Too quiet,Makes Tie Li feel bad,Could this meeting have ended?Tie Li gently pushed open the door of the meeting room,The scene inside surprised her。

First0889chapter Mysterious woman
Morning sun,All over the city。
Wang Youdao pulled up the curtains as soon as he went to work,Opened a gap in the glass window,Let the fresh air from the windows flow into his office。He took a bit of greed。
sometimes,Long time in the office,There is an urge to go out for a walk。But now he is very different from before,He is the head of a city in Pingdu,Some things can’t be done just what he wants。
Dong dong dong!With the knock on the door,Ouyang Hong walked in。Wang Youfa raised his head and glanced at her,Asked with a slight smile:“I heard that Xia Jian ran away,Are his projects in Pingdu City affected??”
“What is a runaway?He’s just not in Pingdu for the time being”Ouyang Hong heard that Wang Youdao asked her,She couldn’t help but burst into anger。
Wang Youdao knows he has failed,Busy with a smile and said:“You say this guy,Beautiful women around,He still has such a relationship with Song Fang in the village。Fortunately, it did not affect both families,Otherwise he really can’t do this”
“Humph!He is our investor in Pingdu,So we also need to protect his safety in Pingcheng。This incident seems to be caused by his own romance,But actually someone wanted to frame him。The police have stepped in,I believe there will be results soon”Ouyang Hong said with a cold snort。
Wang Youdao coughed a little awkwardly:“Should do”
“Hey!Mayor Wang。President Xia’s romantic case,It seems that your brother has also posted it!”Ouyang Honghua’s first turn,Deliberately said to Wang Youdao。
Wang Youdao smiled and said:“I also heard,But my brother,Just a coward。Don’t think he is the head of a factory,Actually nothing is said。Unexpectedly this time, Song Fang was dragged into the water again,Really shame our old Wang family”
When Ouyang Hong saw Wang Youdao talking like this,She couldn’t help sighing:“People are doing,The sky is watching。Clear oneself,Not two words can wash everything”
“All right!I didn’t ask you to talk about this。There is a business woman named Hu Huiru,She is the general manager of Dongsheng Group,I want to come to our investment,You can think about it in advance,See what other projects can be developed”Wang Youdao changed the topic,Talked to Ouyang Hong about this。
obviously,Ouyang Hong’s two sentences just hit his pain point。Wang Youdao has long been dissatisfied with Ouyang Hong,But his roots are still shallow,Can’t move her temporarily。Although this woman is a deputy mayor in charge of agriculture,But some things are too long to get started,For example, Xia Jian’s romantic case。
Ouyang Hong was a little upset seeing Wang Youdao,So she smiled and said:“I know,I will consider this matter”
Where did Ouyang Hong come from Wang Youdao,I always feel something is wrong。Pingdu is so small,And mainly agriculture,There are already a lot of investors here。As the mayor of a city,Shouldn’t tell her this,This will be handled by others。Doesn’t he know the organization discipline?
Ouyang Hong thought for a while,Went back to the office,Explained a few words to the secretary,Went out and walked outside the city hall。She, the mayor, has personality,Other mayors just leave,Must be followed by a bus,But Ouyang Hong has always played Die by herself,Unless there is no way to go to the countryside。
Guo Meili, who was busy processing data, saw Ouyang Hong when he looked up,She smiled and said:“Why is Mayor Ouyang free today??”