“Luo Yi is right,You live in my house!Wait until your affairs are done, then leave。Nothing bad”Grandma Luo came over again。

Didn’t this old man say to go to rest??She was eavesdropping on Luo Yi and Xia Jian。Xia Jian glanced at Luo Yi,Hold back a laugh,Helped Grandma Luo sit on the sofa。
Luo Yi glanced at Xia Jian and said:“No one of us dare not listen to the words of the Queen Mother,You figure it out”
“All the way!I’ll disturb you for a while,But I can do things like turning the floor and cutting flowers”Xia Jian said with a smile。He just doesn’t want to eat idle meals。
Luo Yi glared at Xia Jian and said:“Why are you like this?You do,Is robbing them,These workers will look for you desperately”
Luo Yi’s words made grandma amused too,The atmosphere in the house gradually improved。Grandma Luo likes listening to Xia Jian。She asked,Let Xia Jian talk about his family situation。
Xia Jian is not stupid,What to say,He doesn’t mention anything that shouldn’t be said。Where are Grandma Luo and Luo Yi sitting?,Like listening to a story。
Unconsciously,Ali’s lunch is ready。Everyone is eating,Chatting,Grandma Luo didn’t choke again this time。Because Luo Yi was eating,Very friendly to Xia Jian,I even gave Xia Jian some food。
Grandma Luo saw this scene,Extremely happy。Had lunch,Luo returned to the group as soon as he found an excuse。Only Xia Jian and Grandma Luo are left in the living room chatting。
Finally caught a chance,Xia Jian changed the topic,Asked quietly:“Grandma Luo!Why don’t you agree with Luo Dongxian??”
“Hi!It’s not that i disagree,It’s just that I don’t like this woman Wu Qian”Grandma Luo shook her head and said。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“grandmother!I think you just leave it alone,As long as Luo Dong likes,Luo Yi has no opinion.。Something like this,Usually my daughter doesn’t like it,not yet…”Xia Jian talked but stopped。
Grandma Luo saw Xia Jian and said:“Silly boy!The mother doesn’t want her child to be well?I just think Wu Qian is not suitable for being a wife,Because she looks a bit demon。I am worried that one day in the future,My son has suffered from her”
“Ha ha!Grandma Luo,I think you are too worried。I saw Luo Dong,He is not a person who can easily suffer。Are you here??Luo Yi Duo Jing,How powerful,You know this better than me。So you’ve raised it up”Xia Jian be careful,Whispered to Grandma Luo。
Grandma Luo glanced at Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“Luo Yi convinced you to convince me?”
“Nor is it,I think Luo Yi is a little bothered about this,So i want to help her。Isn’t there a saying that says that?“Home and Wanshixing”Moreover,Luo Dong is also very old,It’s time to find someone to take care of him”Xia Jian said,Secretly glanced at Grandma Luo。
I saw that Grandma Luo was not angry,She took a breath and said:“You are right,It seems I have to think about it”