This person is naturally Zhang Zhiqiang,At this time he is leading people hurriedly‘Cemetery’Rush,He was looking for Li Tianchou in the late night and early morning,I guessed that the other party would go‘Cemetery’make trouble,But I never expected that Li Tianchou would show up again in Chadok,Blasting,And I didn’t expect that Campas, who has never been impulsive, would bring people here in person。

Zhang Zhiqiang immediately had a hunch,Trying to persuade Campas to return‘Cemetery’,Helpless this person is extremely stubborn,He had to bring some people back first,I heard the swaying explosion on the way。
His face turned very scary in an instant,Stop and think,Divide the people into two parts,Part of it followed me back to base,Detour to the other part‘Cemetery’Ambush and containment。
Such a speculative arrangement,Zhang Zhiqiang is a little involuntary,But subconsciously it feels like this,This Li Tianchou seems to be a nemesis sent from heaven,Make troubles frequently in the country、damage,A huge underground industrial chain was almost completely wiped out by this person,of course,And Geng Laowu。
Will he be the same Li Tianchou??Inadvertently,The past twenty years ago are emerging one by one,The scar on Zhang Zhiqiang’s forehead was suddenly red and eye-catching,Whether you are a human or a ghost,I must not let you run out of this mountain forest today。
and also,You have to pay for it!
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Four Find a test product
Zhang Zhiqiang’s guess is completely correct,Li Tianchou found Hu Dehai and the white coat and left the base in the chaos,Chose the opposite direction on the road,The target is covered by that old demon vine‘Cemetery’。
Objectively speaking,That trail is a hundred times harder than the road to Suri,Have to climb the cliff。But there is no way,Can’t be blocked by Zhang Zhiqiang halfway, right?,And from the mouth of the white coat,He has two companions‘Cemetery’Responsible for monitoring the released test products。I went to find and rescue。
I don’t know if the experiment is Yuan Hua or someone else,In short, Guo Yaowu may really be killed,But live to meet people,Die to see the corpse,The companions who come out must take them home。
This white coat is also a baby,Although the bad old man called the doctor ran away,But this person also knows a lot of inside information,Ensuring the safety of this guy on the way to escape is also a top priority。
Because of Hu Dehai’s injury,In addition, the white coat was frightened and the legs were soft,So the two of them travel very slowly,Li Tianchou wanders around and is responsible for guarding,Finally had to change the plan,Decided to send the two up to the cliff first,Go back and look for the test product。
Knowing from the mouth of the white coat that the extremely cruel predator is the third-generation mutant product,Has been killed by Li Tianchou,But the fourth generation,That is, the monster in the big glass tank he saw in Chadok laboratory will mature in three days。
These monsters will be shipped to‘Cemetery’Carry out further experiments and breeding,So there won’t be any scary guys on this road,But the ambush and the ones that were used as another kind of experiment‘Destroyer’But it must be guarded。
‘Destroyer’More bloodthirsty and brutal,Based on physical fitness、Living human samples with outstanding brain vitality,Biochemical transformation from body to blood,in a certain sense,‘Destroyer’Once mature,He is not a real human being,Mutated creature。
“Son of a bitch!”Hu Dehai punched the white coat with a tumble,The anger in my heart is beyond words。so,The only surviving experiment,Whether it’s Yuan Hua or anyone else,Even if it is saved, it is a terrible freak?
He can hardly imagine,What would happen if the brothers who lived and died together became like that??The furious Hu Dehai threw on his white coat like a mad, punching and kicking,If it wasn’t for Li Tianchou,,Hu Dehai will kill him even with his mouth。
Li Tianchou was also sad,Not to mention Guo Yaowu,Yuan Hua alone has a lot of fate with him,He is Wu Fang’s most trusted brother,Helped a lot in Fukuyama regardless of return,Born to death together in Yunshan,All kinds of past events just happened before our eyes。
But anyway,What kind of freak Yuan Hua has become,People must be brought back,I hope he is just a guinea pig,There is hope of treatment。Thus,The white coat in front of you is even more expensive,He at least knows some processes of biochemical transformation,Although the reversibility of the process is very slim,But also a hope。