Kitchen fitness is also delicious

Kitchen fitness is also delicious

Kitchen fitness method, exercise is also delicious.

  It’s fascinating to you, but the process of cooking it seems a bit long.

When you cook soup, stew, or toast, you must want to leave or not, do you want to stay?

Do not hesitate anymore!

Doing a few simple moves in the kitchen will surely make your fitness exercises delicious while you wait for the food to come out!

  1. Weight-bearing lateral flexion exercises. Stand with your feet on your left and right sides. Hold a heavy water bottle in your right hand and insert it into the right side of your body. Look at the front.); First tilt the upper body vertically toward the kettle; then flex the upper body to the left to fully stretch the right abdominal muscles, and then slowly raise the body to tilt the bottle.

Repeat the above process repeatedly, while using the left hand to carry out the above training.

  2. Hand-held kettle shrugging exercises. Two hands carrying two kettles in front of the body. Both legs should be about the same width as the shoulders. Looking straight ahead, both legs will naturally straighten.Raise the shoulders upwards, and then shrug the shoulders back; then, return the shoulders back to the preparation action, that is, use the weight of the kettle to make the shoulders make a large back and forth movement.

The process can then be repeated iteratively, and the shoulders can also be rotated in the opposite direction.

  3. Self-resistance free radicals. When your feet naturally overlap, put your right hand on the right, and then push your head and neck to the right, while your right palm will exert its power to resist it.Cervical muscle.

In the same way, you can put the left palm on the right, and then perform the above-mentioned confrontation (distortion) exercise.

Or hold the chin with both hands from the bottom to the top, align the chin and press down, then push up with the force of the two palms, and exercise the neck muscles through the confrontation between the two palms and the chin.