“that……Or we won’t take him?”I didn’t expect Wang Dazhi to be so serious,Asked timidly。

Chen Geng thought for a while,Said:“It’s not totally impossible,If Hongdu Factory agrees to promote,willK8Advertised as our agent,That’s no problem。”
An American company represented China’s products,And got this product to Tuye,Take advantage of this procurement opportunity of Turkey to display,This is very normal operation,No one can say anything。
“I’m afraid not,”Wang Dazhi hesitated,Still shaking his head,Said:“You know,The import and export of domestic aviation-type military equipment is under the control of AVIC Import and Export Corporation.,It is certainly impossible for the Import and Export Corporation to agree to this operation。”
“Then there’s no way,”Chen Gengdao:“We can’t do charity……If Hongdu Factory has that ability,Let’s go to the General Aviation Import and Export Corporation.。”
Wang Dazhi sighed:indeed,Helping friends is not a problem,But COMAC has no reason to harm its own interests to help others。
Tim·Pan and Patricia·Edith·Harris’ work of forming a campaign team for Chen Geng went very smoothly,Leilani·Taylor also timely released the news that Chen Geng was interested in running for mayor of Detroit.,To test the reaction of the media and the public。
Leilani·As taylor expected,News that Chen Geng intends to participate in the election for mayor of Detroit next year,Immediately caused a huge sensation in the media:Although there are indeed many rich people who entered politics through elections,But Fernandez·Chen’s statement is exceptionally different,Because this is the United States since its founding,The first richest man who made it clear that he wanted to march all day!
Although as Chen Geng’s assistant,Leilani·Taylor said that Chen Geng was only running for mayor of Detroit,But the media immediately interpreted countless meanings,Even“Fernandez·Mr. Chen points to the White House!”Such sensational titles are written,Those who didn’t know thought Chen Geng was going to rebel。
These media are definitely not kind,90Mid-year,American media“White left”The tendency is still very strong,They hope to disgust Chen Geng in this way,But the results of the subsequent polls slapped these guys who hoped to see Chen Geng’s jokes.:Polls show,Regarding Chen Geng’s intention to run for mayor of Detroit,Residents of Detroit、Especially residents of colored ethnic groups,It turned out to be highly welcoming。
Why is it highly welcome?
ABCA street interview on the TV station is quite illustrative……
“Mr. Fernandez wants to run for mayor of Detroit?This is really good news,”The first person to be interviewed was a middle-aged black woman with a big waist.……Everyone knows what it looks like……When a reporter interviewed on the street asked her about Chen Geng’s attitude and views towards next year’s mayoral election,She looks very excited:“Mr. Fernandez is a respectable gentleman,He does not discriminate against us blacks in terms of employment,We black people think he is a good man,If this news is true,Then no doubt,I will vote for him,Yes,I will do this……”
“Mr. Fernandez wants to be mayor?Why not,”The interview was followed by a middle-aged white male,He also supports Chen Geng as mayor:“As long as it is American,Anyone can be the mayor of Detroit,But if I choose,I will choose Mr. Fernandez……