But hit a lot of punches like this,He grinned in pain,He gritted his teeth,Keep hitting yourself hard、Then hit yourself!

For a while,He was tired,I found a few swellings on my body,So he found the cracked cement block on the roof,Grabbed it and hit yourself、Smash、Hit again、Hit again……
In the mirror,More bruises,Cement block scratched、More and more punctured wounds……
phone,Still ringing。
Chen Wenjin knows this is an interesting call,He should pick it up,No matter what decision you make after receiving it,Should also pick up。
Chen Wenjin took it,On the phone,A leopard’s weak voice came out。
“gold,I’m in the clinic across the street from the rice noodle shop,Come out and talk。”
“it is good。”Chen Wenjin didn’t ask what happened,Just walked over。
In the clinic,A Bao’s body,There are bruises and bloody wounds on the legs with the trouser legs lifted up,Although some wounds are not deep,But six or seven centimeters long,It seems that he has just come down from the battlefield of ancient cold weapons,The situation is terrible。
The female doctor in the clinic started cleaning Abao at this time,Bandage,Apply medicine。
‘This guy is good enough,The bitterness is used to this point……It’s a posture that I would rather divide my life than money……’Chen Wenjin looked at the injury on A Bao’s body,I can see that some wounds are deliberately cut,Some were hit hard and hard。
It turns out that Abao cares about money,The same as Chen Wenjin’s memory,but,One thing he had overlooked before。
That is,Except money,How much does Abao attach to him??
Chen Wenjin sees it now,So he couldn’t help thinking,Is it necessary to insist on completely breaking off friendship??
can,It doesn’t have to be so extreme。obviously,Abao can still be a friend,It’s just to avoid the choice of having large amounts of money.。
but,Chen Wenjin can’t let Abao think he is relying on‘Clever plan’Fooled him,Must let Abao know,It was his bitterness that moved him。
“……Those bastards beat me hard,Force me to get more money,How could i give them?If you become a poor ghost, you might as well be beaten to death,Later, they didn’t see it,I only took away the 100,000 yuan I brought out,Fortunately they can’t drive,Otherwise the car won’t be kept。”Abao said that gnashing teeth,The voice is full of resentment,Finally, I looked at Chen Wenjin and asked:“Why don’t you react at all?”