Who is Wu Lusheng?,Well-informed in business,Nothing seen,Immediately looked around,Remote location here,If Ye Boping wants to beat people,,She can’t run away。

After speaking, he turned around and ran away,fortunately,There are still pedestrians everywhere in the park,Ye Boping gave up the idea of catching up with Wu Lusheng。
Wu Lusheng quickly ran back to the villa,Ye Boping whispered viciously behind her,“Just let you live a few more days!”After talking, I went around alone in the park,Calm down slowly。
in fact,Ye Boping is not the only person interested in Wu Lusheng,Wang San and Ermao have been following for several days,It’s just that these two people don’t want to kill,I’m thinking of how to deal with it。
and so,Everything in the park today,Both of them saw it。
Fang Na wants to control Fangmei Company,Zhang Siwei is her stumbling block,and so,At first he was going to let Wang San and Ermao find a suitable opportunity to attack Zhang Siwei。
Helpless,The feedback message is,Zhang Siwei is a villa except his company,Basically not appearing elsewhere,Children are,Never leave the community,So there is no chance to start。
Thought for a while,The only weak link is Wu Lusheng,She is the only one who often acts alone outside,Plus older,Slower reaction,Easier to start。
and so,Fang Na forced Wang San to find a way,Let Wu Lu live and die,As long as something happens to Wu Lusheng,Zhang Siwei has no intention of operating Fangmei Company,Even her own company may not be able to manage it well,At that time,Arrange Jinfangmei’s finances to work。
“This drunkard is also interested in the old lady。”Wang San said to Er Mao。
“He won’t want this old lady’s life like us。”Ermao tilted his head。
“Hard to say,”Wang San looked at Ermao,“go,We put him down,Look what’s in his bag,Everything is clear。”
“The two of us?”
“What are you afraid of,We are two,Besides, just look at what’s in his bag,Not murder。”
Wang San strode up,Behind Ye Boping,Suddenly gave him two heavy punches on the head。
Ye Boping’s mind is still immersed in the emotion that he was about to kill Wu Lusheng just now,Nervous again、Afraid、Hate again,Walk slowly,I just want to calm myself down。
I didn’t even notice two big men appearing behind me,I was knocked down by Wang San unexpectedly,I haven’t realized what happened,Ermao snatched his bag。
The two are not entangled,Split up and ran forward,Ran for a while,Turn around to see Ye Boping hasn’t caught up,Ermao quickly opened the bag to see,There is nothing but two pig knives inside,He threw the bag on the ground and ran out of the park。
Ye Boping is no better than others,He grew up in the countryside,How much more strength than the princes in the city,And he is also big,If Wang San didn’t attack,,I’m afraid I may not beat him。