Mo Mo smiled unconsciously,I just feel that compared to the previous Xiang Chen,He is a little cute now。

“If he lives,That is his good fortune,If you still have the confidence to kill me once,I can give him a chance。of course,If he died,I don’t feel any guilt,After all, he wants to kill me,Inferior,No resentment!”
Xiang Chen answered with a smile,Look at the crowd that is still noisy,But he didn’t mean to retreat。
Mo Mo is a little unsure,Tentative question:“Since Yu Baishao has been let go,Do you still want to solve the problem here??”
Mo Mo pointed to the crowd in front of him who was almost in a mess,Although I don’t know how Xiang Chen can solve the problem,But what if he really has a way?Isn’t that everyone happy!
I haven’t waited until the next answer for a long time,Mo Mo didn’t force it,The one standing next to me is my boss,Not Jesus who was nailed to the cross。
“Why are you sympathetic too?”Xiang Chen asked with a smile。
“We said when we joined Yaomen,Don’t pluck the enemy,Take nothing to the innocent。”
Mo Mo made one to Xiang Chen, please take a look,In front of two people,Except for the white peony,niuglish.Who is not innocent?
“Dislike me for doing bad work?”Xiang Chen looked at Mo Mo,The smile on my face has diminished a lot。
Mo Mo didn’t speak,After all, no one can be a god,In this situation,It’s good to be able to save your life,There will still be people who care if innocents are involved?
Mo Mo didn’t blame Xiang Chen,I just saw the helplessness and confusion of several protagonists,Still can’t bear it。It’s just that Xiang Chen is not Jesus,Mo Mo is naturally not a Virgin,When I don’t take care of myself,There is no way to be compassionate。
Turned and wanted to leave,But Xiang Chen is still there,Mo Mo turned his head and looked at Xiang Chen,But I saw a smile suddenly appeared on the other’s face。“If you don’t want me to do a bad job, just tell me!Actually it’s not that bad!”Xiang Chen said softly。
Follow the eyes of the scene,Mo Mo also quickly discovered what Xiang Chen was following。
The driver of that top sports car never got out of the car,It seems to solve the situation here in the car。
Mo Mo Weiwei frowned,Did not find just now,Now take a closer look,Isn’t this just outside the Li family mansion earlier,Li Tianzi’s top supercar!