Someone screamed,Somebody can’t bear to watch,I simply closed my eyes。

They all feel,He Bu’s small body,How could he withstand such a heavy punch?Even if he swallowed the medicine just now,Power bursts!
If this punch hits,I’m afraid I must die,I even burst my head。
Facing this powerful iron fist,He Bu only made one move,He raised his arm,Like facing the dazzling sunlight,Subconsciously cover your eyes,It’s like a casual wave,Drive away the mosquitoes in front of you。
His action seems to have gone through thousands of times of practice,Has become part of instinct,Nothing special at all,This is everyone,The most common actions that I make every day。
But this raises his hand,But it happened to be caught on Mousen’s wrist,The skin of the two touched,The power in each other exploded at the same time。
only,One is half-crossing,Just hit the opponent’s key,The other is hasty defense,Lack of strength,Tap this one,Immediately judged。
Maosen only felt his wrist numb,It feels like reaching into the icy torrent,I lost consciousness in an instant。
Because his power is not so distributed,Invaded by He Bu’s power,Occupy the meridian。
And He Bu’s next move,But it surprised everyone,Soul flies。
He Bu held Maosen’s elbow with the opportunity,Gently break,Tore off half of his forearm,Hold in hand。
Followed by,The half-cut arm in He Bu’s hand actually glowed red,That’s bloody light,Also the same color as red mist。