Waist and abdomen exercise to open constipation 3 strokes effective

Waist and abdomen exercise to open constipation 3 strokes effective

Thin waist exercise can help the abdomen lose weight and solve the secret of constipation.

Too many white-collar workers have constipation invasion, and too much excess meat is also a problem.

The following thin waist movements can even help the white-collar thin waist, give the abdomen weight loss, but also help the white-collar to open constipation.

Let’s take a look at these white-collar and thin waist sports!

  A healthy body is in and out of control, and control is free. As long as it is a little hindered, it will cause inconvenience and perfusion.

In terms of the digestive tract, statistics show that 60% of office workers have constipation leaks.

  Office workers, especially the pink collars, should be free from the destruction of constipation. First, they must learn the techniques of relaxation, let the parasympathetic nerves have the opportunity to reconcile the autonomic nerves; diet more fruits and vegetables, high fiber, to the thickness of the loose stool;In addition, do more abdominal exercise, increase the peristalsis of the intestines, in order to promote the role of interventional emptying, improve the function of the colorectal.

The following three waist and abdomen movements have a good effect on constipation: 1.

Touch the neck to beat the high step: the right hand touches the neck, the left hand beats the back waist, it is best to hold the heart, while the left knee tries to raise to the upper right, the head turns to the left.

Keep your body straight and change sides.

  Efficacy: pat appropriate, waist, help the activation of parasympathetic nerves.

The upper body is straight and helps the stomach to vent, eliminating the expansion gas.

High stepping exercise, using the thigh and thigh to stimulate the abdomen, assisting the abdominal intestines to massage the wrist, which is beneficial to defecation.


The method of stretching the chest and twisting the waist and belly is as follows: half a step, two hands clenching fists, shoulders and elbows bent 90 degrees, next to the body, fists up, keep the upper body posture, only turn the waist and abdomen to the left and right, rotate once per second, mouth ZhangOpen and loose, let the lungs air in and out naturally.

  Efficacy: micro-squatting, fixed waist joints and lower limbs, the upper body also maintains posture, only turn the waist and abdomen, can train the abdominal oblique muscles, and squeeze the colonic large intestine to help the stool shape and discharge.

  Relax and let the air in and out naturally, and soothe your mind and body.


Hold your knees and legs fart. Practice: Lying on the bed, bending your feet, holding your hands on your knees, stretching your legs, bending your hips and hips, and letting your buttocks open.

  Efficacy: lying on the knees and legs, can exert pressure on the abdomen, promote the movement of the air in the intestines, trigger the feeling of fart, and coordinate the correction of the contraction and relaxation, so that the row can have a more regular cycle.