wet evils can easily hurt the spleen and stomach.

In addition, during this time, the weather is hot, and many people like to drink cold drinks to reduce the heat, causing damage to the spleen and stomach.

In addition, the wet evils in the Lingnan area are heavy, and there is a lot of rain. Autumn tigers also cause dry and hot weather. People are located between heaven and earth, and wet evils surround people, and people are more likely to be invaded by wet evils.

Invasion by wet evil is mostly manifested as bloating, limbs are heavy, do not want to eat, fatigue, much like Qiu lack.

  Drinking water alone cannot prevent Qiuzao. Now that your body is dry and dehydrated, you have to find a way to “drink” water to quench your thirst.

But simply drinking gradually got thirsty but could not relieve body thirst.

Wu Yanhua said that the key to dissolving thirst in autumn is to moisturize.

According to the corresponding theory of the five elements and five internal organs of traditional Chinese medicine, the autumn is dry, the five elements are gold, and the human body corresponds to the lungs. Therefore, the key to moisturizing in the autumn is to nourish the lungs, nourish the lungs and moisturize, and supplement other health measures.

  Wu Yanhua said that drinking more water is the source of life and a brake in the human body.

In the autumn, the daily water intake of the human body should be more than 500 milliliters more than in other seasons, and the daily water intake must reach 2000 milliliters in order to maintain the normal humidity of the lungs and respiratory tract and maintain the water absorption and metabolism balance.

But pay attention to a small number of times to effectively absorb.

  In addition, Chen Ruifang said that drinking soup is the best way to moisturize, and the spleen should drink porridge.

After the fall, it is a good time to nourish yin. Huaishan is the best material for strengthening spleen and nourishing yin. Drinking porridge can nourish the spleen and stomach and relieve autumn dryness.

She suggested drinking porridge in the morning to lay the foundation for preventing Qiuzao.

  [Tang Fang]Dispels Wet-● Chixiaodou Pork Ribs Soup[Materials]Chixiaodou 150 grams, ribs 500 grams (3 servings)[Method]Fry the ribs with water, and cook with chixiaodou for 2 hours.

  [Effect]Spleen, dampness, and water.

Runzao, dispel dampness-● Raw Earth Poria columbine[Materials]30-50 grams of raw land, 100 grams of Poria columba (3 servings)[Method]Soil Poria is first boiled with water, and then boiled with the raw land and turtle for 1 hour.
  [Efficacy]The raw ground can clear heat, cool blood, moisturize, soil Poria to clear heat and dampness, torture yin and reduce fire, both prevent Qiuzao and eliminate.

  Runzao, Runfei-● Carrot Horseshoe Bamboo Cane Soup[Materials]250 grams of carrot, 200 grams of horseshoe, 500 grams of bamboo cane (3 servings)[Method]Cook the ingredients together for about 1 hour.

[Efficacy]Carrots contain vitamins and crude fibers, which can improve dry mouth, dry constipation, horseshoes to clear heat and nourish lungs; soup with high water content, thirst for quenching thirst; sugary, high energy, and relieve autumn deficiency.

  Lung-moistening, clearing heat-● Bawanghua pork bone soup[Materials]Bawanghua 50g, pork bone 400?
500 g (3 servings)[Method]Boil the ingredients together 1?
2 hours.

  [Efficacy]moisturizes the lungs and clears heat.

Runzao, Yifei-● Taizishen Lily Lean Broth[Materials]100 grams of Taishen, 50 grams of lilies, half of Luo Han Guo, 150 grams of lean pork[Method]After the ingredients except the lean meat are boiled together, addLean meat, simmering pot 1?
2 hours.

  [Efficacy]Qingrun lung dryness, Yifei Shengjin, suitable for qi deficiency and lung dryness, cough and shortness of breath, dry mouth and thirst drink, dry and hot lung injury discomfort.

  [Porridge recipe]● Huaishan porridge[Materials]Huaishan 30 grams, rice amount (1 serving)[Method]Huaishan and rice are cooked into porridge.

  [Efficacy]Spleen and nourish the spleen and yin, suitable for people with abdominal distension, weak spleen and stomach, and rotten stool.

  ● Lotus seeds porridge[Materials]30 grams of lotus seeds, rice amount (1 serving)[Method]Lotus seeds and rice are cooked into a porridge.
  [Efficacy]Spleen, nourish the heart, soothe the nerves.

  ● Yuzhu porridge[Materials]Yuzhu 30 grams, rice, lean meat (1 serving)[Method]Yuzhu and rice, lean meat are cooked into porridge.

  [Efficacy]It is suitable for people with abdominal distension, weak spleen and stomach, and rotten stools. It can astringent and change stools.

Why are men afraid of women surfing the internet

Why are men afraid of women surfing the internet

That will make everyone laugh.

My internet age is only about three years. I have been chatting with too many female chatters since I got involved in the internet. Some women ask me that you often chat on the Internet. Does your wife scold you?

I have doubts about this question.

Is there anything worth scolding?

So I asked them in courtesy, would your husband scold you on the Internet?

Nine out of ten women have answered yes.

  Obvious one: A woman sitting in front of a computer and smiling while chatting with a man is actually a natural exchange of life and work, showing a happy expression from time to time.

The husband’s face was annoyed: your mean woman is seducing the man again!

(The vulgar words are actually two: a woman saw a bright rose sent by the other party, and returned a scrambled rose with a modest meaning, meaning that we have no love at this age.

The husband saw that it was very unpleasant in his heart: you are still insulting with men.

(These words are sore first and third: a woman is actively posting on the Internet, watching posts, or playing some online games with male netizens, etc., and her husband still watched his wife online after watching TV alone.Angrily turned off the power, and his wife touched Hei downstairs and was injured.

(This is often repeated by the sisters of Rated, how their husbands are narrow-minded, and they are jealous when they see them sitting by the net talking and laughing; they are also jealous when they see a worthless rose sent by another manFull; fortunately, if he can understand those Facebook in the QQ or the bubble would be even more worried?

  The Internet is only a spiritual sustenance for women in the mirror, and men do not need to be so alarmed.

Off the net, women are as good wives as good mothers.

Men, even if they do n’t want to spend time with their wives in life, if it ‘s too much to cut off that network cable and break all the women ‘s online support, I think it ‘s too much, and sometimes it will be counterproductive.

  What can women do online?



It seems impossible to talk about.

At best, I met a cultivated man, a man who was willing to listen to her life, and then a few bland understandings. Maybe in her opinion, it was different from the wood, oil, and salt. It was different from a bed with two pieces of wood.Feeling warm.

Women are eager to long for love, which is almost a virtual support. When life has eroded their dreams, they just hope to find the feeling of being cared for and loved in the network, and find too many trivial things that can hold them.The container of things distressed, let them unload multiple unsatisfactory lives.

That’s it.

  How many divorces are caused by the Internet after so many years of network opening?

The indulgence of living real life led to the ultimate destruction of the family.

A woman who is truly indulgent will not go online to indulge, because indulgence in life will make them have more fun; a woman who is truly indulgent will not go to indulge online, because indulgence in life is more practical and convenient.
Therefore, I have always thought that those who can find the spirit in the Internet are already pure people, emotional people, and responsible people.

Regardless of the husband and wife, sitting at the net, why not create a free space for each other and spiritual space?

Let them feel intoxicated even for such a brief moment, and make them feel a little numb by the dull life?

This requirement is indeed trivial.

Every man, as long as he is so generous and forgiving a little, life will feel very different.

  When women go online, men say vulgar things, except that they give women more disdain and evil feelings; there is nothing else about women; when women go online, men are jealous. Apart from exposing men’s own self-confidence, they can not make a good impression.

  Therefore, men should not be afraid of women, and even give them a loose feel.

Women go online, they are dreaming, if you ca n’t keep their dreams every night, then let them dream.

Dream wake is reality, offline is life, everything is the same as before.

Why should he be vulgar and go vinegar and slip him?

Do you know the little emotions that men carry around in life?

Do you know the little emotions that men carry around in life?

Core tip: Men hate women’s occasional memorability, lie and get caught, and old love is not decided, etc. are small fragile people who make them painful and itchy. It can use occasional flirting props, but it is by no means a regular reminder.Old women who talk about old things can easily embarrass men and become angry.

  Men hate women’s “memory” on the spot: Vevi made a temporary visit to her boyfriend’s house, and found that this gentle-mannered man was watching pornography that was not suitable for children. Vevi was embarrassing and funny.

One day, holding hands and preparing to go to the cinema to watch a movie, her boyfriend stood at the door but couldn’t pick one. Vevi chose one, and her boyfriend was in a hurry. Vevi then opened up: “It seems that except for some movies, other youAll feel boring.

“My boyfriend was furious and walked away.

  Opinion: Men hate women’s occasional memorability, lie and get caught, and old love is not decided. It is a small fragile person who makes them painful and itchy. It can use the occasional flirting props, but it is by no means a regular reminder.Women who talk about old things can easily embarrass men and become angry.

A 31-year-old man in the military aviation industry in the survey lamented that the woman she felt most feminine was the woman who knew how to tell the truth, but would make men feel guilty and uneasy through the eyes.

  Disgusting women don’t save face for men Presenting on the scene: Xiao Mo and her boyfriend Line meet some old colleagues of Line while shopping, and a few men are chilling on the street.

“That’s OK, I heard you developed well after you changed jobs.” That project was actually done by you. It’s really amazing.

“Xiao Mo on the side listened disapprovingly,” What is good, salary and welfare places are not as good as before.

“” Promotion?

You all rise to see if it’s his turn.

“” If it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t have been able to get that project.

“Line around, frost mask.

  Opinion: This situation of not giving men a face is the situation that men recognize that they are most likely to mutate their faces.

In their eyes, a woman who doesn’t know how to give a man a face is not considerate enough, and it is offensive.

And knowing how to give a man a face is also a magic weapon for a wise woman. A 27-year-old man who was transferred said: “A woman can do anything at home, and she still has to make a man look like a man outside.

The woman ‘s exaggerated man hurts his self-esteem. Trace back to the scene: Carlo is gossiping about his girlfriend ‘s new boyfriend in her boyfriend ‘s ears. He is handsome, but also very versatile. He is drooling, and the woods do n’t realize his boyfriend ‘sHis complexion has begun to change slightly.

Talking and talking to the ex-boyfriend, he began to comment on the pros and cons.

In the endless rush, I was surprised to see my boyfriend rise up, throwing a hate wink, and then went out with an excuse to buy something.

  Opinion: Hey, hurt his self-esteem!

No man would like his woman to keep holding other men in his mouth, just as no woman likes men around him always talking about other women.

There are also times when men are cautious. If you are uninterested, you can only wait to see your face.

  Annoyed wife suspected that she didn’t trust herself to correct it on the spot: The old man in front of him looked happy and thought that while she was on a business trip, she and a group of friends went to some mountains and rivers for tea and fishing.

In fact, Taotao seriously doubted whether the group of fox-puppy and dog-friends’ gatherings were pure, because a few of her husband’s friends had a history of “picking wild flowers”.

But she didn’t put a handle on her hand, but only accompanied the laughter and knocked sideways.

With a questioning look and tone, Taotao annoyed her husband, who was in a good mood, suddenly changed her face, and a cold war began.

  Opinion: Objectively speaking, this matter must be divided into two. Men’s sudden temper sometimes does not rule out suspects who want to cover up. They want to come to the town with a rush and shift the focus, but it does not rule out another situation, that is, heThink of yourself as not being trusted by your closest relatives.

A 29-year-old male reader in the survey said that the former is a common practice of fake and inferior men, but it is just that women who are suspicious and attentive are most likely to annoy men.

  Men’s anger is also a coquettish way of reappearing on the scene: Last weekend, Coco’s boyfriend suddenly changed from tenderness to frost, and Coco could not think about it after thinking about it. The atmosphere of the two falling to the freezing point made Coco unable to bear the chill.

After several questions, Coco suddenly realized that it turned out that he had inadvertently leaked that day, and her boyfriend had happened that she was with him in the first place.

Coco is anxious. Love has been cultivated in the relationship between the two. Coco is very worried. When will the boyfriend’s anger be gone?

  Opinion: Sometimes being angry with a man is also a coquettish way.

Does he really have a magical rage?

not necessarily.

Most of the men in the confession admitted that when they had used a borrowed question, the main purpose was to make women feel guilty, knowing that they had done something wrong, they would feel regretful and double their goodness, and seized the opportunity, and what was revealed laterAt the end, there was some inside story shaking, and there was a handle that could be used as a counterattack.

Watch out for the top ten danger signs for fitness!

Watch out for the top ten danger signs for fitness!

Nowadays, sports and fitness have become commonplace. Relevant experts remind people that many physical discomforts during exercise cause obvious height: heart rate does not increase during exercise: a person’s heart rate will increase during exercise, the amount of exercise will decrease, and the heart rate will increase.An insignificant increase in heart rate may be an early sign of heart disease, indicating a gradual risk of angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and sudden death.

  Angina pectoris during exercise: Volume myocardial load increases during exercise.

  Nowadays, sports and fitness have become a common practice. Relevant experts remind people that the physical discomfort symptoms that occur during exercise have caused significant heightened awareness: 1.

Heart rate does not increase during exercise: People’s heart rate will increase during exercise. The more exercise they have, the faster the heart rate. If the increase in heart rate during exercise is not obvious, it may be an early signal of heart disease, which indicates the danger of angina, myocardial infarction and sudden death  2.

Angina pectoris during exercise: The volume of myocardial load increases during exercise, which increases myocardial oxygen consumption.

Especially middle-aged and elderly people with different degrees of vascular sclerosis, the heart and the heart have insufficient blood supply during exercise, which leads to coronary intervention and angina pectoris.

When you encounter a situation, you should stop exercise in time. After taking nitroglycerin tablets under the tongue, angina usually disappears.


Headaches during exercise: Patients with less heart disease do not feel abnormal chests when they develop symptoms, but they have headaches during exercise.

Most people only think that they have not had a good rest or have a cold.

Therefore, remind those who participate in sports, if you feel headache during sports, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.


Abdominal pain during exercise: During the exercise, abdomen pain suddenly appeared, and most of the rectus muscle spasms caused by a lot of sweating and loss of water and salt.

When developing abdominal pain, you should lie supine and do abdominal breathing 20-30 times, while gently massaging the rectus abdominis for about 5 minutes, the pain can be relieved.

When sweating excessively during exercise, timely supplementation of 200-300 ml of saline is the key to prevention.


Abdominal colic occurs during exercise: epigastric colic is more common in gastric cramps such as low water temperature during swimming, inadequate preparation, and excessive exercise.

At this time, you can do a hot compress for the upper abdomen for 20-30 minutes, and place them in Neiguan and Zusanli points for 3-5 minutes each. To prevent the occurrence of gastric cramps, exercise should be fully prepared for activities, avoid oversatisfaction, and avoid beansAnd sweet potatoes, potatoes and other foods, eat cold drinks.

Dumb pain around the umbilicus or lower abdomen during exercise, soreness, mostly intestinal obstruction.

  Pain can be alleviated by stopping exercise at this time.

Press both sides of the joint acupoints with your hands for 5 minutes or apply hot water to the umbilical cord area for 10-20 minutes to relieve pain.

In order to prevent the occurrence of bowel movements, you should make adequate preparations before exercise and avoid eating cold food.


Hepatic pain occurs during exercise: Pain in the liver area occurs during exercise, which often occurs during long-distance running or mid-distance running. At this moment, pressing the liver on the right side of the hip for 5 minutes can relieve pain.

During exercise, you should pay attention to breathing methods. Breathing without opening your mouth, breathing with your nose is the key to prevention.


Splenic pain during exercise: Splenic pain occurs during exercise, mostly due to excessive exercise, slow venous blood return, and spleen congestion and swelling.

If you have spleen pain, you should stop exercising. Press the spleen Shu on the 11-12 vertebral spinous process of the spine at the top of the spine and massage the acupoint for 3-5 minutes.

Getting well prepared before exercise is the key to prevention.


Fainting during exercise: If you are overstretched during exercise or suddenly stand up after a long squat, transient hypotension may occur, and symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, and blackness in the eyes may occur. In severe cases, syncope occurs on the spot.

At this time, you should stop exercise immediately, and most of you can recover by yourself after proper rest.


Hematuria after exercise: more common in those with long-term insulin movements.

Data show that about 15% of marathon runners who run the entire course will develop hematuria.

This is because during the exercise of hypertension, the blood requirements of the whole body muscles, joints, etc. soared, reducing the blood flow to the kidneys, causing the permeability of the glomerular capillary walls to increase, and the red blood cells that could not pass through penetrated.The blood vessel wall enters the urine and forms hematuria.

  Exercise hematuria usually disappears after a week or so of rest.

If dark hematuria is found, or if it lasts too long, go to the hospital for a checkup in time to prevent acute nephritis.
Hypertension after exercise: Mostly in the cold winter, it may be related to the irritation of the airways by cold air.

Preventive measures are to keep warm and make necessary preparations in winter before carrying out a series of activities.

Top 10 gay cities in China

Top 10 gay cities in China

1. Chongqing-There are more than three in Chongqing, more beautiful women, more handsome men, more homosexuality.

It is no exaggeration to say that Chongqing is the capital of China’s GAY capital.

Chongqing GAY may have the largest number of Chinese cities. In addition, Chongqing has the most and most complete gay bars, gay organizations, and gay venues.

  2. Shanghai-Shanghai GAY density is not the largest.

But Shanghai has a large population, so GAY is also overabundant.

Every time a gay friend comes back to the street, he jokes, “There are too many GAYs in Shanghai, everywhere.

How many have you encountered today? ”

  3. Chengdu-I wanted to put Chengdu in front of Shanghai.

In fact, the number of people in Chengdu is no less than that in Shanghai.

Chengdu and Chongqing are more similar, which is very suitable for the birth and life of comrades.

Chengdu GAY features many children!

do not know why.

  4, Shenzhen-GAY in this city is the most complicated, everyone has it, it is classic.

From migrant workers to rich men, thieves to scholars, men-in-law to celebrities, no one knows anyone.

  5, Nanjing-Nanjing is not a mega city, but GAY is extraordinary.

Many are near Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

Nanjing is densely packed on the comrades dating site.

  6, Beijing-Many of the gay bars are college students, you know at a glance.

The other is a group of old men.

Students and old men are half and half.

  7. Harbin-the center of Northeast comrades.

It is almost all Northeast Chinese, Northeast dialect.

There are many middle-aged people.

  8. Xi’an-gay bases in Northwest and Central Plains.

The only feature is the large number of students.

  9. Guangzhou-Many people are scattered. In addition to Guangzhou, many people come from nearby Shunde, Foshan, etc. People are very mixed.

However, most of the nearby ones go to Shenzhen.

There are many gay bars in Guangzhou, but they are not large.

  10, Wuhan-There are many students, and the replacement of gay bars is basically a loitering type.

Detox and Weight Loss Yoga 5

Detox and Weight Loss Yoga 5

Water Yoga, as the name suggests, is an innovative form of exercise that precisely combines the basic principles of water exercise with some familiar yoga poses.

At present, tens of thousands of people in the United States are keen on water yoga, and many swimming pools in Japan have also established water yoga fitness programs, but they are still in their infancy in China.

  Yoga water depth 1-1.

The 2 meter more suitable yoga posture has a good grasp of posture, rhythm and exhalation, especially similar to swimming in the mastery of breathing skills.

The biggest difference in posture between underwater yoga and terrestrial yoga is that in addition to mastering the body, practicing yoga in water also needs to understand how the body and water get along.

  Yoga in water can make full use of the characteristics of water tension and buoyancy. Through the bending of water, you can exercise people’s strength, endurance, and shape a perfect body. Through the buoyancy of water, you can exercise people’s flexibility and reduce sports injuries.Be applicable.

  Tip: Yoga in water: the depth of the water cannot exceed the abdomen, and the depth of the water is 1-1.

2 meters is more suitable. Among them, there are many major movements. If you can continue to do water yoga for a long time, you can not only adjust the posture of the human body and the physiological curvature of the spine, but also make the entire human body develop into a streamlined shape. This adaptive shaping makes people beautiful lines.Especially for the shaping of the abdomen, feet, chest, chest, shoulders and hips.

  Asana 1: Half-moon style: In the extended position, inhale and lift the right leg while raising the right arm, exhale to the left and forward.

Do the same on the other side.

Keep the effect for three seconds: the half-moon pose reduces the side waist excess, beautifies the lines of the legs and arms, and strengthens the leg of the country.

  Asana 2: Single leg and lower hip type:-slightly, back pain is straight, focus on the right leg, lift the left leg on the step, inhale and vertically lift the top of the head, exhale forward and downwardThe upper body tries to fit on the left leg.

Do the same for the right arrow leg.

Hold for three seconds.

Efficacy: balance the body, shrink the spine, reset the toes.

Promote digestion and benefit lower body.

Note: Keep your knees straight and keep your hips upright.

  Asana 3: Tree pose: Start to do the basic vertical pose, that is, put your feet together, the palms of your palms facing inward, your arms close to the outside of the left and right thighs, and then lift your right heel to the abdominal groin and upper thigh area, with your right toe downPlace your right leg firmly on or your thigh, while standing with your left leg balanced on your hips, with your palms folded together, arms straight, and holding your head high.

Hold for 30-60 seconds.

Efficacy: Beautify contour lines, prevent sagging chests, and improve concentration.

Key points: Force your abdomen and legs.

  Asana 4: Warrior II: Basic advantages.

Exhale deeply with your feet and shoulders, your arms raised flat to both sides, parallel to the ground, your left knee straight, your right foot turned 90 degrees to the right, and your left foot turned 15-30 degrees in the same direction, not more than 30 degreesBend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground, your calves are perpendicular to the floor and thighs, then try to get out gradually with both hands to the sides, turn your head to the right and look at the fingers of your right hand while breathing deeply, while minimizing the muscles of your left lower back30 seconds.
(Repeat) Effect: It can make leg muscles flexible and reduce the praise of paralysis in this area.

Note: All muscles are tightened.

  Asana 5: Align with the latch type (side waist type):-Put your left leg on the steps, grab your left foot with your left arm, lift your right arm with your inhalation, and lift your right arm with your right arm.On the left hand.

Efficacy: stimulates massage of the liver, blood circulation of the spleen, and corrects the residual bad posture.

Note: Ribs are turned up.

Skincare Essence Which One Is Best For You_1

Skincare Essences Which One Is Best For You

Guide: Essence, due to its high density of ingredients, has become the fastest-growing product in the current cosmetics market due to its high density of ingredients. According to the results of the first weekly “Essence Usage Habit” survey of the Beauty Index, women ‘s white-collar workers most want to purchase the essence.For moisturizing essence, whitening essence and full-effect essence, they are also the most commonly used essence by OLs.

The results of this survey have not yet shown that the essence has become an important step in the routine maintenance of female white-collar workers from the magical small bottle of icing on the cake.


hzh {display: none; }  指数1  女性首次使用精华液的时间大大提前  根据此次《壹周美丽指数》调查显示,67.4% of people use the serum for the first time before the age of 25, over 21.

38% of people start to use the essence before the age of 18, and quickly solving skin problems is the main purpose of most people choosing to use the essence.

So at what age should I start using the serum?

HR Helena China Senior Skin Therapist Chen Li believes that around 20 is a good timetable. During this period, puberty has ended, hormone secretion will gradually decrease and ease, and the pressure on the external environment will increase. Women mayYou need to face all aspects of work, study and love, and there are more and more factors that make the skin slack. At this time, the use of essences can quickly replenish the nutrients needed by the skin and help the skin improve its resistance.

  Chen Li suggested that the first bottle of serum can be selected according to your skin problem and age. The alternative moisturizing serum is an entry-level serum suitable for most people. It can increase skin moisture and prevent dehydration., The production of small fine lines.

For oilier young skin, their first essence can be an oil control essence that astringents pores and adjusts sebum secretion.

  Index 2 mid-range price serum is most worth buying 53.

3% of women’s white-collar workers want to buy an essence for 200?
Between 500 yuan, only 16.

59% of people are willing to buy high-end essences above 1,000 yuan. The main factors that attract everyone to buy essences are clear functions, immediate results and precious ingredients.

  The essence of the essence is small and super concentrated, and it has always merged with the apex position of the skin care product pyramid. Its active ingredients have always been one of the most important standards for the quality of this essence. From the more commonly used hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamin C and vitaminsE. The research and development of various rare plants, rare precious metals, and essences from the alpine regions of remote countries is almost a process of R & D strength of major PK brands, and it is also a process of continuously developing new and special effects.

  How to choose a more cost-effective serum?

Chen Li’s suggestion is that those with ordinary economic strength can choose the essence produced by domestic first-tier brands, and those with good economic strength can choose imported first-tier brands, because the skin care products of large companies have more opportunities for consumer inspection, and consumersYou can also get a safer formula, more pure ingredients and higher technology content.

  Beauty consultant in this issue: HR Helena Senior Skin Therapist Chen Li As a senior skin physiotherapist in HR Helena China, Chen Li has 10 years of experience in beauty skin care, and she has studied for many years with well-known French physio experts, which is the best in the field of domestic beauty care.One of the heavyweight expected characters.

  Index 3 Moisturizing Essence, Whitening Essence and Full-Effect Essence are the three kings of Essence.

1 Moisturizing serum is best for: Replenishing young muscles that are dehydrated or have less skin problems. This survey shows that up to 65.

93% of the respondents have used moisturizing serum, 56 of them.

09% of people want to add moisturizing serum after autumn.

As the temperature and humidity continue to decrease, the sebaceous gland secretion is reduced, and the human skin will become increasingly dry. The moisturizing essence will be the most popular essence of autumn and winter due to its magical effect of quickly replenishing skin moisture.

For oily skin, you can choose a gel-like essence. For dry skin, you should choose a water-moisturizing essence separated from water and oil. OLs who often make up can also add a drop of moisturizing essence to the foundation to improve the foundation’s moisturization.

  Chen Li said that it is best to choose a moisturizing serum after lunch. At this time, metabolism is slower. The skin care products consumed in the morning are exhausted and the skin enters the most dehydrated moment.

Try the moisturizing essence. It is best to choose the law lines on the sides of the nose and gently pat two drops in it. Observe the effect comparison before and after use. If you take a photo of the essence, the dryness of the law is significantly reduced, and the depression of the law lines is not obvious., It means that this is a moisturizing serum that can be purchased.

  If you don’t want to try cholesterol, you can insert the moisturizing serum between the thumb and forefinger, because the skin in this place is particularly dry and the cuticle is thicker.

After 1 minute of application, if you feel that the skin is fully moisturized and the touch becomes soft, it means that this is an essence with strong permeability and obvious moisturizing effect.

  Moisturizing serum is recommended.

hzh {display: none; }  1.LAROCHE-POSAY Moisturizing Essence Gel RMB 298 / 30ml is suitable for various types of dehydrated skin. It can also be used on skin with different tolerances2.

CLARINS Moisturizing Essence RMB 560 / 30ml supplements Kadafu Essence, a special water-oil separation active formula 3.

Impress IC Intensive Care Intensive and Firming Serum RMB 580 / 40ml Golden Tiger Tail Extract 4 with high moisturizing ingredients.

HR Collagen Intensive Rich Serum RMB 1380 / 40ml Ultra Micro Collagen Granules “Hyaluronic Acid” is a powerful hydrating and water-retaining agent

2Whitening essence is most suitable: Whitening Snow White yellow race has more active melanin cells than the owner, it is particularly easy to tan, and spots, so there is a large demand for whitening, which can also understand why the whitening essence is stillThe reason why OLs want to buy the essence after the autumn.

However, in the autumn and winter seasons, the natural sebum film covering the outermost layer of the skin is thinned, and the skin is relatively fragile and dry. The choice of whitening essence should be a good moisturizing and mild type. Vitamin C, licorice extract, chamomile extract and mulberry extract areMild and safe whitening ingredients.

If you want to be white, you need to apply sunscreen. Although the intensity of UV is obviously weakened, you still need to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF15, PA +++ or above. The opportunity for melanin generation is broken, and the skin is naturally less worried about darkening.

  Chen Li said that after entering October, the weather is getting drier, pollen spreads very strongly, and the aligned dust is scattered in the air. This also causes the skin to be particularly sensitive and dry, and she is not very recommended to use whiteningEssence, if it must be selected, the ingredients of whitening essence should be gentle, and there must be corresponding moisturizing ingredients to reduce dryness.

In order to get more comprehensive skin maintenance, you can also add whitening essence and full-effect essence, whitening in front, full effect in the back, and also whitening in the areas that need to focus on the spot, full-effect essenceFull face position.She also suggested that OLs can apply a small amount of foundation during the day, because current foundations generally have sunscreens, which can unknowingly reflect the sun protection effect and reduce the generation of pigmentation.

  Whitening serum recommended 1.

Free Complex Pure White Exfoliating Conditioning Essence RMB 200 / 100ml Compound Exfoliating Ingredients to remove excess keratin that has become thickened by UV irradiation2.

VICHY Double Essence Whitening Essence Milk RMB 328 / 30ml revolutionary deep basal cell whitening technology3.

DERMINA FROMOMEY Pure Whitening Repairing Essence (FROMOMEY) RMB 300 / 30ml double vitamin C inhibits melanin production, natural licorice extract lightens pigmentation 4.

Favorite name Brightening Purifying Perfecting Serum RMB 680 / 30ml Brightening Patent Lumiskin and the latest antioxidant Idebenil.

3 The full-effect serum is best for: Mature women’s family of full-effect essences with slowed skin metabolism is like the skin’s comprehensive vitamins. It resorts to solving multiple skin problems at one time, although it is slower to improve some skin problems.But it can comprehensively improve the skin’s defense ability.

If you are over 25 years old, have anti-aging needs, or belong to the “more recently annoying” stress family, then adding a series of serums to improve your skin care routine is the most labor-saving option.

A good full-effect product needs to meet at least the four major needs of moisturizing, anti-oxidation, anti-wrinkle and firm skin. Therefore, like antioxidant C, vitamin E, anti-wrinkle vitamin A derivatives, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, preventRelaxing collagen is a common ingredient in a full-service serum.

  Chen Li said that skin aging usually occurs after the age of 25. At this time, the cell metabolism in the skin begins to slow down, and the wear on the skin surface is more and more fixed on the skin surface. Dry lines, fine lines, relaxation and other initial stagesAging conditions slowly appear.

Faced with these problems, simply replenishing the moisturizing essence can not solve it at all. Instead, you should use a full-effect essence that supplements the skin with multiple nutrients.

Full-effect serums usually focus on anti-aging effects, but address a wider range of problems than anti-aging serums.

At present, many brands provide corresponding full-effect / composite serums according to different age groups. They will specify the targeted age and skin problems that can be solved in the product description. Consumers only need to check the seats according to their age and skin requirements.can.

  Full-effect serum recommended 1.

ESTEE LAUDER Instant Repair Special Essence RMB 610 / 30ml prevents aging, instantly moisturizes and evens out skin tone2.

HR Ultimate Beauty Repair Serum RMB 2280 / 40ml 3.

CLARINS Complex Muscle Essence (6th generation) RMB 780 / 15mlx2 selected high-efficient plant extracts from 5 continents to comprehensively maintain skin cells4.

SUPREMEAUPRES Concentrate Revitalizing Essence RMB 480 / 40ml to enhance skin elasticity and strengthen cuticle cells

Hydrating cold water with banana


Hydrating cold water with banana

This is an allergy-prone season. Every individual will have more or less sensitive phenomena, which are actually contaminated by rotten peach blossoms and invade your face.

However, the sensitivity of each individual has its own characteristics, and not all are the same.

Now, let ‘s take a look at the following four anti-sensitivity experts who have their own tricks according to their sensitivity level, so that they are no longer sensitive.

  Rose Soothing Red Capillaries Maggie Freelancer Sensitive Skin Index: ★★★ Keywords: Fall in love with rose essential oil!

  After returning from vacation, my skin became allergic and my body became red and hot.

Later, the doctor told me that fever and redness are the signs of telangiectasia.

The use of rose-based essential oils, sprays or night creams has a very good effect on red blood cells.

  When using rose essential oil, add 2 drops of pure rose essential oil in 50ml toner, if using a compound rose essential oil, you can add about 5 drops.

Apply after washing your face.

It has a sedative and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, and it can improve the red blood cells very well.

  Many soothing skin care products use rose as their raw material.

These skin care products exuding a warm and sweet rose flavor give the skin more calming possibilities.

Good rose skin care products, every woman will fall in love unconsciously.

  Product recommendation: HERBORIST Rose Aromatic Essence Oil 180 yuan / 5ml FANCL Hydra Moisturizing Essence Mask 140 yuan / 3 sheets of L’Occitane Rose Softening Moisturizing Spray (Avène Soothing Lotion 218 yuan never use alcohol-based toner, I do not need alcohol-based toner, alcoholAfter evaporation, it will take away the original moisture on the skin and cause sensitivity.

When choosing a product at the counter, I poured some toner on the back of my hand and fanned it until it was completely dry. If it was dried within 2 minutes, it would contain alcohol.

If you still feel very moist for more than 3 minutes, tap it with your fingers to make it sticky. It is right to choose such a toner.

  Product recommendation: LANCOME intelligent pleasure whitening lotion (moisturizing type) 730 yuan / 75ml OLAY water moisturizing series deep moisturizing lotion 110 yuan / 150ml Shu Uemura marine deep water 200 yuan / 150ml moisturizing and sunscreen sensitive skin care  Sensitive Skin Index: ★★★ Keywords: Refuse fragrances and preservatives. Sensitive skin should be cautious when choosing skin care products. Multiple fragrances and preservatives are not considered.

  Try to choose a slightly acidic facial cleanser, do not foam a lot, the damage to the stratum corneum is relatively large, you will feel dry and tight after washing your face.

Gentle moisturizing facial cleanser is the best cleanser for sensitive skin.

In addition, use a cleansing brush, sponge or loofah to cleanse your face to avoid allergies caused by friction.

  Toners should be free of alcohol and fragrances.

Tight skin appears when water containing too much alcohol dries.

Fragranced water also becomes sensitive and itchy after use.

  I will use a day cream with better moisturizing effect, it is best not to choose one containing oil control formula.

Those with sensitive skin should not choose a strong irritation and high concentration repair cream, which is slightly acidic and has no fragrance or the best for sensitive skin.

  SPF30PA ++ sunscreen is especially recommended for sensitive skin.

Eliminate the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin and reduce the sensitivity of sunburned skin.

  Product recommendation: BIOTHERM Mineral Toner 220 yuan / 200ml CLINIQUE Crystal Whitening Sunscreen Cream SPF30 + / PA +++ 395 yuan / 30ml La Roche-Posay Daily Isolation Lotion SPF50 218 yuan1020元/ 6片  三招“急救”过敏Polly职员敏感肌肤指数:★★关键词:保湿冷水加香蕉!
  My coping strategy for emergency allergies and itching is to wash my face with cold water for 3 minutes first, so that my skin will be soothed and calmed.

Apply a thin moisturizing lotion or serum before the moisture is completely dry.

It is best to put the lotion in the refrigerator for 5 minutes before washing your face before applying it.

  The second trick is that if you have bananas on hand, it is best to smash the bananas and evenly apply it on the moisturizing lotion for 10 minutes. A thickness of a business card holder is sufficient.

Bananas have a strong anti-allergic ability. Do not use cotton pads when cleaning. It is best to wash them off with cold water.

  The last trick is to drink honey for a long time.

Because honey contains a certain amount of pollen grains, people who drink it often will have some resistance to pollen allergies.

In addition, it has the functions of assisting bowel movements, moisturizing the lungs, and coughing. It can also relieve the onset of hypertension when taken for a long time.

  Tip: Avoid staying in the sun for a long time in a dry environment.

When you buy skin care products, you must try it on your wrist for more than half an hour to determine whether to buy it.  Product recommendation: CLARINS Hengrun Moisturizing Essence 560 yuan / 30ml OLAY new water moisturizing long-lasting moisturizing crystal dew 120 yuan / 50g Vichy oil conditioning and repairing day cream 188 yuan / 50ml prairie marine essence repair emulsion 1700 yuan / 50ml

Who cares about 5 baby moisturizers in winter

Who cares about 5 baby moisturizers in winter

First, foreword The weather in winter is cold and the climate is very dry.

In the chilly cold wind, the baby’s face was frozen red, and then there were skin problems, such as dry skin, chapped skin, and even frostbite.

It is the mother’s responsibility to protect the baby’s tender skin and take preventive measures immediately. The most effective way to prevent skin dryness is to apply grease or emollient oil to the baby, because skin dryness is mainly caused by the lack of oil on the skin.

  There are a variety of children’s emollient products on the market. Are they suitable for your baby?

Which one is the best?

In order to help mothers know more about baby moisturizers, we have specially selected 6 more common baby moisturizers on the market for objective comparison. From the price of the product, oil moisturization, moisturizing performance and use effectPerform in-depth evaluation and select a product with the best comprehensive performance, hoping to help netizens.

  Second, the product introduction The five products participating in the evaluation are as follows: (click the product name to view the product introduction, in no particular order)For the convenience of description, the brand name is used instead of the full name of the product.

  Third, the price comparison The prices of the five children’s moisturizers are as follows: The unit price analysis comparison chart is as follows: The most expensive unit is Johnson & Johnson, and the cheapest is baby noodle.

There is no necessary relationship between price and product effect, and mothers can choose according to their financial ability.

  The most expensive unit is Johnson & Johnson, and the cheapest is noodles.
There is no necessary relationship between price and product effect, and mothers can choose according to their financial ability.

Quotes for couple yoga lover

Quotes for couple yoga lover

Love letters, roses, candlelight, romantic but glimmering; photo-picking, clubbing, K song, bland and uncreative.

  Let’s design a unique Valentine’s Day program-yoga for two, aside from the world, enjoy a pleasant physiological journey, see love with your eyes, and let your body feel romantic!

In the ascendant yoga boom, two-person yoga has gradually attracted attention.

  In proportion to individual practice, yoga for two people is more meaningful to share, communicate and help each other, increasing the fun of yoga.

As the name suggests, two people can be husband and wife, parents and children, friends, etc., but because of a lot of intimate physical contact, obviously, it is more suitable for couples to practice together!

  The most subtle part of the other two pairs of yoga is that not everyone can practice together, nor is any partner willing to practice with you.

When your he or she is willing to practice with you, it has proved your luck and happiness.

  Energy We believe that yoga can create a magical energy; likewise, we believe that love is also an energy.

Therefore, in the practice of two-person yoga, you can feel the strong energy intersection and accumulation, so as to achieve the best self-cultivation effect.

  Focusing on electrocardiogram when practicing yoga, eliminating common things, the most sensitive feeling in the mind.

There is no love words, but love flows in the eyes, and the “electrocardiogram” in the love legend will also manifest at this moment.

  Graceful couples learn together, absorb other powers, and can show more beautiful or more difficult yoga.

  Trust One of the most basic conditions for practicing two-person yoga is trusting one another.

Even among couples, this is also the most precious life wealth.

  The harmony and harmony of the harmonious body will definitely form the daily harmony and harmony, which is the promise of yoga.

  Attraction travels through the time of bland and thin debris. Through close body contact, we let the other party know each other’s body and mind again. Double yoga allows us to relive the passionate enthusiasm of each other when we are in love, and the attractiveness index soars.

  Helping “sex” couple yoga is not “helping” yoga, but it does help stimulate internal organs and increase body sensitivity.

With the increase of sexual charm, hormone secretion has been bullish all the way, then let’s play freely!