“Which expert is hosting a banquet here and waiting for the exhibition?Draw this city,Show someone flattered。”Zhan An opened his mouth and said to the city of ink in the painting。

The voice reverberates in the painting city,No one answered,On the long street facing Zhan’an,Suddenly a black shadow appeared,This shadow is burly and tall,Approaching the tower while standing,The wide road looks a bit crowded and narrow at its feet!
Step by step, the shadow of the black mania,The ink painting city is shaking,When it reaches the cross road ahead,Those vendors、pedestrian、The officers and soldiers have all disappeared,The whole street was cleared,Only Zhan An and this giant ink beast are left!
The dark thing wore armor,The hair of the whole body is swaying with the wind like a flame,Although it is completely drawn in black ink,But because of the difference in ink density,It still gives people a powerful aura of red fire possession!
“Fire Linlong?”
Zhan An recognized this creature。
And it’s Mo Cheng’s Fire Linlong,Do not know why,When it steps on to itself,Just like the real fire dragon standing in front,Its majesty and sacredness are undiminished!
Zhan An is very clear,This is definitely not an illusion。
The painting city I’m in is real,The ink painting of the fire lin dragon in front of me is even more real,As a mortal,He can’t be deceived by the little folk art of fantasy。
Draw Red Lotus City here,And waiting for him to join the artist,Must be a peerless master……
But is there such a strong in Zulong City??
Zhan’an can’t remember anyone who can reach this state,Take painting as reality,Even the drawn dragon,It’s not inferior to the fire dragon!
“Since you want to kill me,Why don’t you see it,Are the gods and mortals of the Zulong City State,I’m your senior anyway。”Zhanan faces the approach of the fire dragon,But didn’t take a step back。
Still only my own voice reverberates,The painter, the mortal, didn’t mean to show up。
Zhan An frowned。
Is it a strong Gentile??
Li Ying wanted to kill herself,Don’t hesitate to be shy to ask the Gentile Gods?!