Wang Teng thought for a while,Driving his Rolls-Royce Phantom Collector’s Edition,Just rushed over。

Xia Yuzhu is very happy,I looked at the little sisters around me。
“Haha,Rest assured,My boyfriend,Coming soon。”
With Xia Yuzhu’s words finished,Those little sisters around,I look curious。
Because they have never heard Xia Yuzhu mention it,Her boyfriend,Who the hell is。
But Xia Yuzhu is beautiful,She is a school girl。
So for something like this,Actually from now on,This thing makes them feel,I’ll see it later。
“Actually Yuzhu,How sacred is your boyfriend?,Why is it so mysterious every time。”
“That’s right,I really want to see,Is there anyone more handsome than Mr. Fang。”
“in my opinion,Shao Fang is actually a very powerful person,Who can be better than him。”
Those around,You have said a word to me,Don’t forget to say here。
obviously,The more I look at this,Make people feel more and more,All this is quite tricky。
And looking here,at this time,Xia Yuzhu smiled slightly。