if possible,I hope to replace·For CanadaPW100series,PreferablyPW125orPW126series,The maximum take-off power of these two series of turboprop engines is comparable to that of WrightR-3350almost,But the weight is too light,The key is,This way,We can use U.S. military aviation fuel。

As for the engine,No need to buy new ones,You know,My company has aircraft dismantling and second-hand aviation parts recycling and refurbishment businesses,We can buy second-hand ones from the marketPW125orPW126Replace it with the engine……The planes are old ones,No need to use a new engine。”
Elliott·Richardson can’t help nodding。
If not giveA-1Change engine,Of course it can save a lot of money in the initial stage,But like Chen Geng said,on the one hand,WrightR-3350The engine has been discontinued for so many years,The production lines have been dismantled for almost half a century,Where to find accessories?;
on the other hand,Even considering the convenience of logistical supplies,It should also be replaced with a turboprop engine,To ensure that it can communicate with the U.S. military,Reduce pressure on logistics supplies。
As for the engine,Like what Chen Geng said,The plane itself is some already sealed20The plane is so old for many years,Is it necessary to buy a new engine?Just buy a batch of second-hand engines directly from the market,Cheap,save money,The most important thing is still in stock!
As for whether we can recruit suitable pilots,Elliott·Richardson and Chen Geng are not worried,There are too many people in the United States who want to serve as soldiers and eat food,Even if the U.S. can’t find it,The various republics of the disintegrated Soviet Union also have such talents.,Price is cheap。
As for whether these former Soviet pilots can flyA-1The problem,That’s a joke,A group of pilots who can fly the most advanced jet supersonic fighter jets today,Can’t drive slowly、The fastest speed does not exceed600Kilometers per hour propeller aircraft?!
Elliott·Richardson thought for a while,Tao:“I will help you ask,Shouldn’t be a big problem,If we want a large amount,Maybe the price can be lower,But this is a replacement engine,Who are you going to do?In terms of cost, can we afford it?”
Chen Geng smiled:“Elliott,Did you forgetA-1The attack aircraft is a product of Douglas?”
Elliott·Richardson slapped his head:I’m really fainted!Douglas,Has become part of the current McDonnell Douglas Group,Fernandez·Chen’s relationship with Jr. Macdonald,At least don’t worry about being smashed by McDonnell。
Chen Geng continued:“inA-1In the later modification of the attack aircraft,Douglas once had a modification with a turboprop engine,But on the one hand,Jets were booming at the time,on the other hand,The price of turboprop engines is still very expensive,So the Navy did not adopt this modification plan,However, the relevant tests and technical data are retained,For McDonnell Douglas,Without us,Those materials are just a pile of waste paper,Now with us,They can sell some money for their information。”
“I remember,There is such a thing,”Elliott·Richardson nodded:“Then you can ask little Macdonald,Are they willing to do us this favor,If he wants,I tried to get a batch for our companyA-1。”
“Mike,I remember you told me,You sealed up a batch of materials,Among them is the U.S. NavyA-1Information on the modification of turboprop engine by carrier-based attack aircraft,right?”Farewell to Elliott·Richardson,Chen Geng asked little MacDonald on the phone。
“Yes,Is there such a thing,But why are you asking this?”Regarding Chen Geng’s question,Little Macdonald is weird。
“I have a job here,Ready for batch……Ok,approximately12frameA-1Attack aircraft·For CanadaPW125orPW126Series turboprop engine,”Chen Geng said:“Need your information,If you can,It’s best if your people help me make this modification,how about it?Would you like to do me this favor?”