what,Why don’t you hurt??

Not only pain,Still very comfortable!
Water fog,Stepping of these days of trauma injury in an instant,He is a fool, and the husband is looking to the sate.,Before being seen in front of you,Until my thoughts,I went down to take it next.。
confused,Unbearable,This question is too difficult。
Another year of water mist,Nameless in vivo toxins,Mobilize the freeway,Doubtful:“What is the meaning?,Why do you want to poison first?,Then give me detoxification?”
Involving toxin,Unknown and restored the mentality with the world,Seeing that good illness is not malicious,Habitism is indifferent,End tea cup……
I put it back.。
This is a salted fish who lost his dreams.,Let you be astonished,He is all fearless,Because he doesn’t plan to go to the sea。
Unrestrained,It is a martial arts mythology,It is thoroughly。
Good thoughts,Waving a good sword,A sword,The electro-optic stone fire is killed.。
Unknown and refer to the sword,Easy to block the sword,Swords like him, he immediately reacted,Good to make the Sword Law。
Although the heart is puzzled,But there is no name too too lazy,Pick up two Hura:“You have no murderous,No nameless,If you just learn the sword,I have returned to the rivers and lakes for many years.,Do you still go to someone else?。”
Stepping,It is a martial arts myth who is sitting in front of it.,The idea of the teacher is more urgent,Brow,How can I think that there is a heartless?。
One said one,The unknown wastewood model is surprised by the clouds.,And not to say,Even if you can,He has a harmonious means that he can’t make a salted fish.。
The mentality of people has invincible。
“I have already taught the masters of the world.,Stay the martial arts mythology in the end。”Good illiterate slowly,People don’t,There are few words.。
Stepping brow,Telling when the good thoughts are open,The monster of the other party is not just binocular,There is also a full-scale tip。
Good martial arts,When did Wulin have a strong meaning of this eyebrow?,How did he have not received a message??
Besides,What is the black sword?,Why is there a kind of inexplicable familiarity?
You will talk,Then you explain it.,Why should poison and scare me??
Is it very interesting??
Three people don’t have many people gathered together,White plumbits,Good illiteracy is too lazy and salted fish,Step to the unknown,Little cold is close to,Thunder sweep。
Holy Spirit?Sword。
Unknown drowsy eyes, explosion, strong swordsman,And refer to the sword to stand hard to the Jian Fengmang,Along with a golden iron,The inside of the hospital swept away,The wind is light, but there is no more。
名 剑 法?Universal。
“The twenty-second style of the Holy Spirit,The Jian Shenglian is passing you.……”
No nameless sigh,Bumble:“I thought that Jian Sheng has also disappeared.,It turned out to be successful,You have a gentleness of the Holy Spirit, and you have made the fire.,If it is closed,I thought it was the sword.……Successful clothes,I want to come to Jiuquan.。”
You think too much,He must have the first three after each day in Dongpu、Seven on the top eight,I don’t know how fun.!
What is good to explain?,Slight smile:“It’s not nameless,The handsome, I went out the sword of the peerless sword.,The natural swords are really famous。”