“Staring at him,Catch the current at night,So he can tell the truth easily。And let’s catch,Don’t let others know,It’s good for everyone,After all, the old winter melon has nothing to do with this matter.。”Li Tianchou considers well。

Keep the old winter melon secret,Just take care of your own face,Yan Defa naturally nodded repeatedly。Secretly praise Li Tianchou for careful thought,So old。
“and also,The key figure is Li Desheng,When did he come to the construction site?”What did Li Tianchou suddenly think of,I regret my carelessness,Obviously underestimate this person,
“Since the last boss has followed me,Have been here。He and I are also fellows,It’s just not a village。I didn’t expect this bastard to be so vicious,Why do you think he is?”This is Yan Defa angrily,This is the second time he can’t figure it out。
Li Tianchou heard,Feel something is wrong,I thought that according to Li Desheng’s character and popularity,Should not have much to do with the people here,It makes sense to slip away after doing bad things。But I didn’t expect that he was also an old and strict fellow,In this way, it is different from my original idea。He was thinking about,Could not help shouting,“Ah Yo,wrong。”
Yan Defa was taken aback,“What’s wrong?”
“We can’t do that tonight。”Li Tianchou frowned,I can’t make up my mind。
“What is it?Come on,Isn’t this anxious?”
“Uncle Defa,I think we have to take a risk。Let the old winter melon run away first,Don’t stop him,I feel that Li Desheng will come back again。”Li Tianchou’s tone of hesitation,Not too sure,Yan Defa is even more confused。
“what does this mean?”Strictly pondering for a long time but still to no avail。
“I thought so,First of all, old winter melon is unlikely to be poisoned,He himself is a cook,Can you do something that is obviously suspected??And step back ten thousand steps,Whether the old winter melon is poisoned or not,If he ran away overnight,Leave an impression on everyone?Guilty conscience,This is called absconding。
“Is Lao Donggua really that stupid??But he just chooses to run,This shows that someone must have heard something,Scared。”Li Tianchou is quite sure of this,And the analysis is clearer,Old Yan nodded repeatedly。
“If the old winter melon really runs away,Who is good for?Must be the real poisoner,And only this person will scare the old winter melon,This is equivalent to finding someone to give him a top bag。If this person is Li Desheng,Then it’s basically right。”
“What’s up?Don’t understand。”Yan Defa shook his head like a rattle。
“When we come back this afternoon,Do you remember the two seasoning jars are missing?”Li Tianchou’s tip。
Yan Defa nodded,“This thing is a little weird。”
“There are two possibilities,First, the dumb girl threw the jar away with a guilty conscience;The second possibility is that the real poisoning person has discovered that I have been to the kitchen。So I stole the jar while everyone was watching。I think the latter kind of possibility is great。”Li Tianchou suddenly got a little excited。
“The intention of this trick is obvious,Just to scare the old winter melon,You can even tell the old winter melon site that someone has started investigating him。After the accident,You tied him up without saying anything,Besides, I suddenly came to him in the afternoon,And also repeatedly told him not to tell others about our conversation。If you are old winter melon,What would you think?”