Chapter 5 I’ll just say,We are a family
“beauty,Did you make a mistake?”
Broad daylight,A beauty for nothing,Grabbing myself suddenly,Ye Xuan。
Such a thing,Just think about it,Not a good thing。
“No,Where is so much nonsense,Do a favor later,Impersonating my boyfriend。”
Gao Hong looks at Ye Xuan,A little embarrassed。
If not for a round,I found that only Ye Xuan was handsome,She wouldn’t choose Ye Xuan。
But what about Ye Xuan,It’s very indifferent。
“Oh,Got it。”
Why are you impersonating??
As long as the beauty is in need,Ye Xuan can be a beautiful boyfriend anytime, anywhere。
“Well,I’ll all rely on you later,If you behave well……”
Gao Hong glanced at Ye Xuan,The following words,Did not continue。
But Ye Xuan,Still don’t understand?
As long as Ye Xuan performs well,Can be transferred at any time?
“So you are here,My boss has been looking for you for a long time。”