“No more,I’m outside。I want to smoke,You should be able to solve the rest yourself?”Qin Feng pretended to smoke without incident。I don’t want to get involved in the affairs between Liu Xing and Alice.。

Of course Liu Xing doesn’t matter,I went into the house and talked about love with Alice。
Qin Feng simply went back to the King of the Netherlands。
The king’s eyes are empty at this time。
Looks a bit old,“What to do?Just let Alice and you leave。Don’t even think about it if you want a royal wedding。impossible!Alice is not the age to marry。That kid Liu Xing is a bastard。”The king called an angry。
Of course Qin Feng didn’t refute。Maybe he didn’t understand why the king resisted so much before,Now he understands。After all, even enlightened elders can’t accept this.?
Two days later,Qin Feng and Liu Xing left the Netherlands。It’s just that the two sides go in different directions。
Qin Feng and Liu Xing gave each other the reason for their parting:Since you are getting married,Then you should go on a honeymoon trip。Have been to the world of two happily。As for my side,No manpower needed for the time being。
Finished,Qin Feng slipped away。
I can’t look directly at it!
of course,Liu Xing didn’t realize this,Otherwise, he discovered that Qin Feng’s emotional changes might have become convergent.。
After separation,Qin Feng cameecountry。
He had heard of Yinsang beforeeChina has carried out several rounds of assassinations,Most of the officials involved have already died.。This may be considered indirect“revenge”Up。
However, in Qin Feng’s opinion,When he returned to China,The Chief Chief heard about the murder of Yuan Tu。Although some escaped the siege,All failed to get out aliveecountry。