Xia Jian wouldn’t be surprised if someone said this,But after Gao Qiaoli said,Xia Jian felt,He turned out to be such a person in the eyes of others。

Xia Jian smiled helplessly,He didn’t speak anymore。Because of such a thing,Can’t tell。He suddenly felt a little regret,Bai Xiaoru took the initiative to be like that just now,But he is still pretending to be a gentleman。Doesn’t he want to,But not dare,This is the truth。
“how?Seeing you mean wronged you?people like you,Even if there is no such thing,Others will think so too,So don’t wrong yourself,Live a little when it’s time to be free and easy,Life is just a few decades,You are too old to move when you figure it out”Gao Qiaoli keeps getting stronger,It seems that she also has her own perspective on life。
Xia Jian suddenly felt that he was out of date,His mind is worse than a taxi driver。Gao Qiaoli, a man who drives a taxi and seeks a living outside every day,More cheerful than he thought。
Xia Jian shook his head helplessly,Speak softly:“Send me to the employee apartment of the Venture Group,You should be busy too”
“how?Did I say something wrong,Also upset you?But what I said is all true,Look at the slightly capable people outside,That’s not what I did?Honestly,Those of us who are all running for life“Gao Qiaoli is a bit one-sided,But very correct。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Maybe you are right,Thank you for pointing me the way,You should run for your life“Xia Jian smiled,Quickly shifted the topic。
“It’s past three o’clock,Still running around。I usually rest after two o’clock,Because of this point,Everyone is sleeping,How many people can run around outside“Gao Qiaoli said,Can’t help but frown。Because she saw the gauze sticking out of Xia Jian’s cuffs。
Xia Jian took a look at Gao Qiaoli,Happily concealed:“nothing much,I accidentally scratched my arm,The doctor must make a fuss,I can’t help it“Xia Jian said,Enduring the pain and waved his left arm twice。
“okay,As soon as I got in the car, I knew you must have something tonight,as expected,Forget it,Since you don’t say,I won’t ask。Let’s go!“Gao Qiaoli started the car as she spoke。
Empty road,Occasionally a car passes by。Xia Jian was sitting in Gao Qiaoli’s taxi,Keep looking out the window,He doesn’t know what he is looking for。What Gao Qiaoli said just now,Made him feel very surprised,I was not married,It turned out to be such an image in the eyes of others。
When the car is parked in front of the staff apartment,A sleeping bewildered Baobao ran out,When he saw that the person getting off the car turned out to be Xia Jianshi,The iron gate he opened immediately。
Gao Qiaoli turned the car around,Then shouted at Xiajian:“Let’s sit down when we have time,Everyone hasn’t been together for a long time“
“OK!You come in series,Then I will treat“Xia Jian responded loudly。Gao Qiaoli stretched out her hand and hitOKGesture,The car swished and disappeared。