open one’s eyes,Bai Lu checked her body with her last strength,I found only one coat was on my body,Suddenly, Bai Lu sat up suddenly。

I closed my eyes painfully,Bai Lu has regained consciousness。
Remembering that grandma,And the previous ones,Bai Lu deliberately became rush。
Shrunk in the corner,I saw Xiang Chen whose clothes were almost torn into strips,Bai Lu wants to confirm something with him,But smelling the faint smell of blood in the air,Bai Lu flinched and didn’t dare to speak。
“you’re awake?”
Xiang Chen greeted Bai Lu without looking back。
Hear Xiang Chen’s voice,Bai Lu subconsciously curled up her body tightly,For fear that Xiang Chen suddenly turned around。
Feeling Bai Lu’s increasingly rapid breathing,Xiang Chen couldn’t help but smile,Said:“Don’t be too busy to be afraid,Save some energy and prepare to escape!I am dragging here。”
Xiang Chen’s voice is a bit tired,After listening to what Xiang Chen said,Bai Lu also subconsciously went to look across from Xiang Chen,The man who rubbed himself,He is covered with blood at this moment,It seems that I can no longer be considered a person。
The moment I saw that big guy,Many bad memories flooded into Bai Lu’s head,Holding head painfully,Bai Lu buried herself deeper in her knees。
“This is indeed a sad story,But now is really not the time to be afraid!Besides, the guy opposite didn’t do anything to you,Why are you crying so sad?”
Bai Lu curled up on the bed indifferently,Xiang Chen couldn’t help frowning,A little urging in his tone。
“I have killed him at least three times,Can be unsuccessful,surrounding,You should have seen it too,But used it on this guy,All have little effect,The only good thing is that I am tired,He needs rest too。”
Tiger Soul keeps spinning between Xiang Chen’s fingers,If Xiang Chen doesn’t speak,Others don’t think he has any anxiety。
“You won’t even lose the strength to escape, right?They may have injected you with drugs,But now the drug effect shouldn’t be exerted yet,You should be able to run。to beat,Better than dying here!”
Xiang Chen speaks again,The big guy across from him shows signs of awakening,Xiang Chen also began to speed up the rate of regaining his breathing。
Some complain about the speed of Shirley and Korean Xiang,I have processed dozens of“Zombie”Up,I haven’t heard the sound of the police siren until now。Looked up at the dark night sky,Xiang Chen is a little doubtful whether the satellite above his head is as amazing as the news says。
“Such a dark sky,Where can i go?”
After a long time,Bai Lu, who had recovered more strength, whispered。
After briefly caring about my innocence,Bai Lu returned to the state of young bereaved。ingstreetcap.After confirming that I’m still in the body,Bai Lu suddenly felt that death might not be terrible。