Those South Korean military police surrounded them without showing any weakness,They were originally special forces that existed to deal with inhumans,Even if you know that the young man in front of you has power far beyond ordinary people,It’s the same without fear and withdrawal。

Lu Menglin is not afraid,It seems that this group of military police is not in the eyes,move on。
At this moment,The leader of the military police should have received an order from the top,What did you say to the headset。
Subsequently,The military and police retreated like a tide,Automatically give way。
Lu Menglin took Jin Soyan and Liu Niu’er,Walk through the wall,Left the gym。
obviously,South Korean leaders are not sure to keep him,And there is no need to do this for the sake of a small Liu Niuer。
Lu Menglin is in front of people all over the world,Unveiled the secret medicine group,Has become an undoubtedly global topic figure,If the South Korean authorities embarrass him at this time,May be misunderstood unimaginably。
Balance the two evils, whichever is less,So they did not order to stop Lu Menglin,But let it go。
Lu Menglin took Jin Soyan and Liu Niu’er,Just came out of the gym,I immediately got on a vehicle prepared in advance,Go straight to Seoul Airport。
Less than an hour,The Seoul Airport control platform approved Lu Menglin’s Gulfstream private jet to take off,Direct flight to Myanmar airport。
Gulf Stream600Type private jet quickly lifted off,And climbed to an altitude of 28,000 feet。
Looking down at Seoul from this angle,The city is like a miniature model,Looks small and rigid,Very boring look。
In addition to a few flight attendants in the cabin,Only Lu Menglin and Jin Soyan,And Liu Niu’er。
“boss,It’s so lively now。What shall we do next?”After Liu Niu’er thought hard for a while,Finally couldn’t help but ask。